The Cabin!

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The Cabin!
The Cabin!
Year: 2019
Two sisters wake naked to find themselves in a cabin on a mountainside, and they have no idea how they got there. When two dogs show up, the girl’s sudden raging horniness seems to get the better of them, and they fuck the beasts. But when a strange siren sounds, the dogs disappear. Whatever is going on? What is this place?
Sheela B.
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After they eat some cereal and soymilk, then feed the dogs, the girls sit trying to gather their wits.  Kayla almost blushes when she remembers how she let Prince lick her breasts the day before.  It might be a good idea to remember that particular talent if she gets horny enough again.  Nevertheless, for the time being, Kayla is determined to forget about sex, but something about this place seems to push it on her.  After a while, they sink on the small patch of grass in front of the cabin.

“God is it hot today,” Kayla said and sighs.  She spreads her legs and fans her crotch with a porn magazine.  “Feels like a Turkish bath up here, and my crotch smells like a whorehouse.  It could use some mopping up, but I’m too lazy to take a shower.  Too bad.”

Lyn’s glancing around the grounds as Kayla complains.  When Kayla begins to talk about her crotch, Lyn’s gaze falls on Duke.  The Great Dane is hot too, its long tongue lolling from its mouth as the dog pants.  Lyn’s eyes slowly widen.

“Kayla, what fools we were yesterday,” Lyn said with a grin.

Kayla frowns.  “What do you mean?”

“Remember how good it felt when we…uh…made it with each other last night?  You know …our tongues in each other’s pussies?”

Kayla nods.  She’s still a little embarrassed about what has happened the night before.  Performing cunnilingus on your own sister, it’s not something usually done in polite society.

It’s this place,’ Kayla thought.  ‘It just makes me feel so fucking horny all the timeEven being scared makes me feel hornier.’

Lyn’s voice breaks the redhead’s reverie.  “Well, you know how good a tongue feels inside your pussy.”  Lyn gazes over at Kayla.  “Well, what about a dog’s tongue?  Remember how good they felt on our titties yesterday; just imagine how they’ll feel on our pussies.  The longest, wettest, hottest tongue you’ve ever felt, I’m sure.”

“Where the hell did you come up with that twisted idea?” Kayla said wide-eyed.

“These porn books seem mostly about bestiality, it’s made me think about,” Lyn said with a slight shrug.

“Lyn, you wouldn’t.  That’s just too kinky to even think about…”

“So is doing sixty-nine with my sister, but…” Lyn said, turning away preferring not to finish the sentence.

But is it,’ Kayla wonders?

The thought of Prince’s tongue licking into her hot little slit makes the redhead’s stomach tingle.

“Since we’re probably gonna die here anyway, what have we got to lose trying it?” Lyn asks blushing, egged on by her sister’s hesitation.  “You just wait and see.  Duke…Duke, boy, come on over here.”

The black dog bounced to its feet and pranced over to the nude girl, its tail wagging like a whip.  Lyn is lying on her back, propped up on her elbows, her legs spread invitingly apart, baring her trimmed hairy pussy.

“Got some lunch for you, Duke.  How would you like to lick my pussy?” the naked girl croons to the big animal.

Duke at first has no idea what Lyn wants.  But gradually he became aware of the musky smell of her overheated pussy.  The scent reminds the dog of the night before, and of the air of excitement that accompanied this very same smell, when the two sisters had eaten one another’s pussies.

“Oh, I think he’s going to do it…” Lyn whispers excitedly.

Duke lowers its big head down toward the girl’s pussy, investigating the source of that tantalizing odor.

“Shit, his nose is cold,” Lyn blurts as the shiny black button trails up the sensitive inside flesh of her thighs.

Kayla watches, open-mouthed.  Her sister eagerly opens her legs wider, forcing her pussy lips apart a little.  The gleam of wet inner pussy flesh seems to attract Duke’s attention.  The Great Dane’s nose snuffles closer to Lyn’s crotch.

“Mmmm, his breath is driving me crazy,” Lyn groans.

She’s beginning to shake with excitement as the dog’s muzzle approaches her waiting pussy.  Some of her arousal comes from the lewdness of what she intends doing.  To let a dog lap her pussy.  To give herself sexually to an animal.

Ugh,” Lyn grunts as Duke abruptly shoved its nose against her pussy.  She draws her knees up, pulling her legs further open with her hands.  “Come on, mutt, lick the fucking thing.”

Kayla suddenly said excitedly, “Maybe we’ll have to put some peanut butter on your pussy.”

The redhead’s getting aroused watching the dog Duke sniffle her sister’s pussy and her pussy tingles in empathy.  Nevertheless, the peanut butter isn’t necessary.  Duke, fascinated by the rich odors so close, has to taste.  The Great Dane’s long thick tongue lashes out, splaying itself over Lyn’s shamelessly offered pussy.

Aaaahhhh,” the stunned girl moans loudly.

Her body stiffens, jerking with pleasure.  Duke’s tongue feels unbelievably hot and alive against her pussy lips, notably lower down where her labia open a little to frame her vagina.  There, the dog’s tongue-tip drags across sensitive pink flesh.

Ooooo…ooh…it’s so good,” Lyn whimpers.

She parts her thick outer pussy lips with her fingers, baring the entire gleam length of her pussy slit to the dog’s eager tongue.  Duke licks the moaning girl’s slit with distinct pleasure.  Her creaming pussy juices taste rich and spicy on its tongue.  The dog swills its huge tongue around in the girl’s bubbling depths, trying to lap every drop of the heady perfume pouring out of the girl’s aroused cunt.  Kayla begins rubbing her pussy too.  Watching her sister have her pussy eaten out by the huge black dog is having its effect.  It has its impact on Prince, also.  The dog dances excitedly around its brother, trying to worm its head in between Lyn’s legs for a taste of what Duke is getting.  Yet Duke turns, growling savagely, and snaps at the other dog.  Duke leaps back out of the way.

Oh, Kayla, I-I’m gonna cum…I’ve never cum so fast in my life…Aaaaaahhhhh.”

Kayla watches her sister spasm wildly under the dog’s avid licking.  A fresh rush of pussy juice pours out of her pussy, making Duke lick all the harder.

Ooh…Ahhh…Omigod…Oooooo…” Lyn wails and whimpers.

Her ass is drumming on the grass, her stomach muscles twitching and jerking.  Her breasts bounce wildly as she squirms in the grip of her orgasm.

Ahhhhhhh…Oh, too much…” she wails.  “Get him off me…My clit can’t take any more.”

Kayla leaps forward, pulling the big dog back by the collar, while Lyn pushes wildly against its head.  When her pussy is free, Lyn clamps her legs together and rolls into a quivering ball.

Ahhhhhh…I think he shorted out every nerve in my body,” Lyne whimpers.

“Was it that bad?” Kayla asks.

Lyn gazes up wide-eyed.  “Bad?  It was fucking wonderful.”

“Then, why?  Oh, what’s the matter with this dog?”

Duke is whining strangely, dancing first in one direction, then in another.  Eventually, the Great Dane breaks away from Kayla and, as it moves away, she’s able to see its body from the side.

Omigod” Kayla blurts with bulging eyes.

“What’s the matter?” Lyn asks.

“Just take a look.  The bastard’s got a boner.  The biggest boner I’ve ever seen.”

The dog’s cock is huge, an enormous scarlet cylinder, jutting from beneath its furry black belly, tapering down to a needle tip from which hangs a drop of dog pre-cum.

“You turned him on,” Kayla said.  “I mean, licking your pussy turned him on.”

“Shit, it sure did.  What the hell do you think he wants to do?  Fuck me with it?” Lyn said and grimaces.

Kayla giggled.  “Wouldn’t that be weird?”

Lyn shivers then shook her head vigorously.  “Not a chance.  I wouldn’t want anything that big up my cunt.”

“Neither would I,” Kayla agrees, “But what if Duke tries to hump our legs or something.  Omigod, the dog would knock us over for sure.”

“Maybe that damned monster cock will just go down by itself.”

Kayla is still staring at the throbbing monster.  “Sure is big.  I wonder what it feels like.”  Now it’s Kayla’s turn to take the initiative.  “Hold still, boy,” she said soothingly to the dog, which is still.  The redhead pets the Great Dane’s head gently as she sits on the grass next to the big animal.  The dog gazes at her, its eyes so hot and wild.

“Now don’t get upset,” Kayla said softly.  “I’m just gonna stroke your cock a little, boy.  Nice boy.”

Kayla’s hand slips boldly under the dog’s belly, heading for its scarlet probe.  She touches it lightly with her fingertips.  Duke yips but doesn’t move away.

“Ooh, it’s hot and really slippery…” Kayla murmurs wide-eyed.

The naked redhead begins lightly running her fingers up and down the cocks bloated length.

Shit,” she moans.

“What?” Lyn asks with a raised eyebrow.

Kayla turns to Lyn and says, “It’s the hardest cock I’ve ever felt.  It’s like steel.”

Wonderingly the girl’s fingers close around the enormous dog cock.  It is incredibly hard.  Nothing gives at all.  There seems to be a core of steel under the thin hot outer skin.  Kayla shudders as she imagines how it might feel to have such a solid cock in her tender cunt.  As her fingers continue caressing Duke’s cock, the dog begins to make small, involuntary fucking motions.  The Great Dane’s hips jerk stiffly, driving its cock down against the girl’s hand.

“Hey, he likes it,” Lyn said with a smile.  “Try jacking him off a little.”

“You don’t think he’d mind?”

Kayla is still a little nervous about getting the powerful animal too excited.

“Give it a try.”

“Well, OK, I guess,” Kayla said with a shrug.

Kayla begins gingerly jacking Duke off, her fingers gliding up and down its cock shaft.  It’s easy because the dog’s cock seems well lubricated.  Fascinated, the women watch the thin scarlet skin stretch and give as Kayla’s fingers glide sensuously over its surface.  Lyn can’t hold herself back.  She touches the fleshy tapered tip.  Duke lets out a loud yip of surprise and jumps a little.  Then the dog’s hips begin pumping harder.

“You know what?” Lyn whispers hotly.  “If we keep doing this, the big clown’s gonna cum.”

“You really think so?” Kayla said, wondering why she’s getting so excited.

Why the thought of making a dog shoot off in her hand turns Kayla on so is puzzling.  However, it certainly does.  She tugs harder and harder on Duke’s cock, expecting any moment to see its dog semen spurt out the needle-tipped end.

Would it be different than a man’s,’ Kayla wonders?  ‘A different color maybe?

The little bit of pre-cum has seeped out so far seems similar enough to what she’s seen on men.

“I think something’s going to happen,” Kayla groans.

Duke’s cock is growing in size, near the base there’s a swelling growing larger and larger until it’s the size of an orange.

“I want his balls,” Lyn said excitedly.  “I wanna see what they feel like when he shoots.”

Lyn cups one hand around the dog’s substantial furry testicles, squeezing lightly.  Duke goes wild, yipping and howling, the dog’s back arches, and its hips thrusting its cock right into Kayla’s fist.

“I can feel it.  It’s gonna happen,” Kayla cries.

Duke’s cock is shuddering and jerking in her hand.  The end is almost purplish.  The knot is impossibly large.

“Yeah, his balls are kind of pumping,” Lyn said

Suddenly a long, steady stream of grayish watery semen shoots out the tip of Duke’s cock.  Yipping and whining, the beast continues ejaculating, more and more sperm boiling out the tip of its red cock.

“There’s so much,” Kayla said with eyebrows rising.  “Way more than Ken could ever shoot.”

“Fred too, and it’s thinner than guys cum too,” Lyn adds.

“This is wild.”

“Maybe this is why dogs have so many puppies at one time,” Lyn said seemingly less concerned than Kayla did.

That’s just because she feels good,’ Kayla thought.  ‘She already got off when Duke licked her pussy.’


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