Some Women

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Some Women
Some Women
Year: 2019
When Sierra’s boyfriend goes away for work her horniness gets to much to bear. Luckily, her friend Molly has an unexpected solution involving dog cock.
Moe Lester
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Sierra puts her plan into action the next day.  Still not knowing Molly set her up for Damien, she confided her intention to the other woman.

“You know of any good guard dogs?” Sierra asks.

Molly can hardly believe her luck.  She knows of a dog all right.  She knows of a dog that’ll blow every fuse in Sierra’s innocent young mind.

“Yeah, a big German shepherd, about three years old…” Molly said with a smile.

“A German shepherd,” Sierra said and grimaces.  “Aren’t they a little nasty?  I’d like a guard dog all right, but a pet, too.”

“Oh, this dog’s a real sweetheart.  The most loving dog I’ve ever seen,” Molly said, inwardly laughing.  “German shepherds are only mean if they’re trained that way.  However, he’ll make a good guard dog too.  He’s big, and he’s smart.”

Sierra frowns.  “How come he’s available?”

“Uh…his owners are moving to a small apartment.  They can’t keep him anymore,” Molly said hurriedly.

Therefore, it’s a done deal.  Without even meeting the owners, totally through Molly, Sierra finds herself the owner of a big black and tan male German shepherd.  The first thing the dog does when it and Sierra meet is leaping up and start licking her face.

“Hey, cut it out…” she splutters, laughing.  “You’re supposed to look fierce.  You’re supposed to scare people away.”

The dog is so friendly Sierra thinks for a moment of refusing him and getting a fiercer dog.  However, by then, the big friendly animal had captured her heart.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said, patting the dog’s flank.  “I’ll at least make you sound fierce.  I’ll call you ‘Devil.’  You like that, Devil?  It’s your new name.”

All through this interchange, Molly has trouble keeping a straight face.  ‘Devil,’ Molly thought with a laugh.  ‘I know of a much more descriptive name for him.’

For the time being, Molly holds her silence.  Devil seems happy with Sierra’s house and the vast amount of open space surrounding it.  The dog runs eagerly up the hill behind the house, into the woods, nosing and snuffling everywhere.  Clearly, up until now, the dog had lived in a much more confined space.

On Sierra’s day off, she decides to take Devil to the beach.  Below her house, reachable only through her property, is a small-secluded cove.  It’s a warm, sunny autumn day, just the kind of day for the beach.

“Come on, Devil,” Sierra said, heading through the trees toward the trail.

Devil lopes along in front, snuffling and checking side trails.  Sierra’s elated.  She has her protection.  Even though the dog seems to be a pussycat by temperament, just a look at Devil’s formidable size, a mention of that name, should be enough to keep her safe from any marauding sex-crazed males.  It’s kind of a thrill also to have a constant, unfailing companion now, a true friend who will never betray her.  There’s a feeling of power having this formidable animal at her disposal, a thrill of being the master, the owner of Devil’s canine strength.

A steep trail is how you reach the cove, ringed nearly in a circle by high cliffs that shut off the view.  It has a southern exposure, sunlight spilling onto the warm sandy little beach lying in a crescent at the foot of the cliffs.  Sierra hadn’t bothered to bring a bathing suit, just a big towel, which she laid on the warm sand.  She quickly strips off her clothes and lies on the towel, sighing as she feels the warm sun beating down on her naked skin.  What a week it had been.  First, Jared left, and then her increasing horniness that culminated in the awful rape by Damien.  Fortunately, Sierra hadn’t seen a thing of the asshole trucker since that terrible night.

Thank God for that,’ she thought.

Memories of what happened between her and Damien begin to infiltrate Sierra’s mind, images of them writhing together on her bed.  Up until now, she’d forbidden herself to think about it.  Now she owns Devil, Sierra feels safe enough to remember, to examine.  The images become more and more vivid.  She remembers when Damien glued his hotly sucking mouth to her naked pussy.  Not only remembers but also seems to feel the thrill of having her cunt invaded by his twisting, darting tongue again.

A hot little tremor ripples from Sierra’s pussy, making her belly feel strange and shaky.  Used to constant sex with Jared, she’s beginning to get horny again.  It annoys Sierra that memories of Damien could turn her on so much.  The naked blonde woman twists nervously on the towel, trying to force the lurid images of her unwanted coupling with the big trucker out of her mind.  Nevertheless, the excitingly, vivid thoughts remain.

Damien sure had a hell of a cock,’ she thought, ‘Even bigger than Jared’s cock.’

Sierra’s cunt remembers the feel of that big, hot madly thrusting cock, slamming her cervix deep into her belly, and how it wrung an orgasm from her lusting body.

Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm,’ she thought, shaking her head.  ‘What’s wrong with me lately?  All I can think about is sex, sex, sex…  Maybe I need another orgasm.  Maybe it’s just the hot sun making me feel horny.  I’d better get my mind on something else.’

“Here, Devil,” Sierra calls.  “Come over and keep me company.”

Devil wheels around from where it’d been eagerly chasing sea birds and races to Sierra, skidding to a stop next to her in a flurry of flying sand.

“Now look what you’ve done,” Sierra grumbles, brushing the sand from her skin.  It clings most tenaciously to her breasts.  The big globes jiggle and bounce as she tries to flick the sand away, her nipples dancing up and down.  Devil moves closer, obviously fascinated by Sierra’s jiggling breasts.

“Hey, what are you staring at?” Sierra said, and giggles, feeling a little self-conscious.  “I got you to keep voyeurs away, not to stare your horny dog-eyes out.”

Suddenly Devil stretches its neck.  Its long, thick, black-fringed tongue shoots out, splaying hotly over her nearest breast.

Whaaaaa…” Sierra yelps, entirely taken by surprise.  “Cut it out, you big mutt.”

Nevertheless, Devil keeps licking.  Sierra tries to push the dog away, but it’s too powerful.  The German shepherd’s tongue moves to her other breast, dragging wetly across the nipple.  A hot feeling of intense pleasure courses through Sierra’s breast.  The nipple instantly springs into hardness, pushing out from her creamy breast like a small pink berry, not yet quite ripe.

“Oh, shit, what a tongue…” Sierra blurts.

For a moment, the blonde-haired woman stops trying to push the dog away.  Her breasts throb and swell, bursts of pleasure shooting through her belly toward her pussy.  Sierra feels herself growing hot and wet between her thighs.  The dog is turning her on.

No…No…You gotta stop…” Sierra moans, struggling with the big dog.

However, it isn’t until the blonde scrambles to her feet, moving her breasts out of the way that she eventually escapes from the animal’s avid licking.  By now, Sierra’s wildly turned on.  After remembering so much of what Damien’s tongue and cock had done to her horny young body, Devil’s licking of her throbbing breasts has lit a fire in her pussy she realizes, nothing but an orgasm can put out.  Sierra’s going to have to masturbate.  First, she has to do something to control Devil.  The woman had brought a leash with her.  Fumbling through her clothes, she pulls it out of her pocket.

“Sorry about this, boy,” Sierra mumbles, as she clips an end to Devil’s collar.  She drags him over to a bush and ties the collar to the biggest branch.

Devil whines and pulls against the leash as Sierra goes shakily back to her towel.

“You’d think he knew just what breast-licking is for,” she muses.

Yet she doesn’t have time for thinking now.  Sierra has to do something about the aching need up inside her loins.  As on the night when Damien broke into her home, Sierra lies down and begins playing with her pussy, slowly at first, teasing herself, building the pressure that will eventually result in a body- wrenching orgasm.  By the time she has her fingers inside her hot wet cunt, sloshing them noisily in and out, she had almost forgotten about Devil.  Lying on her back, her loins arching toward her steadily thrusting fingers, the blonde has no thought except for the throbbing pleasure in her loins.

Nevertheless, Devil hasn’t forgotten about her.  As Sierra lays twisting and moaning on the towel, the big dog continues tugging at the leash.  The branch seems unequal to the task.  With a sharp snap, it breaks.  The dog races across the few feet separating it from its mistress, the broken branch digging into the sand behind the beast.  The first Sierra knows of the dog’s presence is when she feels that hot tongue again lapping over her glowing breasts.

Ugh,” she grunts, this new assault sending sudden waves of increased pleasure down toward her finger-stuffed cunt.

Her instincts tell her to push the dog’s head away.  Yet it’s hard to move, with a hand glued to her pussy.  Besides, what Devil’s tongue is doing feels incredible, the perfect complement to her finger fucking.

“OK…OK…” Sierra whimpers.  “You just keep it up, Devil.  I’ll give you a nice bone when we get back home.”

Sierra continues finger fucking while the dog licks her breasts.  Her moans and whimpers grow louder and louder as the animal’s tongue slithers over her naked breast.  Her nipples so swollen with passion, they feel like they’re going to burst.  Sierra’s head twists against the blanket, from side to side, her eyes growing hot and dreamy as her passion increases.  For a while she takes her fingers out of her cunt.  Devil’s tongue on her breasts feels so good Sierra takes the German shepherd’s big head between her hands, guiding it from a throbbing breast to the other.

Atta boy, nice doggie…Lick that one little longer…Now…the other one…harder…harder!

When Devil smells the cunt juice on Sierra’s finger, he abandons her breasts and begins licking the finger.  Only when the finger’s clean does the dog’s tongue return to Sierra’s throbbing breasts.  When Sierra’s as hot as she thought she could get, Sierra returns her hands to her pussy.  With the dog taking care of her breasts, she shoves the fingers of a hand up her cunt, while the other begins tweaking her clit—a perfect three-point turn-on.

Ooh, yes…It’s gonna do it…Gonna get me off,” Sierra moans.  “You just keep licking my titties, Devil…Keep on licking, and I’ll explode.”

Sierra’s clit feels enormous to her.  Every time she touches her swollen clit, it feels like she’s pushing the doorbell to her soul.  She manages to press her elbows inward, so her breasts force together, making it possible for Devil’s tongue to slather over both her aching nipples simultaneously.  Sensing the end is near, Sierra shoves the last of her fingers into her well-stretched cunt, she’s now fist-fucking her vagina.

AAAAHHHHHHHH…” Sierra cries, as her vaginal muscles clamping desperately down against her thrusting fist.

A hot rush of girl-cream shoots out her cunt, pooling inside her cupped palm.  Sierra holds her finger tight against her clit while her ass writhes wildly against the blanket, digging itself into the sand.  Devil jumps back, obviously upset by Sierra’s wild cry.  However, she cannot stop herself.  Still orgasming, Sierra thrashes back and forth on the towel, her breasts quaking and quivering as she moves, still gleaming with the dog’s saliva.  Eventually, it’s all too much.  Sierra’s cunt is so sensitive now Sierra cannot bear to touch it anymore.  She pulls her hands away, only to feel something cold and wet moving up her naked thigh.  It is Devil’s nose.  The German shepherd’s muzzle is heading straight toward her pussy, undoubtedly attracted by the rich smell of her fully aroused loins.

“Uh-uh,” she grunts, quickly rolling out of the way.

The thought of anything touching her over-stimulated pussy right now is more than she can bear, particularly her clit.  The sensitive little nubbin throbs and quivers, feeling as tender as an exposed nerve.  Nevertheless, Devil keeps persisting.  Eventually, Sierra has to protect her pussy by pulling on her clothes.  Apparently, Devil’s fascinated by the ripe smell of pussy juice.

“Let’s go on up to the house,” Sierra mutters to Devil.

She’s feeling a little self-conscious about having let an animal lick her breasts while she beat herself off.

Omigod, it felt good though, she thought, ‘and I promised him a bone.’

Once at the house, with Devil no longer interested in her sexually, content in a corner gnawing a soup bone, Sierra has time to think again.

I sure am becoming a weirdo,’ she thought with a deep sigh.  ‘Finger fucking myself all the time, letting a man rape me, and now letting a dog lick my titties.  Is it true women become hornier the older they get?  I hope not, because I’m gonna be fucking doorknobs by the time I’m thirty if that’s true.’

“Oh, Jared, I need you so much,” Sierra said then sighs deeply.

However, it’ll be at least another three weeks before her man gets back.

Three weeks of enforced loneliness and horniness.

Three weeks of turning to all kinds of weird, perverted things for the sex her body so clearly needs.


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