The Storm!

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The Storm!
The Storm!
Year: 2019
When a myterious chemical weapon is accidentally released into a storm, Tina Thompson’s discovers every animal in the city wants to fuck her. However will she get home?
Moe Lester
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A man in his fifties wearing a military uniform asks another, “Have we got the prevailing wind data yet, corporal?”

“Yes, colonel,” the younger man barks.  “It’s heading North-East, there’s a large low pressure driving it, a storm system, with possible tornadoes.”

The colonel frowns and pulls up some data from another computer nearby.  “Tornadoes?  Shit, son, this is the biggest cluster fuck any of us will see in our lifetimes.”

The corporal shrugs; he knows the colonel isn’t mad at him personally, just expressing his general dismay at what is tantamount to a disaster.  A massive quantity of an experimental biological weapon released.  A friend of the corporal, whom he’d been talking to on the phone before the Colonel arrived, had been adamant.

“I bet it’s the Chinese, some cyber sabotage,” she had said.

He laughed.  “How could the Chinese get malware into that system, it’s totally isolated.”

“Has to be an inside job,” she said.  “Flash drive, like we did with Stuxnet to the Iranian’s.”

“What’s in that tank anyway?”

“Fucked if I know, it’s above my clearance level.”

“Not even any whispers?”

“No, but the way they’re acting down here has me scared,” she said.

“That’s not good,” he said.

No, they’re panicking here, Joe.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“So we’re screwed?  Is that what you’re saying?”

He hears her sigh.  “No, we’ll probably be OK.  But the gas has to go somewhere.”

This was when the colonel entered the operations room, and the corporal said good-bye and ended the call.

The colonel is now looking at a map, mumbling to himself, although the bright corporal is doing his best to listen, while appearing not to.

Eventually, he hears the colonel say, “Shit, it’s gonna infect the whole fucking city.”  Then picking up the phone, he presses a number and says, “Put me through to General Walsh at the Pentagon, immediately.”


“Are you sure you wanna go?” Freda asks her partner Tina, a frown etching her face.  “The weather report looks dreadful.”

“Oh?” Tina asks, looking over her shoulder as she checks her bag.  “What does it say?”

The one thing about living in a sub-tropical climate is nearly every day there’s a storm of some sort.  So people learn to put up with the inconvenience and live around these annoying atmospheric aberrations.

“They’re saying there might be tornadoes,” Freda said adjusting her army uniform, nodding, and pointing to the TV screen.

Tina laughs; it’s a light, airy, almost musical sound.  “I’ve lived here all my life and never seen a tornado in the city.”

Freda shrugs.  “That’s what they’re saying, maybe you better stay home?  Those shoes aren’t going anywhere.”

“The sale ends today, and I really look good in them,” Tina said with a pout.  “God help any tornado trying to stop me.”

“Yeah, but tornadoes, Tina, tornadoes,” Freda said, waving at the screen as if to emphasize her point.

Tina giggles.  “You can always come with me and hold my hand,” she said then kisses the sexy redhead sergeant on the cheek.

“You know I’ve been called in for some reason.  I’m worried something is going down, I think you should stay home.”

“Nonsense, it’s just a severe weather alert,” Tina said, rolling her eyes.  “We have those like every other day this time of year.”

“Will you at least text me regular updates of where you are?” Freda asks with a frown.

“If it’ll make you stop worrying, then sure.”

The two women kiss, tongues sliding briefly into each other’s mouth out of habit.  Freda draws away; she really does have to get to the base fast.  “Sorry, babe, I’d drive you downtown, but the Captain will chew my butt if I delay any longer.”

“I thought I was the only one you let chew your butt…and other places,” Tina said with bright eyes.

Freda laughs and kisses her partner on the cheek, then leaves.


Tina gets a cab downtown, and the traffic is typical for four pm in the afternoon.  She didn’t bring her own car as getting a parking spot this time of day is too difficult.  The cab drops her off right outside the shoe store, and as the brunette climbs out of the can a peal of thunder ripples across the sky making her gaze up at the gray clouds hanging heavily in the sky.

“There’s gonna be a bad storm, Miss,” the Italian cabbie said with a slight smile.  “You better take care out there today.”

“Thanks, I will,” she said then shuts the door.

As the cab drives away, a cold gust of wind makes her shiver, and she pulls her cotton jacket tighter.  It had been quite warm still, so Tina’s dressed accordingly, so this sudden coolness makes her grimace and shiver.  She’s only wearing a black short cotton skirt, white blouse, and red cotton jacket.  ‘This weather is kinda weird,’ she thought.  With a shrug, Tina hurries into the store.


Forty minutes later, Tina exits with a bag carrying the shoes she wanted to purchase.  The people inside were a bit peeved when she came in as they planned to close early due to the storm.  Nevertheless, Tina took her time trying on many pairs before deciding on the ones she planned to buy anyway.  Tina figured she might as well take advantage of her little shoe fetish and try on as many as the retailers would allow before making her purchase.

Outside there’s thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and strong wind.  The ferocity of the storm makes Tina groan and shiver, the sky is almost black, and the temperature had dropped considerably.  The sound of the wind and rain becomes constant background noise.  Objects fly through the air pushed by powerful gusts, hitting buildings with a clatter.  People huddle under cover of the verandahs in front of the shops watching the crazy storm wide-eyed and speaking in hushed tones.

The few cars and trucks brave enough to drive in the conditions are going slowly with windshield wipers going at maximum speed with little result, as the rain is so heavy.  Their headlights are on trying to see the road in the dark storm hanging over them like a monster.  Tina scans the road for a cab but can see none.

“Oh, great,” she groans.  “They’re never around when you need them.”

Taking out her smartphone, Tina decides she’ll call for an Uber, yet to her amazement, there’s no signal.  Here, in the middle of the city, there’s no cell phone signal, not even the internet.  Turning slightly and glancing back at the shoe shop, Tina can see it’s closed and locked already.  With a sigh, the brunette scans her surrounds and remembers there’s a café up the street a bit.  ‘I can get a hot coffee and sit out the storm,’ she thought.  However, to get to the coffee shop, Tina has to cross the street.  With a sigh, deciding she can’t help getting wet in a storm like this, Tina makes a run for it.

Suddenly, lightning strikes close by as she’s in the middle of the road, the sound dominating the other noises with its eerie crack.  The strike is so close to her, and it’s like a bomb went off, Tina feels the electricity conducted through the heavy rain, and the woman is soon flying through the air.  In a complete daze, the woman hits something hard, she moans, and when she falls to the ground, her head slams into the pavement.  Tina is out cold.


When Tina wakes, coming-to on the sidewalk, she feels disoriented, as it’s so dark now.  The woman struggles to stand and check herself.  Her head’s throbbing with pain, and she feels a bump on the back, with some traces of blood.  Otherwise, apart from feeling wet and cold, Tina seems to be OK.  ‘Wet, freezing, and lying passed out on the street like some bum,’ Tina thought, looking at her dirty clothes with a screwed up nose.  ‘Freda won’t be impressed.’  Tina steadies herself on the sidewalk.  Looking around, she sees nobody—not a soul—and it’s so dark.

The storm must’ve taken out the power, Tina thought.  She looks at the sky to check, yet Tina can’t see any stars, only dark clouds.  It must be after sunset to be this dark.  I’ve been knocked out for a long time, Tina thought.  It was just before five when I left the store.  Sunset is usually about seven this time of year.

“Jesus, I gotta get outta here,” she said in a soft voice, still scanning her surrounds to figure out which is the best way to go.  ‘Where are all the cars?  The city looks deserted.”

She tries to find her purse in the darkness, as it has her phone inside so she can call Freda and the police to come to rescue her.  However, she cannot find it anywhere.  With a deep sigh, Tina moves quickly along the path, realizing she’s alone in a deserted city.  The rain has stopped, which is one comfort, yet she’s still soaked through and freezing cold.  The wind isn’t as strong as it was before she fell, and Tina wonders if a twister did touchdown nearby, as Freda had warned her.  Some lightning suddenly illuminates the sky followed quickly by a loud rumble of thunder.

I need to get outta here.  There still might be more bad weather to come.’

Downtown is eerily quiet despite the rumbling sky.  Tina’s moving along the path stepping over and around debris, yet the woman’s no longer sure where to go.  Another lightning bolt strikes close by; making Tina jump with fright, then crouch inside a doorway to a dress boutique.  The lightning strike is so near, she can smell smoke from something burning, and see a glow down the road.

“What is this, the end of the world or something,” she whispers, trembling all over.

The woman’s mind is fighting to catch up to what she’s experiencing, and what she’s seeing and hearing.  Her head throbs with pain still, and her body feels weak, shaky, and cold.  Tina knows she has a concussion, a bad one, and it’s hindering her ability to concentrate on what’s happening.  Suddenly, she sees shapes moving in the darkness, and wonders if it’s people just as lost and confused as she is.

Tina steps out of the doorway and gazes into the darkness to see a large dog running directly toward her.  Her mind screams.  No, it isn’t her mind screaming, it’s her actual screaming, as the dog has froth spilling from its mouth and is growling viscously.  Tina fighting dizziness and nausea turned to run, which was probably foolish, yet she cannot help it at this stage of the strange night.

She starts running, not knowing where anymore, she just has to getaway.  Suddenly, there’s a tug on her skirt, and she stops dead in her tracks.  Her body shakes, Tina’s breathing fast and raspy when she hears a growling coming from behind.  Tina turns around, and a large Rottweiler is growling at her.  She cannot take her eyes off the large dog, and her body freezes.  The dog barks at her and then starts sniffing the air.  The enraged animal must’ve liked what it smelled because it stuck its snout right under Tina’s skirt and she jumps when she feels the cold nose poking her thong covered clit.  The Rottweiler pushes harder until its nose is wedged between her hips, breathing the smell of her womanhood deeply.

A chill starting at the base of her spine makes her body shiver all over. The dog withdraws its nose from her and growls again. The Rottweiler suddenly lunges at her as a predator, bringing down its prey, and knocks Tina to the pavement right there in the middle of the city.  She falls and starts whimpering and sobbing, expecting the dog will kill her.  The dog begins tugging on her skirt with its jaws, but it cannot tear it or pull it off.  Instead, it pulls Tina, along the cement, toward an alley.  Her skirt catches on something, she can hear it rip, and before long, the dog has her skirt off, exposing her from the waist down.

The dog tears through her thong with no effort, all Tina can do is lie still, cry, and pray it won’t tear her throat out.  The brunette sees her opportunity when the dog is preoccupied with sniffing and licking the thong.  She gets to her feet as quietly as she can and starts running toward the back to the street for safety.  Tina almost makes it when she feels the dog’s strong paws on her back, pushing her back onto the ground.  The terrified woman falls, screams, and lands heavily on the pavement.

With her face against the cold, wet cement, Tina starts whimpering and crying again.  The Rottweiler gets back to four feet and growls at her for running.  Her ass is right in front of its face, and it gives her buttocks a lick.  The Rottweiler starts licking her between her ass cheeks, making her whimper.  The dog likes the taste of her ass and continues licking, slowly working its way closer and closer to her pussy.

The constant probing of the dog’s hot, rough tongue makes her anus tingle in a way she doesn’t expect, and while it feels wet and gross, it starts to make her clit buzz.  The lewd sound of licking fills the night, as she scans her surroundings to see where she is.   The dog has her in some small alleyway just off Main Street.  It’s pointless screaming for help as nobody will hear her anyway.  Tina is alone and at her mercy of her attacker.

The Rottweiler nudges its muzzle forcefully between her legs, making her open her thighs for it.  The dog senses the heat coming from her groin and gives her pussy a dominant lick, from clit to the asshole.  Tina moans loudly as the sensation is so unexpected, so pleasant.  The Rottweiler continues licking her pussy and ass, occasionally slipping its tongue into her dripping cunt.

At first, Tina keeps scanning the street ahead, watching and hoping people may approach. Gradually, as the Rottweiler intensified its oral attentions, Tina pays less attention to her surroundings, closing her eyes from time to time, tilting her head back as if to lean into the dog’s mouth.  Her legs are feeling wobbly, and her clit is buzzing, and Tina finds herself not wanting to pull her pussy away from the Rottweiler’s greedy mouth anymore.

Tina sighs inwardly as she watches out of the corner of her eye the Rottweiler’s muzzle fasten to her pussy, licking wildly, determined to get all her womanly juices. Tina gasps for air, her eyes rolling back, her hands grasping the ground in front of her. Suddenly the woman begins bucking against the Rottweiler’s mouth, as an orgasm seizes her and shakes her like a rag doll.  She’s trying not to make noise, so her climax vocalizes with a prolonged hissing wheeze of breath.  As the sensations fade, Tina wonders if the dog will ever stop molesting her pussy.

The dog suddenly backs off, and she can hear it licking its lips as it tries to get all her tastes into its mouth.  The brunette pushes herself to her feet and starts to run again, yet the dog knocks her over with ease, winding her as she hit the ground landing on her knees.  Tina’s eyes bulge as the dog jumps on her back and its legs wrapped tightly around her waist.

‘No, not that,’ she thought in a panic.

The Dobermans jaws grip her neck, and it nudges her to part her legs more, as it humps its thick dog cock, stabbing her thighs and legs.  The rubbery missile gets closer with each thrust until it finds her wet cunt and plunges deep inside her velvety purse.  Tina grunts loudly as its cock rams into her cervix, trying to force its way through.  The dog’s cock is so thick it stretches her cunt beyond anything Tina’s had there before, hurting her, and making her squeal.  The dog starts thrusting wildly, its hips hunching rapidly, fucking its bitch with resolve.

Tina is in a world of hurt, as her poor pussy lips stretch around this huge invader, and she can feel the cock throb and pulsate in her stomach.  The dog’s hairy balls slap against her clit with each thrust sending jolts of pleasure through her making her body jerk each time.  Her grunts and groans seem loud in her ears, it amazes her no one can hear her.

The big cock slips out of her cunt, and she feels some relief and some disappointment simultaneously.  Yet the Rottweiler keeps hunching, punching her ass cheeks and legs with its rock hard rod.  All at once, it slides along her slit, missing her gaping cunt, and straight into the valley of her anus.  The dog thinking this is her cunt thrusts with great force, and its thick cock plunges into her asshole.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Tina screams.

Her scream shrill and curdling as intense pain burns through her body from her anus out.  Such pain she has never felt before, and as she tries to crawl away in pure defense, the dog wraps its legs tighter, and bites on her neck harder to keep her still.  Tina never liked anal, not even a finger in her ass, and here she is with a cock the size of a large cucumber buried inside her asshole.  Thrusting, pounding, and ramming her through her anal sphincter with loud, wet, sucking blows.  Tina can feel her pucker grip and stretch around the huge cock as the dog pulls out, then stretch and ripple as it plunges in.

The pain dies and is replaced by burning friction that makes her body tingle all over, and her pussy gushes juices down her thighs.  The pressure inside her belly grows, as the dog’s cock pushes her insides around and after ten minutes of fucking, it suddenly slows and stops, holding her in place.  A new pressure grows as she glances between her legs, she can see her stomach growing larger before her eyes.  Warmth radiates from Tina’s core that’s foreign to her, that doesn’t feel right.

Omigod, it’s cumming,” she whispers and starts to sob again.

The dog grows tired of its position and climbs off her back, only its cock won’t come out of her ass as she feels its giant knot against the inside of her sphincter.  The Rottweiler pulls her along the ground with ease as she scrambles and scrapes until it reaches a spot behind a large bin and lies down.

Tina pulls against the dog to free herself, yet the big knot won’t release her, and the harder she pulls, the worse it hurts.  She sees some headlights, and her first instinct is to wave at it, to get the driver’s attention.  Then she thinks about the big dog cock impaled in her ass and decides not to.  A police car drives past not even seeing the half-naked woman lying on the ground with a big dog cock buried in her asshole.

I guess the night can’t get any worse than this,” Tina thought.


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