The Wild Dog of Diamond Lake!

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The Wild Dog of Diamond Lake!
The Wild Dog of Diamond Lake!
Year: 2019
A wild dog at a picturesque lake becomes a popular attraction for lonely women because he fucks them so good.
Moe Lester
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It had been more than a year since the white German shepherd had escaped a cruel master and began living in the woods around Diamond Lake.  The place was a paradise for the animal.  The lake provided water; the many caves on the cliff overlooking the lake were sheltered, and the array of small prey living in the woods kept the animal fed.  Not to mention the human homes, ones they only occupied intermittently, and the tastier treats they left in their garbage.  The only thing the proud German shepherd missed was the company of a pack.  Though it had found other wild dog’s in these woods, the human rangers with their loud sticks had killed many.  The shepherd had thus far managed to avoid these scary humans, mostly due to its superior sense of smell.  Even among dogkind, the shepherd’s sense of smell is superior.

The dog decided it needed a drink and stood at the cliff face gazing down at the water for a moment to check for other predators.  These woods also had coyotes, wolves, and mountain lions to avoid.  Movement on the beach catches the animals attention, and it spies two humans, male and bitch, lying together.  The dog lies, the sun warming its white fur as it watches curiously.  Instinctively the canine knows what the man and woman are doing as they writhe and grapple on the beach.  Its ears perk up, and the dog can hear the woman’s voice screaming in ecstasy as she climaxes.  The animal watches as the couple on the beach eventually rise, dust the sand from their glistening bodies, then go hand in hand toward the woods.

The dog rises, and then cautiously trots down the hill, ears raised, and eyes alert.  It stops near the edge of the woods and gazes over the sandy beach.  The animal can hear the man and woman laughing and giggling, but the sounds of their voices are diminishing as they move further into the woods toward one of the houses.  Moving at a brisk trot, the white German shepherd hurries across the sand and stops abruptly to sniff the sand where the couple had lain.  It can smell female heat and semen, sweat, and human flesh.  Then the shepherd hurries to the shoreline and laps at the cold water of Diamond Lake.


The next day, the shepherd had found a place in the woods to have a nap when the smell of human bitch heat aroused the dog from its sleep.  The animal paws the dirt and shakes its head.  There it is again, the fragrance of a human bitch-in-heat. The same smell that struck the dog’s senses on the beach yesterday.  The proud shepherd lowers its head, whines, and then sniffs its way to the edge of the woods to see humans fucking on the beach again.  It watches as the male steadily fucks the bitch with vigorous strokes.  The odor of female heat overpowers the dog.  The dog’s cock slowly unsheathes and grows erect.  It lies in the soft grass and licks its lengthening cock as it listens to the sounds of the male grunting as it fucks the human bitch beneath.

Muscles, taut, the white dog rubs its cock in the grass, overcome by the strong urge to mate.  The dog’s cock is fully unsheathed now, the tip red just above the bulbous dog knot.  It’s been a long time since the dog mated with a bitch, and the mating urge is so strong the animal begins dragging its hindquarters against the grass, relieving the itch that pervades its cock.

The woman’s scream startles the stray dog; it stops and stands still, ears perked up.  The beast can hear them talking and laughing.  The shepherd crawls beneath some bushes and peers out at the humans on the beach.  The man is standing, wiping his cock, and pointing at the semen running down the woman’s thighs.  The dog whines, its cock slowly retracting as the scent of bitch heat and semen fills the air.


Later that night, the hunt has been excellent, and rabbit warms the lean belly from the inside while the glossy white fur keeps the German shepherd warm from without.  Bounding over the boulders, all four of the huge paws find familiar spots, carrying the big white dog into a cave.  The animal goes and sniffs again at what it found in the back corner of the cave, earlier in the evening.  It has the strong scent of humans, but there’s also the bitch scent too.

The brave dog whines softly as it remembers the last bitch it mated.  It was good that unexpected mating.  The shepherd had caught the scent of the bitch’s heat in the forest and found it.  It was a wolf bitch, but the smell of heat was overpowering.  The shepherd wasted no time in mounting and driving its hard red cock deep into the wet place.  The wolf bitch whined with pleasure at the German shepherd fucked it.  How good it feels to orgasm, even to an animal, it’s the greatest pleasure in the cruel world of kill or be killed.

However, it’s curious as to why the sex smells would be here in a cave.  The humans seem to always mate on the beach near the lake, or in their houses.  It considers the risk that humans are entering the caves the dog relies on for shelter and decides it has to be careful from now on.  The shepherd sniffs the ground again.  Does this scent in the cave have to do with one of the human bitches that frequent the lake?  There’s the smell of blood, too.  Has the human-bitch been hurt, or is it the kind of bleeding it knew from its coupling with that young coyote?

What’s more important, though, is there a chance the human-bitch will return?  The dog would like to slide its cock into another slick, warm bitch soon.  Even a human one would do.

The dog whines loudly now; its cock extends readily from its white-furred covering, and a drop of its seed oozes out to fall onto the stone floor.  It growls deep in its throat, then goes to the rear corner of the cave, sniffs cautiously as it turns around several times, and lies on a rocky bed.  When sleep overtakes the shepherd, it dreams of mating human bitches.


Early the next morning before sunrise, the stray German shepherd scavenges for food near a human house close to the lake.  It can hear the sounds of mating as it passes near the rear.  Spying a garbage can and the delectable smells coming from it, the dog’s muzzle drools.  Quickly the white dog topples the bin, the scraps of food spilling out.  Nosing through the waste, the animal takes chunks of leftover meat and vegetables.  Fully satisfied, the stray dog licks its muzzle and listens to the noise of squeaking beds and the sounds of humans mating.

Now the dog’s physical hunger has been sated, another urge overcomes it, the mating urge.  Uplifting its nose, the dog sniffs the air.  The scent of a human bitch, hot and wet assails the dog’s senses.  It follows the smell to the back of the cabin and stands beneath an open window.  The odor of the human-bitch is the same as the scent it whiffed at the beach and in the cave.  The familiar hot pangs surge through the dog’s cock, the pointy tip emerging from the bristle of fur that surrounded the base of its sheath.

Suddenly, the stray dog howls, an angry, fearful cry that echoes sexual frustration; and the call is still in the air when the human-bitch comes to the window and peers out.  However, the dog is gone, heading for the sanctuary of its den before the bitch can see what has caused such a howling cry.


Later that day, the same smell strikes the dog’s senses as it hunts in the woods.  The animal lowers its head, whines, and then sniffs its way to the edge of the woods to see a blonde-haired human bitch lying naked on the sand between the woods and the blue lake.  The sun is high in the sky and bright, and the bitch rubs a sweet-smelling substance on her skin.  Yet, the underlying smell that excites the dog is her heat.  The dog has smelled it before, many times lately.  This human bitch heat is driving the German shepherd crazy with the mating instinct.

There are no other humans around, the dog listens for sounds and sniffs for smells, yet the bitch is alone.  With confidence, the dog breaks from the cover of the woods and goes straight toward her.  The blonde bitch gasps at the big white dog’s growl, and she stands fearfully.  The dog circles the bitch, snarling every time she appears ready to run for it.  The smell of fear overtakes her heat, just.  The bitch tries to talk to the dog, using soothing words.  However, the gentleness in the tone of her voice doesn’t dissuade or diminish the urge the odor of her heat has sparked in the German shepherd.  Tentatively, the woman bends and slowly reaches out for the dog’s fur.  Her hands tremble as she slowly strokes the nape of the dog’s neck.

“Nice, d-doggie…” she said with a jittery voice.

The dog growls when she retracts her hand.  Quickly she resumes the smooth affectionate strokes across the dogs back to its flanks.  The dog turns its head, sniffing between the bitch’s thighs.  The rich aroma of heat is there, not as tangy as it smelled on the beach or at the house, but just as powerful.

“N-No, doggie…Nice doggie.”

As long as her hand is gently stroking the dog’s fur, the animal feels safe and secure as it nuzzles into the woman’s crotch and licks the lips of her dry loins.  When the woman tries to break the contact, but the shepherd growls, its teeth displayed fiercely, and then the hand comes back to its neck and runs down its spine.  The German shepherd’s licks bore in more between her thighs, each swipe of the large, coarse tongue capturing more wetness from the bitch’s special place.  Her special place becomes moist, and the bitch, though reluctant to take her hand away, opens her legs slightly.  The shift in position allows the dog’s tongue to penetrate into her special place, tasting the raw, hot, meat deep inside her.

The dog seems in no hurry to discontinue its ministrations of her opening.  The tip of its tongue repeatedly slips through the winking opening to jolt the bitch with a teasing fullness, and she mumbles incoherently.  The blonde bitch opens her mouth wide and gazes upward unblinkingly when the long tongue snakes into her special place and starts scooping wetness from the inside walls.

Don’t…do…that…Don’t do…that…Please don’t do it,” she whispers in an unbroken stream.

The German shepherd seems to be licking her internal organs.  However, the more deeply it probes, the harder its tongue feels where her opening clamps on it.  Each time the shepherd transfers its tongue filled with the oozing fluid into its mouth and returns for more, the effect is a weird, delicious kind of fucking for the bitch.  Her special place contracts in slow, powerful waves and her body tenses to the rhythm of the German shepherd’s lapping tongue.  When the dog extracts its tongue, the bitch suddenly pleads with the animal.

Don’t stop.  Not now, doggie…

The dog’s forepaws rest on her widespread thighs, their pressure the only stimulus she can concentrate on while her orgasm continues.

Oh, please.  Doggie, do it some more…

The blonde bitch feels one of the German shepherd’s paws lift from her thigh, and she sprawls on the sand.  A moment later, the dog moves its other paw to the other side of her waist.  The animal clasps her in a manner that seems a little like a male human seizing her waist in his hands.  The bitch feels something dancing over the soft membranes that surrounded her opening and begins pleading again.

Please, doggie.  Stick your tongue in my cunt…

The dog registers this word ‘cunt’ as something familiar, it heard the word before from his old master.  Somehow, it seems an appropriate sound to describe a human bitch’s special place.  The dancing point settles in the ring of her special place and begins to bore inward.  As her ‘cunt’ begins to stretch to receive the wedging action, the bitch senses the dog is no longer using its tongue.

She brings her gaze down to the dog’s head and sees the open mouth and lolling tongue inches above her breasts.  She stares with bulging eyes and mouth agape.  There’s no mistaking the thickness or hardness of the rigid dog cock sliding rapidly into her cunt now.  Nor can she override her body’s response to the entering cock.  The blonde bitch clutches her ankles and forces them apart, and the heavy dog cock surges in.  The pointed cockhead plows the length of her hot wet cunt.  She feels a fat, hard bulge pressing at her cuntal mouth.

Oh, Omigod,” she moans.

The white dog thrusts brutally at her, driving the enormous knot in as if it were a blunt wedge.

Oh, doggie…

The sheath of the dog’s cock bores against her raw cunt, its stiff bristles stabbing her viciously.  The great dog jerks at her with its forepaws, banging against the base of its cock as its rump pounds its cock deeper.  The long cock jerks back and forth inside the human bitch, the strange knot at the bottom blasting the inside of her cunt with every stroke.  The bitch trembles and clasps her thighs against the dog’s heaving flanks.

Spasmodic contractions tighten her cuntal mouth rhythmically around the base of the German shepherd’s cock and travel inward.  The bitch squeezes with her thighs, and lets go of the dog’s legs to clutch at its shoulders.  Hugging the shepherd fiercely, the bitch pulls her upper body to the dog and buries her breasts into its fur.  The dog continues to fuck her hard and fast without a change or break in its rhythm.

After what seems like forever having the dog pound her cunt ferociously, the bitch becomes aware of a change in the dog’s behavior.  The dog’s thrusts grow shorter and faster, and it stops the potent, involuntary jerks with its body.  The German shepherd tries to force her even further onto its huge dog cock, tugging and straining without interruption, until her skin burns, and she expects to find her cunt torn and bleeding.  The dog’s haunches vibrate fiercely; its cock buzzes and throbs in her cunt.

The shepherd begins to whimper.  The blonde bitch squeezes the dog with the full strength of her legs, her thighs molding themselves to the contours of its hardy lean sides.  She realizes suddenly that the dog is climaxing, spewing its bestial seed into her cunt and womb with hot, torrid blasts.  The knot around the base of its cock enlarged, chafing against her clit, and stretching her cuntal mouth beyond anything she’s known.

The suddenness of her climax startles the bitch as ecstatic wave’s course through her cunt and through every part of her body.  The bitch grips the dog with her taut and wet thighs, screaming passionately.  Then her screams die, the dog stops pumping, and bitch and dog are thoroughly satisfied.


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