The Hobbler 7: Infiltration

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The Hobbler 7: Infiltration
The Hobbler 7: Infiltration
Year: 2019
The FBI know something is going on and they send infamous animal porn star and undercover operative Debbie Love to try to infiltrate the hobbling posse in this amazing mash-up of The Hobbler and Animal Rescue.
Sheela B.
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Sarah Chambers feels much happier now the syndicate has decided to stop hobbling the big-name races and focus on the lesser-known ones.  They had to reduce the amount they bet each race to keep the authorities off the scent, but the thoroughbreds are more accessible as the security is laxer.  They also decided to hobble horses in daytime-only races so they could do all the work the night before.  Lessons learned since the near disaster at the Preakness Stakes had changed the operation.  This means Sarah had become a booking agent for her posse of hobblers who suddenly find they are going from race to race without much rest.

Trying to fit this on top of training the next gold medalists for the Olympics and major equestrian events made her life extremely busy.  Therefore, when she hears some of the Ponderosa’s stable hands complaining about a problem animal the woman sighs and decides she better look into it.  After putting Rambo back in a stall after a morning workout, she sees ranch hand Ryan stacking bags of feed into a shed and approaches him.

“Hey, Ryan,” Sarah chirped.

The skinny man dressed in blue overalls and boots stands and gazes at the pretty blonde with some affection.  “Hey, Sarah, how was Rambo today,” he said with a slight smile.

“How did you know I was on Rambo?”

“I saw you as I drove in, he’s looking magnificent.”

“Yeah, Lucy should win gold on him for sure…” Sarah said, conversationally.  “Hey, I wanted to ask you something.”

Ryan’s eyebrows rise.  “Oh?”

Sarah smiled calmly.  “Not usually my area, but I overheard some hands complaining about a horse that’s being stabled here,” she said.  “I thought maybe I could check it out and see if I can help.”

Ryan scratches his head.  “A horse, you say?  Hmm, cannot say I’ve heard of a horse that’s a problem.  The only one I hear complaints about these days is Dudley.”

Sarah frowns.  “Dudley?”

Ryan laughs.  “You haven’t heard about Dudley?”  Sarah shakes her head.  Then Ryan said with a conspiratorial glint in his eyes, “Oh, you’re gonna love this.  John, for some reason, agreed to let this woman stable a bighorn sheep here.”

Sarah’s eyes bulge.  “A bighorn what?’

Ryan shrugs.  “It kinda looks more like a goat to me, but it’s some native sheep from Mexico.  Very tame and little too friendly, if you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t know what you mean,” Sarah said with a pinched expression.

“Just don’t bend over in front of the thing, it’ll try to hump you,” Ryan said then burst out laughing.  “I swear, the animal the horniest beast I’ve ever seen.”

Sarah smiled.  “You said it was a bighorn…”

The man laughs loudly.  “Yeah, good one, I’m gonna use that.”

“Why would John stable a bighorn sheep here?”

“The woman who owns Dudley paying through the nose for it, and John lets it run in a paddock most days.  So it’s cheap to feed and maintain.”

“She’d be better just giving it to a fucking zoo,” Sarah grumbles.  “The last thing I need around here is some bad behaving animal injuring our horses.  Just how big are these horns?”

“They’re huge, like a big mountain goat, they curl around in a circle,” Ryan said.

“Maybe I better check this out.  Where is it now?”

“Over in the old barn with the other assorted livestock we have here,” Ryan said.

“Thanks, I’ll check it out later…” Sarah said with a smile.  “Talk to you later, Ryan.”

“Yeah, see ya, Sarah.”


Later that afternoon, as the sun is setting behind the hills and the buzz of insect fills the air, Sarah decides to go check this new animal out.  The woman rides over to the old barn on a four-wheeled motorbike and stops outside.  She hears the moos of a few milking cows they have and the bleat of the ranch’s goats and sheep.  John Rogers, the owner of The Ponderosa Ranch, liked to keep a few livestock as a hobby.  Sarah enters slowly moving through the barn looking for this infamously randy bighorn sheep.  Then she finds it in a stall chewing on some apples.

Dudley the ram is a powerful creature with substantially curved horns, mighty shoulders, and pile driver haunches. The ram is dark chocolate brown, with a white rump and lining on the backs of all four legs.  Sarah guesses the beast is two-hundred and fifty pounds easily, forty inches at the shoulder, and about sixty-five inches from nose to tail.  This is a big beast and combined with those horns, one you’d not like to meet in the wild.  She moves closer, and Dudley ignores her, chewing on a green apple merrily, and generally making a mess.  Then she notices its huge cock and massive balls.

In the prime of life, Dudley would’ve been ready to challenge all other rams for the right to breed the ewes that graze in the dry landscapes of Mexico.  However, the bighorn sheep is a pet, and this definitely isn’t arid Mexico.  The ram suddenly turns a glowing golden eye on Sarah, and its thoughts are hardly sheepish.  Sarah feels no threat from the beast and soon finds herself standing beside it and stroking its back.

“You’re a friendly fellow, Dudley,” she coos, feeling the soft fur.

Dudley who finishes eating the apple bleats happily, as Sarah pats him.  Those eyes fix upon her, golden and almost alien.  Sarah notices the ram’s cock is semi-hard.  As Sarah rubs the ram’s neck, she can feel the pulse beat there, drumming steadily.  The ram’s body seems vibrant, and the blonde cannot help but gaze under its belly and look at its cock.

Sarah sees its dark-gray balls are like inflated balloons, full of sperm.  The ram’s cock sticks out in a great loop, not rampant yet but coiling from its loins, the knob starting to squeeze out from the woolly sheath.  The ram’s cockhead is dark, almost black.  The cock is a lot bigger than she expected.  Sarah strokes the ram’s furry flank.  The ram’s cock quivers, hardening more, and Sarah has an unholy urge to touch it.  Glancing around to make sure she’s alone, Sarah swallows slowly as a familiar lust starts the slow boil in her loins.

She wants to find out what a ram’s cock feels like.  Yet struggles against the urge, knowing the risk of someone catching her is great, even at this time of the day.  The ram moves sideways, its hindquarters turning as if it knows what Sarah’s thinking and presents its cock to her and makes the woman laugh loudly.

“They were right about you, Dudley,” she said softly sporting a smirk.  “You really are a bad ram.  The way you’re acting, I don’t think I’m the first human female you’ve played this game with.”

Sarah stares at the growing cock feeling that familiar itch, but shakes her head, shuddering.   ‘No, I can’t,’ she thought.  The blonde closes her eyes to lessen the temptation, for Dudley’s cock is a mighty slab of meat, and it’s been a while since she had a good fuck.  The blonde feels the ram’s breathe billow over her shirt, then waft over her thighs and bathe her loins.  Her legs tremble, and her breath quickens.

‘This beast knows what it wants,’ thought Sarah.  ‘I’m definitely not the first woman he’s been with.  Animals like this need training to mate with humans.’  The hot breath billows into her groin again.  The ram suddenly thrusts its muzzle and begins to nibble very lightly at her jeans covered pussy making Sarah gasp.  She pushes its big head away.

Stop that…

Dudley will not take no for an answer though and is soon pushing its nose into her groin and sniffing Sarah’s intimate scent deeply.  Sarah glances around again to find there’s no one here.  Then with a delicious feeling of wickedness, the woman undoes her jeans and slides them down with her panties to present the ram with her smooth pussy.  Dudley wastes no time and is back there sniffing, and she finds the gentle nibbling feels good.  It’s incredible how soft the beast’s lips are as they pull so tenderly on her pussy flesh.  The woman feels her pussy lips ripple and spread.  Her clit sparks to life.  The ram’s soft tongue begins to slurp right up her slit.  Sarah realizes suddenly she’ll have an orgasm if she lets the ram keep nuzzling her.  ‘I oughta stop him,’ she thought.

Nevertheless, the long, hot, soft tongue feels terrific.  Sarah doesn’t have the heart to stop the beast as it licks her pussy.  The blonde opens her eyes, staring down, watching Dudley’s tongue lave her creamy cunt.  She wails, dizzy with lust, folding a hand around one of its massive curved horns as if to hold the bighorn sheep in place.  However, Dudley doesn’t need this; it’s savoring the taste of her womanhood.

Ooooooh…” Sarah moans.

The thrill is racing through her loins again.  The aroused woman clings to its horns, and her hips begin to pump.  Sarah’s belly heaves and her juicy ass churned as she works her pussy around the ram’s snout.  Ribbons of pussy juice pour down her crotch.  The ram laps the sweet fuck juice up.  Trickles seep into the taut crack of her ass, and the ram’s tongue slides up, gathering the pussy juice from her ass and then sweeping up her crotch and over her clit.

Sarah steps back, knowing this is going too far and bumps into some hay, falling back on her back with legs spread.  Dudley follows her returning to the tasty pussy for more licking.

Her knees rise, and Sarah clamps her smooth thighs around the ram’s mighty shoulders as she grinds her crotch around Dudley’s face and on its sweeping tongue.  Sarah is doing a wicked thing, a sinful thing, screwing this creature on the ranch.  Nevertheless, the thrill is all the greater because of it.  Long lateral waves of lust pass across her belly and meet the electric current speeding up her thighs, the separate spasms meeting in a surging storm in her lower abdomen.

Sarah is climaxing.

The thrills come faster and higher, running through her in such rapid sequence that soon they’re merging.  One prolonged height of bliss seems to wrack her cunt.  Her pussy juice gushes.  Dudley laps the fuck juice with relish.  Eventually, her orgasm fades.  Sarah stops thrashing about.  Her pussy still tingles in the aftermath of climax.  The ram continues to lap and nibble at her pussy as if to make sure it has worked off every spasm and lapped every drop of juice.  Then Dudley raises its head and gazes at the blonde with a curious expression.

Now Sarah notices its huge cock is entirely erect, the dark knob throbbing and flaring and the woolly shaft so taut its whole dick is almost humming like a tuning fork. Apparently, the ram has gotten horny while it lapped her pussy.  The poor brute is feeling frustrated now.  Sarah is always kind to animals; it comes from her background, growing up on a ranch.  It’s only natural the blonde should think about jerking the ram off to relieve it, milking its fat cock out of gratitude and kindness.  It’s an act of charity, nothing else.  However, Sarah has to admit that the idea thrills her.

Dudley the ram is happy.  Lapping Sarah’s juicy pussy had been a natural thing to do, and getting a hard-on is just an expression of that.  The woman makes up her mind she’s going to jerk the ram off, convincing herself she’s doing it strictly out of kindness and not because her hands are itching for a feel of the robust cock or because her eyes yearn to see semen spurt from it.  The ram is twitching and stamping its feet.  Dudley’s big horns sweep up and down as if it’s trying to demonstrate the sort of stroking motion its cock requires.

Sarah slides down from the hay.

The woman is kneeling now, closer to a fucking position, but Dudley makes no move.  For one thing, Sarah is kneeling only on her hind legs, and for another, she’s facing the beast.  She begins stroking its flank, delaying, struggling with last-minute uncertainty about someone catching her.  Yet Sarah wants to touch Dudley’s cock so much it makes her clit throb.  The ram’s cock is throbbing too.  She slides a hand beneath Dudley, palms up, and cups his balls.  The woman gives a little gasp as she feels how packed full of sperm they are, lifting them slightly as if trying to guess the weight of the hot load ahead.  Sarah’s thrilled to feel the hard balls shift inside the dark sack.

Slowly she slides her hand along the fleecy stalk.  The ram’s cock pulses and ripples.  Fingering the underside of its cockhead, it flares and throbs with urgency.  The ram turns its horned head sideways, watching Sarah with its elliptical eyes, loving every moment of the experience.  Dudley is quite content to play a passive role and let the blonde do what she will, as long as what Sarah does feels as good as it feels at the moment.  Sarah fondles the ram’s cockhead, fascinated by the rubbery texture, like a lump of hot iron encased in taut elastic.  The cleft parts and Sarah gasps when she sees the frothy pre-cum bubbling in the gap.

The woman is eager to get Dudley off and see the lovely jizz hose out of its cock, to feel the ram throb in her hands as it orgasms.  Cupping her hands around Dudley’s fat cock, just behind the crown, she grips it as if it’s a club.  Sarah begins to stroke up and down, her hands just skimming lightly over the sheath at first, then tightening her grip, so she’s moving its foreskin as she jerks.

The soft pelt curls over the ledge behind the ram’s cockhead on the upstroke, then drew taut, causing its meaty cockhead to flare naked and throbbing.  Suddenly, pre-cum bubbled out from the tip of the cock, sparkling on the dark shaft and then running in sticky ribbons down the slope of the cock.  The ram’s cockhead seems to be burning like a lump of coal now, almost starting to smoke.  Sarah is still kneeling beside the bighorn sheep, at right angles to its cock and bloated balls.  Inching forward and refusing to admit her intentions are naughty, Sarah wants the ram to shoot semen on her naked loins.  The blonde is eager to feel a load of ram jizz spurt onto her heated flesh.

Sarah moves until she’s kneeling beside the ram’s burly shoulder, her hands pulling and pushing up and down its cock.  The ram’s cockhead is looming right in her face.  The blonde stares at the pulsating wedge of cock, she’s shaking violently in sympathetic vibration with the huge dick that’s also trembling energetically in her hands.  Sarah licks her lips.  ‘Oh, no,’ she thought.  ‘I can’t get too into this.’  Jerking Dudley off, she convinces herself it’s harmless, a simple kindness in return for licking her pussy and making her orgasm.  However, how delicious this cock looks.

Suddenly, Sarah wonders what sheep’s cock tastes like.  ‘Jesus, get a grip,Sarah, she scolds herself?  Sarah then giggles, realizing her hands certainly have a firm grip on this mighty ram’s cock.  The blonde wants very much to push her tongue out and take a lick.  She struggles against the impulse, determined not to do anything that might take this weird moment too far.

Her hands pump faster.

Dudley starts to hump, its mighty haunches bunching with muscle, fucking its cock in and out, thrusting between her hands and pushing its cockhead out almost into her face.  Sarah can tell the ram’s ready to shoot.  Positioned as she is, in relationship to the head of Dudley’s cock, the brute is going to hose her with a steaming load.  Sarah intends to have the ram ejaculate on her pussy if she can.  Arching her back, Sarah gets ready to move to receive Dudley’s squirting semen.

However, her lips part too.  The woman’s pink tongue is slowly sliding back and forth across her lips.  Her face glazed with lust as Sarah kneels directly in front of the ram’s cock.  Her eyes cross, turning inward as she fixes her gaze on the head of Dudley’s cock, staring at it with fascination, and waiting for its eruption.  Dudley is humping vigorously now, and her hands are flying up and down his cock, pulling up to the head, pushing back toward the ballooning balls.

Sarah feels the ram’s cock give a great lurch.  The beast bellows.  The ram’s balls seem to explode, and its shaft spreads as the thick sperm rushes up it.  Sarah moans softly pumping back on the cock.  Then a great geyser of sperm spurts from its cockhead and the creamy semen hoses Sarah’s face.  Cum splashes her chin and cheeks, and a ribbon of slime runs across her parted lips and onto her tongue.  Sarah moans with joy and keeps pumping Dudley’s cock.  The bighorn sheep squirts a second mighty stream of hot jizz on her face.

The semen’s running over her tongue and sliding back into her mouth.  The ram’s third spurt, coming beneath reduced pressure, falls short of her face and drops onto her heaving chest.  The blonde woman keeps stroking Dudley’s cock as she moves her body around, and this time the ram ejaculates another wad of semen onto bare pussy.  The head of the bighorn sheep’s cock begins to bob and soften slightly.  However, jizz is still pouring out.

Sarah gives a little squeal and drops onto her back, squirming beneath the brute.  She raises her knees, takes the head of Dudley’s cock between her thighs, and massages it, milking every drop of sperm with her thighs, rubbing the shaft along her pussy slit.  The slimy sperm pours down the inside of her thighs and pools in her loins, and her pussy juice gushes to mingle with the ram’s semen.

Sarah is so hot she doesn’t know if she had orgasmed or not.  Her fuck juices have indeed flowed, but that did little to reduce the surging lust in her belly.  The ram’s cock eventually stops dripping, and her thighs fall away.  Resting there, spread-eagled on the ground in the old barn, her whole body’s heaving as she pants with wild passion.

Dudley suddenly sidesteps away from her body.  The ram’s big cock has only softened slightly, enough to bob up and down still.  Yet Dudley’s cock has hardly diminished in size at all.  Sarah gazes at the ram’s cock and realizes it’s not yet satisfied, despite shooting all that semen.  The horse trainer knows damned well she’s not satisfied either.  Sarah wonders if she should jerk Dudley off again.  As she thought about it, Sarah’s tongue continues to glide across her creamy lips, lapping up the ram’s sperm.  The blonde suddenly blinks, she’s just swallowed a mouthful of ram jizz, and the stuff is delicious.

“Damn, Dudley, what am I gonna do with you,” she said softly.

Dudley just bleats.


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