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Year: 2019
When a touring country band picks up sexy young groupie named Marie, the old adage of what happens on tour, stays on tour has never been truer. Especially when it involves the bands pet dog.
Moe Lester
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“You look pissed off today, Lee, something wrong?”

Lee pushed coal-black hair out of her eyes and looks coolly at Fat Jack.  Jack was the drummer in the band.  He’d been trying to fuck Lee for a solid month, even longer than that really.  It’s too bad he didn’t turn Lee on.  Ryan, her partner, wouldn’t have minded.  Ryan’s in charge of setting up the amps and speakers and keeping the expensive mikes out of harm’s way.  He also drove the bus, changed tires, and hassled with desk clerks when they did check into a motel.  He’s essential as roadies go and he let everybody know it.  Without his technical genius, all those musicians were as helpless as deaf mutes at an auction.  However, lately, he hadn’t been using any of that genius on Lee.  She was just plain horny, and the fact she has a crush on Harley, the band’s lead singer and star didn’t help matters much.

Fat Jack hung an arm around her waist.  It didn’t feel bad, and it didn’t feel good.  Lee let it hang there.  The big man leaned close.  “I’d sure love to eat your panties off, big girl.”

“Jack, damn it…”

She wiggled free.  The boys were climbing back on the makeshift bandstand set up in the middle of the street.

“You better go beat your fuckin’ drum and cool down,” Lee said with a sneer

Jack laughed good-naturedly, pinched her full, curvy ass.  Lee watched the band pick up their instruments and adjust a mike or two.  Then they kicked right into an up-tempo shit kicker.  The milling crowd began to clap out of time.

“Motherfucker,” Lee said to no one in particular.

She’s wondering how many more of these fucking bi-centennial celebrations they were booked for during the summer.  What a drag.  At least there’s Harley to look at.  She saw two girls watching him too.  Young girls.  Very young.  One fat, the other slender, unblemished, obviously drooling over the way Harley was heel dancing as he came off a slick run of tinkling treble notes and then lit into the chorus.  Singing now, his lips are a half-inch from the mike.  Grinning under his corny porn mustache, and bending forward as the band winds tight and hard behind him.  God, he’s beautiful.

Lee holds her breath, watches his ass moving teasingly in the faded denim, saw him smile right down at those two would-be groupies and tip his hat as the song ended.  Fat Jack wipes sweat from his brow.  Kenny the fiddler smiles and waves at the crowd, Joey on bass and Dylan on slide-guitar are taking their bow too, but most of the clatter is for Harley.  The little blonde in front appears as if she’s wetting her panties.

Lee turns away as the band starts again.  She pushes through the crowd towards the sidewalk, saw that a couple of small-town boys were making way for her as if she were something too exotic to be taking chances.  Lee smiled silkily and made sure they saw her breasts under the spangled cowboy shirt that fit her like skin.

“Where’s a place I can get a beer?” she asks.

The boys swallowed as if on cue.  They look too young to be legal.

“The Grapes, down the block,” the big one said, and pointed.

He’s ogling at Lee’s rangy body, her full firm ass under the purple jeans.  She flips a thanking smile and starts in the direction the boy pointed.  Someone touches her arm.  It’s the blonde, that slim little jailbait bitch that had been panting in front of the bandstand at Harley.

“Pardon me…” The blonde bit her lip then went on.  “Do you know…Ah, that guy who sings lead?”

“Honey, my old man drives for this motley bunch of shit kickers.  Sure, I know him.”

The girl takes a breath.  Her fat friend appears as if she wants to break and run, but the blonde stands her ground.  She’s wearing dangly earrings and a halter-top that showed off plenty of flat, young stomach.  Lee thought she was a silly little bitch.  She didn’t walk as if properly fucked yet, the girl appears barely eighteen years old.

“I was wondering…Well, I mean…”

Lee’s tired.  They’d done four gigs the past week, she’d been handling the promo, driving to the next town and talking to Jaycees and civic-oriented women who it seems were out to get the last drop of entertainment for the least amount of money celebrating the country’s birthday in spades.

Though she never thought she’d see the day, Lee was actually praying for some good old-fashioned gigs in some funky, rowdy roadhouse again.  Maybe by the end of the month, they’ll get a booking.  Now she’s standing here in the hot street while kids with melting ice-cream cones rubbed past and paunchy men in undershirts listen to the music with slightly disapproving expressions.  Then this little idiot in her sexy jeans and halter-top is trying to get up the nerve to ask…what did she really want to ask?

“Harley doesn’t fuck jailbait, honey,” Lee blurts, keeping her smile stiff, eyes on the shocked girl.

The pale, freckled face went suddenly red. “I…I didn’t…  “

“Like hell, you didn’t.  Everybody wants to fuck Harley.”

The fat one had abandoned her friend, pushes through the crowd toward the distant sidewalk.  The little blonde seems stung, then angry.  She pushes out her chin.  There’s smoke in her eyes.  Lee felt inexplicably sorry for what she said.

“You just wanted to meet him, right?” Lee said, tilting her eyes.

The blonde seems about to cry.  “Just forget it.  Forget it!”

The girl’s lost in the crowd even as Lee reached out a hand.

“Aw fuck all of ‘em,” Lee mutters to nobody in particular and strides off toward the bus.  She doesn’t even want a beer anymore.

The band’s still going when Lee threads her way to the bus.  It is an old renovated Greyhound, a bigger bus than the group could really afford.  However, Harley had wanted them to travel in style and so they’d put asses on the line, pooled resources and made a down payment.  Lee slips past the bunk area where the band members sleep, back to her bed in the rear.  She and Amy sleep there, sometimes sharing the big bed with their men.  Lee had been sleeping alone lately more than the other way.  With Amy fucking Kenny, the fiddle player, it wasn’t always easy to get any shuteye.

Lee peels off her shirt and throws it over the back of a chair.  Buster, Harley’s big collie curls next to a pillow and put its ears up as Lee undoes her jeans and wiggles out of them.  Then she tears off her panties and falls across the bed.  It’s so hot today.  Even for July.  Its climate change, it’s screwing up everything.  The whir of air through that end of the coach sounds beautiful, even if it isn’t cooling it much.  Thank God, Ryan had at least plugged them in somewhere, or the bus would’ve been unbearable.

Buster whines affectionately and nuzzles its long, furry nose against Lee’s side.  She pats the dog’s head.  Lee parts her legs and gazes down over the bumps and hollows of her body.  Why hadn’t Harley ever noticed how nice she is?  Okay, Lee’s thirty-one years old, no spring chicken maybe, but still lovely.  Lee knows she has something that got men excited.

Lee has had plenty of men hitting on her in the last six months, even if Ryan seems to be tiring of her.  She thought of Harley again and how he fucked Amy when he got horny.  Amy is Kenny’s woman.  Kenny is jealous as hell too except when Harley makes a motion he requires a little cunt.  Then Kenny smiles and turns the other way while Harley takes sweet, dumb Amy’s hand and leads her to a bedroom.  Maybe Kenny likes her himself because the head boy Harley lowers himself occasionally to fuck her.

Lee shut her eyes.  It sure was strange all right.  Kenny went along with it like some cuckold.  He worshiped Harley, is no doubt proud he actually shared a woman with the band stud on occasion.

“Buster?  What do you think you’re doing?”

The dog has begun to lick the soft flesh of her belly slowly.  The collie has inched forward on its haunches, and its tongue feels odd, tickly-hot and rough when the dog pushes it across her skin.  Lee digs fingers into the fine fluff around his ears.  Buster is a beautiful dog, like Harley’s guitar, like his boots and hat.  The woman can see the man smiling from under his reddish mustache.  She can see the thick tangle of his long hair over the collar of his hundred-dollar shirt.  Harley’s tall, rangy, and walks loose and relaxed everywhere he goes.  He has the swagger of a man, sure of himself.

Lee finds herself wondering why he had chosen Amy to satisfy his occasional horniness.  Maybe because Amy never talks much, demands much, or perhaps because she’s just a good quick fuck so Harley can get back to his music.  Lee widens her thighs more and lets a hand drift down over the silk of her pale-yellow panties.  She knows what she wants to do.  Everybody would be outside for another half-hour until the set ends.  Her fingers rest against the steamy, damp crotch piece that stretched tight across her tingling pussy lips.  She feels swollen down there, ripe.  God knows she needs a good fuck.  Nobody else seems to notice it, not that damn Ryan anyway.

Buster whines through its canine nose and licks at Lee’s navel.  She feels a sudden burn of passion, of uncertainty at the sensation of the animal’s mouth against her skin.  This is something a little strange, something Lee isn’t quite sure how to deal with.  Her fingers have become wet with her pussy juices, and she draws the hand up along her belly.  Buster gives a small growl and licks hungrily at her slickened, musky fingertips.

“Shit, Buster, you…” Lee stops.

She sees the red spike of his cock under his belly.  That glistening, slender shaft has slipped out of the furry sheath and bobs now as the dog moves its haunches in a rhythmic humping motion.  The collie nibbles at her knuckles swathed them with hot spit until all the musky aroma of her pussy washes away.

“You crazy dog, you like that…”

Lee knows she should feel more shock than she does. More embarrassment perhaps, but what the hell, everybody knows how horny dogs are by nature.  They’re always trying to fuck anything handy from a leg to a couch.

The woman can remember something that happened to her as a child when they lived in Missouri on a poor-ass farm.  Her father owned a big mutt.  Lee had been six or seven and playing in the yard without her panties.  It was funny how the memory slipped back so clearly, so wholly.  Dad’s mutt jumped her, tried to fuck her right in the ass.  Her dad damned near killed the dog for that.  Lee had been more disturbed about that than what the animal had tried to do to her.  She laughs, pets Buster’s neck.  Then she’s been born horny too, just like a dog.

“Hey, cut that out.  Enough, old buddy, enough…”

However, the dog doesn’t seem to know what the word means.  It’s up on all fours dropping down so it can wet her along the elastic band of her panties.  Lee feels very strange.  The rough slide of the dog’s tongue is something else.  Her belly flesh quivers under the licking as if it were a man’s tongue instead of an animal.  Lee closes her eyes and pushes a hand under the silken panties, probes into her damp curls and deeper still.  She bends her knees and widens her thighs until the delicate, soaked pussy lips part.  The woman’s wet all right, really wet.

Her forefinger sinks deliciously into the velvety slickness of her cunt.  She stays away from her clit at first, teasing as perhaps a man might do.  Lee traces the tender, thin flaps that were her inner pussy lips, rimmed the pinched hole that opened when a man’s cock presses against the muscles there.  Pretending her thumb is a cock, Lee enters her cunt and pulls out again.  In and out she goes, in and out, feeling the clenched spasms of her cunt yearning for so much more.  In the distance, the band’s playing a lonesome Texas ballad, and she can hear Harley’s breathy harmonizing as he bangs steadily on his guitar.

“Harley,” she whispers, sliding another finger into her cunt.

The hot juice leaks down between the cheeks of her ass dampening the sheet underneath.  Buster moves nervously on the mattress, tilting that collie head at her as if confused, then starting to lick again.  When the dog’s tongue brushing her thigh, Lee snaps out of her dreamy reverie and swallows hard.

“Buster…Ya dumb dog…”

The dog’s lapping at her covered pussy lips.  As Lee strokes a single finger up over her hooded clit, she considers this little episode with an objectivity that surprises her making her nipples burn with sexual excitement.  She’s already well on her way to getting off, and the jolts of pleasure make lightning in her legs and belly aren’t any the less because the big collie is nosing eagerly at her crotch.  In fact, it’s maybe even better in some weird kind of way.

“Ya crazy mutt,” she said then laughs, pushing the dog’s head away from her pussy.

Buster shoves back again, tried to work its black nose under the silk.  Lee stiffens, rocks her hips up to the dog without thinking.  She’s gliding along on instinct now not even thinking about other people.  There are only two living entities on the face of the earth—Lee and Buster—a big horny dog and an even hornier woman.

Lee doesn’t know why she begins inching her panties down.  No, she knows why she just doesn’t understand quite how it’s all taking place so quickly.  Lee does feel a little guilty.  Maybe even a little ashamed.  Nevertheless, the friction of Buster’s wet tongue through the silk seems too much of a tease. Lee tangles her panties at her ankles said to hell with it and fell back panting as the dog quickly moves around to attack the object of its craving.

Now Lee gasps wide-eyed.  With animal fury, the dog burrows at her split pussy lips with its nose, roughing her tenderest spots with its tongue.  The dog’s tongue has gone wild, ravenously wild.  Her hands fall weakly back from her pussy as the dog’s stroking brings grunts from deep in her throat.  Lee jabs her ass up from the bed and rolls it in circles as the dog lowers its body to gain stability on the rocking mattress.

Lee tears excitedly at her tangled hair, tries to push it out from in front of her eyes.  Her breasts heave.  She’s breathless, burning, devoured by the animal sunk to its haunches between her legs.  Buster’s hind feet tangle in her already tangled panties, making her feel as if her ankles are bound together, legs locked on the smooth fur of the big animal.  She hugs her knees against the dog’s sides, and a shivering whimper of pleasure hisses from between her teeth.  It’s crazy.  It’s mad.

Never in her wildest, sexiest dreams has anything close to this ever dawned on her.  A dog.  A fucking dog.  An instant of heavy guilt flashes through her mind but before she can push Buster off her, Lee’s floating again.  Floating from the bed as the dog’s mouth teases her nearer to the orgasm she yearns for badly.

Buster…Uhhhhn…Ohhhhh, Buster…

Lee feels down to where her pussy lips peel back by the forceful licking.  She feels the dog’s tongue wet her knuckles as she searches along the soppy crack, her clitoris swollen hugely.  That blood-filled lump of bursting nerve endings and seeping cuntal flesh is so hard like a little penis.  The muscles around her cuntal mouth are convulsing with even rhythm, wanting something more than a tonguing.

Lee groans and tosses her head on the bed.  She jabs a thumb deep into her cunt and gouges it around with feverish abandon, humping her curvy ass against the fucking motion.  Buster has front paws planted against the insides of her thighs, pushing them even wider.  The sensation is unbelievably sexy.  Lee feels as if she’s under the dog’s control.  This dog, this animal is taking pleasure from her body or giving it.  She can’t stop to consider the finer points of the situation.  Buster is nipping at her outer pussy lips, sucking noisily along the flooding folds of her labia with a cold nose.

Ooh…Ohhhh yeah…Ooh fuck yeah…

Lee’s black hair tangles in her mouth as she tosses from the shivering lust invading every pore of her being.  The brunette feels her breasts, feels their heavy, flattened weight on her chest.  A nipple rakes her palm, and she finds it and pinches it until her underarms, her belly, the hollows of her neck are all alive with tendrils of tickling heat.  Lee’s gasping, rocking her pelvis up and down against the licking motion of Buster’s rough canine tongue.

Then Lee feels something adding to the carnal brush of the dog’s tongue.  It’s Buster’s cock.  It rubs wetly against her leg as the dog humps itself up and down there.  Lee feels the brush of the furry sheath, the slick glide of the collie’s cock with the barbed tip.  The dog grinds its belly down against her shin and whines with canine lust.

If the thought of the dog fucking her is in her mind, Lee isn’t aware of it.  She urges her cunt up and down against the dog’s teeth and tongue, crying out with carnal half-words as the jagged edge breaks finally and she pours like hot honey into another world.  A world where pleasure becomes something so intense she turns into a wiggling, whimpering mass of flesh lusting for flesh.

The flesh of the dog, the tissue of its tongue as it rolls against her pounding clit.  Lee drives her heels up and down against the mattress and in doing so knows she’s adding friction against the underside of the dog’s cock.  However, these are thoughts, and she can’t handle these right now.  The brunette moves, as she has to move, as her lust orders her to move.  The woman hugs the dog’s head with her hands and rocks her soppy pussy against it as the hot licks of his tongue continued.  Buster suddenly orgasms too and starts shooting doggy semen all over her leg.  Lee doesn’t care.  The woman’s insane; Lee always is when she climaxes.  Everybody is in that tiny flick of time.

Lee stares confusedly at the tilted face of the big collie.  It has been only a short expanse of time, a screaming, sparkling piece out of her life, and yet Lee feels as if she had crossed some barrier.  It’s a little scary.

A dog and not just any mutt.

Harley’s dog.

Beautiful Harley.

“Buster, what’s gotten into you?” Lee said.

She ruffs his neck fur, combs her fingers through the silky strands along the dog’s firm chest.  Her thighs are glistening with the dog’s saliva.  When Lee fingers the slimy lines of the collie’s jizz on her knee, she smiles.  It is kind of like the stuff that came out of a man.  Buster has gotten his rocks off good.  It amuses her perversely.  Lee stares at the panting dog.  It seems out of breath, exhausted even.  The collie falls back onto its chest and lay against her, lapping idly at her fingertips, still tinged with her pussy aromas.

Out on the street, she hears the band wind into a closing stomp.  Cool, Harley is saying thanks to the crowd.  Lee can almost see him waving his hat and his sparkling eyes.  He never seems to get uptight about anything.  Cool, cool Harley.  She sits on the edge of the bed and wipes the dog jizz from her legs, blots herself with her panties.  It’s funny how easy the whole thing had happened.  Buster is breathing hard with his tongue out now, looking somewhat satisfied.  Was she pleased?  In a way, and yet a splinter of guilt still pricks her conscience.


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