The Neighbor

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The Neighbor
The Neighbor
Year: 2019
When Josh Benson comes home from college he finds the once hated neighbor Sam Davidson has turned into a total hunk and he develops a gay crush on the man and his dog.
Jack Morningwood
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Yes, things had really improved now Sam had cleaned up his act.  At least he thought so until one morning a few days later Josh gazed out of his bedroom window to see Sam playing with Baxter in the back yard.  The dog is your typical Labrador, golden yellow fur and a thick body.  Josh never saw much of the dog usually, just heard it occasionally barking at squirrels or raccoons.  On this particular morning, Sam is rolling around with the dog playfully.  However, the man suddenly grabs the dog’s balls.  Josh gasped and snatched the binoculars off the windowsill.  The ones he’s often used to spy on the hunky older man next door since the divorce.

This is the first time Josh had really examined the Labrador’s balls.  They’re huge, and the sack hangs low.  Sam is squeezing them, and the fog seems to like it.  Then the older man starts rubbing the Labradors sheath.

“What the fuck…” Josh whispers, unable to stop watching.

The red tip pokes out as the dog responds to the touch.  Sam suddenly goes beneath the Labrador and puts his lips around the emerging cock.  Josh can see the man’s cheeks hollow in an apparent sucking motion.

“Fucking Jesus,” Josh groans.

Sam’s hand is still fondling Baxter’s balls as he sucks the dog’s cock.  Baxter is turning its head, licking its lips and whining, yet the canine isn’t running away.  It seems to be enjoying it.  The man pulls his head back to examine the cock, Josh zooms in on it too, fascinated.  Baxter’s cock isn’t fully erect yet, but the few inches poking out of the sheath appears red and shiny with a strange tapered tip.  It’s nothing like a human cock at all.  The burly dark-haired man takes the growing cock into his mouth, and his head starts bobbing up and down while his cheeks hollowed slightly.

“Holy shit, he’s giving the dog a blowjob,” Josh moans, feeling his cock growing hard.

Sam thrusts a hand between his thighs and rubs his cock as he gives Baxter’s hard cock some more licks with his tongue.  The man moans, enjoying himself, and kissing the dog’s cock passionately. His face flushes with the heat rising in his loins, his nipples hard as bullets, and as Sam pulls his big cock out, the heads wet with precum.  The dark-haired man sighs softly and licks his tongue all over the red canine cock with enthusiasm.

The Labrador whines as Sam’s tongue massaged its cock.  Sam strokes his own cock to full hardness, making Josh moan at the sight of the eight-inch phallus.  The teen pulls his cock free too and strokes away while still watching with his binoculars.

“This is amazing,” Josh moans.

Excited now, Sam licks the dog’s cock with his tongue, covering the red meat with saliva, and growing bolder by the second as his genitals buzz with arousal.  The man takes a big lick on the cock getting bigger and bigger by the second.  Waves of sexual pleasure rush through the spying Josh and make every inch of his teen body feel tingly and hot.  Growing even more passionate, Sam squeezes the dog’s balls gently, yet firmly, and licks all over the end of its cock tasting the salty/coppery clear precum as it squirts into the neighbor’s hungry mouth.

“I can’t believe he’s doing this so out in the open,” Josh whispers.  The teen realizes the only window on every side of this yard that overlooks it is his.  ‘Maybe he thinks I’m out or back at college,’ wonders Josh?

Horny out of his mind, Sam suddenly captures the end of his cock between his lips.  The man moans and takes several inches of his turgid cock into his hot, sexy mouth.  As if this is second nature to him, Sam starts sucking the Labrador’s cock with such urgency and need that it overwhelms him.  Breathing hotly, Sam sucks hard on Baxter’s cock and works his head back and forth to make it thrust into his mouth.  That excites the spying Josh too.

The man gives another little moan and fills his mouth with dog cock, sucking it further into his mouth until he hears Baxter whine with animal pleasure.  Another inch and he’ll have all of Baxter’s cock in his mouth, and he senses the horny Labrador won’t be able to hold back much longer.  Baxter gets so excited, the dog’s cock jumps hard in Sam’s mouth, and it’s difficult for him to hold onto the aroused phallus.  Sam grasps the knot in his fist and jerks it slowly as he slips his wet mouth back and forth on the tapered cockhead.

Baxter lets out a yelp as Sam fills his mouth with the aching, throbbing dog cock.  The Labrador’s hot balls tighten, and its cock swells as if it’s in a bitch’s tight cunt.  Its haunches start to move jerkily as if fucking. Sam moans as the throbbing cock thrust into his sucking mouth.

The man takes the dog’s entire dick into his mouth and plays with the furry balls with naughty fingers.  Sam’s face bobs as his clenched lips slide up and down the canine boner.  His tongue licks the underside of the cockhead.  Baxter’s gripped by bestial lust as the Labrador thrust its turgid cock into the sucking man’s mouth.  Deep whines and grunts escape the dog’s throat; its tongue lolls from its mouth and drooled saliva as Sam sucks its cock.  The neighbor sucks that canine cock as if it’s a tasty lollipop, and just as hungrily, as his cheeks collapse while sucking harder still.

Josh is busy jerking his teen cock too, his hand a blur, as an orgasm builds.  “Omigod…Omigod…this is great,” Josh moans.

Sam’s fingers tremble at Baxter’s furry balls, and he too strokes harder at his cock as he sucks and slurps on the dog.  Baxter’s cock enlarges and lengthens, and thrusts way into Sam’s throat, thrilling the hell out of him.  The man’s so pleased; he smiles as he blows this thick dog’s cock.  Sam now jerks the dog’s shaft and sucks its pointy cockhead, and Baxter whimpers as only a dog can. The Labrador’s cock jerks like a wild thing too.  The neighbor raises his head and gazes at Baxter wide-eyed.

“You’re gonna shoot, huh?” he said.  Sam looks at the red canine cock, throbbing wetly in his hand and smiles. “Here comes the good part,” he whispers.

Rubbing some canine precum into his hand, he uses it as lube to stroke his own cock rapidly. Then Sam sucks the dog’s thick cock back into his mouth licking it wildly, wantonly, and crazily.  Baxter grunts then groans and the Labrador’s whole body jerks as the passionate man sucks its cock.  His head bobs and his wet mouth slides faster along the full length of the rigid cock.  The neighbor squeezes the dog’s balls and blows it hotly.  The dog’s cock gives one more violent lurch in Sam’s horny mouth.  Then all hell breaks loose.  Baxter howls.  The dog’s cock explodes in a series of wild spurts of slimy semen.  Sam moans to feel the gushing cock pump so much sperm down his gulping throat.

Argh…Argh…Fuck…” Josh moans orgasming at the sight, ropey strands of white semen shoots from his throbbing cockhead and splatter on the window glass.

Sam sucks and swallows—sucks and swallows.  The man lets his mouth fill with burning dog semen, and then gulps it down.  The dog’s cock spits so furiously and savagely Sam has trouble keeping up with it.  The dog’s cock jolts, spits, gushes and erupts violently between Sam’s lips.  He holds on to the cock as it jerks and jolts and sucks harder and faster, moaning all the while, as Baxter pumps a hot load of semen for its master.

The neighbor gulps and gulps, sucking all the semen out of Baxter’s aching balls.  Drinking thirstily until the beast’s raging cock spits the last glob of sperm down his throat and then Sam pants hotly with the spent cock in his mouth, sucking on it gently as he strokes himself to a mind-blowing orgasm too, and shooting semen onto the fresh grass from his throbbing cock.


Sam lies there panting for a moment while Baxter licks its canine cock some.  Then the dog stands and goes to the man and starts licking the semen off his now flaccid cock.  A smile breaks out on Sam’s face, and Josh is amazed that with just a minute of licking, Baxter has Sam’s cock hard again.  The neighbor sits up and pats the dog, then pushes it away for a moment.  Getting to his feet, he stands still letting Baxter return to licking his hard eight-inch cock for a moment.  With a smile and a nod, Sam turns and leads the dog back inside the house.

“Oh fuck, that was hot…” Josh said, taking the binoculars away.  He gazes at the mess he made on the window glass and giggles.  “Why do I get the feeling this isn’t over yet.”

He has seen some bestiality online, mostly between women and dogs or horses, and sometimes pigs and goats.  Yet he never really felt turned on by it, the bestiality porn grossed him out, and he only watched out of curiosity, not arousal.  Maybe some schadenfreude too, a chance to laugh at the ugly women forced to humiliate themselves that way.  However, this was something else.

Josh decides he needs to see if there’s anything else going on next door, and after wiping the window clean so his mom wouldn’t find it, he heads downstairs.


The teen jumps the back fence and lands in a squatting position on Sam’s lawn.  Glancing around quickly, he knows none of the other neighbors will see him, but Sam might.  This is trespassing, and people are funny about that around the cul-de-sac.  Moving quickly and silently around the side of the house, Josh spots a window with the blind up.  He creeps toward hearing his heart pound in his ears, and his breath grows short and quickens.  He grabs an old pot plant container, sets it down, and steps up on it.

Slowly, Josh raises his head and peeks into the room from outside.  The place is the kitchen and just beyond is the dining area where Sam’s standing naked now, his cock as hard as a rock.  Josh licks his lips, such a nice cock it is too.  Baxter’s there also, standing in front of Sam still licking away at the hard cock with doggy enthusiasm.

I’d be scared the dog would bite it off,’ thought Josh, feeling his own cock growing again.

‘Such a good dog,” Sam moans, “Lick daddy’s cock, boy. Get it nice and hard and wet for fucking.”

Who’s he gonna fuck,’ thought Josh, ‘his wife is long gone.’  Josh thinks about the wild canine blowjob he just witnessed.  “Is he gonna fuck the dog?  Would a dog let you fuck it up the ass?  I could get it if Baxter were a bitch, but do male ones do gay sex?

Just as these thoughts rumble through Josh’s mind, Sam suddenly grabs Baxter and turns the dog around, so its asshole was facing him.  Baxter turns to gaze back at Sam, tongue continually moving as it pants, yet the animal doesn’t try to get away.  The man lines his wet boner up with the dog’s anus and pushes into it.  Still, the dog doesn’t try to get away.  Sam grabs the dog’s hips with his hands and with eyes closed, pushes his cockhead into Baxter’s asshole.

Ahhhhhhh…Fuck…Yeah…” Sam moans loudly as he slides a few inches of human cock inside his dog’s asshole.

Josh gasps, his eyes are so wide they’re like dinner plates.  “Omigod, that’s fucked up,” he whispers.


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