There’s Something about Ryan: Part 3

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There's Something about Ryan: Part 3
There’s Something about Ryan: Part 3
Year: 2019
The weekend away at the Entsch farm isn’t off to greatest of starts; but at least Ryan can’t get to Amber & Kelly, or so they think.
Moe Lester
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The redhead’s not sure how long she passed out for but when she wakes she’s lying on her stomach with her t-shirt up under her arms.  Then Kelly realizes she doesn’t have on her shorts or panties on anymore, and glancing back, sees King the Great Dane with her shorts in its mouth and standing on what’s left of her panties.

Turning to glance behind, Kelly can see the dog staring at her butt.  It drops her shorts and bends to lick the sweat off her.  Then the dog slowly moves its tongue between her legs.  When King runs that rough surface over her pussy Kelly jumps involuntarily, at which point, the Great Dane starts growling.  When King’s satisfied, the redhead isn’t going to move anymore, the dog resumed its inspection of her pussy.

Kelly cannot stop crying, she never hated anything more.  This continues for several minutes, and she eventually pulls herself together.   After all, this is not her first rodeo with a dog licking her pussy; the girl just hoped she could avoid it on this trip.  The massive dog continues licking her, its long rough tongue exploring Kelly front to back.  The woman doesn’t know how long it goes on, but when the dog eventually finishes, and stands, her crotch and butt were soaked with dog saliva.  King is on all fours barking at her.  Kelly feels her stomach churn and body shake, and she screams as loud as she can while hoping Amber will hear and come running. The redhead tries to pull her legs under her body in to get them away from the Great Dane.  Unfortunately, that’s just what the massive tan dog wants.

Kelly’s sitting with her head on the ground, her legs pulled under her body, in the perfect position for the Great Dane to get precisely what it’s after.  The dog jumps and rests its legs over her shoulders. She can feel the fur of its belly rubbing on her back.  The dog’s erect red cock rubs against her asshole for a few seconds before the beast hunches its body and drives it straight inside of her anus with such power Kelly’s face slams into the wire of the cage.

She’s had anal sex before, even taking Paul’s incredibly thick cock up there a few times now.  Yet thickness of King’s cock surprises her enough she stops struggling and just opens her mouth to scream.  However, nothing comes out.  Kelly cannot catch her breath for a few seconds, and this gives the dog time to anchor itself with its front paws and thrust its enormous cock even further into her bowels.  The dog pauses briefly, pulls most of its length out and then shoves it in again hard.  The dog’s massive cock brutally stretching Kelly’s anus sending waves of pain through her body.  It feels as if someone shoved a knife inside her it hurt so badly and the redhead expected to bleed to death right there when the Great Dane has finished fucking her asshole.

Kelly tries to move out from under the animal, but it growls and hangs on tighter to her body.  When the girl stops moving, the dog relaxed again, giving a short bark and then resumes its violation of her asshole.  Little does Kelly know it had barked due to the fact someone’s watching from nearby.  The redhead doesn’t know how long the rape goes on for, other than she remembers feeling something inside her belly getting bigger and bigger and then the dog just kind of stops thrusting.

The woman can feel the mammoth cock squirting semen inside her bowels; its sperm is so hot it scalds.  Kelly pisses herself as the colossal knot presses heavily on her bladder from the inside.  She can feel her stomach bulging with how much sperm ejaculated inside her bowels.  The whole thing overwhelms her young mind, and she passes out again beneath this beast raping her asshole.


Kelly wakes sometime later and finds all her clothes are gone and she’s lying on a kind of table to a low-standing wooden table.  Her legs bound together at the ankles and hoisted toward the ceiling, the rope tied to an overhead beam.

“Well hello, sleepyhead, how do you feel?” a male voice asks.

Kelly doesn’t recognize the voice at first because she’s groggy, but she gazes between her legs, and Ryan and Paul are staring back at her.

“Looks like King made friends with you a little quicker than we planned,” Ryan said smugly. “Still, he left the best part for us.  How’s your asshole feeling anyway, Kelly?”

The men laugh.

“This is no laughing matter,” Kelly shouts at them.  “That dog raped me…”

Ryan shakes his head.  “He didn’t rape you, slut.  There’s no way he could’ve got your shorts and panties off without your help.  You must’ve done that yourself.  You seduced Mr. Entsch’s fine dog.”

No, I didn’t,” she shouts.  “The dog raped me…

They laugh again.

Ryan then begins to undress.  Then Paul undresses too and gives her a creepy smile.  The fact Paul is even here at the farm fills Kelly with such fear she pisses herself again.  The two teen men laugh even more.  Kelly starts crying and can only imagine what’s going to happen to her now.  Just then, Mr. Entsch enters and smiles at Ryan and Paul.

“I see you’re about ready to start.  Let’s get the camera’s going and then have at it.”

Mr. Entsch, please stop this,” Kelly yells.  “What are you doing?  Wait till dad finds out.”

“Kelly, my dear, your brother assures me you won’t tell your father,” Entsch said and sneers at her.  “Where’s the other one, the blonde with the big tits.”

“She’s sleeping,” Ryan said.  “We’ll get to her later.”

“Are we ready to go?”

The men nod.

“OK…” Entsch said.  “Kelly and the pony…Take one.”

“What the fuck?” Kelly groans.

Paul stays between her legs, and after Mr. Entsch gives him a jar of what appeared like gel, he starts rubbing between them and running his fingers over her pussy.  The redhead cries harder knowing what he’s going to do.  Then Ryan pushes his finger inside her cunt, then another and another.

“You’re surprisingly tight for a slut who’s had a lot of cock up there, sis,” Paul said then laughs.

“Even after your fat cock, Paul?” Ryan asks.

“It won’t be a problem for much longer, eh?” Tommy Entsch said.

Ryan then goes behind her head and does something to the bench and the part her head is on drops down, leaving her gazing backward at him and his cock.  The redhead feels Paul rubbing between her legs with his fat cock.  Then she feels him pushing his cock into her cunt with much force.

Omigod…STOP…Please, stop…” Kelly groans.

“Now, now, Kelly, you know how much you like my cock,” Paul said and pushes further into her.

He grabs her legs and shoves his huge cock in her as far as it can go.  The sudden thrust causes some pain, and she groans again when Paul bangs into her cervix.  Ryan then shoves his cock into her mouth and almost down her throat.  Kelly starts to panic when she can’t breathe, he pulls it out, and she starts coughing and choking.  The girl can feel Paul’s legs against her, so he’s buried his cock inside her again.  She can feel it in her stomach when Paul moves.

“Open your mouth, sis,” Ryan said and then she feels him pushing his cock inside her mouth again further down her throat.

“Ah, nice…” Entsch said.  “The perfect spit roast.”

Then Paul and Ryan start laughing and thrust in and out of her faster.  Ryan too is as far inside her throat as he can go, as his hairy balls slap against her forehead.  Kelly loses track of time, how long they both pound her she doesn’t know, but hearing Paul grunting, the redhead feels him shooting inside of her. Spurt after spurt of semen eventually running down her legs.  The woman can then feel Ryan doing the same in her throat, but he pulled it out and finishes on her face.

When they both finish, the men leave her lying there with her stomach roiling, and Paul’s semen dripping from her pussy.  Kelly lies there for a while, but she can hear them talking about her.  Farmer Entsch suddenly goes to the stalls and returns leading a small pony.  The old man goes to the shelf and grabs a sealed jar containing a stained cotton rag.  Taking out the rag, Entsch smears the area between her legs with it before putting it back.  A strong smell wafts over Kelly, and it’s so pungent it makes her gag.

“What are you doing?” Kelly yells.

“It’s the smell of a mare in-heat, and it’s gonna make the pony happy when he smells it, very happy,” Entsch said coldly.

Paul and Ryan drag a vaulting horse into the center of the barn.  The modified apparatus has shortened wooden legs at the end that curves down.  Entsch leads the pony between her legs, and it starts to sniff Kelly then gives her a big lick over her pussy while Ryan and Paul are untying her.  They lift her off the table and carry her over to the modified vaulting horse, and when she gazes back, the pony is clearly sexually aroused with a shiny black cock of about fourteen-inches long. The ponies cock is thick as her wrist jutting out at an angle from its belly.

Oh fuck, Kelly thought. Paul’s is big, but this animal is bigger.  The men put her on the vault and then strap her arms and legs around it.  They put some kind of hard plastic cover over her and attach it to the vault as well.

“That, my dear, is so the pony doesn’t hurt you while he’s on top of you,” Mr. Entsch said in an almost kindly voice.

On top of me, Kelly thought, what the fuck…  She knows what Entsch means.  The pony is going to have sex with her too.  The redhead screams and kicks as much as she can move, then Ryan comes up and shoves something in her mouth and ties it behind her head.

“You need to be quiet, sis,” Ryan said sarcastically.  “You don’t wanna scare the poor pony.”

Kelly thought there’s no way she can take that horse cock inside her cunt and thought Ryan is finally going to get his wish and kill her.  The woman curses these three men doing this.  She feels the pony between her legs licking and sniffing, but cannot turn her head to see the beast because of the shield over her.  Then the pony’s hooves land near her head and Kelly knows she’s going to be in a world of pain very shortly.

“Holy shit, Entsch, you sure she can take all that in her?” Paul asks.

“Yeah, pretty sure,” Entsch said.

There’s laughter before Kelly feels something between her legs shoved inside her cunt.  The intense pain is instant.  The pony’s cock spreads her and stretches her to where Kelly’s sure she’ll split in half and can feel the thing pushing everything around inside her belly to make room.

“I can’t believe it’s going inside her,” Ryan said.

“She’s had a lot of big cocks up there,” Paul said.  “This one can take a lot.”

“Cunts can stretch a lot before any damage is done, but the length might be a bit of a problem,” Entsch said.

All Kelly can feel is more and more pony cock going inside her belly and then her stomach cramps with the pressure.

“Will you look at that?  She took the whole thing,” Paul said in awe

Then the cock stops, and Kelly waits for things to blur and she can just drift off to a peaceful death on this thing, but it doesn’t happen.  The redhead feels the pony’s cock pull out of her, and when it’s almost out, it slams back into her repeatedly.  The pony’s trying to go even further inside her cunt, but it’s banging on her womb, there’s nowhere else to go.

The pony pushes tight against her the last time, and then Kelly feels as if a fire hose turns on and her cunts blasted with semen and stretched even more.  The small horse shoots off four or five times inside her cunt before it begins to pull out.  A gush of horse semen pours out of her cunt onto the floor.

“Clean up in aisle four,” Paul shouts making the other men laugh again.

The pony drops off Kelly, and she feels someone between her legs feeling around her numbed pussy.

“Is she OK?” Ryan asks.

“Just a bit of a tear on the labia, but other than that, her pussy doesn’t look too bad,” Entsch said happily.

“Good, put her in one of the stalls and wait for Amber to come looking.”

Kelly closes her eyes and just let whatever sweep over her.

“We got some great video here, boys,” Entsch said as they carried her limp body back to the table.  “I can’t wait to see what the big tit blonde can take.”


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