There’s Something about Ryan: Part 2

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There's Something about Ryan: Part 2
There’s Something about Ryan: Part 2
Year: 2019
Now Ryan has discovered Amber & Kelly’s love for fucking dogs, what will this twisted man do to them?
Moe Lester
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“Amber?  Amber?  Are you awake?” Kelly calls from the living room again.

Amber has just spent the last ten minutes knotted to the horny Irish setter named Archie and finally managed to pull the still squirting dog cock from her cunt with a grunt.

“Into the bathroom, boy,” Amber whispers as she slips on a robe, her cunt leaking dog semen.

The dog jumps down and runs into the bathroom as Kelly opens the bedroom door.

“There you are,” Kelly said.  “What a movie.  That Chris Hemsworth is something else.  Shit, just watching him on screen makes me hot, you know what I mean?”

Amber stares at Kelly.  The younger woman is hinting at something, probably wants another fucking session, something Amber didn’t mind.  However, she has to rinse her cunt out.  She can feel Archie’s sperm leaking from between her pussy lips.  It won’t take Kelly too long to figure out what happened a few minutes before.  Amber just prays the dog will stay in the bathroom until she can figure out what to do with it.

“I’m gonna take a shower first,” Amber said.  “Then we’ll see what we can do about your problem.”

After the shower, when Amber gets back to the bedroom, she sees Kelly lying on the bed naked.  The girl is playing with herself as she turns her head and let out a soft moan.

Oh, I’m so horny, Amber,” Kelly moans, jamming her fingers in and out of her cunt.  “I need some action…”

Kelly doesn’t answer, but reaches over and holds up the dildo she used on her several nights before.  Amber smiles and goes to bed, taking the dildo out of Kelly’s hands and tracing it across the redhead’s heaving belly until the tip touches the red hairs covering her aching cunt.

“Oh, stick it in, Amber,” Kelly moans, heaving her hips up to impale herself on the dildo.  Amber slips the bulbous tip into Kelly’s hot cunt and hears the younger woman gasp in delight.  “Oh, Thor,” Kelly squeals.  “Shit, that feels good…Go ahead, push it all the way in.  Ohhhh, SHIT…

Amber is hot again.  She forgets about the dog in the bathroom and jams the dildo all the way into Kelly’s cunt, then pulls it out, only to screw it back in seconds later.

Climb on top of me.  Make love to me,” Kelly moans.

Amber climbs on top of the girl and lowers her body on top of Kelly.  Their breasts form a soft cushion between them as Amber spears the dildo into the redhead’s cunt.  The blonde flicks the switches on the base and feels the plastic cock begin vibrating in her hand.

Jesus, YESSS…” Kelly yells, throwing her arms around Amber’s back and grinding her vagina against the older woman’s pussy.

Oh shit,” Amber moans.

She feels Kelly’s smooth, young body sliding against hers.  Their large taut nipples brush and grind against each other, and Amber can feel the girl’s sweaty thighs against her hips.

Please, fuck me, fuck me, Amber…” Kelly begs.

Amber feels her self-control slip away as she rams the buzzing dildo into Kelly’s twitching cunt.


Amber moves the vibrating dildo faster and faster with a hand as she reaches down and strums her swollen clit with the other.  Their thighs bang together as she rams the dildo into the redhead’s cunt.  It’s about then when Amber realizes there’s someone else on the bed.  Amber raises her head abruptly and sees Archie standing next to her, breathing heavily watching the two women bucking and heaving against one another.

Kelly opens her eyes and cries out in fear.  “What’s he doing here?”

Amber tries to think of a lie but then decides that it’s useless.  She’s too hot to think straight.  Kelly will just have to accept the truth.

“Ever been fucked by a dog?” Amber asks breathlessly.

“No,” Kelly said weakly, trying to pull away.

“It’s really great,” Amber urges.

Something inside the blonde makes her want to see the redhead fucked by Archie.  Amber’s never seen a woman fucked by an animal before other than herself, of course.  Now she has an overpowering urge to force Kelly to submit to Archie’s tongue and cock.

“C’mon, try it,” Amber coos, sliding off the younger woman’s sweating belly and forcing her legs in the air.  “Gotta pull this out first,” she said, sliding the dildo out with a squishy pop.

Archie jumps back when he sees the buzzing organ slide out of Kelly’s cunt.

“No, boy, it’s OK.  Come back, Archie,” Amber said softly, and the dog obeys.

Kelly whimpers but doesn’t make any effort to break free.

“Easy, boy,” Amber said to Archie as she reaches out and touches the dog’s cock.

Almost instantaneously, Amber feels it stiffen under her grasp and slide out of its furry sheath.  Amber tugs at the dog’s cock gently, pointing it toward the redhead’s exposed pussy.  In an instant, the Irish setter leaps and places his paws on Kelly’s upturned legs.

Stop it, STOP IT, PLEASE, AMBER” Kelly protests, feeling the dogs pointed cockhead bouncing against her trembling pussy lips.

“Just relax, Kelly,” Amber said as she starts rubbing the dog’s hot cock up and down the redhead’s swollen pussy lips.

Slowly, Amber pokes the cockhead gently between the labia and watches as Kelly arches her back in disgust.

TAKE IT OUTTAKE IT OUTTAKE IT OUT” Kelly screams, thrashing wildly on the bed.

Amber holds Kelly down with one hand while Archie slams that big red cock into Kelly’s cunt.


Amber’s afraid at first Kelly’s screaming might attract attention from someone outside and is about to pull Archie out.  However, she watches as the redhead’s screams die down and her breathing becomes more labored.  Amber releases the dog’s cock and begins to strum her swollen clit.  Kelly starts reacting to Archie’s hunching heaving her thighs off the stained bed sheets in time to the red Irish setter’s continuous pumping.

OH WOW” Kelly moans as Archie starts humping faster and faster.

Amber watches the dog slam its knotty unsheathed cock into Kelly’s cunt, slapping its furry balls against her upturned ass with every forward thrust.


Amber’s amazed at how fast Kelly takes to Archie, and how quickly the dog takes to the redhead.  She stops strumming her swollen clit and gets on her knees, sliding to Kelly’s side until she’s even with Archie’s haunches.

“Can you take care of us both, boy?” Amber whispers hoarsely.

The blonde grabs the dog’s head and pulls it gently forward until it embeds between her flushed, swollen breasts.  The dog hungrily laps at her taut nipples while it continues to ram Kelly’s twitching cunt.

“Lick me, boy, lick me,” Amber cries softly as she stands and swings her left leg around Kelly.

She shoves her juicing pussy into Archie’s snout and stares down to watch the dog fucking.

Lick me…” Amber yells.  Almost instantly, the dog obeys.  “Ooh, Archie…Oh God, that feels good…That’s it, boy.”

Amber feels the dog’s tongue slip inside her spasming cunt.  She glances down and watches the Irish setter’s cock slide in and out of Kelly.  It excites Amber to watch the sex while the dog’s tongue probes her slick cunt.  Amber squirms, contracting her cunt and ass muscles as she shoves Archie’s snout deeper into her.

Oh, Archie…Fuck Kelly…Lick me…Ooh, there…Right there…” Amber moans.

Amber feels the dog’s tongue slide across her swollen, twitching clit.  Her legs quiver violently, and the blonde thinks she’s going to collapse on top of Kelly’s bucking body as she feels an explosive climax building deep in her tight gut.

Uungh…Fuck…Oh shit, Amber, I’m cumming…” Kelly shouts.

Amber covers her breasts and starts kneading the firm mounds as she feels her clit exploding.  Kelly twists and bucks against Amber’s ankles as the older woman feels the first orgasmic spasms break across her cunt and shoot around her thighs.

Ooooo, Archie…I can’t…I can’t stand it…Ooh, fuck…” Amber moans, lowering her hands and clamping them around the dog’s head, jamming its pointed snout all the way into her spasming cunt.

The dog yelps at the sudden move and tries to open its mouth in protest.  However, Amber’s quivering cunt is like a soft, squishy vise that clamps the animal’s jaws shut.

Ooh, shit, shit, fuck…” Amber moans as the last spasm breaks across her cunt.

She lets the dog’s head go, falls to her knees as Archie jumps off the bed, and cowers in the corner.  The dog’s never had two bitches before.  Amber stares between her legs and sees Kelly’s wet cunt leaking the dog’s semen from between its swollen labia.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” Amber finally said when she catches her breath.

“Omigod, I don’t know,” Kelly said.  “I’ve never done it with a dog before.  I thought it was sick or something.”

Amber can tell the girl isn’t concerned over what happened by the tone in her voice.

“I don’t think it really shook you.  Besides, I’ve been doing it for some time now,” Amber said.  “Nothing has ever happened to me.  In fact, it’s easier with a dog.  No involvement, no rape, and no promises—no anything, except pure pleasure.”

Kelly gasps.  “You mean you’ve been doing this all along?”

Amber crawls off the bed and is wiping herself with a towel.  “You bet.  In fact, it’s the reason why I took the job at the clinic.  With all those dogs around, I knew I’d find one I’d like.”

“Doesn’t Daddy suspect anything?”

Amber feels a twinge of guilt.  Up to now, she thought she could talk freely about her bestiality.  However, Kelly brings Rob back into the older woman’s mind.  Whenever Amber thought of Rob, that strong, steely muscular body, she resolved to swear off dogs.  If any man can satisfy her, it’s Rob.

“No, and don’t tell him.  I-I don’t think he’d understand,” Amber said.

Kelly is quiet for a few seconds.  “Have you and dad fucked?”

“Well, yes, we have, Kelly.  In fact, I like your dad a lot, and I don’t think he’d appreciate knowing I was also fucking his patients.”

The redhead giggles.  “Well, I don’t think fucking dogs is all that bad.  If you’re gonna cheat on dad, I think I’d rather you cheat with a dog than another man.”

Amber thought about it for a few seconds and then laughs.  “Don’t worry.  If things get serious between your dad and me, I’ll swear off dogs altogether.  Come on now, and let’s clean up.  We’ve gotta take Archie back to the clinic.”

Suddenly, Archie gets to his feet and jumps at the closed bedroom door, leaping at it and barking angrily.

“Easy, boy, easy, what’s wrong?” Amber said with frown watching the Irish setter.

“Amber, I think somebody’s in the other room,” Kelly said then grimaces, pulling the top sheet across her breasts.

Amber tries to quiet the dog, listening at the door. “Quiet, boy,” she said, stroking the back of his head and pressing her ear against the door.  She thought she heard the floorboards squeak in the next room.  Amber flips the lock and then calls out.  “Who’s there?” No one answers.  “Who’s there?  You’d better answer, or I’ll call the police…”

“Oh, fuck, if anybody heard what was going on in here.  Maybe even seen…” Kelly whines.

“Quiet, Kelly…” Amber whispers.  “I don’t think anyone’s there.”

Amber unlocks the door.

“Don’t,” Kelly pleaded.

“Archie will take care of anybody,” Amber said, pointing to the Irish setter as she let it go.

The dog runs into the darkened living room barking loudly.  Amber runs behind, looking around.  She sees the dog run into the kitchen, and she follows.

“No one’s here, boy,” Amber said, sighing with relief until she notices the back door open.

Amber gazes through the kitchen window carefully into the dimly lit service court.  She can’t see anyone outside and locks the door nervously.  The blonde returns to the bedroom uneasily, yet decides not to tell Kelly because the younger woman is frightened enough already.


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