There’s Something about Ryan: Part 1

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There's Something about Ryan: Part 1
There’s Something about Ryan: Part 1
Year: 2019
Amber is a receptionist at a vet clinic with nasty kink (she fucks dogs), but when she starts a raunchy affair with Dr. Mason things start getting out of control…
Moe Lester
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Amber Dixon watches the sun sink into the calm ocean.  She pushes her fingers under the tightly stretched purple cloth of her bikini top, running them slowly over her firm, full breasts to the taut brown nipples.  Amber pinches the hard skin and lets out a tiny gasp.  Her swollen clit responds, vibrating furiously as she watches Archie, the sizeable Irish setter that Dr. Mason has asked her to take to the beach for exercise.  The dog’s running along the surf now, barking happily and splashing its paws in the water while it chases a mongrel bitch-in-heat.

Amber sees the bitch stop every few minutes and let Archie catch it.  The dog would sniff the bitch’s ass, then jump on its back, wrapping forepaws around the mongrels panting belly as the unsheathed glistening red cockhead twitches excitedly in the fresh ocean air.

The staring woman runs her fingers down her perspiring belly, past the elastic waistband of her bottoms and gropes for her juice-slicked pussy, separating the sensitive lips with her fingertips and sliding them toward her twitching clit.   Oh, how she wants Archie’s cock up her cunt.  How the woman wants to feel the dog’s heaving furry body against her upturned ass cheeks as its knotty cock fucks her hard.

It’s a feeling Amber has been fighting for a week.  Ever since Archie’s master brought the Irish setter into Dr. Mason’s veterinary clinic for a three-week boarding stay, Amber felt attracted to the dog.  She smiles to herself, realizing she’s attracted to any big dog since that night at the fraternity house party.  Maybe that’s why she took the job at the clinic.  Amber begins stroking her clit.  Closing her eyes, the woman pictures the setter’s large brown eyes peering into hers, its tongue hanging out of the right side of a half-opened mouth dripping with spittle as its cockhead pushes against her pussy lips.  Those eyes remind her of Mark Wells’s eyes, the male who got her started with animals.


She was twenty-two, at the time, a senior at college studying science when she met Mark.  He wasn’t like the other men she dated, trying to slip their sweaty hands into her dress to grab her breasts or the ones who thought they were smart, telling her they were scientifically interested in seeing if the curtains matched the drapes.  Sometimes Amber pretended to go along with them, hiking up her skirt over her slender, firm thighs as they ran their tongues ‘accidentally’ up her tapered legs, sticking their noses past her outer lips and deep into her cunt.  However, Mark didn’t play any of those silly games.  At first, Amber thought he was Gay.  Then one evening she found out differently.

It was the night of the graduation ball.  He had danced with her very properly, never sliding his hand down to her rounded ass cheeks to try to grab a cheap feel.  Amber decided this is going to be the night to discover whether he liked women.  She wanted him the way she wanted no other man.

During the intermission, Amber told him that she wanted to walk by the lake.  It was a hot night, and he thought it a good idea.  All the way down to the shore, Amber prayed no one would be there.  God, it seems, was on her side.  The blonde was trying to think of a way to get his cock out of his pants when she felt Mark’s right hand swing around to her ass, cupping one of her cheeks as he brought his mouth down on hers.

Amber couldn’t remember what happened next.  Everything became a blur.  She felt her clothes drop off and remembered falling to the ground.  The next thing she remembered is feeling Mark’s tongue pushing against her pussy lips, teasingly probing between them but not forcing its way into her slick cunt.  The still night air filled with the odors of her pussy juice as she felt a growing, almost unbearable itch rise in her clit.

The blonde student repeatedly pleaded for Mark to fuck her.  Her need for cock increased as she felt one of his fingers slide inside her cunt, coming to rest on her trembling clitoral bud.  Mark stroked, squeezed, tugged and strummed the tiny organ.  Each movement is like an electrical shock, making her body buck and jerk with excitement.

Then Mark is on top of her, and his cock is sliding into her pussy without any resistance.  Her cuntal walls were closing around Mark’s thick, long cock and squeezing it, trying to suck and pump the sperm from his balls.  Amber remembered the steady squishing sound as he slammed his cock in and out of her cunt.  Then she is orgasming, reaching her peak almost before she knew what was happening to her.  The woman grimaced as the first forceful contraction exploded between her thighs.   Mark’s finger slammed deep into her asshole, making her toss her hips off the ground.  Amber swallowed his cock even deeper into her cunt as she felt burst after burst of thick white semen spatter against her cuntal walls.

The two rested for a few minutes and then fucked again.  Amber has never felt like this before.  The woman is no virgin.  However, it’s never been this good for her.  When Mark slid his long thick cock into her taut cunt, Amber cried out with pleasure, shuddered and twitches with excitement.

It was nearly dawn when Mark told her he wants to take her to his fraternity house for a snack.  Amber thought it strange that all the lights were on as they drove up.  When she walked in, Amber is surprised to see all the guys still up, sitting in the reception room in their wrinkled tuxedos with empty beer cans strewn all over the floor.  Then before she knew it, ‘gentle’ Mark pinned her arms back while two of his frat brothers jumped up and ran over to her, tearing off her crumpled formal and forcing her down to the carpeted floor in a kneeling position.

Mark forced her to crouch on all fours while he whispered something to one of his brothers.  Amber heard scuffling behind her, bent her head, and gazed back between her hanging breasts.  She sees a large, muscular Rottweiler staring back at her.  The dog’s hairy balls twitch nervously between its legs, and its long red cock pointed forward at her exposed pussy lips.  Amber realized what they were up to and tried to break free of Mark’s grip.  He was too strong.  She pleaded with the men not to do it, but they didn’t listen.

At a signal from Mark, the animal lunged forward, burying its knotty cock into her dry pussy with one hard thrust.  It wasn’t as painful as Amber had expected, but the blonde still shuddered in disgust as she thought of the Rottweiler’s cock sliding into her cunt.  Then something happened.  Much to her surprise Amber gradually realized the animal’s fucking was exiting her.  Pussy juice oozed from between her labia, making it easier for the dog’s cock to slide in and out of her now-twitching cunt.  The woman felt the dog’s furry belly against her ass, and the fur on its sheath tickled the labia of her cunt.  As the Rottweiler kept humping and pumping, Amber realized that it wasn’t bad after all.

When the blonde gazed back between her swinging breasts again, Amber could see the Rottweiler’s long red cock each time the dog pulled it out of her vagina.  It glistened under the lights with her pussy juice.  The woman felt her slit swelling as her eyes traveled down to his heavy hanging balls that swung back and forth, as the dog jammed its cock repeatedly into her contracting cunt.  Amber backed against the dog, rocking in rhythm with the ramming dog-cock.  Her sense of shame and disgust vanished.  All Amber could think of is that Rottweiler’s throbbing cock smashing into her twitching cunt.  Somewhere in the room, Amber thought she heard the frat house males cheering drunkenly in time with the animal’s heaving thrusts.

Then she felt the dog’s cock swell inside her.  The hot sperm gushed into her, spattering against her cuntal walls and leaking out from between her swollen labia.  That was all Amber needed.  The blonde exploded herself, trembling and twitching as her cunt tightened around the Rottweiler’s spurting cock and sucked the last drops of animal semen from its balls.  As it turned out, the Rottweiler was the best thing to happen to her in the frat house that night.  Mark pulled the reluctant animal out of her cunt, then opened a can of beer and washed out her pussy with its contents.

Before the sun had risen, all ten frat brothers had fucked her, some of them brutally, smashing her face with their fists as they pumped their semen into her stretched, aching cunt.  Amber finally managed to break free, grabbing what was left of her dress and wrapping it tightly around her as she ran across the campus to her dorm room.  The student was still wearing some bandages on her face two days later during the graduation exercises.  She blushes a deep red when the Dean called her name and congratulated her for doing so well in science.  Amber heard Mark and his friends snickering as she walked by with her Degree.  Amber resented their brutality, but she strangely remembered with pleasure the feeling of the Rottweiler’s cock exploding in her cunt.


It’s probably the memory of that feeling that led Amber to apply for a position at Dr. Mason’s animal clinic in London.  Amber told herself it’s just her natural love for animals that made her want to work at the clinic.  However, Amber can’t ignore the growing ache between her legs every time someone brought in a Rottweiler, and she prayed that Dr. Mason won’t notice how her eyes water or how the air around her reeks with the smell of pussy juice every time she petted one of those muscular animals.

Then ‘Archie’ came in and Amber lost control of herself.  Whenever Dr. Mason stepped out, she’d stick her hand in the Irish setter’s cage and stroke his belly, moving her hand slowly down until it touched the dog’s furry cock.  The setter would look at her confused.  Amber loved to watch the dog’s long red cock push out from its furry sheath and stick out under its belly.  It’s shiny, pointy, and larger than the Rottweiler’s that fucked her that night.  However, Amber never was able to get the dog out of its cage long enough to do anything with it.

Although Amber repeatedly offered to take Archie out for its evening walk, Dr. Mason insisted it was the job of his son Ryan.  The vet’s son is eighteen, and between high school and college currently, he has wavy, almost kinky, black hair and restless black eyes to match.  Tonight, however, Ryan has a date and asked Amber to exercise Archie on the beach for him.  He didn’t have to ask twice.  Amber ran around the block to her apartment to change into her swimsuit and returned.  Archie seems to guess what’s on her mind and is as anxious as Amber is to get out of the clinic and to a spot where they can be alone.

Now its sunset and most of the families on the beach have packed their gear and gone.  Amber opens her eyes and sees Archie jamming its cock into the bitch’s cunt.  Both dogs are shaking and whining while Amber watches jealously.

“No, Archie, no…Come here, boy.  Come here…” Amber calls, pulling her fingers from between her legs.

The dog stops its pumping and glances around at Amber, whining disappointedly.

“Come HERE…” Amber shouts again, and the dog obediently pulls its throbbing cock out of the growling bitch and trots up the sand toward her.

Amber glances nervously around and sees she’s alone on the beach now.  The blonde lies back on her towel and arches her hips, driving her thumbs under the elastic waistband and pushing the bottoms down to her ankles.  The blonde tosses them aside, then raises and opens her legs when the dog is only ten feet away from her upturned ass.  Archie stops and cocks its head to one side as if to ask Amber if she really wants it to fuck her.  Amber moves her right hand to her exposed pussy lips and rubs gently across the sensitive membranes, moaning softly.  At once Archie leaps forward, pushing its snout against her crotch to sniff at her flowing juices.

Oh, Archie, yes…Fuck me, Archie…Lick my cunt…oh God…

Amber feels her nipples tighten.  The Irish setter moves back a few inches as if hesitating, but Amber strokes its head, coaxing the dog forward again while she grinds her thighs in its face.  Archie moves quickly, pushing its tongue against her pussy.  Amber jerks at the first contact and then spreads her legs even wider as the dog’s tongue licks her swollen labia, lapping the pussy juice trickling down her thighs.  Gradually Amber feels the Irish setter’s tongue slides further and further into her slit until it finally touches her aching clit.  Amber’s body bucks with excitement as she feels the dog’s hot wet tongue slide across her sensitive clitoris.

Ooh, Archie, do it again,” Amber moans, sliding her hands to her breasts and squeezing them, to relieve the tension and pain racking her taut nipples.

The dog seems to understand her and drives its tongue into her slit again, scraping the top of her sensitive clit and sending her into spasms of pleasure again.

Oh, good boy,” Amber moans, wrapping her thighs around the dog’s head gently.

She wants to orgasm this way, to feel her body explode in a climax as the dog’s tongue continues to lap away at her swollen clit.

Archie, oh good dog, lick it, oh yes,” Amber moans, feeling her body propelled toward a climax.

Suddenly Archie stops licking her pussy and jumps up, trying to mount the blonde as she lies on her back with her crotch wide open.

No, no, Archie…Down, Archie…” Amber said roughly, and the dog obeys.

The woman doesn’t want the Irish setter to orgasm yet.  This is the first time Amber has the dog alone, and she wants her first orgasm to come from licking.  The setter whines disappointedly and obeys, jumping down and resuming pussy licking.  In a few minutes, Amber feels a hard knot beginning to grow deep in her belly and knows her pussy is about to explode any minute.  The dog seems to sense it too.  The beast starts to lick more furiously, slopping its tongue in and out of her twitching cunt, sliding it across her trembling ass cheeks occasionally until it almost pokes into her asshole.  When it slides back into her cunt, Amber knows she’s orgasming.

Oooo, FUCK…Fuck…FUCK…” Amber screams, driving her fingers deep into the sand as she feels the orgasm explode in her belly, sending shocks of pleasure to her clit and down to her asshole.

Her body bucks and thrashes as she throws her pussy up on to the dog’s face, her white ass bouncing on the beach towel while the Irish setter growls with satisfaction.  Amber extends her arms toward Archie, wanting to cuddle its furry head in her arms next to her breasts.

Good dog,” she coos, fondling the dog’s head between her breasts, feeling its ears brushing against her belly.

Amber knows what the dog wants, but she needs to rest awhile.  The woman wants to climax again, this time with Archie’s massive cock spurting dog sperm into her cunt.  In a few minutes, Amber feels ready.  She gets up and crouches beside the Irish setter on the blanket, reaching over and running her hand down the panting furry stomach to the dog’s cock.   Amber fondles it gently at first, then wraps her fingers around it and starts pulling gently.  The dog growls with distinct pleasure.

Oh yes, Archie, you like that, don’t you?

The woman knows the dog loves to have her stroke its cock, something she tries to do as often as possible at the clinic.  In seconds, she gazes down and sees the Irish setter’s wet, red cock sticking out of its sheath again and decides it’s time to play ‘bitch’ with it.  She’ll give the dog a fuck that mongrel could never come close to.  Although Archie is her second dog fuck, Amber knows she’ll make up in enthusiasm what she lacks in experience.

Just when Amber is going to take the cock in her hand and guide it between her labia, the woman hears voices behind her.  She gazes back and sees a man and a woman holding hands, strolling down the beach toward her.  They haven’t spotted her yet, but it’s only a matter of seconds before they do.  Amber slips her suit back on and sits on the towel, holding Archie close to her and throwing her hat over the dog’s twitching hard cock.  She strokes the animal’s neck.  The couple goes by her, saying a few admiring words about the dog before passing on.  However, they don’t leave immediately, preferring to watch the sunset some twenty feet from where Amber is sitting.

Archie whines loudly, demanding satisfaction now.  Amber has to do something, or those people will come back and ask if anything is wrong.  If they see Archie’s hard cock jumping around, it won’t take them too long to figure out what’s going on.  Amber glances around to make sure they aren’t watching and then she reaches carefully under the hat.  The blonde’s fingers found the dog’s jumping cock and closed around them.  The dog jerks and growls loudly.

“Easy, boy…” Amber whispers, sliding her fingers back and forth on the pointed shaft.

The dog begins to pant heavily, saliva dripping from its open mouth and Amber increases the speed of her frenzied pumping.

“Now, now, cum, damn you,” Amber whispers, swirling her fingers around the Irish setter’s hot cock.

The woman feels the cock between her fingers twitch violently, then hears soft spattering sounds as animal semen shoots against hat.  Archie whimpers and whines so loudly the couple turns around and stares curiously at the two of them.

“Must be hungry,” Amber said, getting up and putting the hat on her head without thinking.  She feels watery semen sliding into her hair.  “Ugh…” she groans, throwing off her hat and grabbing the beach towel, rubbing her head with it.

Archie jumps off the towel and sits next to her on the sand, panting happily.  Amber stopped rubbing and looked at the animal.  Omigod, I want him to fuck me so badly, Amber thought.  I wonder if Dr. Mason would notice if I returned him later than usualFuck no.  He’s working late tonight, and when he works late, he’s always unconscious of the time.  He’d never realize we were out for a more extended period than usual.

“Come on, boy, we’re going to my place,” Amber whispers, folding her towel and slipping on her sandals.  “We’re gonna have a good time, you and me.

The dog gazes into her eyes and wags its tail happily.

Sometimes animal’s are more human than some people she knows, like Dr. Mason’s son.  He’s barely a man, but there’s cruelty in the way he looks and talks that makes Amber shiver.  He reminds her of Mark Wells, quiet looking and apparently shy, but actually cruel and sadistic.  Well, this isn’t the time to think about Ryan Mason, she thought, as she mounts the stairs to her apartment with Archie panting behind her.


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