The Burr Valley Incident 3

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The Burr Valley Incident 3
The Burr Valley Incident 3
Year: 2019
A showdown is looming between man and wolf, so can Lyn & Jony’s marriage survive her infidelities with the mutant dog Knox.
Sheela B.
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Nety’s dull eyes lock on the black wolf’s presence, their sparkling darkness seeming to grow wider by the second.  Her movements cease, her small tongue-moistened mouth falling open in a silent scream.  The black wolf doesn’t wait longer, but bounds through the open window.

Whatever has happened to her throat, Nety can’t imagine.  She tries to scream, but nothing comes out.  The first sight of the massive animal head with gleaming fangs and glowing red eyes viciously staring at her over the sill of the open window sucked a vacuum into her belly and loins.  Again, Nety tries to raise a sound in her convulsing throat and got nothing but rasping chokes then, the wolf nimbly bounds through the window onto the bed.  Now, Nety stares at it…A black wolf… and she’s desperately trying to register it in her terrorized brain.

The wolf’s practically on top of her defenseless naked body, and then Nety realizes she still holds her legs drawn up and back in a lewd, intercourse position.  Slowly, Nety starts to lower them, immediately freezing as the intruding wolf unleashes a low but warning, guttural growl.  Then the wolf moves on the bed until its heads poised directly above her helpless loins and buttocks.  Nety swallows loudly, the mutant wolf’s presence, its infamy, plus the absolute fact that it’s here, the very myth that brought her and Randy to Burr Valley.  Except these black wolves are no myths.  The massive beast is savagely hovering right vulnerable loins.

Nety has never been a coward, a stupid person, or whimpering female, not in all of her twenty-six years, but this is unbelievable.  She tries to think.  To scream would be futile.  There’s no one to help her; only Nety is alone in the house, and Jony had spoken of posted sentries, but how far away is the nearest one she doesn’t know.  The black wolf can tear her apart before any help would get close to the house.  I must remain calm, or he’ll kill me, or rape me, Nety thought, feeling anything but that.  A potent, unexpected sensation charges through her earlier, self-aroused loins and belly as she watches the wolf lower its head and begin to sniff her genitals, the cold, wet nose like the brushing touch of an ice-cube against her hot, sensitive pussy lips and still tingling thighs.

Omigod, Nety suddenly thought with a loud gasp, that’s his tongue…

With spine-chilling awe, Nety frantically squirms beneath the sudden lashing hotness of the wolf’s wet tongue as it snakes out to lick up and down the smooth-fleshed vale between the trembling, taut mounds of her buttocks.  Nety sucks in her breath and holds it until she fears her lungs will burst, while the wetly moistened end of the black wolf’s nose teases hotly against the sensitive area surrounding her anus, its worming tip burrowing with an uncanny knowledge into the small oval of its tightly clenched lips.

Ooooooo…” Nety moans at the shocking aggression, her mind a whirlpool of confusion.  Stay calm, she thought, yes…Omigod…Keep your head…Be quiet…Mustn’t scream…Mustn’t…Ooh…  Nety chokes within to the unbelievable probing of her unprotected loins by the ferocious-looking wolf.  The brunette isn’t going to faint; she well knew that.  The woman has never fainted before, so what is she going to do now?  Omigod, he’s starting to lick me ‘there’ as if I’m just another bitch-in-heatand fuck, I was that before he came along…Could he sense it?  Why hadn’t I listened when they were talking about him?  The black wolf…yes, that’s what they’d called him…The black wolf.

Ooooooo…” Nety moans, hearing wolves simultaneous whimper as again, it wetly taunts the tiny puckered hole of her anal mouth with its hot, incessant tongue.

Fuck, it raped that girl, Nety thought.  She hadn’t believed it.  Now, she isn’t so sure.  If only she hadn’t drunk so much.  It’s almost impossible to put thoughts together or to make sense.  Nety was so hot thinking of Lyn’s husband virile cock, sucking it, and suddenly, this maddening reality burst upon her. Am I much more than an animal myself, Nety wonders?  The lustfully confused brunette with heaving breaths enjoys the erotic sensations coming from the black wolf’s hot, savage tongue flickering sensuously through her loins. Reflexively, Nety twists, gasping loudly and then stiffening at its menacing growl.

The black wolf’s head rose in a vicious show of teeth, drops again and Nety feels its wet, searing tongue burning toward the still hotly flushed lips of her pussy.  Nety uncontrollably trembles as it sweeps its branding, moist flesh along the narrow pink crevice between her spread thighs, then up over the full split of her hair-fringed pussy.  From Nety’s quivering rectal mouth, it traces the pink passion engorged edges of her hot pussy lips to the pulsating clit.

Nety lifts her head higher to gape down between her throbbing breasts and open thighs at the obscene spectacle.  Blinding sensations of lust stabs through her naked body at the contact of the beast’s melting tongue.  Repeatedly, the wolf licks between her legs, the thick length of its deliciously fluid tongue spreading deeply through her yielding pussy flesh like a dull knife through softened butter, carrying Nety higher away from human reality with every breathtaking lick.  It doesn’t stop, and the exposed reporter’s wife who lies in a desire-blinded state of passion beneath the incessant wild tongue, moan out her sensual delight.

Ooooo … Yeah … So good … Oh, lick me there … Yeeeess…”

Unceasingly, the massive wolf splayed the smooth, inflamed genital flesh with its captivating tongue, finally pausing to curl it with a deeply invading thrust far up into her turbulently wet cunt.

Ooooo … Omigod, that’s heaven…” Nety cries out, gasping and jerking spasmodically beneath the wolf’s unthinkable assault.

Jony’s pictured cock in all of its lustful hardness mentally filling Nety’s subconsciously sucking mouth.  The woman would suck Jony so beautifully, and he’d squirt his hot semen all the way down her hungrily welcoming throat, the feel of it making her orgasm as it pumps ceaselessly into her mouth.

Shit, yes … Yes … Lick it for me, you beautiful wild brute … Aaaagggghhhh … Like that, yes, like that …  Lick your tongue way up inside me…”  Nety wantonly pleads, lifting her intensively sizzling loins and quaking buttocks higher to its frenzied, ravaging animal mouth.  “Yes … Yes … Lick my cunt … Aaaagggghhhh … Oooooo…

Nety hardly knew what she was saying; her overwhelming passion reached that intensity.  What fear she had known in the beginning the dominant wolf washed away with its wet, searing tongue.  The brunette didn’t see the wolf any longer, as a fierce, wild beast, only as a magnificent, needed lover who’s taking her to unbelievable heights of rapture.  Suddenly, Nety’s grasping hold of the black wolf’s furry head to pull its long nose tighter into her wetly throbbing cunt.  The black wolf’s firebrand tongue shoots into her seething hole like a white-hot whip, the animal-whines matching hers as the wolf lashes and tongue fucks the blood-flushed, glistening flesh between her thighs and buttocks.

Fuck … Omigod … You’re driving me mad … Maaaaaad…” Nety hoarsely moans with raised head and gaping eyes.

The forbidden, bestial sight is all but shamelessly destroying her.  Never in her life has Nety felt like this before.  If only Jony’s hard, thick cock was in my mouth at the same time, Nety thought, it would then be complete.

The black wolf tastes the whetting intensity of her lust, the keenly biting flavor causing its feral animal blood to hotly race and pound through powerful loins.  There’s nothing in this fire-eyed female that reminds him of its golden-haired mate except the soft whiteness of her smooth flesh, and the heat generated from the mating place between her legs.  The black wolf senses no tenderness in the symmetrical portions of her body such as its golden one possessed, only the hungry heat of her rising passion.  The hot, pink flesh in its flowing wetness communicates to the wolf her innermost secrets, and as it eagerly tongues the yielding, moist crevice, the black wolf feels the urgency of its demanding loins.

Nety has fallen into a rhythmic moaning, her mind slipping further into sensual oblivion beneath the bliss of the black wolf’s pleasure-giving tongue licking and fucking into her wildly inflamed cunt.  The woman begins to flail her head from side to side in her lewd, half-raised position.  Still holding the animal’s massive head between her legs, Nety’s brain a mirror for both her husband and Jony’s imagined hard cocks.  Each man thrusting into the woman’s hungrily sucking mouth, while this beautiful wolf licked the maddening lust from her seething.  Frantically, Nety tosses her head in cadence with her groans, and it’s then she sees it.

Her sparkling dark-eyes widen at the glistening sight of the animal’s thick, scarlet cock emerging from its long sheath, wet and hard, the tapered end slipping and dancing as it continues to press forward from its fleshy concealment.  Nety has to lean sideways to see it well, the black wolf sounds a throaty growl of disapproval, but this time the warning hardly registers with her.

Instead, an inexplicable sensation of sheer depravity burns through Nety’s naked, lust-filled body, a maddeningly intensified feeling the roots of which she has no intentions of questioning.  It’s sheer, forbidden wickedness in its most degenerate form.  Nevertheless, the black wolf’s cock is beautiful—huge and beautiful.  Nety has never seen her Randy’s cock ever look more tempting to her.  The wolf’s scarlet cock is longer and thicker, more like Jony’s, she wildly imagines in her mind-swirling fantasy, not her husband’s small dick.

For a long, breathless moment, the raven-haired wife watches the massive wolf’s wetly gleaming shaft of hardness partially dangle beneath its strong loins.  Nety senses her mouth and throat go dry and then salivating at the captivating sight of the scarlet cock’s sheer dominance.  From that moment, Nety’s no longer concerned with the corrupt perversion of her intentions, only how she’s going to accomplish it.  In fact, Nety realizes almost frantically, the very debasing idea in itself is serving to spur her on.  Feverishly, the wild, night-invader licks at her pussy, its hot, wet tongue like an abrasive as it slithers over the firmly erect bud of her quivering clit sending scintillating orgasmic shocks of lust raging through her body.

Darling … Baby…” Nety said trying to rise higher and pet its massive head nuzzled between her legs.

Nety can see its wet tongue spraying through the wetly saturated crevice of her slit.  The wolf has opened her wide down there as if its lovemaking tongue is born of razors.  Her sensitive inner cuntal flesh sparkles reflectively at her, its soft curls matted, the very sight sending trembling sensations spiraling toward her brain.  Nety’s thrusting C-cup breasts tingle with excitement as she continues to caress the beast’s head.

Doggie … Darling … Lie down … Lie down, baby.  I want you to lie down … Please … Lie down and roll over,” Nety softly whispers, ever stroking the wolf’s head and ears.  “Lie down, my handsome lover, and I’ll make you happy … I’ll even put my pussy where you can lick it if you want … I hope you do…

Nety’s brain swims with debauchment as she slowly eases forward, working toward her knees and backing the huge, apprehensive animal away from her loins.  Once, the wolf growls, but Nety doesn’t stop.  There’s no other way of taking control if she were to have what she wants.  The woman whispers in loving tones, simultaneously grazing her soft little hands over the fur of the wolf’s tense body, her eyes continuously fastened on the substantial length of its long scarlet cock hanging below its belly,

The black wolf observes as Nety rose and eases forward, watches her mouth moving and listens to the soft sounds coming from it.  The wolf doesn’t fear her; she’s a friend; her gentle touch tells it that.  In fact, Nety’s gentle touch is confusingly cooling the wolf’s mating hunger.  The beast senses its loins dissipating beneath her warm, friendly hand and it moves back and lies down, a perplexed whimper working into its throat.  Nety hears it, the simpering whine vibrating through her as she watches the wolf’s huge scarlet cock withdraw back into its hiding sheath.  The animal lies on the bed, stretching out and finally responding when Nety continues to whisper to it.

“Roll over, darling, over…”

She crawls and positions herself so that her pussy is inches from the wolf’s nose, and less when she draws her tingling thighs back.  The woman eases forward, placing herself, so her face is directly above the peeking opening of the wolf’s cock-sheath where the scarlet hardness had disappeared.

Frantically obscene sensations of uncontrolled desire race through her.  Nety knew what she is going to do, and the very thought is about to drive her wild with excitement.  Gently moving her hips toward the wolf’s animal-face, spreading her legs and lovingly taking its head, she lies upon her side, one leg lifts to draw its nose snugly toward her pussy.  Nety senses the wolf’s tongue lick at the feverishly wet crevice between her legs, lashing through the sensually aroused inner-flesh with ease.  Whatever she had ever known to be moral or accepted at that exact second is now totally lost.  The blinded wife lowers her cheek to the wolf’s warm, hard belly, her one hand slowly moving toward the now hidden cock.

The wolf whimpers and jerks, but never makes a motion toward gaining its feet as Nety’s lustful hand begins to examine its softly black furred genitals.  Instead, the wolf licks up wetly at the open little mouth of her hotly offered cunt, while her breath quickens and her mind races, filled with the hellishly beautiful thoughts of what’s going to happen in Lyn’s bed.  I have to be the wolves ambassador, she thought, clasping hold of the wolf’s fur-concealed cock and beginning to manipulate the soft hairy flesh back and forth, feeling its thickness within.  She doesn’t care, not tonight anyway, as long as it happened, the taste of animal-cock in her mouth. Nety may go to hell, but there she’d never be lonely.

Lick it…” Nety moans, wanting this tongue badly. “Oh, your tongue is so powerful.”

The black wolf’s tongue licks sensuously at the excitedly quivering bud of her clit.  The beautiful creature, she thought, clinging tightly to its sheltered cock and ardently beginning to stroke it.  Slowly, gently, Nety works the heavy protective skin back and forth, while the massive mutant animal lies half on its back, its head nestled between her thighs, its hot tongue unrelenting in the wet, yielding crevice of her pussy.  Suddenly, the cock appears again, the tapered, red, glistening tip of its long thick hardness, slipping ever forward toward her breathless, tongue-moistened lips until at last, it touched them.

In wicked passion, the bedeviled wife parts her warm, lush lips, and with a low, deep-chested groan, lets the slender, tapered forepart of the black wolf’s throbbing hardness slide between them, easing further and further into the hot, wetness of her eager mouth, until it nearly brushes the back of her throat.  Nety brings her tongue into play with irresistible fervency, her mind a babble of frenzied lust at the utter depravity of the debased act she’s committing.  Her brain reels as with an almost dread, Nety, for the first time, tastes the thick, pulsating cock, a wanton thrill of delight racing through her at its sweet, pungent flavor.  It’s no less beautiful than her husband Randy’s cock, and it’s so hot and hard, swelling even more with every passing second.

Nety hears the animal’s high-pitched whimper as it continues to lick her fire-filled pussy voraciously, and she begins to suck and twirl her tongue around the wolf’s long, thick cock to repay it for the mind-shattering pleasure it has and is bringing her.  The woman feels its powerful body responding to her obscene sucking of its throbbing hardness, its animal-loins pressing forward.  Nety brushes one excited hand along the wolf’s furry belly to its huge sperm-bloated balls, cupping them warmly, first, then lightly scratching them with her fingertips.  Again, the wolf whimpers, the delicate taunting causing it to increase a thrusting cock-rhythm between the tightly clasped oval of Nety’s sucking lips.

The taste of the wolf’s cock is the maddening delight, the wife realizes as she begins to nurse and tongue the ever-thickening spear of hot, hard animal-flesh with vigorous head movements of her own.  Delicately gamey, her flushed brain tags, like the wild, handsome beast it is; yet spiced with the sweet tartness of nature’s semen hardly the humanoid male’s monopoly.  Never in her life has Nety ever imagined such depraved sexual perversity.

The smooth, tapered length of the wolf’s thickening cock thrust into her mouth in perfect cadence, while its lashing tongue whips the hot, liquid flesh of her pussy and burning cuntal walls in growing ferocity.  Nety closes her small white teeth, but not to hurt, swirling her tongue over its pulsating shaft of hardened wolf-flesh, lost in the licentiousness of her abnormal act.  It’s like honey in her mouth, plunging smoothly and slickly all the way into her open throat. What will its animal-cum taste like, Nety wonders?  Will it be something like Randy’s hot and thick, squirting from the tip of its cock in thick jet-like streams or were animals different?

The black wolf, in the existence of its animal being, has never known equal mating pleasure.  The fire-eyed humanoid is enveloping its maleness warmly inside her mouth, yet it feels submerged between the lips of her cunt.  There is a difference; it instinctively knows the tongue and the taunting pressure of her teeth.  The mutant wolf whimpers at those sensations causing a great swirling fire in the depths of its powerful loins, knowing it’ll be fulfilling its lust-driven needs because of them in a few brief moments.

Nety wants the wolf’s animal-cum shooting into her mouth, dribbling down her throat, and even strangling her.  All of the perverted fires of hell are blazing between her legs.  Her belly rages, and her loins, her lust-churning cunt, glows with the seething desire scalding it.  The woman clutches at the beast’s hugely swollen balls, beginning to milk and caress them as she sucks hungrily and shamelessly at its massively throbbing cock.  Nety is going to orgasm beneath its beautiful tongue, and climax, as she never has in her life.  The wolf whines and then whines again in its bestial ecstasy.

Maybe I’m losing my mind, Nety thought? Still tonguing and licking the black wolf’s great cock in her mouth.  Then, she hears the dominant wolf gutturally snarl at the same moment as its flanks begin to hump its cock furiously deeper into her throat.  Simultaneously, Nety senses her own peaking moment at hand, the latter driving her insanely on to greater and greater perversities.  The woman sucks like a demon until the wolf’s cock jerks wildly inside her mouth,  Then it spews forth the searing, liquid sperm from deep in the relentlessly building depths of its balls, but not as she’d visualized it.  The stream of scalding, viscid sperm is like an unceasing hose, filling her greedily sucking mouth almost before she can swallow it away.  Time and again, as if it were pissing down her throat, the lust-filled realization destroying her inside as her orgasm sweeps through her like some never-before, earth-destroying cataclysm.

The black mutant wolf, a son of Knox, is gone before Nety can even try to comprehend what happened.  The brunette lies back in a semi-exhausted nakedness, still breathing heavily and tremblingly staring at the empty, opened window.


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