The Burr Valley Incident 2

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The Burr Valley Incident 2
The Burr Valley Incident 2
Year: 2019
The presence of Knox and the mutant wolves is proving to be troubling beyond the livestock losses, and a bizarre mystery is unfolding in Burr Valley.
Sheela B.
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Pixi brushes her small hand over the snug, sleeve-like leg of her pants, noting the way they provocatively cling to the outline of her full white thighs and sensuous little hump of her pussy lips.  Even with panties, she heatedly discerns, they cling there, visually emphasizing the puffy crease between my legsNow, what sharp little male mind could’ve devised these teasers or had it been a lesbian perhaps, she thought, intrigued with her new sensually awakened world.  Pixi shivers.  How can women give themselves to other women that way, she wonders? When there men with big cocks…and Knox.  I’m hot again, ever since the other night it’s like my pussy has gone crazy.

As Pixi sits on the couch drinking beer and contemplating her horniness, a black object catches the corner of her eye.  The girl turns her head to the right and sees a wolf sniffing around in the backyard.  Klaxus Prime wolves are different in appearance to Knox, though related from years of the German shepherd breeding with them.  These mutant canines are black all over, with short stubby fur, the animals are incredibly muscular, and their jaws have such force they can rip a limb off with one bite.  The most frightening aspect to Klaxus Prime wolves is their red eyes.  These particularly more chilling at night.

Pixi rises, fearlessness overtakes her, and she goes to the backdoor and steps outside. “Are you crazy, if my uncle comes home he’ll kill you…Get outta here.”

The wolf turns to stare at the source of the noise.  Without fear or regard for the voice or the humanoid, the wolf resumes sniffing the bushes.  Pixi goes to the animal.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Pixi said holding her arms out.  “My uncle will kill you.”

The black wolf turns to her and due to the proximity of Pixi to the animal; its big head nudges her, toppling Pixi back onto her ass.  Her legs go up and land apart.  Before she can even think to recover, the wolf has its nose pressing against her crotch sniffing loudly.  The beast lets out a satisfied whine having found the scent that brought it to this place, Pixi’s pussy.  It licks at her crotch finding her tight pants a hindrance to the source of the delectable scent.

“Hey, stop that…” Pixi said screwing her face up.  “Get away from there…”

She hits the wolf on the head, and the beast doesn’t even flinch.  It lifts its head, and for a moment, red eyes stare at Pixi making something strange happen in her body.  A wave of sexual pleasure ripples all over her and her pussy moistens.

Ooh, what are you doing to me?”  Pixi moans.  “I nearly came just then.”

The dog growls, not threateningly, but to indicate its impatience.  Some kind of power radiates from the black wolf, and Pixi shivers all over again.

Aaahhhhrrrr … Yeah … fuuuuuuuuuck…” she moans, and suddenly she grabs her pants and pulls them down to her ankles to expose her wet pussy to the animal.

The wolf’s long hot slobbering red tongue shoots out and licks Pixi from her tailbone through her ass crack, pussy slit, and over her clit.  Strange sensations of tingling warmth ripple through Pixi’s belly as she lies limply on her back; a maze of disconnected thought-waves suddenly swirls through her head.  Confusion sweeps through her and Pixi tried to move, but stops at the sound of a low, animal-like snarl.  The girl opens her eyes then, yet continues to lie there unmoving, the strange stirring sensations in her belly ever increasing with a weirdly rising excitement.  Pixi feels a surge of pleasure that makes her legs go weak and her breathing ragged.  Her legs straighten and spring open as if on a hidden spring.  The black wolf lowers its head and lavishes three more long licks over and through Pixi’s ass crack and pussy slit.  As the black wolf licks Pixi, its red cock begins emerging slightly from its furry sheath.

Again, fire-filled sensations charge through the core of Pixi’s body.  The warm, wet contact of the wolf’s saliva-drenched tongue spreads open the sparse, hair-lined lips of her tight pussy slit, cleaving its sensitive, pink inner-flesh with a taunting upsweep sending uncontrollable shivers of sudden passion brushing over her.  Omigod, that feels so good, Pixi thought.  The unbelievable sight of what’s happening between her widespread legs, the realization the vicious another mutant animal is actually licking her pussy with its hot, wet tongue, sends waves of extreme pleasure rippling through her small body.

From her position on her back, Pixi can see its cock peeking forth with its pointy-head.  Pixi’s mouth waters and she shakes her head as if it would toss the thoughts forming in her brain out of her. However, Pixi can no more rid herself of these thoughts than she can rid herself of her head.

A tremor of incredible sensations causes her to convulse in her shameful willingness to allow this creature to lick her most intimate place.  Omigod, why am I doing this, Pixi thought.  Did this wolf come here just to fuck me?  How would it know where I even lived?  The girl’s only ever known such sensuous feelings in her belly, and her pussy when Knox raped her, again she feels as if there’s a hot fire glowing inside her loins.  Even her breasts tingle in excitement as she mentally cups, then pinches their tiny, hardened nipples.  This is insane, Pixi thought.  Why am I giving myself to this monster?

Her nipples swell as does her pussy lips and her clit.  Her pussy wetness leaks as if an underground spring.  Huge drops of pussy cream dribble to her asshole and onto the ground.  The black wolf tilts its massive head, and its slanted red eyes closing to slits. The beast can smell pussy, and knows this bitch is going to give it some.  Pixi suddenly rolls over and gets on her hands and knees, pushing her wet pussy in the air in open invitation to the wolf.  The black wolf needs no instruction or encouragement.  The animal’s muzzle pushes into her loins forcing Pixi’s legs wider.  Pixi moans as it swipes that long, hot, wet tongue spreads her pussy lips quickly.

The black wolf is driving Pixi wild with its licking.  Sweet juice from her pussy pours out, as its tongue greedily catches every drop.  Pixi has surrendered to its tongue-lashing.  Its tongue is so long and fast that to Pixi it seems unrelenting.  She wiggles her hips and pumps her pelvis to get its tongue to different places.  Suddenly, the black wolf drives its long slick tongue inside Pixi’s soaking wet and wide-open cunt.  The black wolf twists the tip of its tongue around and pulls it out.  Pixi screams with sheer delight.  The black wolf shoves its tongue inside her cunt and does it again.

Ooooo … baby … So good … Oh, lick me there … Yeeeess…” she moans loudly.

The beast is busy licking Pixi’s pussy and driving her crazy.  Pixi squirms thrusting her ass and pussy back at the tongue.  She rocks her hips and shakes her head from side to side, as the black wolf brings her from orgasm to orgasm.  With total hedonism, Pixi screams as the wolf drives its long tongue through her dripping slit.

Oh, yes, lick my pussy until I faint,” Pixi moans.  “C’mon, make me your bitch … Make me your hot pussy bitch … I wanna be your bitch…”

The wolf keeps licking Pixi’s cunt, and she keeps orgasming on its tongue.  Like all males, though, its cock controls its actions.  The more Pixi’s pussy climaxes, squirts pussy cream, and juices, the more its cock emerges.  The wolf has a massive hard-on and wants a cunt to fuck.  Its cock is spurting precum over the ground.  Pixi is overwhelmed with desire.  The wolf mounts Pixi from behind, its powerful forepaws clutching at the soft, white flesh of her hips, its wet tongue hanging loosely from its open mouth.

At that precise moment, Pixi senses the tip of the wolf’s hardened cock prodding at the tight, wet mouth of her cunt.  Pixi squirms erotically in the vise-like grip of its encircling paws waiting for the cock to find its proper home. Like a charging, white-hot lance, the substantial thickness of the wolf’s huge cock spreads the soft hair-fringed lips and forces its way into her slickened cuntal passage with a slight, wet popping sound.  The mutant cock ripples the smoothly yielding cuntal walls wide apart before its bevel-tipped hardness.

The wolf’s big cock with the pointed-head sinks about three inches in Pixi’s cuntal passage.  She moans at the heat and the girth of its cock.  The black wolf wraps big paws around her waist pulling Pixi to it and begins jabbing its cock in her pussy, sinking it another two inches or so with each thrust.  In a few strokes, its balls are slamming against Pixi’s clit.  As the wolf flexes and pumps its powerful hips, the cock grows alarmingly more massive.

Pixi gasps for an elusive breath as the massive length of blood-filled wolf-cock stretches and fills her cuntal channel wide, its pointed end smacking heavily up against the very base of her tender cervix.  Again, Pixi chokes out a whimpering gasp, while the great beast mounting her from behind snarls out a low, commanding growl of triumph and then humps and fucks into her with animalistic fury.  The black wolf fucking her cunt drives the girl to multiple orgasms.  The mutant animal slows and makes short hard, powerful thrusts, then speeds it thrusts to bring her close to orgasm and slows again.

The animal fucks the girl with a skill unrivaled in human males, it seems to know precisely what Pixi is thinking and feeling, then adjusts its intensity and angle accordingly.  The massive invasion of wolf cock into her cunt takes her back to that night with Knox.  The woman’s mind is a swirl of emotional sensations.  Her entire head vibrates with the pounding blood racing through her brain, while her body quivers and convulses in the throes of sexual excitement.  Her cuntal passage feels impaled with the massive alien cock; yet at the same time, there are weird spasms of intensively rising desire filling her.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahrrrrrr…” Pixi squeals.  “Omigod … I’m cumming again…”

She feels the earthquake shaking orgasm in her tummy, the pressure in her cunt as the cock pushes her g-spot to make her feel as if she needs to pee.  Pixi knows she’s going to have another massive orgasm all over the wolf’s big red cock.

Oh yes … YESGOD … Fuck me hard … Take my pussy … It’s your pussy, wolf … Take my pussy and make me your bitch.”

The wolf’s fierce growl of lust makes her soul quiver, while the beast’s powerful forelegs clutch possessively at her soft waist and hips.  Thrusting, ever thrusting, like a searing firebrand it slithers in and out of her helplessly clasping cuntal channel, spreading the passage open wider and wider as the wolf hammers its enormous, mutant cock deeper and deeper between Pixi’s helplessly spread thighs.  Pixi has no concept of time.  Her sole concept centers around the hard-driving cock in her cunt and the mighty beast mounted on her back.  Its rampant cock plowing her soaking wet cunt as she kneels moaning while her body shakes in a constant state of orgasmic fury.

Aaahhhhrrrr … Yeah … fuuuuuuuuuck…” Pixi shouts, and the stiff cock fucks her harder still.

Suddenly, her glazed eyes open wide and unseeing.  A choked scream starts from deep in her throat, and her head twists from side to side wildly.  Her long chestnut hair whips across her back.  In the beginning throes of the biggest orgasm ever, Pixi screws her ass cheeks greedily back against the black wolf and its cock.  The giant wolf’s tongue hangs from its mouth as it fucks even harder into her from behind.  Its hot saliva drips from its mouth onto Pixi’s head.

Ahhhh … I’m cumming …Keep fucking … I’m cumming…” Pixi moans and thrusts back frantically just as the black wolf jerks forward.

The beast’s thick animal cock pierces her cervix and into her womb.  Its big cock begins jetting sperm in hard hot sprays deep into her wildly clasping cunt.  Pixi starts contracting uncontrollably as her orgasmic upheaval tears through her quivering belly.  A stream of thin white liquid suddenly gushes from her convulsing pussy lips to soak the wolf’s balls and then runs down her thighs.  Pixi’s back view is a glistening display of fuck juices soaked onto plump reddened pussy lips as she pitches forward on her face.  The girl is exhausted after climaxing so many times.  The long, scarlet wolf, cock buries into her cunt.  The black wolf is indeed making Pixi its bitch.

The animal stays over the prostrate form of its raggedly breathing bitch.  Its cock continues to shoot hot semen deep into Pixi’s cunt.  Repeatedly, the girl’s cunt clenches and convulses, causing further orgasms to ripple through her.  After what seems hours, the feral black wolf edges back, its cock pulls free of Pixi making a plopping sound like a waterfall of mostly semen drains to the ground from her gaping, used cunt. The wolf’s long tongue shoots out and licks hungrily at the white liquid oozing from Pixi’s still quivering cunt.  The animal licks until there’s no more, then cleans the ground too.  The woman stirs beneath that tongue probing and then she rolls slowly as the wolf moves forward to lick her beautiful face.

“Oh, wow…” Pixi said then sighs.  Pixi throws her arms around its large neck.  “That was wonderful, I needed that so bad.”

The mutant animal lays its head on her still passion-hardened breasts as she lovingly strokes its furry body.  Pixi feels fulfilled, complete, a real woman.  She feels a warm aura of love and trust glowing around her and knows life will never be the same again.  Something has changed inside the girl, a strange feeling of love for the wolf makes her feel warm, and strangely, reciprocated.  A word pops into her mind in some strange language, and the word ‘Arren’ seems prominent.

“Arren…” Pixi whispers, “Nice to meet you too.”


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