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Year: 2016
Steve is home for the first time in years and notices his younger sister has grown into a total babe. When he catches her playing with the family pet dogs cock he discovers his hot sister has deep dark secret. She’s a Zoophile.
Sheela B.
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I sit eating my breakfast cereal, shoveling it as if I hadn’t eaten for days when I heard a sweet female voice say, “Morning, mom.”

My head jerked back to see mom standing next to the hottest babe I had seen in ages.

Who the fuck is this girl, standing next to mom, I wondered?

Her long, slender legs never seemed to end.  Her cute ass pushed out the hem of her too tight shorts, with a bare midriff due to her sleeveless nightshirt being too small for her. She also has long blonde hair reaching almost to her waist. The girl reached onto her tiptoes and planted a kiss on my mother’s cheek.

Shit, it’s my little sister Lucy.

My spoiled little brat of a sister.  The daughter my parents had always hankered for having three wild boys first.  The one mom always dressed as if a porcelain doll.  Her own little princess.

When the fuck did she suddenly grow up, I wondered?

I’m the oldest, at twenty-four, and have spent five years in the Marines, the last three on active service overseas.  My sister Lucy is the youngest, now eighteen, in the last year of high school.  I never really took much interest in Lucy, and having been away for years, we never really kept in touch.  I did see the odd picture of her in family photos mom sent me, however, she didn’t look anything as she does this morning in those.

I guess Lucy is kind of shy, she always in the back of family photos half obscured by everyone.  Gone is the bobby haircut, the pretty dresses, and pink bows I always associated with her.  Lucy is blossoming into a hot ass babe.

“Morning, Steve,” she said as she sat at the table.  “I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“I haven’t seen anyone in ages,” I said, staring at her attractive face.

Her blue eyes mesmerized me.  Her soft, slender nose and red full lips made my cock twitch.

“You home on leave?”

“Yeah, just finished my last tour.”

Suddenly, mom said, “I’m going to the shops this morning, then to Nona’s.  Do you want to come?”

Nona is our grandma on my mom’s side. I thought she was talking to Lucy, naturally.

“Not today, mom.  I have to finish an assignment for school.”

Mom kissed her princess on the head.

“OK, sweetie.  What about you Steve, Nona would love to see you.”

“I’m exhausted, mom.  I just spent thirty-hours straight traveling home.  Can I see her later?”

Mom asked me, “What are you doing today?”

I’m not used to my mother taking any interest in my movements, so I didn’t answer thinking she’s talking to Lucy again.

Well?” Mom demanded, staring at me wide eyed.

I grimaced.  I forgot how much a ballbuster mom is sometimes.

“I’m expecting my CO to call, so I’ll probably watch a movie or something while I wait.”

Mom nodded, kissed Lucy on the head again, said goodbye, and left us in peace.

Fuck me, I don’t think even the fucking Taliban would survive her, I thought jokingly.


Once mom had gone, Rufus crept into the room, his paws clicking on the tiled floor. He’s a wall eyed Collie.  He bumped past me and made his way to Lucy, resting his head on her lap.

“Good boy,” Lucy said rewarding stroking his head.

The dog’s tail wagged and he whined a little.  Lucy filled her coffee mug, grabbed some toast and stood.

“I’m off to my room.  I’ve got this god-awful history essay on the civil war I have to finish.  It’s due in two days,” she said.

“Fuck, I remember those.  Who’s the teacher?” I asked.

“Old man Cransky,” she said and rolled her eyes.

I laughed, throwing my head back.  “Shit, I thought they would’ve retired that SOB years ago,” I said.

Lucy smiled, showing her perfect white teeth.  What a fucking stunner, I thought dreamily.

“I’d tone down the cussing in front of mom if I were you.  She’s not very—”

“Yeah, she’s a hard-ass.  Comes from raising three crazy boys before you came along.”

Lucy nodded with a weak smile, she knew what mom was like.

“I’ll talk to you later.  C’mon, Rufus.”  Walking away from me as I watched her ass wiggle and enjoyed the view.  Lucy suddenly turned and said, “Oh Steve, it’s good to have you home.  You don’t know how much we worry about you, over there.”

“Thanks, sis.  It’s good to be home.”


My CO did call and I went outside to speak to him.  The call just usual Marine crap, however, he did tell me they were giving me a month’s leave because I served three tours straight.  The best news I’ve had in ages.  Then I had to report to the nearby base for some new training before they shipped me overseas again.  He didn’t say where, but hinted at Iraq.  Looks as if I’m going to get all nasty with those ISIS bitches.  Semper Fi!

After the call, I passed Lucy’s bedroom window and caught something out of the corner of my eye. That stopped me dead in my tracks. Lucy is sitting on the floor in front of Rufus who’s lying on his side.

Now, I’ve seen some shit in Afghanistan that you’d never believe.  War is hell, as they say, and Muslims are kind of crazy.  However, to see this shit in my family home felt as if a sniper just hit me in the head.  I stared incredulously at the sight, shuffling back a step or two.

Lucy is stroking Rufus’s cock.

His reddish/pink member protruding from the sheath glistens in the light as her slender fingers slide all over it.  Rufus is lying still, watching her, his pink tongue hanging low from his mouth as he panted.  Lucy started to feel his furry balls with one hand as the other stroked dog meat.

This isn’t new to me as several times my platoon caught Muslim men fucking goats and sheep.  I kid you not, they don’t give a shit about it.  One Muslim told me their Holy Book says it’s OK, as long as they get rid of the beast to another town or village after they fuck it.  One Muslim man we caught in the act, told us he likes it so much he sneaks to other villages to fuck their goats so he doesn’t have to get rid of his.

The point is, bestiality is part of life in Muslim countries, even though I only ever watched others do it.  However, here in the good ol’ USA it isn’t part of life.  I’m pretty sure it’s fucking illegal too.  The last person I’d expect to see doing such a thing is my sweet young sister.  I mean, why would she?  With a body and looks like hers, she could fuck any man she wants, even me.  But Rufus?

Rufus suddenly got up, pushed Lucy over, trying to mount her.  Luckily she managed to wriggle free from under him, much to the dog’s dismay.  I immediately ran into the house and into Lucy’s room.

“What the fuck are you up to?”

Lucy’s head whirled around to me at the door.

Smiling innocently, she replied, “Rufus wanted to play, but he keeps pushing me over for a piggyback.”

Remember, my sister has been wrapped in cotton all her life by my domineering mother otherwise I wouldn’t believe an eighteen-year old didn’t know what’s going on.

“Err, he doesn’t want a piggyback, sis,” I said, scratching my head.  “Haven’t you done Sex Ed in school already?”

“Of course, but what’s that have to do with it?”

My skin tingled for some reason, and I couldn’t help laughing at her naiveté.

She whined like a girl, “What?”

I swallowed hard.  Is she really that stupid, I wondered?

“Rufus was trying to, err, mount you,” I said.


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