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Year: 2016
Tracy has landed a dream job at a Hollywood pet grooming salon when the owner offers her a sideline of milking the pedigree dogs for the black-market sale of their semen. Tracy’s sudden popularity gets under the skin of a nasty BBW co-worker who just happens to be the owners daughter. Can Tracy stop this BBW sexually harassing her with her vile kinky games?
Sheela B.
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When Tracy Ann Heywood graduated from her pet grooming course she beamed with pride as her boyfriend Roy took a photograph of her holding her certificate.  While she loved animals, she had no stomach for what she referred to as ‘the icky stuff’, so being involved in veterinary care was never her ambition.  Besides, many wouldn’t think her bright enough to do a university degree, pet grooming seemed right for her.

Tracy is what some may unkindly call an airhead, she’s not stupid, just naïve and impressionable sometimes.  Liz Kenning who ran a pet grooming business in West Hollywood called ‘Star Pet Care’ noticed this character flaw immediately.  Liz is a fifty-something lesbian with long blonde hair, DD breasts, and a curvaceous figure.  For her age, Liz is still a knockout.  She eyed the nineteen year-old potential employee with a predatory glint in her eye.

She took Tracy to a grooming station to evaluate her skills, getting her to wash and groom an English Cocker Spaniel.  Liz watched as Tracy leaned over the sink, staring at her firm buttocks and feeling her wetness grow.  Tracy is an attractive girl, with short black hair, pale skin with a splattering of cute freckles, enchanting avocado eyes, and an athletic body with B cup breasts.  Liz imagined her tight cunt and her perky pink nipples in her mouth as she watched the young woman groom the dog with confidence and skill.

“You’re really good with dogs, Tracy,” Liz said, squirming under the weight of her immoral thoughts.

“Thanks, Liz.  He’s a good boy, too.  Look at his cute face, aww, such a good dog,” Tracy said scratching his head and making the Cocker Spaniel wag his tail in response.

Liz could feel her clit begin to throb, and she feels amazed because a woman hasn’t turned her on like this for a long time.  Watching Tracy move so gracefully, as if a dancer, around the dog, the tone of her voice, and the wiggle of her ass made Liz wet her panties.  After Tracy had finished, Liz took her back to the office and told her she had the job.

“I know talent when I see it,” Liz said.  “Do as I say and you’ll go a long way in this business.”

“Oh thanks, Liz, I told Roy your business the place to be and—”


“Oh, he’s my boyfriend, anyway I told him, ‘Roy, there’s only one place in LA I want to work and that’s at Star Pet Care.’,” Tracy said.  “Well, he didn’t think it mattered, of course, he’s a man so what does he know about anything.  So—”

Liz has discovered an annoying flaw in Tracy’s personality, she liked to talk lots about nothing.

“That’s OK, Tracy,” she said holding her hand up.  Liz handed her an envelope full of documents, and said, “Take these home and fill them out.  Bring them with you Monday morning.  I expect you at eight thirty sharp, and you finish at five thirty.  You get an hour for lunch, depending on how busy we are.  OK?”

“Sounds great, and thanks again for giving me this chance, I won’t let you down,” Tracy said.

Once Tracy left, Liz leaned back and slid a hand beneath her dress and panties to play with her clit.  The thought of having Tracy sucking on her clit filled her lustful mind, and soon after her body spasms and she grunts as she cums.  She puts her wet pussy soaked fingers in her mouth tasting her cunt thinking, Tracy Whitman, I have plans for you, big plans.


Tracy is the happiest she’s been since a little girl, and Roy takes her out for pizza to celebrate.  Sitting next to her in the booth he dares her to pull his cock out and play with it beneath the table in the busy restaurant.  Tracy giggles and blushes, shaking her head.

“Come on, baby, I know you want to,” he said in a whisper.

“Oh stop it, Roy, you’re such a pervert,” Tracy said and giggled again.

“You love it,” Roy said glancing around the room and getting a wicked idea.  “Alright, here’s a dare for you. See the old guy over there sitting with his wife?”

She looks to where Roy is staring and spots an old couple in their sixties chatting, eating pasta, and drinking wine.

“Oh what has your devious mind devised now, Roy?  I swear you’ll get me in trouble one day with these stunts you make me do.”

“I don’t force you to do these things”

“Alright, what do you dare me to do this time?”

Roy smirked, he knew Tracy’s dark side.  Despite her innocent girl impression she gives people, Tracy loves to fuck.  In her heart she’s a slut, and loves to do things to get a new thrill.

“I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you go over there and give grandpa a handjob while you talk to them.  Make him cum in front of his wife.”

“Oh, and I thought you’d want me to do something hard,” Tracy said, and giggled.

Roy smirked.

“I’m sure it’ll be hard once you get your hands on it.”

Tracy wriggled out of the booth and headed toward the unsuspecting couple.


Bruce and Martha Jones are out for the night, they’ve been married for nearly fifty years and have eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.  They enjoy going where young people hang as it makes them feel younger.  Bruce is a Deakin at his local church and a pillar in his local community.  Martha is always cooking food for the homeless and less advantaged.  As they ate their pepperoni pizza, a skinny young brunette with short hair suddenly stops and speaks to them.  Something they love, as it gives them a chance to speak of the Lord.

“Oh, hey, you two remind me of my grandparents,” Tracy said in a sweet, innocent voice.

“Oh, that’s nice.  We have grandkids ourselves.  Do you live around here?” Martha asked with a warm smile and eyes.

Tracy grabbed a chair and sat right beside Bruce, who seemed taken aback by her boldness and proximity.  Still, Tracy pulled the chair in so she sat next to him, almost touching.  The first thing she did is rest her leg against his and leave it there.  He moved his leg but she followed, so ultimately he tolerated it.

“I live in Inglewood, but I love coming here.  I like meeting new people, and you two look nice,” Tracy said in banal tone.  “My grandparents live in San Francisco so I don’t see them much, which makes me sad. I wish I saw them more often because my Nanna makes the best apple pie.  No sirree, you don’t leave Nanna and Poppa’s without an empty tummy and feeling loved, that’s for sure.”

Martha blinked rapidly at her quick fire chatter, and Tracy notices.

“Oh.  Where’s my manners?  My name’s Tracy,” she said reaching her hand across the table to Martha who shook it.

“I’m Martha and this is my husband Bruce,” Martha said smiling at her.

Tracy put her arm around Bruce’s shoulder and gave him a hug, making sure he glanced at her cleavage.

“Hi, Bruce, aren’t you a big ol’ cuddly teddy bear,” Tracy gushed making Bruce shift uncomfortably.

Martha smiled at her husband, amused by his discomfort.  Bruce cleared his throat.

“So what do you do, Tracy?”

Tracy removes her arm and sighs with a glum face.

“I’m between jobs at the moment.  I did have a job as a desk clerk, but can you believe it I got fired because they said I talked too much.  A desk clerk who talks too much? Can you believe it?” she said in an exaggerated outrage.

As she spoke, she slipped her hand to Bruce’s leg making him jump.  Martha frowned at him, thinking he was rude to their ditzy visitor, so her reached beneath the table and removed Tracy’s hand.

“Isn’t this what desk clerk’s do?” Tracy continued in her inane babbling.  “Talk all day on the phone?  That’s what I did, and I got into trouble for it.  It’s just not fair, I was a good desk clerk, and probably the best, but my boss had it in for me from the start.”

Tracy’s hand slid absently fell to Bruce’s leg again.  He glanced at her, glaring as if to give her the hint to stop it.  Tracy ignored him, placing her hand on his leg again.  This time he sighed and gave up and left it there as kept speaking.

“My ex-boss was a nasty man, too.  He kept trying to hit on me, and he was over fifty, probably sixty, and I’m like only eighteen.  Just barely eighteen, anyway.  What a creep, can you imagine it?  A sixty-year-old man trying to hit on a young girl like me. I’m so glad I got fired really.  Except I’m pretty broke without a job,” Tracy said finally finishing.

Martha sighed with relief, she didn’t see Tracy take a breath once.

“That’s terrible,” Bruce said trying to take his mind off how her hand is edging up his thigh.  “The world is full of evil people, you need to find a job in a Christian run company,” Bruce said.

As she turned sideways to face Bruce and listen, Tracy moved her hand up his thigh until it rested on his groin.  She dropped her head onto his shoulder and smiled for a moment making Martha’s eyes bulge.

“Oh, I agree.  If only I knew where to find such a company that’ll hire me,” Tracy said.

She reached to the pepperoni pizza and took a slice with her free hand.  Martha watched every move with patronizing smile.  What Martha didn’t know, is as she cheekily took their pizza Tracy slid Bruce’s zipper down, and shoved her hand into Bruce’s pants.  Bruce suddenly gasped and coughed. Tracy wrapped her hand around his cock and balls, squeezing them, feeling them in her hand.  Bruce froze, holding a stupid grin to give the impression nothing is happening.

“Are you OK, Bruce?” Martha asked.

“Um, yes, I, err, just swallowed the wrong way,” he said grabbing his beer and taking a sip.

His old cock soon started getting hard as she rubbed it inside his pants and soon she’s able to the erect member out of his fly and worked it beneath table.

“You have to be careful these days,” Tracy said to Bruce.  “Things can just grab you out of nowhere and jerk you around, and pretty soon you’re whole life’s changed over something that lasts but a fleeting moment.  Like giving your life to the Lord, it only takes a moment to do but it changes you.  Do you know the Lord?”

Bruce’s cock is now hard and springy, and leaking precum as she slides her hand along the thick shaft.  He starts to sweat, and is looking away to hide his arousal from his wife.  Martha, hearing Tracy’s words practically beamed at her.

“Bruce and I were born again over forty years ago.  He’s a Deakin at our church and gives sermons even,” Martha said with her chest puffed out.

“Deakin, eh?” Tracy said as her hand quickened over the old man’s hard cock.  “That’s why you know how to talk to people because you’re cool.”

Bruce’s face began to redden, and his breathing became more ragged.  His wife finally noticing something is amiss with him.

“Are you sure you’re OK, Bruce?  You’re not having chest pain again are you?” Martha asked pushing the hair from her face though her hair is tied back.

“I’m, err, f-fine, Martha, just s-some indigestion,” Bruce said, his hands grasping the table.

“What do you think, Tracy?” Martha asked.

I think it would be a miracle if this old fart ever cums, she thought.  Tracy could feel his cock throb in her hand and sighed heavily with exaggeration rolling her eyes

“Bruce does look off color, now you mention it,” Tracy said putting her free hand to his forehead.  “He feels hot and hard to me.  Maybe he has the man flu?”

Tracy suppressed the urge to laugh, however, Martha’s concern for her husband grew by the moment.  Suddenly, Bruce leaned forward, clenching his eyes shut, and groaned loudly.  Martha jumped out of her chair instantly.

“Bruce!  Bruce!  Someone call an ambulance,” she shouted, making the whole restaurant stop and stare at her.

Phones went to ears as some called nine-one-one, others rose into the air to film the happenings in case something cool happened that could be shared online.  Bruce is still leaning forward, gasping, and moaning as Martha puts her hand on his shoulder.

“Bruce, speak to me,” she said loudly in the now silent restaurant.

Thinking he needed some air, she pushed him so he sat back in the chair.  Her eyes bulged as for the first time she saw Tracy’s small hand gliding over her husband’s thick cock, jerking him off.

“What the—” she began when Bruce finally came.

Bruce grunted and his body twitched as his balls pumped a load of cum that erupted so hard from his cock it shot right into Martha’s face, followed quickly by a second and third splattering.  The woman stood still in a dazed trance, her mouth gaping, and her body rigid.  Big dollops of cum now dribbled down her face, over an eye, and hung from her chin.

Martha screamed.

The restaurant erupted into noise.  Shouts of disgust, bursts of laughter, and gasps of disbelief.  More phones rose into the air to capture the seedy comedy unfolding.  Tracy wiped her cum covered hand on Bruce’s shirt and took off.  Martha, becoming aware of herself again, tried to grab Tracy but slipped on some cum on the floor and fell on her ass.

“You slut!” Martha shouted at Tracy.  “You goddamned whore!  Come back here!”

Tears were running down her red cheeks.  Tracy made it out the front door where Roy is waiting for her, and he gave her a high five.

“That shit was awesome, babe,” he gushed.  “You’re so hardcore!”

“Let’s get outta here before the cops come,” Tracy said with a smile on her face.

As they drove off, Roy said, “I can’t believe the old guy just sat there and let you do that.”

“Did you see him cum in her face?” Tracy said, her eyes sparkling.  “I wasn’t expecting that.  I thought I’d wet myself it was so funny.  Did you see her face, how his cum just hung off it? How everybody just stared at her as if she was the foulest of creatures.  Omigod, what a laugh.”

“Shit, babe, I filmed it so we can post it online.  You’re so badass.  I’d hate to be that dude now, with his old granny missus tearing him a new one.”

They laughed, chatted, and headed home to fuck.


Monday morning she arrived at ‘Star Pet Care’ ready to begin her new career as a pet groomer, a popular service in LA where animals are seen by Hollywood types as fashion accessories rather than pets.  Liz greeted her warmly and introduced her to another staff member named Kelly, a thirty-something fat woman who wore no makeup.  Kelly showed Tracy where to find everything and at nine am the first two appointments arrived for the morning.

Tracy works hard all morning, getting her dogs finished and assisting Kelly with hers when she could.  Just as they were about to break for lunch, a woman came into the boutique with a Boxer she insisted needed an urgent bath and grooming thanks to a passing truck spraying it with filthy water from a pothole, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Liz offered the job to the girls and Kelly refused, so Tracy said she’d do it.  The dog’s name is Cassius, and she lifts him into the tub.  He seems a friendly dog and gives her face a big lick.

“Oh, aren’t you sweet, Cassius.  Yes, you’re a good boy.  A good boy, yes, you are,” Tracy said in a baby voice and patted him.

She turned on the shower and set the temperature and started wetting the dog while talking to the animal.

“Such a brave boy, aren’t you.  Just some water, no need to worry.  Tracy will take care of you.”

The Boxer stared at her with big brown puppy-dog eyes making her heart melt.  So she washed him and after began to towel dry him.  As she rubbed the towel over his back, she noticed something that made her jump back with a squeal.  Cassius has developed a big boner, and he stood watching Tracy panting and licking his lips as any horny male does when presenting his boner to a woman.

Tracy giggled, putting her hands to her lips as she did.

“Oh, you naughty dog.  That’s so gross,” she said and laughed.

She came closer to inspect the strange phallus, as she had never really seen a dog cock close-up before.  What amazed her first is the color of the large dick.  The phallus is a strange mixture of red, purple, and pink, as if the skin had been pulled off and this is what lay beneath.  It glistened in the fluorescent light to show its wetness.  The other strange part of this penis is the head.  The dog’s cock didn’t have a knob as a man has, it appeared as if the knob had been abruptly cut off, leaving a log.

The end of the dick is on an angle with a strange fleshy piece coming off the top into a point.  At the base of this unusual organ two large bulges appeared as if his balls had somehow been sucked into his dick, though his balls look still intact.  Also, the size of the cock really impressed her, not just super thick but long too.  She grabbed a small ruler off her grooming station and stood back lining it up with the cock.  Nine inches of meat. She gasped in shock.  Not even Roy could beat that.  The sight of this strange phallus titillated her and repulsed her simultaneously.  For a penis, it seemed familiar yet so alien to her.  So she stood transfixed by it, wondering what she should do next.

That’s when Liz came in and spotted Tracy staring at the dog’s cock with a flush of heat on her face.

“Got a problem?” Liz said loudly, making Tracy jump and place her hand on her chest.

“Oh, you scared me,” Tracy said and giggled.  “I think I do.  Cassius here has become overexcited from his session.”

Liz looked at the dog and whistled.  “He’s well hung, don’t you think?”

“Ew!  He’s a dog,” Tracy said, a flush creeping across her face.

“Mrs. Deveraux is waiting and we can’t send him out like this,” Liz said watching Tracy closely.

“Maybe we should get him laid, there’s plenty of hookers on Sunset Boulevard,” Tracy said and giggled.

Liz chuckled.  “Well, that’s one option if we wanted him to get the clap, but dogs take too long to fuck in my experience.”

Tracy did a double take at Liz.  “You’re experience?”

Liz laughed.  “You’ve never seen a dog fuck before?” she asked.

“Ew, why would I see that?”

Liz shrugged, not really having an answer.  “Maybe you could give him a handjob?”

“Me?” Tracy said and giggled again and shoving her hands in her pocket.  “Sorry, Liz, but I don’t think I can do that.  It’s a dog, and it must be illegal or something.  No, why not just see if he calms, besides that dick is kinda gross.”

Tracy took her hands from her pockets and shoved them under her arms tightly.

Liz moved behind the dog, nodding as Tracy talked.  “You chicken,” she said and laughed.  “It’s only a cock, it won’t bite you.”

“No, but the other end might,” Tracy said and giggled nervously.

To Tracy’s surprise Liz reached between Cassius’s legs and pulled his cock out so it pointed behind him, and began to stroke it gently.  Tracy stared bug-eyed at the confident way Liz handled the canine cock, spitting on it and rubbing her hand along the thick member.

“What the fuck?” Tracy said, followed by a bark of laughter.

Tracy half turned away from the strange sight, her skin tingling and her heart racing.

“It’s not so bad,” Liz said softly.  “It’s quicker than waiting for him to ‘calm’ too.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing… Touching it?” Tracy said, blushing badly staring through her fingers over her face as if watching a horror movie at a movie theater.

“Why?” Liz asked, still stroking the cock.  “Farmers masturbate animals for semen.  Horse studs do the same.  Jesus, there’s an industry out there based on jerking-off animals.  So why is this so bad?”

“I-I don’t know, just seems k-kinda wrong,” Tracy said grimacing.

The Boxers cock seemed to grow larger, especially the bulging part at the base.  The color of the cock become brighter/intense as more blood pumped into.  Liz noticed Tracy staring at the base so she wrapped her fingers around it making Tracy gasp.

“It’s called the knot,” Liz said.  “Dogs use it to plug the bitch’s cunt to hold his cum inside.  That way it increases the chance of him fertilizing her and making puppies.”

Her hand stroked the angry looking cock and clear liquid began to spurt out the end. Liz began to heat herself, not from stroking the cock, but from watching Tracy squirm and flush in obvious arousal.  Tracy likes cock, that’s for sure, Liz thought.

“God, it feels so warm and alive in my hand,” Liz said softly, her breathing becoming deeper.  “I can feel it throb and pulsate.  Have you ever felt a cock do that, Tracy?”

“Um, yeah,” Tracy said without thinking.

“You love cock, don’t you?”

Liz keeps stroking the Boxers cock, while Tracy stares at it transfixed.

“I-I’m not sure,” Tracy said, her body trembling.

“These cock are so much better than a man’s, they give so much pleasure,” Liz said in a husky whisper.


“They stretch you in ways you can’t imagine and make you cum so hard you see stars,” Liz continued.

“Do you?” Tracy couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“I’ve tried it.  It’s fucking awesome.  You wanna touch it, feel how hot it is?”

“Um, I don’t know,” Tracy said in a whisper, her flush going a deeper red.

Liz spotted Cassius’s balls tightening and begins to stroke faster.  “He’s gonna cum soon, watch now.”

Liz pulled a magnum XXXL condom from her pocket, ripped off the packaging in her teeth, and rolled it over the end of the dogs cock so it hung from it.  She then starts to stroke the dick fast, and suddenly a long stream of white, watery cum shoots out from the tip of the strange cock filling the condom

“They shoot so much cum,” Liz almost moaned watching the condom bulge with semen.  “Do you like cum?”

“God, yes,” Tracy whispered, squirming her hips in obvious heat.

They watched the dog shoot its load and after it stopped, Liz gently removed the condom and let Cassius’s cock fall back between his legs.  Holding the condom at the top and bottom, Liz indicated with her head for Tracy to follow her and went into a storeroom out the back.

“See those plastic jars with the yellow lids on that shelf over there?” Liz asked

Tracy turned and scanned the shelving seeing the jars in question.  “Yeah, I see them.”

“Get me about ten of them and bring them over,” Liz said.

She had Tracy line them up side by side with the lids off, and she gently poured Cassius’s cum into each until they were three-quarters filled.  Tracy remained silent, but wondered why Liz is going to all this trouble with the dog semen.  After she disposed of the used condom and washed her hands, they put the lids on tightly.

“I suppose you’re wondering what all this is about?” Liz finally asked.

Well, derr Tracy thought, but she only nodded.

“Many of the dogs we groom here are pedigree specimens with the best bloodlines in America.  So we collect samples and sell them to breeders, kinda off the books,” Liz said with a wink.

“But don’t you need the dog’s papers to prove it?”  Tracy asked.

“Haven’t you seen our ‘Pedigree Discount’?”

Oh, right, Tracy thought.  Prove your dog’s pedigree and get a fifteen percent discount.

“So our customers bring the papers in,” Tracy said, rubbing her hands together and nodding.  “You copy them so you have proof of the dog’s bloodline and you can sell their jizz on the black market.  It’s genius, but how much do you get for dog jizz?”

Liz had a high chin and exposed neck as Tracy talked, giving her a crisp nod.

“I ship these all over the world, and can clear two-thousand a jar, after expenses,” Liz said leaning back on the bench casually.

“I’m impressed, and no one is really hurt, are they?  The owners get a discount, the dogs get a happy ending to their grooming session, and you get a nice ‘off the books’ earner.  I knew I liked you. Liz,” Tracy gushed.

“I need some help though, as my last girl got married and moved away.  I hoped maybe you might be interested?”

Tracy grimaced.  Jerking off dogs is gross, she thought feeling her stomach churn.  The cash would be handy though.

“What about Kelly?  She’s been here longer than me,” Tracy said.

Liz laughed.  “Kelly won’t have anything to do with it, she has no imagination, no spirit of adventure,” Liz said with big hand gestures.

She probably has no desire to give handyj’s to dog’s too, Tracy thought and smiled.  This sounds like something Roy would have me do in one of his silly dares.

Liz continued, “But I think you do.  I think you’re just the girl I’ve been looking for, and I’ll give you five hundred dollars in cash per dog you, err, milk and prepare his cum for shipment.”

“What about the grooming?” Tracy asked.

I think you’ll be easy to groom, Liz thought.

“You’ll still have to do your regular work, this is extra.  So are you in, or do I find someone else to make this easy money with?”

“Sure, I’m in,” Liz said and smiled broadly.

Liz kissed her cheek and squeezed her hands in hers to show how pleased she is with Tracy’s decision.  So for the next fifteen minutes she taught her new prodigy how they process each animal.  The dogs aren’t to be ‘milked’ in the grooming room, but brought into the storeroom.  Liz showed Tracy where the condoms are kept and the boxes of jars.  She explained how to label each jar.  Then the final task is placing the jars in a liquid nitrogen storage tank so the sperm is frozen and kept viable.  Tracy is amazed at the setup, which clearly had a lot of thought and money spent on it.

“That’s all you have to do,” Liz said.  “You’ll be my collection specialist.  I’ll handle the selling and the shipping.”

Tracy giggled and blushed.

“I never thought I’d be doing something like this when I got my certificate,” Tracy said.

“Stick with me, sweetie,” Liz said, putting her hand on Tracy’s ass.  “I’ll have you tasting delights you never knew possible.”


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