The Mission

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The Mission
The Mission
Year: 2016
Sergeant Niri Chung is sent into North Korea to spy on a military base that may have mobile nuclear missile launchers that could easily target Seoul. From the vantage point of Kumgang Mountains she hides, safely observing the base. However, the local wildlife take a liking to her and pretty soon she finds herself the lust interest of several animals. Her pussy has never got such a work out.
Sheela B.
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Master Sergeant Niri Chung of The Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) is excited about her coming reconnaissance mission.  She’s been selected to be deployed solo for three weeks in a wilderness area in North Korea that overlooks a secret military base suspected to be a potential launching area for a nuclear attack on South Korea.  Satellites and drones could identify some suspicious activities without an agent on the ground.  It’ll be her job to identify the mobile launch trucks, and the presence of nuclear missiles, which the North Koreans obviously don’t keep in the open.

They had discovered a spot that overlooks the base in the surrounding Mt Kumgang National Park, where she can spy on the activities at the base with a special camera and a small portable stealth drone.  With satellite imagery, drones, chatter, and Nari’s direct observations, the joint ROKA/USA intelligence agencies hope to discover a serious threat to South Korea, and possibly the world.

Once the chopper dropped her off near the border at Sintan-Ri, she had a seven-day hike through mountains to the area of operations following a river into enemy territory.  When she crossed the border into North Korea there’ll be no help, and no one to watch her or account for her actions.  If something bad happens, she’s alone.


The hike through the mountains using nothing but a compass is grueling.  However, she did make it without incident.  Letting her bag slip off her shoulders, she scanned the sky and figured she had about three hours of daylight left.  Scouting her area of operations she found a good spot to set up her camera that gave her a panoramic view of the base several hundred feet below her.

The three hours of daylight went quickly though, as she dug out a trench and a latrine, and camouflaged them so she couldn’t be spotted by air surveillance.  With camouflage and correct trench-building techniques she could stay dry in storms, and still see and log the activity at the base below.  Niri found an excellent spot back in the woods where she could set up camp, sleep and prepare meals.  Things were going well, so far.

She brought some basic food supplies, set fishing lines and nets to catch fish in a nearby stream, and set traps for rabbits. On her way back to camp, she collected many edible roots and berries as well.  The less need to use her ration packs the better, besides, she didn’t bring much food with her so she had to live off the land.  Eventually, she crawled into her sleeping bag and fell into a deep sleep.  Without fail, she woke just before dawn to find she had caught three rabbits and several fish.


The days went by quickly.  Niri logged the trucks entering and leaving the base, most were general supply deliveries, nothing unusual at all.  Using her camera with its powerful zoom lens, she could see the soldiers scratching their asses.  A fly over at night with her stealth drone could find no missile launch trucks, as her superiors had feared.  However, her drone couldn’t go everywhere, so she still had no proof either way.  Using a satellite phone she sent encrypted reports and images from her camera to a joint ROK/US intelligence center in Seoul.

On day seven of her mission, she finds bear tracks near her camp.  Tracking the beast through the underbrush she saw the unmistakable signs of an Asian black bear. A large male most likely, and as it is early spring the big guy has probably just waked from hibernation.

I’ll need to plan to keep my food unreachable, she thought.  The last thing I need is a bear hassling me.


During her training for this type of work, they taught her many things.  Hunting, camouflage techniques, evading capture, finding water, all kinds of weapons training, booby traps, and so on.  All the ‘Rambo’ stuff important in surviving such a mission.  The one thing they didn’t teach is how to deal with horniness.  She didn’t know what it was about these missions, they always made her feel incredibly horny.  More than when she was back in her regular life.

While watching the various trucks load and unload at the base, she’d unbuckled her pants and slowly finger her clit. Three fingers entered her pussy, and she frigged herself madly until she came, coating her fingers in pussy juices. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, she licked them clean.

Still, constant lust ate at her.  The desire for a deep, thick penetration, and a thorough fucking filled her dreams when she slept.  She thought about her shampoo bottle in her rucksack, it had been selected for its phallic shape and size.  Like a good Girl Scout, she never left home without a toy.  Soon after this thought, she was fucking herself with her shampoo bottle.


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