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Animal Rescue
Animal Rescue
Year: 2016
Debbie Benton is at the top of her game as an animal welfare officer in Dallas, when one day an encounter with a large Great Dane cross changes her world forever. The once confident officer is now an emotional wreck after being savagely attacked and raped by the dog. But is this an isolated incidence? What Debbie uncovers is something much worse than she ever realized. Something that will draw her friend Roberta and herself into the seedy world of an underground bestiality porn ring where they’ll become the victims of abuses they could never have imagined. At the mercy of a brute of a man they’re forced to perform or be killed. They’ll need to use all their law enforcement training to find a way out of it alive.
Sheela B.
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Debbie Benton has always loved animals, she’s been involved in looking after them all her life.  In high school, she had an after school job helping in a Vet Clinic, which inspired her to train to become a Vet Technician after she graduated and she worked for five years in a Dallas animal hospital.  Having years of experience working in the field led to her current job as an officer at Animal Rescue.  The Dallas animal rescue agency run by the local city government.

At thirty, she feels she has reached a position and status in her life that brings her great satisfaction and pride.  Debbie always managed to turn heads during her life too.  Not just for her compassion toward neglected animals, but her beauty is admired by all who know her. Long blonde hair, jade colored eyes, and a face which appeared innocence, almost naïve that contradicted the extreme cruelty she has witnessed during her life.  Most officer’s age quickly working in animal welfare, however, Debbie maintained her youthful appearance and had changed little from when she was a cheerleader in high school.

Her love life to this point had been difficult because she’s one of those women who always seemed to find the worst men to fall in love with.  One boyfriend used to beat her, another was a junkie and died from an overdose, and her longest relationship was with a Hells Angel Bikie who made her fuck his friends.  This relationship ended when he got sent to jail for armed robbery and resisting arrest.  As with all women with Debbie’s propensity for ‘bad boys’, she swore to herself next time she’ll find a nice guy she can settle down with.  For now, she’s happy being single and concentrating on her career.


This story begins on a Tuesday morning around eight-thirty am.  Until now the morning had been like any other Tuesday with breakfast, a hot shower, and driving into Animal Rescue in her work truck listening to the cheesy morning breakfast radio.  Suddenly her radio crackled and the familiar voice of June Wetherill, the Animal Service dispatch officer, began to speak.

“You got a copy, Debbie?”

Debbie picked up the radio receiver and said, “Morning, June, you got something for me?”

“Yeah, we’ve had some complaints about a large dog, mixed breed, with black fur bothering kids and women at Wildwood, near Mesquite.  The complainant is a Macey Jones, 718 Pecan Drive.”

Mesquite, Debbie thought with a shudder.  “Got it. ETA approx. twenty minutes.”

“Copy that.”


Picking up strays is one of the many jobs an Animal Rescue Officer has to do. Sometimes the volunteer agencies like the SPCA do it, but mostly it’s Animal Rescue.  Mesquite has a colorful history of people having big dogs they don’t look after. So Debbie knew to approach with caution and assess the situation before acting.  She’s licensed to use a tranquillizing gun, and carries one in her truck.  However, she rarely needed to use it as most dogs acting out are scared, not vicious.  Still, you can never be sure how a cornered animal will react.

When she arrives at the address June gave her, she knocked at the door to speak to the woman who reported the stray dog.  A large black woman answered, dressed in sweats and a tight blouse making her nipples stick out.

“Macey Jones?” Debbie asked.

“Yeah, you here about that dog, eh?” Macey said.

Debbie nodded and showed the woman her official Identification.

“Where did you last see it?”

“About an hour ago, heading to Oak Drive.  It’s a damn pest, been chasin’ people all over. Growlin’ and barkin’ like crazy.”

“Has it bitten anyone?” Debbie asked, because if a dog had gone that far it’s going to get put down which isn’t her preferred option anytime.

“Not that I know of.  Just a damn nuisance more’n anythin’,” Macey said, swinging her head side to side for a moment.

“Is he from around here?  Have you seen him before this?” Debbie asked the woman.

Macy thought for a moment. “Don’t know for sure. I don’t think I’ve seen him around here, but there’s so many dogs in these parts I can’t be certain.”

“Well, thanks for reporting it.  If you think of anything else, call the office and they’ll contact me.”

“Sure,” the woman said with a slight smile.

  1. Time to see if I can locate him.”

Macey’s head went stiff and her eyes bulged. “Damn, girl, you gonna need some help! That mutt is bigger than a damn horse. He’ll eat you alive!”

Debbie laughed.  She was used to people looking at her as a helpless blonde.

“I’ll manage.  Thanks for your assistance, Macey,” she said and returned to her truck.

Now came the part Debbie always enjoyed the most in these situations.  The hunt, finding and catching the stray.  They can hide in many places and since Macey had last seen the dog an hour ago, it could be anywhere by now.  So she drove slowly up Oak Drive scanning the surroundings closely, circling back around Pecan Drive.  There’s paddocks and empty lots all over, so plenty of places a dog can cross where she can’t.  On a hunch, she decided to drive up to West Gross Street, in cased the dog had gone in that direction.  Nearing the end of this street, she spotted it at last.  Pulling over she pulled her binoculars and looked at the animal lying in the shade of some scrub under a stand of Texas ash trees.

She grabbed her radio mike and said, “Truck sixty-nine, Officer Benton here. Do you copy?”

June answered.

“Go ahead, Debbie.”

“I’ve found the stray resting near the end of West Gross Street. I can confirm it has black fur, and appears to be matured Great Dane crossed with possibly a Wolf Hound.”

“He’s gonna be big.  Do you need backup?” June asked.

“I haven’t approached the animal yet, so I’ll let you know.”

“OK, proceed with caution. Dispatch, out.”


Debbie decided her first approach should be without the dog-pole, to see if the dog will respond to her voice and presence alone.  Most dogs run for it on first contact, and that’s when she ups the ante in catching it.  However, first contact with a frightened beast is always a gentle approach as many dogs respond to a friendly voice.  As long as they haven’t reverted to a wild state already.

The dog is lying under a bush deep into the wooded area, so slowly she approaches it straight on so it can see her.

“Here, boy,” she calls for it.  “Come on, boy.  It’s OK.  Good, boy.”

She pats her leg and speaks softly to the animal.  He remains still, his ears pricked and head stiff.  His eyes bore into her, dark and brooding.  She knows he’s evaluating her threat status at the moment.  His tense body and stiff posture shout a dog on high alert.  Once she’s five feet from the dog she decides to squat, and take a submissive posture.  Sometimes this disarms aggressive dogs by reducing the threat of her presence.

The dog suddenly stood.

Her eyes bulged at the size of it, possibly the biggest dog she’s ever seen in her life.  Its coat had a lovely sheen to it glistening in the light.

“You’re well taken care of, aren’t you, boy,” she said to the animal.  “Don’t be afraid, I just wanna take you home.”

The dog suddenly walked to her and sniffed her.  Debbie thinks she has it, and is about to grab the leash from her pocket to snare the dog when it suddenly attacked her.  It took her by surprise as the dog wrapped its jaws around her shoulder and bit her, shaking its head to cause maximum damage.  Debbie fell to the ground and instinctively kicked at the dog. Her foot connected and it let go of her. Blood poured from her shoulder as she grasped it.

The dog jumped her from behind, sinking its teeth into the buttocks.  She screamed in pain as the dog pushed her forward. Her pants and underwear caught in its sharp teeth ripped badly.  As she tried to get away, the back of her pants stayed in the dog’s mouth.  She looked back with bulging eyes and rasping breaths to see her panties hanging from the corner of its frothy mouth.

“NO!”  She shouted at the beast, getting to her feet.

Intense pain wracked her shoulder and buttocks, and her body shivered uncontrollably.  The dog tilted its head as if trying to decide whether her command is one he has to obey.  Obviously, he decided her authority had no place in his life and lunged at her again.  Debbie turned to present her back to the attacking predator in a standing fetal position.  When he collided with her, he knocked her onto the ground severely winding her.  For a moment, she thought she saw stars as unconsciousness threatened to take leave her at the mercy of this beast.

God, this dog is going to kill me, she thought wildly.  The large, brutish dog came upon her again.  Debbie is now lying on her knees with her face in the dusty ground with tears streaming from her eyes fearing her life is about to end.  The dog jumps on her back, his front legs wrapping around her chest with the grip of a vice.  He wraps his huge mouth around her neck and holds her.  Debbie waits for him to bite her neck, killing her once and for all.

She suddenly feels something touch her exposed behind, something warm and wet.  The object rams into her repeatedly.  Oh my God, she thinks in horror.  He’s trying to fuck me.  The dog squeezes tighter on her neck and twists her head, making her spread her legs more.

“STOP IT!  NO!  BAD DOG,” she screams.

Too late, his cock finds the sweet spot and as it feels her pussy lips open slightly to his probing, he thrusts his hips hard while squeezing her even tighter with his forelegs.  His cock drives home, spreading her pussy apart with such force that Debbie squeals in pain.  Once the dog feels her soft, velvety warmth wrap around his thick cock he begins to fuck her with a brutish force.  Her pussy isn’t prepared for this, and at first the friction causes her pain in her dry pussy.  The dogs cock is pumping precum inside her as he fucks, lubricating her, and eventually the pain eases some.

Debbie couldn’t believe how big and thick the dog’s cock feels inside her.  Stretching her pussy beyond anything she has ever known, all the while pounding her with a bestial fury only a powerful predator can have.  Her face now pallid, a cold sweat drips from her forehead, making her blonde hair limp and flat.  Her chin and lips tremble uncontrollably as she sobs.  Her body now moved in sync with the dogs ferocious poundings, he had pushed her forward a foot on the ground by the force of his thrusts alone.

Debbie wanted to scream, however, her voice seemed to have disappeared.  She hurt all over, yet the pain seemed overridden by the huge cock that owned her right now.  Things were moving so quickly she couldn’t process what’s happening to her.  Still, her body responded to the sexual energy of the beast, and amongst the pain that screamed at her from her shoulder and buttocks, a spark of pleasure began to grow.

“No, stop that,” she whispered to her body.

Her brain seemed disconnected from her body suddenly.  She could feel her stomach begin to tighten, and her clitoris grow hot.  The dog had an unnatural stamina.  I’ve seen dogs mate before and they don’t usually fuck for this long, she thought.  Wondering why it hadn’t reached orgasm yet and a word flashed through her mind, causing her to claw at her cheeks, dragging her fingers down in terror.

The word she thought: THE KNOT.

Sure enough, something started banging against her pussy lips, hitting her clit and sending shocks of pleasure through her like small orgasms, making her gasp.  Debbie tried to move, however, the strength with which the large dog held her overwhelmed any feeble attempt she made.  Her body sweated profusely now, and the sound of her rapid heartbeat thrashed in her ears.  Yet, pussy betrayed her.  The friction of his warm cock sliding into her with such force had grown to such pleasure it dulled the pain she feels elsewhere in her body.

To her surprise, she let out a moan.  The mammoth cock slicing her in two with the knot banging against her clit trying to further impale her. Her mind so focused on the sensation of this giant cock and knot trying to own her, she couldn’t even hear the dog’s deep pants above her.  She clasped her pussy down on the dog’s cock, not for pleasure’s sake, but to stop the knot from entering her.  The dog, feeling her pussy clamp tightly around him, lost rhythm for a moment and his thrusting became jerky and awkward.

Debbie didn’t realize it, but this change of motion caused her to suddenly orgasm.  A strong, powerful orgasm that sent a paroxysm of pleasure pulsating through her body.  She moaned loudly as her little body shook under the beast.  The most intense orgasm she’s had in her short life so far.  As she finally released his cock from her gripping, clasping pussy, he found his rhythm again and started to thrust with force.  Her pussy lips loosened slightly in the afterglow of her intense orgasm, and the knot started to work its way inside her.  The dog feels her finally open to him, pushed brutally and the knot slipped inside making her scream in pain.

This is what childbirth must feel like, she thought hazily feeling the huge knot stretch her even more than she thought she could bear.  Debbie tried to relax her pussy to allow it to stretch as she worried he might tear her.  She couldn’t even guess how big his knot might be, it feels like a basketball inside her.  The dog kept fucking her, but as his knot became lodged he lost his rhythm and eventually stopped. Feeling exhausted, she collapsed under the dog, only being held aloft by the cock inside her.

At first she didn’t understand what’s happening, but something began to feel strange in her stomach.

A warmth growing in intensity.

She even had the sensation of needing to pee, for some reason. Looking under her, she could see a whitish-fluid dripping from her.  CUM, she screamed in her mind.

The dog is cumming inside her, filling her with his seed and trying to breed her.

The steady drip of dog cum oozing from around its knot and out of her pussy mesmerized her.  It ran over her clit, titillating her.  As the dog pumped its conceit into her body, she suddenly orgasms again, as the tension in her body grew.  Not as powerful like before, but enough to make her close her eyes tight and clench her hands into fists in response.  The sudden convulsion of her pussy tightening around the dogs cock sparked it to life, and it began to fuck her again.  This pushed her orgasm into another realm of earth-shattering proportions.  Now her body shook as waves of pleasure bent her like a blade of grass in a strong wind.  Her guttural moans echoed around the grove of trees and as it subsided the dog settled again and continued the deed of pumping endless streams of dog cum into her.

Eventually, the dog grew tired and stepped over her until his arse was level with hers.  They remained connected by his purple-red veiny cock.  He walked back to the spot he had been sitting when Debbie first approached him, dragging her behind him like a rag doll.

She feels relieved the dog is off her now, as it weighed a ton.  When it lay on the ground, she laid with it, resting and waiting for it to end.  His huge cock filling her still, so even her soul seemed overwhelmed by its size.  Everything in her world suddenly seemed all about his cock, and his dominance of her.  She fell asleep, as the pain returned from her shoulder and buttock.

Exhaustion took her away to another place of darkness.


Debbie woke sometime later to find herself alone.  Her body ached all over, especially her pussy.  She pushed herself to a sitting position with difficulty, her muscles stiff and sore.  Suddenly she could feel herself peeing, and she looked between her legs to see a puddle forming.  However, it isn’t pee its dog cum, sitting up had caused it to run out of her abused pussy.  Pulling the front of her pants away, she looked at her pussy.  Her pussy-lips were swollen and red, pubic hair plastered to her mound by dog cum, and her pussy gaped like a raw wound – all red and angry looking.  In short, she’s a mess down there.

Her watch reads ten-past-eleven am and she knows work will be trying to contact her by now.  If I don’t speak to them, they’ll come looking and find me like this, she thought with a shudder.  So getting to her feet, she limped toward her truck with dog cum and blood running down her legs.  She opened the cab and grabbed the radio.

“Truck sixty-nine, Officer Benton, do you copy, dispatch?”

“Debbie,” June said, sounding relieved.  “We were getting worried.  Are you OK?”

Debbie took a deep breath.

“No, the dog attacked me, I’ve been mauled pretty badly.  I’m gonna need some help here.”

June went into professional mode, saying, “I’ll dispatch paramedics to you immediately, Debbie.  One of our other trucks is about fifteen minutes from your location and I’m sending them to you too.  Hang tight, help is coming.”

“Thanks, June. I’ll be here,” Debbie said and dropped the receiver.

June kept talking, but Debbie ignored it.  She only had fifteen minutes to fix herself before others arrived to help.  Being bitten is no big deal, she thought.  Being raped isn’t something I want to share with anyone.  In one of the truck compartment’s she had a change of clothes as working in animal rescue is a dirty job sometimes.  She grabbed a water bottle and gave herself a crude douche, flushing much dog semen from her pussy as best she could.

Then she washed and dried her battered genitals and slipped on some fresh underpants placing a sanitary pad inside to capture any more leaking cum.  She put her ripped nylon work pants back on because she still had wounds on her buttocks.  June started to sound as if she’s getting hysterical on the radio so Debbie spoke to her to calm her.  Hopefully no one will discover what this dog did to me, she thought.


The next day, she lay recuperating in the hospital as some of her wounds were deep and the Doctor wanted her to have a course of IV antibiotics, and let her recover from the operation to clean her wounds and suture them.  The Animal Rescue CEO Dan Hardwick and her supervisor, Bob Greenfield had come to see if she’s OK.  Debbie had cuts and bruises all over her and her right arm in a sling.  Bandages and butterfly sutures dotted her visage.

“Deb, you look terrible.  I hope they’re giving you plenty of morphine,” Dan said with a slight smile.

“Don’t worry, I have it on tap,” Debbie said and smiled at the men with pearly white teeth.

“I’m sorry this happened, Deb,” Bob said more seriously.

“It’s not your fault, I under-estimated what the dog would do.  I thought it was just scared and lost, so I approached it without protection.  It’s my fault, really.”

The men pulled up chairs and sat. Bob pulled out his phone and turned on the record function and placed it near Debbie.

“I’m sorry to push you, but we need to get some information for our report on this,” Dan said.

Debbie shrugged indifferently.

“Sure, ask away. Some of it’s a bit hazy, but I’ll do my best.”

“Just tell us what happened, in your words.”

“OK, I got the call about half-past-eight, and I think I arrived at the complainant’s house around nine am,” Debbie said.

“Macy Jones,” Bob said.

“Yes, that’s her.  Well, she said she had seen the dog head north of Pecan Drive so I began to drive around the area to find it.  I noticed lots of paddocks and empty lots so I knew the dog may be long gone from Pecan Drive.”

“Is that why you went to Gross Street?”

Debbie nodded.

“I remember at some point having a hunch that’s where I’d find the dog.”

“Describe the dog,” Bob said.

“Medium length black fur all over.  He had Great Dane in him, but I think he was a cross breed.”

“Wolf Hound,” Dan said.

“What?” Debbie asked.

Dan replied, “You told June over the radio a Great Dane crossed with a Wolf Hound.”

“Did I?” Debbie said and laughed.  “I don’t remember, but yeah that sounds about right.”

“So what happened next?” Bob asked.

“I approached the dog as it was sitting under a tree.  I didn’t get too close, but it didn’t appear frightened by me so I took that as a good sign,” Debbie said.  “How wrong could I be?”

She grimaced and laughed nervously.

“You didn’t take a dog-pole, or pepper spray?” Dan asked.

She shook her head.  “No, I don’t normally on first contact.  I was trying to assess its temperament first.  I expected it to run away, to be honest, most stray dogs do.”

“Then it attacked you?” Dan asked, his face going pale.

“No, it stood and walked to me as calmly as anything,” Debbie said.  “It looked well cared for too.  I was about to put a leash on it and take it back to the truck when it suddenly attacked me.  I honestly didn’t expect it considering the way the dog was acting before the attack.”

“You poor thing,” Dan said.

“I can only remember flashes from the attack. I woke later surprised I wasn’t dead. That’s when I made it back to the truck and contacted base.”

“Well, you take as long as you need to recover,” Dan said patting her hand.

“Have you found him?” Debbie asked.

Bob shook his head.

“It’s disappeared off the face of the earth.  We’ve had six Animal Rescue vehicles and three cop cars out looking for it.  Even the S.P.C.A. have been helping us search for it.”

“Don’t worry, Deb, we’ll find it and end its vicious life,” Dan said.

Debbie knew Dan had the hots for her, and the way he’s acting here made her feel a bit creepy.  She pulled her hand away from his, and said to Bob, “What did the police say?”

“They told us they’ve been investigating some illegal animal activities in the area, and think the dog may have been a part of it,” Bob said. “They wouldn’t specify what those activities were but given what happened to you I’d say its dog fighting.”

“This dog looked too good to be a fighting dog. No. I don’t think that’s it,” Debbie said, scratching her chin.

Several doctors abruptly walked into her room, so her bosses excused themselves promising to see her again later. Debbie’s mind had been sparked though, the investigator inside her said this animal racket is something even more sinister than fighting. The dog fucked her as if it knew exactly how to handle a human female. So she vowed she’d uncover the truth, and make sure the men or women who made this raping machine would come to justice.

Nothing would stop her.

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