Something About Mary

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Something About Mary
Something About Mary
Year: 2016
Mary is very angry at Bob, come to think of it, she’s always angry with him but this time he’s really done it. After finding his stash of porn on his laptop, Mary had read the riot act, and their marriage is officially on the rocks. In one last ditch effort to save his marriage, Bob reserves a beautiful cabin in the mountains for a weekend away without the kids. During the tense trip to the cabin, the car breaks down and Bob is forced to leave a fuming Mary alone as he goes for help. After sitting in the car for a while Mary decides she needs to pee, and heads into the woods to relieve herself. As she does so, a wolf appears.
Sheela B.
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Mary didn’t know why she agreed, to come on this day trip with her stupid husband.  Their marriage had been rocky for a few months now. Since she found his cache of dirty porn on his laptop.  Disgusting stuff.  This moral woman has had him on a short leash.  So today is meant to be a day they spend together without the kids, rebuilding their marriage, in other words, he’s trying to suck up to her.

Bob always found Mary an attractive woman, even now after having two kids (a boy 7 and girl 9).  The long-haired brunette maintained her figure and is pretty fit for her age at thirty-four.  He admired her curves, her busty DD breasts with dark large areolas and big nipples.  He loved the way her body jutted down straight behind her breasts and flowered into a wide, inviting pelvis.  His mother had called them childbearing hips, much to Mary’s embarrassment.  Her butt is still firm, despite some minor cellulite, and her legs were long and lean.  No, to Bob, Mary is the most beautiful woman he had known.

Therein lay the problem.

Mary, despite her rocking body, is not the most sexually adventurous woman, and after ten years of marriage, they had pretty much devolved into a routine of once a week, every Sunday morning before the kids got up.  Not the most thrilling love life, so Bob, frustrated and horny because he saw his wife’s amazing body daily, so he turned to masturbation to ease his blue balls.  The sexual frustration Bob felt led to online porn, and before long he had collected a hard drive full of videos that Mary discovered one day.

You name it was there.  MILF, BBW, watersports, scat, POV, GONZO, lesbians, dominatrix, orgies, threesomes, gangbangs, teen, DP, toys, solo, BDSM, hardcore, soft core, and the list could go on forever.  Fortunately, he didn’t have any illegal stuff or she would’ve left with the kids that day.  Still, the level of her self-righteous disgust and anger assumed godlike proportions and poor Bob has been trying to undo the damage since.

So here we are, Saturday morning driving through the countryside to a B&B in the mountains.  Mary sat in silence in the front passenger seat as their car swayed around the windy road making her feel sick.

“Honey, how often have I to say sorry,” Bob said, glancing at her from the driver’s side.

“Until I believe it,” Mary said with a pout.

“It’s only porn, it’s not as if I cheated on you.”

Her eyes were cold, hard, and flinty as she stared at him with a deep frown.

“That just proves you miss the point.  I might’ve known.  Turn the car around and take me home,” Mary said loudly.

As Bob could feel his marriage slip away, they heard a loud bang from the engine and black smoke started to billow from under it.  Bob quickly pulled the now spluttering vehicle to the side of the road with the loud banging noise slowing as he did.

“Shit!” Bob cussed.  “That’s the last thing we need.”

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I think we’ve blown a rod.”

Bob pulled the latch for the hood.

“Is that bad?” Mary asked, knowing nothing about engines.

“Bob leaned under the roof and said to her, “It means the car is fu—, err, damaged beyond repair.  It means you got your wish, we’ll be going home once we can get a tow organized.”

He pulled his phone out and cursed again as he had no reception.  Bob asked her to check her phone, but she had no reception either.

“Alright, I saw a house a couple of miles back.  We can walk there and call for help,” Bob said with a weak smile on his face.

Mary turned her cute button nose in the air.

“I’m not walking anywhere, we have valuables in this car that could be stolen.  No, you got us into this mess, so you can get us out.”

Bob’s head jerked back and his eyes bulged.

“I got you into this mess?  Well, sorry for trying to save our marriage, you ungrateful bitch,” he shouted at her.

Slamming the door so hard the car shook, he stormed off back the way they had come, leaving Mary alone.


Mary sat in the car for around a half hour drinking a bottle of water, and not even a car passed her in that time.  So she decided, to get out and stretch her legs.  They were parked on the side of a mountain and the view over the valley below is truly amazing.  The air seemed so crisp and fresh, and the smell of pine wafted on the breeze.  Enjoying the beautiful day she finally could feel herself relax.

Sitting back against the hood, she could feel the urge to pee slowly building and tried to ignore it.  The last time I peed in the woods was back in my Girl Scout days, she thought and chuckled.  The countryside seemed deserted, with only the sound of birds and the occasional flying insect buzzing by.  What the hell, she thought and crossed the road entering the woods.  I don’t have to go too far, she decided, just as long as I’m obscured from the road.  No one will see me out here.  So after about five minutes she found a good clearing surrounded by thick scrub and trees and entered.

Mary is wearing a light-blue sundress, with sneakers and white socks.  She has white hipster panties and a white sports bra on.  In the dimness of the clearing, she pulls her panties off and stuffs them in her pocket, deciding the risk of peeing on them is too great when squatting.  Her urine stream has always been unpredictable most of her life.  Sometimes her urine runs like a hose, sometimes it sprays everywhere.  Glancing around at the ground, she finally decides on a spot near a big bush that didn’t have insects or appear too dirty.

So pulling her dress up, she squats and closes her eyes to wait for her pee to start.  Suddenly she hears something in the bushes around her, and they shake, slowly at first but gradually getting more violent.  In a heartbeat Mary finds she is not alone anymore as six wolves come through the scrub and start growling at her.  She remains as still as stone, her eyes bulging and mind blank.  The wolves are drawing closer, baring their teeth as they snarl at her with the ferociousness only a wild predator can achieve.  Her chin starts trembling and she squeezes her eyes shut so she wouldn’t have to see the first vicious attack.

Suddenly, she starts peeing.

Not a trickle, or a tinkle, but a full-blown flood.  The pee hits the ground with force sending microscopic droplets into the air filling the clearing with the smell of Mary’s pee.  The wolves stop, and glance at each other.  They sniff the air and some lick their lips.  Tails once stiff and alert relax.  The biggest wolf, a white beast crept forward smelling the pee running from under Mary’s sundress.  He pushes his muzzle under the hem of her dress and take a big sniff.

He turns to the other wolves, licking his lips and wagging his tail slowly, and pushes his nose under her dress again.  Still, Mary’s piss flows out of her as if she hadn’t peed in a week.  He lapped at the golden stream, tasting the bitterness of it.  The taste didn’t perturb him, he had worse.  As her stream slowed to a trickle and lastly a drip, the wolf finally found the source of this wellspring of pungent wine, her pussy.


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