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Year: 2016
Sandra Chase has just graduated High School and is about to start her dream job of becoming a Veterinarian Technician. She loves animals, especially dogs, and hopes this may be her chance at long last to engage in some forbidden pleasure.
Sheela B.
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The greatest thing eighteen-year-old Sandra Chase thought she had ever bought in her life was a dildo shaped like a dog’s cock.  She bought it when she turned sixteen using her mom’s credit card, and she never got caught.  Since it had come into her possession, Sandra used it often, like tonight.  Two hands grip the end tightly as she pounds it into her shaved cunt with relentless determination.  Even the knot on the end of the large dildo made of silicon and plastic pushes inside her, stretching her, and making her legs wobble in orgasmic pleasure.


Her obsession with dogs began at an early age.  Her grandparents bred German Shepherds for sale to the military and the police, and whenever Sandra had a sleepover, she loved playing with the dogs and their puppies.  The vivid memories of watching the dogs’ mate always stayed with her.  Their big purple-red cocks were all covered in purplish veins and strange shapes.  The mating act itself fascinated her.  It appeared so violent sometimes the way the dog thrust into the bitch.  Last, the big knots swelling near the base of these extravagant organs filled her with a sense of wonder.

Her Grandad told her dogs had a bone in their penis that made them especially hard and effective maters.  He explained how dogs tie their bitch with their knot so their penis won’t slip out.  This way, when he releases his seed, he can make sure he’s the one who fertilizes her to breed puppies.  She remembered the way he described it with such awe of nature.  Her Grandad meant no sexual connotation in telling her these things, yet something imprinted on her brain.  Many would consider it abnormal, and as Sandra reached puberty, her sexual fantasies weren’t about pop stars or actors but dogs.


Tonight, the dog-shaped dildo sliding into her slippery pussy makes her hum with sexual excitement.  One hand lets go of the dildo and go to her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion.  Her clit throbs as the friction inside her send shivers of pleasure over her.

Ah.  Oh yeah.  Oh, that feels so good,” Sandra moans softly.

Her bedroom still looks as it did when she last decorated it four years ago—pink wallpaper with tiny white flowers, a poster of Justin Bieber, and a German shepherd dog.  The furniture was primarily white with beige carpet.  Her orgasm is building inside her, and she fucks herself with more desperation, thrusting her hips into the fake dog cock.  Just as she’s about to orgasm, she crams the dildo inside her cunt.  The fake knot buries inside her cunt too.  Holding it in place and wriggling her ass around the bed, her orgasm explodes, and her teen pussy clamps down on the cock and knot.  Her legs and pelvis begin to shake as she throws her back into her pillow with eyes clenched shut.

The delicious feeling of her young pussy gripping the big cock makes her orgasm a second time, and her convulsions continue until her hands drop away from the dildo and she lays spent on the bed with it still inside her.  She looks at the dildo with wide-eyed wonder.  The cock will stay inside her cunt for the next half hour, as she wants to mimic a tie to an actual dog.  She only wished it pumped dog jizz into her as well, which would be a dream.

Only her dad didn’t allow pets at home, so a naughty dildo is all she could manage for now.


After Sandra graduated from high school, she got accepted into a Vet Technician training course through a local Veterinarian named Dr. Roger Adams.  He owned an extensive practice on the east side of town that included an animal hospital.  Dr. Adam’s interest in Sandra isn’t because he considered her any brighter or more caring than the other applicants.  Sandra simply turned him on.  The young woman had all the attributes he liked: sandy-blonde hair, blue eyes, D-cup breasts, a curvy figure, and a youthful sexuality that radiated from every pore.

The way she naturally flirted with him during the interview and showed her cleavage gave him an instant boner he jerked off as soon she left.  Thankfully for him, all her credentials were legit so that no one could accuse him of discrimination.  So Sandra got hired and began a career at Dr. Adams’s busy practice.

Naturally, Sandra had ulterior motives for wanting this traineeship and was overjoyed when Dr. Adams spent more time looking at her tits than anything else during the interview.  The old Vet’s perverted ogling of her body made him easy to manipulate.  However, her desire and desperation for canine cock drew her to this job like a black hole absorbing light from a star.  The job at the clinic may be her first opportunity to consummate her forbidden canine desires.

Surrounded by all these dogs, surely she could get one (or more) to fuck her.  That’s what she wanted, to be fucked repeatedly by any dog who wanted her.  So she threw herself into the traineeship, hoping opportunities may arise to play her dirty games.  Frustratingly, she found out state law enforced a policy to neuter stray dogs before adopting them to the public.  Neutering made dogs more docile, suitable for adopters but not for a horny eighteen-year-old girl craving to be fucked by horny street dogs.  Getting access to unneutered dogs to see if they’d fuck her had become difficult.

Sandra never wore panties under her scrubs.  This way, she could give a dog quick access to her cunt when she had the opportunity.

One of her favorite games at the clinic is to see if she could get a dog interested in her sexually.  So anytime she went to the enclosures, she’d drop her pants and show the dogs her wet cunt, get them to smell it, and sometimes get a few licks.  As much as she tried, though, the dogs seemed to lack interest in her, and she couldn’t understand why.  So she got bolder in her approach.

Her online research revealed that some women rub peanut butter on their pussies to get a dog to lick it off.  So she started keeping small packets in her pocket, she could use.  Her supervisor Renee noticed the packages and asked her about them.

Sandra giggled.  “I love peanut butter, and these packs make a great snack I can eat on the fly.”

“You girls are damn lucky,” Renee said and sighed.  “If I ate like you, I’d turn into a walking whale.”

“Lucky you work at the Vet’s then, free health care.”

They laughed, but Renee thought it odd just the same.


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