The Resistance Fighter

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The Resistance Fighter
The Resistance Fighter
Year: 2016
Amelie, 19, is sent to her brothers in the French Resistance by her father as he’s worried the Nazi occupiers will enslave her in one of their brothels in Paris. On a stopover in Limoges she meets the local Casanova, a Boxer mix named Woofie, who takes her virginity and initiates her into the world of bestial love. What follows is an adventure she never dreamed possible as a naive young woman from Paris, as the war and her canine lovers turn her into one of the most feared fighters in the French Resistance known as ‘Femme de chien’.
Sheela B.
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When the Nazis rolled into Paris on June 14, 1940, everyone’s life changed for the worse. To see your beloved country fall to such a mighty war machine with barely a whimper of resistance from the country’s military broke Amelie’s heart. Not to mention her families, neighbours and friends.  Her three brothers all fought in the French Army and virtually disappeared into the underground once the Nazis took over.

Amelie lived with her father Nathaniel, who was a portly baker and well over fifty years old.  Her mother died of dysentery when Amelie was a girl.  She was a vivacious young woman now, aged nineteen-years old with long black hair down to her waist, bright blue eyes like the sky, and a small mouth that always seemed to have a cheeky grin.  Like she just heard the most outrageous joke.

She was a petite woman, with soft silky white skin, smallish breasts, and barely five feet five inches tall.  Amelie was the apple of her father’s eye, who watched over her closely to protect her honour from all the young men that followed her around with tongues hanging out, and trousers tented.  Come to think of it there were a few older men in the same class as well.  However, now that the Germans had arrived in Paris, his fears began to reach epic proportions.  There was a huge risk that they could rape her, kidnap her and lock her in one of their brothels, or even worse – kill her.

Nathaniel had to work fast and made her cut her hair, and put on her brother’s old clothes. She did not like this but she understood if the Germans attacked her then no one could help her. Not even her loving father. They would probably kill him without barely a thought if he tried to intervene. So she accepted this change of wardrobe that made her look boyish.  He kept her close to home, much to her frustration at first, but when after a month of occupation one of Amelie’s friends was gang raped and killed by a German patrol it made it clear that she needed to obey her father in these matters.

However, things rarely go to plan during a War, and despite Nathaniel’s best efforts to keep her out of sight to the Germans fate intervened.  Amelie’s brothers were in the south of France working with the underground, still fighting against the Germans. Word had reached Nathaniel that an informant had identified his family, more importantly his sons as enemies.  The Gestapo would soon be knocking on his door and that meant Amelie would come under scrutiny.

“I don’t want to, Father,” she said wiping the tears from her red eyes.

“It’s for your own good, you know what’ll happen to you when the Germans come calling to question me about the boys,” Nathaniel paced up and down the room smoking a clay pipe. Wisps of grey smoke followed him like a steam train engine.

“They might leave me alone. How can you be sure?”

He stopped and looked at her. “You know Marie Purcell?”

“Yes, we went to school together.”

“She’s been taken to the German brothel in Clamart, and is being forced to… work there.” He had a deep frown that creased his forehead as she watched him.

Marie Purcell, she thought feeling sad and horrified, she is such a nice girl.  Fresh tears rolled down Amelie’s cheeks at the thought of Marie being used and abused by German Soldiers overwhelmed her. Her Father came up and put his arm around her to comfort her.

“Yes, it’s terribly sad what they’re doing to fine young French women. That’s why you have to get out of here. I couldn’t bear it…” his eyes suddenly clenched shut on him, and stepped away to hide his face from his daughter.

She grabbed his hand and cradled it in her face making him look back. “It’s OK papa, nothing will happen to me. I could just hide somewhere until they’re gone.”

“No, they know about you and they’ll take your hiding to mean we know something about what the boys are doing. That’ll make it worse.”

“Then I must leave?” she looked down, feeling defeated.

“Yes, this way I can deny any knowledge of what you and the boys are doing. That just might save me. The boys will look after you and make sure you’re kept safe. That’ll save you.” He knelt in front of her and kissed her on the cheek, making her giggle at the feeling of his whiskers. “I wish it didn’t have to be this way, Meelie. But these are the times we live in, and we must do what we can to survive it until one day it will hopefully be over, and France will be free again.”

“Do you think it will ever be over?” she asked.

“There are other nations in the world that won’t want Hitler ruling Europe. While we all must do what we can, our hope lies in our allies now. We just have to hang on until they can liberate us.” He stood up abruptly. “Now go pack a few things. A car will be here soon to take you south.”

“Tonight?” his voice broke.

He gently caressed her cheek with his hand. “Yes, tonight. I love you, my Meelie.” His eyes welled with tears. “Always remember that.”

She suddenly clasped his hand against her face. “I love you, papa.”

He nodded, pulling his hand away. “Now go pack.”

She stood and left the room. Her heart raced as she wondered where she was going and what would happen. She so much wanted to stay with her papa, she felt safe with him.  However, her world was no longer safe thanks to the Germans. Now she had to go someplace and hide out like a criminal in her own country when she had done nothing wrong. She never hated Germans so much than at that very moment.


The car that was going to take her to Limoges was to be driven by a priest. It was an old wagon and it had a false bottom in the back. He made her lay in this compartment under the floor and shut her in. She could hear boxes of goods being stacked on top. The trip to Limoges was going to take a while and once the vehicle got under way Amelie found herself bouncing around inside her little prison on the rough road. It also got hot as the exhaust pipe ran directly underneath her.

After what seemed like an age the door to her compartment was opened and a hand was thrust forward to help her out. She grabbed it and was pulled out to find herself with two men in their thirties.

“Where’s Father Bertrand?” she asked looking around.

“We swapped cars with him in Bourges. He’s long gone now. You’re in Limoges, with friends,” The man said with a smile. “I am Henri, and this is Andre. Now come inside and get some food. I bet you must be starving after being in that compartment all day.”

“Where’s my brothers? Jacques and Luc?” she asked looking at both men. “Are they here?”

The men looked at each other with grimaces. Then Andre said, “I’m sorry Ms Amelie, but they cannot be here to meet you.  They have to lay low for a while, but you will see them when we reach our hideout in the Millevaches. I assure they’re OK.”

She nodded. Amelie didn’t really have any choice but to do what these men said for now. It could be that they are really German spies taking Father Bertrand’s place, and using her as bait to lure her brothers out.  All she could do was go along with the men for now.


The house was dark outside, but looked French provincial in style. Upon entering the warmth of the hearth and the smell of food simmering on the stove immediately filled her with some happiness. Her stomach growled in approval. A kindly old woman in her seventies came and took her hands and led her to the back of the house.

“Now, now my dear, there’s a privy out that door and down the path.  When you come back you can wash up here. I have left a change of clothes for you too. Can’t have a pretty young lady like you looking like a boy. It just won’t do,” she clucked.

“Thank you, madam. Is there a candle I can use to go out to the privy?” Amelie asked.

“No lights outside at night-time my dear, that is the rules the Germans make us live by. I will take you if you like, but the moon is out so you should see OK.”

Amelie got the distinct impression the old woman didn’t really want to take her. “No… I’m sure I can manage.”

The old woman smiled at her warmly. “Good, now as soon as you’re ready I have some nice Beef Bourguignon ready to eat for you. OK?”

Amelie nodded and walked out the back door, again feeling the chill of the night air. It was quite late now, probably past midnight. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the moonlight and then headed down the path to the outhouse which she tell was at the end.  She hated outside toilets at night, especially with no light.

She made there no problems and when she tried to shut the door she found it so dark inside the outhouse that it scared her. So she decided to leave the door open. Not a moment too soon as holding her waste in for the last twelve hours had been torture and she was certain she’d soil herself in the car on the way here.

Thankfully she didn’t. As her pee and poo exited her body she sighed in relief, leaning back and closing her eyes just to enjoy the moment.  Suddenly she felt something cold touch her inner thigh, then some hot air blowing over her groin. She opened her eyes and looked down and to her surprise the dark outline of a rather large dog was standing just in front of her.  Its head precariously poised between her legs as it seemed to be taking in the scent it found.

“Good boy… nice doggy,” she said patting it on the back.

In the dim light she could see the tail wag behind it which filled her with relief that the dog was at least friendly.  She gave it a pat, and felt its tongue rake her thigh which made her giggle. “OK, that’s a little too close for comfort doggy. Best be off now eh?”

The dog didn’t move. The tongue touched her again, this time directly on her pussy. Her body jolted in shock. The dog seemed to like the taste of her and kept lapping at her tight mound. “What are you doing… you bad dog… bad dog!” she scolded it, grabbing its head, and giving it a push.

The dogs moved back a bit for a moment, but as soon as she let go it was back in between her legs lapping and licking her pussy.  She tried to push it again but this time he wouldn’t budge. His tongue licking her pussy, then tasting her still dirty bottom, it began to lick her clean of her poo too.

She felt her tummy tighten, her breathing became irregular, and her legs felt like jelly as her clitoris began to feel hotter and hotter. “Bad dog…” she said weakly as the sensations began to carry her away. The tension in her body seemed to tighten and tighten as the dog’s big wet course tongue explored her womanhood, she had slid down without realising, so her pussy was now totally exposed to the beast.

The dog suddenly jumped up, its front paws on the bench that was the toilet seat. Amelie’s head was swimming as its furry body situated itself above her. She was not sure what was going on, feeling herself become disoriented in the darkness and the sensations. The dog began humping her, rubbing its member on top of her pussy, over her clitoris. She moaned, grinding her pussy into it.

The dog’s phallus then found its mark and it penetrated her pussy, pushing its way deep inside her. Breaking her hymen, and taking her virginity. She squealed in pain as her cherry was claimed, but the dog didn’t understand such human sufferings and was sliding its penis in and out of her very fast. Once it had found her sweet spot, it was determined to use her for its pleasure.

The feelings of pain subsided, and new sensations took hold of her. The fullness she felt from the large phallus stretching her and probing her, coupled with the friction created by the motion of its passage sends a wave of pleasure over her like she had never experienced before.  Amelie had experienced clitoral orgasm through masturbation, but this felt a bit different.

She could hear the dog pant in her ear, as it humped her. Something large was pushing at her pussy on the dog’s penis, and so she reached down and felt a large ball of flesh near the base of its penis. Her father had told her once about how dogs knot their bitches to impregnate them, and she had seen dogs stuck like that for ages in the streets of Paris. Given that she was expected back in the house soon she felt that it was not a good idea for this dog to knot her.

So she kept her hand there to stop it entering her. The dog was unperturbed though and continued to pound her womanhood like she was nothing but a stray bitch on the street.  The tension in her body grew and grew until finally, her first orgasm rippled through her like a tsunami. Her body wriggled and went into spasm, as she moaned out loud into the dog’s furry chest. The dog felt her moist pussy tighten its grip around its phallus, and so it picked up its pace and force.

Just as her first orgasm receded, like a wave being sucked back by the riptide, a new bigger wave rolled over her body making her grunt loudly. This orgasm felt more familiar, it was clitoral, and she pushed her pussy into the oncoming dick hoping more pleasure could be gained. The feeling of fullness inside her suddenly became intensified, and she felt a hot liquid filling her, expanding her even more. This caused another, if not lighter, orgasm to radiate out from her womb, and she panted and moaned at the pleasure she felt.

The dog was obviously delivering his seed to his bitch. He had stopped humping her now, and just stayed there motionless on top of her as its semen shot out into her womb like a canon.  Amelie was coming to her senses, the thought of that old woman finding her like this pressed into her mind. There was no way she could explain what had just happened. It was primal, it was beastly, but it was also taboo. She pushed the dog off of her, it seemed more compliant now it had got what it wanted.

She felt its big member exit her pussy and semen ran out of her. She quickly sat up over the toilet to let it all run into it, so as not to leave a mess on the floor.  The dog was gone as quickly as it came. Grabbing the paper she wiped herself and made sure she was clean. Then pulling up her underpants and trousers she left the outhouse and hurried back into the house.



As she entered the back door the old woman was there.  She looked relieved to see Amelie. “My dear, I was worried you might have fallen in.” she said jokingly.

Amelie blushed. “Sorry madam, I fell asleep. I guess I’m more tired than I thought.”

“Come, just wash up for now. Your food will spoil if I cook it for much longer.”

“Yes Madam,” Amelie said politely and went to the wash bowl and began to wet a wash cloth.

“Did you see Woofie out there? I haven’t seen him all night the rascally old dog,” the woman asked.

Amelie’s body stiffened, but she kept washing herself.  “No madam, it was very dark I didn’t see anything.”

The old woman laughed as if remembering something funny.  “He’s probably off molesting some poor stray bitch in heat. That dog has fathered pups all over this district. I swear he can smell a bitch ready to mate in the next town that one. Then he seems to get there before any other dog can claim his prize. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had irate dog owners coming here claiming they had Woofies pups. But I wouldn’t change him, he’s a lovable dog.”

Amelie didn’t answer and the old woman began to feel a little embarrassed she had spoken so loosely around this naïve young woman.  Talk of dogs mating was probably a little too unpalatable to this one, the old woman thought.  She’s probably still a virgin.


By the time Amelie went to bed, she felt exhausted. The food, delicious as it was, just seemed to add to this. She literally fell asleep before her head even touched the pillow. Strange dreams filled her mind of her father being taken by the Germans, to her with many dogs – all molesting her.  When she finally awoke there was daylight peeking through the blinds, and so she got up and went to find Mr.s Peron.

In the kitchen an old clock reads just past ten AM. She had slept late, and thankfully the old couple that lived here had let her. On the table was some croissants and fruit which looked like they had been left for her. Her stomach growled in response, and so she sat and began to eat.

Then from behind her a familiar voice spoke. “Oh good morning sleepy head.”

Amelie looked around to see Mr.s Peron standing in the doorway that led towards the back of the house, holding a basket of vegetables from the garden. “Oh… morning Madam Peron, thank you for your hospitality.”

“That’s fine, dear. Get some rest as I’m sure once you join the others you’ll be busy enough,” she said as she walked in and put the basket down on the floor beside the stove. Standing with a sigh, she then said, “I only wish I was younger, then I’d show those assholes not to invade our country too.”

“Where’s Henri and Andre?” Amelie asked.

“They’ll be back tonight to take you to the Michevalles in darkness. We thought you needed to rest last night because you looked so tired, that’s why they left you with us. You’re to keep out of sight though, but you can go into the backyard as that is fairly private. Maybe you can do some gardening for me? Some of those weeds are hard to pull at my age. What do you say?” Mr.s Peron said with a smile.

“Sure, I’ll be happy to help.”

“Good, now let me make you some coffee. Croissants without coffee is like life without joy,” the old woman said poetically.

Amelie laughed and felt herself becoming endeared to Mr.s Peron. She was a nice woman, and to take her into her home and treat her so kindly just proved that.  Although gardening was not something she enjoyed herself, it was the least she could do to pay back the hospitality she had been shown.


It was a warm spring day in Limoges, and Amelie felt refreshed feeling the sun on her face, the cool breeze blowing a scent of jasmine that smelt so sweet. Outside the yard directly behind the house was bordered by the outhouse and some sheds with a high hedge in between. Mr.s Peron took her past the hedge to an area that opened up into a very large vegetable garden, it must have been at least a quarter of an acre in size.  It looked impressive.

Amelie looked around, but the vegetable garden looked in perfect condition. “I don’t see any weeds here, Madam,” she said.

Mrs. Peron laughed and then gestured her to follow. “No, no – Mr. Peron takes care of this and he’d kill me if I let you touch it. Heavens, he barely lets me near it. No, the place I want you to work is behind that hedge.” She pointed to the other side of the vegetable garden.

Sure enough another high hedge bordered the back of the vegetable garden, and as they walked through the opening they came into an area again about one-quarter of an acre in size filled with mostly with trees. Fruit trees and some olive trees too. Amelie could make out a large stone wall about ten feet tall at the very back of this area. Looking around, she also spotted a chicken coup and a pig pen with two big pigs inside it.

Growing wildly throughout the area were multitudes of horseweed, in big tall strands. “If you can pull out this horseweed for me, I’ll be very happy. It comes out easy enough, just pile it over by the back fence so Mr. Peron can burn it later. Is that OK?” the old woman asked.

“Yes, Madam,” Amelie answered, looking about.

“You’re such a sweet girl,” the old woman smiled at her. Then reaching into her pocket she pulled out a pair of leather gloves. “Wear these, I don’t want you getting blisters.”

Amelie took them and put them on and began pulling the weeds out.  They did come out fairly easily, but there looked like a hell of a lot of it back here.  Mrs. Peron watched for a while and then satisfied the young woman was going to be OK, left her to it.


Amelie decided the best thing to do is not to think about it, just do it; and by the time she had been called in for lunch she had cleared a third of the area of the weed.  After some left over stew from last night and bread, she went back out pulling the weed out again while Mr. Peron worked in his beloved vegetable patch next door.  He didn’t speak much she found, but he ruled the household that much was certain.

After another hour pulling the endless weed out, she felt something bump into the back of her legs and turned around to see Woofie standing there wagging his tail.

“Oh… you again,” she said to him, giving him a pat.

Woofie is a big dog. Now she could see him he looked like a cross between a Boxer and a Labrador, and probably something else too. Any wonder people didn’t like finding out he had sired the puppies of their dogs. He was hardly a pedigree.

As she scratched his neck he fell down and rolled over, lying on his back with his legs in the air indicating he wanted her to rub his belly.  Her eyes were immediately drawn to the large furry sheath that surrounded his doghood. As poking out of it was a rather outrageous display of red dog dick.

“You’re such a dog, Woofie,” Amelie said laughing, then scratching his belly to make his leg pump.

The more she rubbed his belly, the red dog dick poking out grew larger. Woofie lay looking up at her, his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth as he panted.

“What do you want from me?” she asked him.

The dog whined a bit.

“Haven’t you damaged my reputation enough last night?” she said to him, “… making me one of your many conquests?”

Amelie just didn’t understand the allure that was pulling at her.  What happened last night was something she promised herself would never happen again.  She was tired, her guard was down, and she was exposed.  So the dog took advantage of her. Some may say it even raped her. However this blatant display is more than just playfulness.  Woofie is showing her his dominance over her. He now considered her his bitch, nothing more and nothing less.

If this was a guy she’d slap his face and tell her father or brothers, who’d then would probably beat him up for good measure.  To show him that their Meelie was not a piece of meat.  This dog, however, had different ideas.

It whined again, looking up at her with its puppy dog eyes.

Suddenly, a deep voice yelled out from across the hedge. “Is Woofie bothering you, my dear?” Mr.. Peron said.

This is her chance. If she said ‘yes’, then Mr. Peron would come and take the dog away no doubt. If she said ‘no’, then Woofie would have a right to claim her. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she suddenly felt short of breath, almost dizzy.

“No, Mr. Peron. He’s just being friendly,” she called out.

“Very well, let me know if he’s a nuisance,” Mr. Peron called back.

“OK,” she replied.

Silence again fell on the grove, as her hand now started to rub Woofies big dog dick.  He liked it, and before long her hand was gliding up and down his big thick erection.  The dog’s penis looked strange to her.  Not like a man’s penis at all. It was thick, and red and whitish flesh, with veins that you could see clearly.  The head didn’t look helmet shaped at all, but looked odd.  It looked like the shaft just came to an abrupt end, with a little pointy bit of flesh peeking out from the end of it. It actually looked a bit wider at the head than at the shaft.

As she stroked it, it leaked lots of precum, and so she used it to lubricate her hand.  Woofie though needed more than just a hand-job it seemed, and so abruptly he stood up. His big doggy dick hung down looking angry and ready for action.  His nose pushed furtively in between her legs, knocking her down onto her back.

He wanted to get to her pussy, but her pants were in the way.  Without thinking, she undid them and pulled them down to her ankles.  Then she laid back for him opening her legs to accept his tongue.  He licked her wetness away, replacing it with his dog saliva.  It felt so good to her, and she wanted to moan loudly but Mr. Peron worked just behind the hedge, so she held it inside.

After about five minutes of licking she came hard, closing her eyes tight and clenching the grass to hold herself still as her body rocked.  Woofie stopped licking her, and was jumping about around her which told her he wanted to claim his bitch once more.  So Amelie rolled over onto her hands and knees, and presented herself for him like an obedient bitch.

Woofie was up on top of her in a flash, humping wildly at her for a moment until he finally found her pussy opening.  His penis slid right inside her with some force. Amelie clenched her teeth to stop herself making noise, but the feeling of him filling her so completely made her whole body quiver and go weak.

Woofie knew how to handle her.  He’s mated plenty of bitches before her, and this one is no different in his eyes to the others.  His thrusts were powerful and fast, unrelenting, as he ravaged her. Her body shook back and forth, her breasts wobbled under her shirt.  Orgasms rippled through her, some weak, and some earth shatteringly good.

Woofie was seeking his own release though, he didn’t care about her orgasms.  He just wanted to mate with her, and fill her with his dog seed.  The primal urge that motivates all creatures, is all that consumed him in that moment.

Lost in the sensations of sex, she didn’t feel until too late his huge knot slip inside her pussy. Stretching her even more, mixing pain with pleasure.  It came out and back in a few times, and just as she thought she better prevent him knotting her it was too late.  Woofie had buried his entire cock length, a good 9 inches, with knot, deep inside her pussy.

Her pussy walls clamped around it, encasing it and holding it in place.  There was no way the knot is coming out until Woofie is ready for it to come out.  Woofie suddenly settled down, and she felt his hot semen expanding her even more.  The pressure built to such a point where another orgasm shook her to the core.

After about five-minutes, Woofie jumped off her back and turned so he had his backside to hers.  His big engorged dog phallus was going nowhere though, as semen continued to pump inside her.  He walked along dragging her with him under a lemon tree where he lay down.  He panted in the most satisfied way, he was the master of all he surveyed and he knew it.

Mr. Peron called out to her. “Amelie, I’m going in for a drink. Do you want to come?”

She grimaced thinking Woofies dick isn’t going to let her go anywhere at the moment.  Her heart leapt in her chest at the thought of him coming back here and catching her.

“Ah, no thank you, monsieur. I wish to keep going for now.”

“That’s what I like to hear, a hard worker.  OK, I’ll bring some water out for you when I return,” he said warmly.

“Thank-you,” she called out.

When he returns, she thought wildly.  I hope Woofie is done with me by then.


Amelie and Woofie must have been tied together for about twenty minutes when she finally felt his knot noticeably shrink inside her. So she pulled herself away from him, and thankfully Woofies dick popped out of her, followed by what seemed like gallons of cum.  She squatted in the grass, and let it drain from her.  There seemed so much.

Woofie started licking his dick as soon as it was free of her, no doubt tasting her on it.  Peering through the hedge she seen Mr. Peron approach from the other side of the vegetable garden carrying a tin cup.  She had no time to waste now, and quickly she pulled her pants up, and began to pull out weeds away from where Woofie was lying.  Mr. Peron walked through the opening in the hedge and called out to her. She stopped in a mid-weed pull, and smiled at him.

“You’re doing a fine job here, Amelie,” he said handing her the cup with water in it.

“Oh I’m glad to just have something to do, Mr. Peron,” she said, then sipped the cool water.

Mr. Peron was looking around, then he noticed Woofie under a lemon tree licking his semi-hard dick. “Woofie, you old rascal,” he said amused. Then he turned back to Amelie and said, “I’m afraid Woofie isn’t much of gentleman around the women folk.”

She looked at Woofie and laughed. “Yes, Mrs. Peron was saying so last night.”

“I think this is his way of saying he likes you,” Mr. Peron said.  “I hope you’re not offended by his… ah, assertiveness?”

Amelie just shrugged, and continued to drink her water.


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