The Curse of Bitch Hollow

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The Curse of Bitch Hollow
The Curse of Bitch Hollow
Year: 2016
Jenny is a pretty college student studying law. One day when studying for exams gets too much for her, she decides to go for a refreshing walk in the park. When she’s there she buys a nice ice cream and sits on a park bench to eat it and enjoy the pretty surrounds. A black Labrador dog suddenly appears and begins to molest her. Jenny runs off only to be followed and she ends up in ‘Bitch Hollow’ where three dogs rape her.
Sheela B.
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“Oh God, when will it ever end?” the pretty blonde called Jenny said, pushing her books away from her with a deep scowl.

She looked out the dusty window of her dorm room to see the usual view of a dull brown brick wall.  The dull façade looked like it might absorb her into its utter boringness.  ‘Time for a break,’ Jen thought, extracting herself from her book and paper-laden desk.  Across the room, her reflection caught her attention on the grey wall.  Grey track pants, a white T-shirt, and her long blonde hair were messy.  She screwed her face at her reflection.

“Who said, ‘studying law is glamorous?’” she said, rolling her eyes.  Fishing through her backpack, she eventually found her phone and called her friend Monica.  “Hey, Mon, wassup?”

Monica’s tone soon indicated she felt the same study pressure Jenny did.  “Fuck, Jen.  I think my head is gonna explode,” she said.

Jenny laughed.  “If it does, I’ll sue the school for you.  Could be the making of my career.”

“You’re such a… Lawyer!”

“I’m going out for a break and some fresh air.  Care to join me?”

A pause.  Jenny knew the answer already, and she shook her head.  “Um, well, I don’t think I can, sorry.”

“I understand.  Who wants ice cream in the park when you can have eight inches of Dave’s cock instead?”


Jenny smiled. Monica always called her ‘Jennifer’ when she was shocked by something she’s done or said.  Jenny said, “If you get sick of all those orgasms, call me later, OK?”

Another pause.  Jenny knew Monica was weighing up whether it was worth scolding her for being so obvious about personal matters.  Eventually, she heard Monica sigh and say, “OK, I’ll see what happens.  Call you later, OK.”  The call ended.


It was a warm afternoon, so Jenny donned a nice summer dress, and a white wide-brimmed hat, grabbed her purse, and caught the bus to Ikeman’s Park.  She had known this park since she was a girl as her parents brought her here to play.  Ikeman’s Park is the jewel in the crown of the local community. It is considered one of the best public parks in the country.  Even brides go there to have photos taken.

Jenny bought an ice cream, and after admiring the nicely manicured lawns and sumptuous flower beds in full bloom, she sat on a park bench to watch the world go by.  Suddenly a friendly black Labrador dog came to her, wagging its tail in doggy happiness to see her.  She patted the Labrador, pausing to let it sniff her and looking for the owner absently.

The dog suddenly jumped at her, and its large, rather dirty paw knocked her ice cream into her lap.  To make matters worse, the dog stood on the frozen cream, squishing it in good, leaving a big brown patch of dirt and ice cream in her crotch area.  To Jenny’s horror, the dog began licking away at the mess, forcing its nose into her crotch.

As she struggled with the dog trying to get at the ice cream, she realized how strong the dog was. What’s worse, the Labrador’s attention is inadvertently stimulating her pussy.  Jenny felt a tingle in her pussy, and her clit grew hot as the dog licked.  A feeling came over her.  The dog seemed even more excited, sensing her reaction to its lapping.  Jenny struggled to get the dog’s muzzle out of her groin, and even though she felt a tingle of pleasure, she decided she was not that kind of girl, so it had to stop.

Bad dog.  Bad dog.  No.  NO.  Get off me,” Jenny screamed at the persistent dog.

Eventually, she managed to push the dog off her, but it seemed eager for more, so it was back in again in a few seconds.  After a minute further of the dog’s frantic attention, she finally got the dog away from her again, but this time rolled off the chair onto her feet.  As she did so, she could stop the dog with greater ease.

“You naughty boy.  Bad Dog!” Jenny said to the dog, who ignored her protests.

The dog tried to push itself into her several more times in excitement, and as it jumped, Jenny could see it had a raging red boner.

“Oh no, you don’t, you fucking crazy dog,” Jenny screamed and ran.

Across the grass, she fled and through some flower beds until she came to a wooded section.  The dog followed her, making her run harder.  She ran along the path for a while, and after looking behind her, she saw that the dog was finally gone.  So she stopped and looked at her beautiful dress ruined by what had happened.

“Oh, what a fuck up,” she said, panting as the ice cream stain was everywhere.

She spotted a tap in a small clearing and went to it.

“What a fucking mess,” Jenny complained again as she looked at the smeared chocolate ice cream all over her dress.

She turned the tap on but realized it was quite low, even for a short-ass as her, and it would be hard to clean the dress under the tap while she still wore it.

So, looking around and seeing no one, she slipped her dress over her head and washed the large stain under the tap.  She squatted there and realized that thanks to the dog licking, her panties were also wet with a mixture of dog saliva, ice cream, and naughty juices.  Once she finished with the dress, she hung it off a nearby branch and looked around again to see if anyone was nearby, but she was alone.  Then she slipped out of her panties and began to wash them, all the time looking about in case she was caught.

As she was scrubbing her bikini briefs under the tap, something suddenly knocked her from behind, and she fell onto the ground, getting covered in dirt.  She rolled over quickly in a panic only to see the black Labrador standing there, wagging its tail in happiness to see her.

“Oh, it’s you.  I might’ve known.  Haven’t you done enough to me for one day, you bad dog,” she said, her face turning bright red as she did.

The dog suddenly jumped, grabbed her damp dress from the tree in its jaws, and ran into the woods.

“Stop, you little shit,” Jenny yelled, jumping up and chasing it, leaving her panties behind.

She ran for a good ten minutes before she came to a hollow surrounded by tall pine trees.  This place had a strange, almost eerie feeling, making her tremble slightly.  The trees formed almost a perfect circle and seemed too close together to be good for them.  Branches interwove with each other, forming a high wall that opened to the blue sky above.

The light in the hollow is dim, the air cool, and the place completely silent.  Jenny spotted her dress on the path that exited the hollow on the opposite side.  Walking to her dress seemed difficult as if walking through water.  Every step seemed to take more and more effort.  It’s so quiet that not even birds or insects can be heard or seen.  By the time she reached her dress, she was breathing hard, as if she just ran a mile.  She stooped and grabbed her dress to find it smelled like dog piss.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Jenny said in almost a whisper.

Turning to leave back the way she came, she finds herself confronted by another dog.  A German shepherd looking at her with ears pricked.  Her face turned ashen at the sight, her hair lifting on her nape and arms,

Jamming her hands into her armpits to stop shaking, she said, “Good, doggy.  Nice doggy.”

The dog growled, baring sharp white teeth with foamy saliva dripping.  It lowers its head, the hairs on its back raised.  In this terrifying moment and place, Jenny strangely feels her pussy-lips begin to tingle and a flame growing inside her.  However, nothing touched her, and she could not understand why her body reacted like this.  The angry shepherd kept snarling at her as arousal grew within her.  A dribble of wetness ran down one of her thighs, and her clitoris began to throb.

The hollow grew even dimmer, if possible, despite the blue sky above the treetops.  Jenny’s mind went blank, and slowly she raised her arms above as if accepting some unseen hug.  Her wetness is now practically running down her legs, and her pussy feels on fire.  An unquenchable fire that made her writhe and thrust her hips in lustful agony.

The German shepherd suddenly walked toward and around her sniffing the air, its tail wagging slowly, and its anger abated.  Jenny could see the tip of its boner sticking out too.  It stopped before her and licked her wet pussy making her quiver in pleasure.  It’s as if she had no control over her body anymore, and she found herself getting on her hands and knees in the doggy position to offer herself to this handsome creature.

The German shepherd mounted her and started fucking her hard.  She could feel dog pre-cum gushing out of her.  The German shepherd fucked her for what seemed like an eternity, and she felt herself orgasm several times.  The dog drooled on her back as it sat on top of her, the alpha dog with its prize.  After a while, its cock plopped out of her, and the German shepherd walked across from her and sat, watching her.

Once the German shepherd was looking her in the eyes, another dog jumped her and rammed its cock deep inside her.  It was the black Labrador who started all of this.  It was fucking her furiously, making her moan as her instincts took hold.  Orgasms were ripping through her body as the black Labrador fed her its big dog cock.

After fucking her hard for a while and making her orgasm several times, the Labrador abruptly pulled its cock out of her and trotted over next to the German shepherd and lay next to it, watching her as well.  However, as soon as the Black Labrador was sitting, another dog mounted her, and she closed her eyes as this cock was enormous.  The new dog fucked her roughly, ramming its huge cock into her pussy, when again she felt her body shake in one of the most powerful orgasms ever.

After a while, she began to feel like the dog’s cock was getting bigger, and its knot was swelling inside her ravished pussy, stretching her wider, causing her pain mixed in with pleasure.  She was beginning to feel like she was about to burst in two, but thankfully as the dog’s cock got too large, it stopped fucking her.  Jenny knew it was ejaculating inside her.  Its hot sticky dog semen is hitting her cervix hard.  It felt like the dog was pissing inside her cunt.  The increased pressure on her full pussy set her off again, and she screamed in pleasure as her body convulsed with another powerful orgasm.

The big dog settled on her for a long time, waiting for its cock to deflate, and in that time, other dogs arrived at the hollow sniffing about her, waiting to take their turn.  Finally, the big dog pulled out, and she could feel its jizz gush out of her as it did.  Still, as soon as the dog was off her, other dogs, possibly three or four, were licking up the previous dog’s jizz from her pussy, making her squeal in pleasure.

She looked again to see what the dog had just fucked her, but only saw a dark outlines exit through the trees, followed by the black lab and then the German shepherd.  However, this place wasn’t done with her yet.  After ten minutes of feeling the exquisite pleasure of tongues licking her out, another animal mounted her.  Its cock slid inside her cunt, making her moan in pleasure.

This went on all night as dog after dog entered the hollow and fucked her.  They just kept coming.  All kinds of breeds and mixed breeds, from small toy dogs where she lay on her back for them so they could mount her to large enormous dogs whose big cocks stretched her wide and mixed pain with pleasure.  They fucked her cunt, and even her ass got fucked many times, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it as she seemed to have no control over herself.

Eventually, Jenny passed out in the hollow.


She woke early the next morning lying on a stretcher in a garden shed, feeling sore all over but especially sore in her pussy and ass.  Her legs were sticky with the jizz she had taken, and she was covered from head to toe in dirt.  An old man was standing at a workbench doing something when she stirred.

He turned and looked at her.  “Ah, you’re awake.  You had me worried I’d have to call the ambulance,” he said kindly.

“Why didn’t you call the ambulance?” Jenny asked, feeling dazed.

He shrugged and turned back to his work.  “Didn’t think you’d want the attention after what you’ve been through.”

“What happened to me?” she blurted, feeling events were hazy in her mind.

The old man turned and came beside her and sat.  “Do you want the world to know you were gang fucked by every dog in this city?  They were still doing you this morning when I found you.  I had to pull them off you.”

“How could it happen?  How could all those dogs do this to me?” Jenny asked, feeling numb inside as the memories came flooding into her conscience mind.  Memories of dogs fucking her, pissing on her, owning her.  She shivered.

“It’s that place.  It has a curse or evil to it,” the man said, scratching his white whiskers.  “You’re not the first girl to…  Well, the best thing you can do is go home and forget about it.  I’ve washed your dress.  It’s hanging over there.  You can wash off under the hose outside first.”

He stood and began to return to his workbench.  “What do you mean I’m not the first?” Jenny asked, tears welling in her eyes.

The old man turned and looked at her.  However, he quickly lowered his gaze because of Jenny’s desperate face.  “It’s known to some as ‘bitch hollow,’ and as you’ve found out, it’s a bad place for any woman to find herself.”

Jenny forced herself to her feet and said, “Mister, something there made me do it.  It would be best if you believed me.  I’d never let that happen to me in my right mind.”

He grimaced and swallowed hard, still not looking her in the eyes.  “I’m sorry to tell you this, Miss, but this won’t be the last time you fuck a dog.  It’s the ‘Curse of Bitch Hollow,’ and it turns you into a bitch in heat for any dog to have.  You better avoid dogs if you don’t want it to happen again.”

Jenny stood there frozen.  Her face was ashen.  “Any dog?”

“I don’t know how it works, Miss, but now you belong to them,” he said.

Suddenly he walked out of the shed in a hurry muttering to himself.  Jenny thought for a moment about what he said, not understanding, so she ran after him, but he was gone.  Nowhere to be seen.

Jenny cleaned herself with the hose and slipped on her dress, and walked home.  Her groin/anus ached as it had never done before.  God knows how many dog cocks she had last night if they were fucking her for twelve hours straight.  Maybe the whole dog population of the city!

All she craved now was a long hot bath.


Several weeks after Jenny had been to Bitch Hollow, the experience was still raw in her mind.  She had not been outside her dorm room as fear had gripped her about what the old man in the park told her about the curse.  The physical pain from her vagina and ass subsided as her body healed. The wear and tear of having all those dog cocks stuffed inside had taken its toll.  It took a week for the bleeding to stop, and a friend gave her some antibiotics that helped.

Her friends were worried about her sudden withdrawal from the world, but she just brushed it off as study pressure with exams starting soon.  However, she knew she needed to learn more about what had happened to her, meaning she had to talk to the old man again.  Returning to the park terrified her, but it was the only place she knew where to find him.  So early one morning, she set out for the work shed, hoping he’d be there.

Jenny made it to the shed without incident and poked her head through the open door.  The smell of stale grass and lawn mower fuel sharp inside the shed.  As her eyes adjusted to the darkness inside, she saw someone standing by the bench with his back to her.  She entered to find a man in his mid-twenties sharpening some mower blades.  Jenny cleared her throat loudly to get his attention, and he turned to sharply look at her with a pinched face.

He sneered at her and asked, “Yeah?  Whatya want, sunshine?”

Biting her lips, she tried to appear calm, although inside, she had a rolling feeling in her stomach.  “Um… Sorry to bother you,” Jenny said.  “I’m looking for someone who works here.  He helped me the other day, and I wanted to…err…thank him.  He’s an older man, about your height, with grey hair and a white beard.  Do you know him?”

“Hmm.  Sounds like old Fred,” he said with a downturned mouth, head tilting away.  “He’s supposed to be retired, but he keeps hanging around like a bad smell.”

“Have you seen him this morning?”  She added with gravitas, “I REALLY need to speak to him.”

The man scratched his head.  “To be honest, I haven’t seen him for a while.  Sorry, can’t help ya.”

He turned his back and turned on the grinder again, but Jenny persisted.  She walked to him and tapped his shoulder, which made him spin, lowering his chin to look down at her with cold eyes.

“Look, lady, I can’t help ya.  I haven’t seen him in weeks.  He could be dead for all I know,” he said, his cheeks flushing red.

Or care,’ Jenny thought.  “I need to contact him.  Do you know where he lives?  Could you give me his address?”

He shook his head with a frown and said, “It’s against the rules, sunshine.  I can’t give out his details.”

“Please, I need it.  I’ll pay you… Nobody needs to know,” she said, hoping he’d bite.

The guy looked her over, walked past her, and shut the door, locking them inside.  He returned and looked her over again with a sideways, oblique glance.  He said, “Tell you what, sunshine, I’ll give you the address if you give me a blowjob.”

Her eyes bulged, and she stepped back hurriedly.  “What?  No, you creep.”

The young man had already unclipped his overalls and had his flaccid penis hanging out.

“Come on.  I haven’t got all day.  If you wanna know where old Fred lives, then this…” he said, pointing to his soft cock.  “Has to go in your mouth and be sucked.  Oh, and you’ll swallow, too, every last drop.”

A tense silence hung in the air as Jenny hesitated, looking at his cock and the door to freedom.  However, her need to find the old man remained paramount, so she slowly knelt before the young man.  Jenny grabbed his cock in her hand and began stroking it, and once it grew semi-hard, her mouth slid over it.  His cock jerked as she tongued the head.  The blonde woman turned her head slightly and moved her lips along his shaft as if mouthing a harmonica.  When she reached the top, she licked the pre-cum off before resuming the silent song she was playing on her oral sex version of the blues.

The worker moaned, “Oh God…  That feels amazing.

She continued past the base of his hard-on.  Reaching her hand inside his overalls, she pulled out his balls and hummed as she sucked on them one at a time.  The vibrations sent shivers through him,

Oh fuck, you sure know how to suck cock, bitch,” the worker said.

His hands reached for her head, grabbed it, and began to fuck her mouth.  Jenny tasted traces of his previous night’s sex as she sucked on his shaft, the unmistakable tang of pussy.  The young worker began ramming his hard cock into her mouth, moaning loudly.

After several minutes of mouth fucking her, he yelled, “I’m gonna cum.”

Her mouth filled with the salty, slimy taste of semen, and as she swallowed it, he began to slow his pumping until he pulled his cock out.  After rubbing his wet cock all over her pretty face, he let her go and put his softening cock back in his overalls.

“Wow, you’re one little firecracker, for sure.  I’d love to sample that pussy, too,” the young guy said, indicating the stretcher near the door.

Jenny produced a white handkerchief and wiped her face.  “We had a deal, asshole.  Now give me Fred’s address.”

The man hesitated momentarily, wondering if it was worth pushing her for more sex.  He suddenly shrugged, went to a filing cabinet in the corner, and began rummaging in the top drawer.  He pulled out a card and handed it to her.  It reads, Fred Matthews, 42 West Street, Somtown.

She read the card and handed it back to the man.  Without saying anything, she left, looking for signs of anything canine in the area that might cause her problems.


Walking through some bushes, via a shortcut to get out of the park as quickly as she could, suddenly she felt something furry brush her leg.  She turned to see she was being followed by what looked like a Malamute/Husky-type dog.  Jenny went to shoo it away when her pussy began tingling unfamiliarly, and she could feel her panties getting wet as if she were peeing herself.

She stopped, and the dog immediately began sniffing her crotch, its tail wagging excitedly as it pushed its nose between her legs.  Jenny felt a weird disparity between her physical self and her mind as if watching what was happening to her from afar.  She sees herself undo her jeans and pull them down with her panties, all in one go.  The dog, now having access to her wet pussy begins licking it wildly, and Jenny opens her legs to give it full access.

The pleasure she feels is intense and unrelenting.  It didn’t seem long before one of the hardest orgasms she had ripped through her body.  The orgasm made her fall onto her hands and knees.  In a heartbeat, the Malamute had mounted her and pushed its red cock into pussy, making her gasp in ecstasy.  The dog thrust wildly, pushing its sizeable cock in as deep as it could as orgasm after earth-shattering orgasm wracked her little body.

The dog fucked her solid for fifteen minutes until its knot grew inside her stretching her as she never thought possible.  It seemed so big now as if the cock would split her in two.  She felt the dog’s hot jizz filling her womb, causing more orgasms to shake her and make her sweat all over.   The dog grew quiet while it lay on top of her, waiting for its seed to stop filling its bitch and its knot to shrink small enough so the dog could dismount.

Eventually, the Malamute pulled its thick cock out of her cunt, followed by a bucket load of dog jizz, which trickled down her legs.  She lay in the bushes for another ten minutes collecting herself after all the amazing orgasms she’d had, the best she’d ever experienced.  Finally, although feeling dizzy, she tried to stand but promptly fell to the ground again.  She got up again, grabbing a branch to steady herself and looking at the mess she was covered in.  Grabbing some leaves and grass, Jenny wiped herself as best she could, then pulled up her pants stained with dog semen.

She looked around, thinking she had better get out of there before another dog came by, as something told her the same thing would happen again.  She ran out of the park and flagged a taxi as quickly as possible, heading for the address she had been given.  During the drive, she stared out the window, ignoring the driver’s attempt at small talk, and wondered: ‘How did I let a dog do that to me?  More importantly, why the hell did it feel so fucking good?


After about fifteen minutes, she arrived at the address of Fred West and knocked on the door.  No one answered so she tried again.  Silence.  She could have sworn she heard the TV or something as she walked to the door.  Something seems fishy here, she thought.  So she decided to go round back to see if she could get in.  Jenny thought, ‘He might be hiding, so I need to take matters into my hands.’

A high fence with a locked gate protects the backyard.  A large wooden box leaned against the fence, so Jenny climbed onto it and levered herself over the fence.  Falling down the other side, she awkwardly hit the hard ground and twisted her ankle.  The blonde gingerly got to her feet, wiped the dirt off her jeans and blouse, and limped around the side of the house toward the back.  To her utter horror, as she rounded the back corner of the house, an enormous Great Dane confronted her, looking at her intensely.

“Oh fuck.  Nice doggy, good doggy,” Jenny said, trying to force calm into her voice and body language.

However, her pussy began to tingle like it did before the Malamute fucked her in the park.  ‘Oh crap,’ she thought, ‘not again.’  The dog came trotting over and immediately started sniffing her crotch through her jeans, circling her, and smelling her ass.  Jenny felt her wetness again and was amazed that after the thorough fucking she had just gotten in the park, she seemed ready to go again.  The Great Dane began licking at her jeans and playfully bumping her.  She could see its cock growing bigger and bigger before her eyes.  ‘Look at his cock,’ she thought in awe.  ‘I’ve never seen one so big.’

Jenny began to feel as if her body was being controlled by something else again, as before in the park, and in a moment, she had her jeans and panties down at her ankles.  The huge course tongue of the dog furiously lapped her pussy juices as quickly as she made them.  The feeling was intense and pleasurable as the dog ravished her with its tongue.  However, this dog wanted more and kept trying to bump her to assume the position to accept its dog cock inside her.

She went down on her hands and knees, and the Great Dane came around to her front to show off its huge red dog cock to her before it pummelled her pussy.  She reached under and grabbed the dog, putting the cock into her mouth.  Dog cock tasted so different from human cock, and she did gag quite a bit, but she seemed to enjoy it just the same.

The Great Dane eventually pulled itself away as it wanted to fuck her so badly, and in a heartbeat, had mounted her from behind and slid its cock into her very wet cunt.  Its cock was fucking huge as the dog humped her wildly. She could feel the dog’s pre-cum drip from her clit.  ‘Or is it my pre-cum?’ she wondered lustfully.  It felt good as the big dog fucked her.  She closed her eyes as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her, making her shriek and moan loudly as her muscles clamped down hard on the huge cock.  The dog’s cock began to swell into the knot at its base, settling down on her.  The Great Dane’s knot was so huge that it caused her enormous pain, but the orgasms continued too.  The pressure of the dog’s semen spurting inside her made her orgasm several more times.

After many minutes of having jizz pump into her, the dog suddenly jumped off her back, twisting its cock so they were butt to butt.  The dog’s huge knot, unable to slip out of her still. The animal walked toward the fence to a spot under a tree dragging her with it.  She scrambled to keep up with it, crawling backward.  This made the dog’s cock begin to rub against her pussy, and before long, Jenny orgasmed another time.  The dog sat, and so did she, and in this tied state, she fell asleep, wondering where the hell old Fred West was.


“Wake up.  Wake up,” an older male voice yelled, and a foot prodded her side.

Jenny opened her eyes to see old Fred standing over her with a huge look of concern on his face.  She sat up, realizing her nakedness from the waist down and looking for the Great Dane who had ravaged her like no other had ever done.  The Great Dane sat across the yard, chained to its kennel, chewing on her pink panties, a partial boner obvious.  Her jeans were across the yard, too, in pieces.

Finally, coming to her senses, she said, “Fred, thank God I found you!”

Fred looked at her sticky pussy, and said with a smirk, “Miss, we gotta stop meeting like this.  What the fuck are you doing here?”

“I need to talk to you about…” she gestured to herself and the Great Dane, “THIS.  You’re the only person who knows anything about what’s happening to me.”

Jenny climbed to her feet with Fred’s help.  Once she stood, he said, “So you think fucking Roller here is a way to win me over?”

He looked at the panties and jeans, seeing they were beyond any help.  ‘Roller likes the taste of her pussy, that’s for sure,’ he thought.

“I have no control over what happens. You know that.  If I had known Roller was here, I wouldn’t have jumped the fence,” Jenny said, her eyes welling with tears.

“Then again, if you had known Roller was here, maybe you would jump the fence,” Fred said harshly.

Jenny blushed.  “Please, help me, Fred.”

“OK, better get inside, in case Roller may want to go again,” Fred said, opening the door to his home, and she entered with him, looking at her sweet ass as she walked in half naked to his home.

Dang, that’s such a nice ass,’ he thought, feeling his cock stir in his pants as he followed her.



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