Mia Culpa!

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Mia Culpa!
Mia Culpa!
Year: 2016
Trying to take a nap on a hot day proves difficult for Mia as she keeps getting interrupted by everyone and everything wanting to have sex with her—including the dogs.
Moe Lester
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Alan and Mia arrive at a friends’ house, really looking forward to their visit with Chloe and Sam on French Island.  However, the boat trip is always long and, today, it’s particularly hot as well.

Chloe’s a gorgeous lady in anyone’s language, and she greets them on the pier. Sam is off somewhere so he isn’t present. The welcome they get is warm, and friendly, especially from Buster and Rachel, Chloe’s pet dogs, a German shepherd dog, and a cute Basset hound bitch.

Chloe shoos them away and invites us into her home, a cozy Hampton’s style affair.

“Come in, I’ll fix us some drinks.”

“We’ll have soda,” Mia said, as Alan has had a few too many beers on the trip here.

They sat and chatted for a half hour or so before Chloe offers to go find Sam.  Alan said he’ll go with her, but Mia declines as she wants a shower and the chance to lie down.  The island is big; they’ll be gone a long time, Mia thinks.

Mia waves them goodbye and heads to the guest room.  As she strips her grimy clothes off, Rachel (the Basset Hound bitch) hops on the bed and makes herself at home.

“I’ll contend with you later,” Mia said, rolling her eyes.

Her period always makes her grouchy, and horny, but the latter will have to wait.

The warm shower is wonderful. She stays in for more than ten minutes letting her aches, pains and sweat wash off her body.  Mia loves showers, because she loves the feeling of tiny fingers caressing her body.  She loves her hand caressing her body all over, too.  She loves an even larger, rough hand, such as Alan’s, all over her body.  However, lately he seems more intent on doing ‘his thing’ and letting her fend for herself.  Fortunately, ‘his thing’ in bed is still pretty good.

A shiver of delight runs through her body thinking of the other night when they fucked up a storm after great porn movie she got at the video store.  He even saved some for her anus this time, something he hasn’t done for a long while.  She’s just sorry she has to be the one to initiate it each time. Mia even has to get the videos, and a frustration is growing with her relationship with her husband.

Finally feeling relaxed after her shower, a brisk rub with one of Chloe’s luxurious towels almost gets her in the mood for more than a nap, yet Alan won’t be back for an hour or so.

“Maybe I’ll just get myself off before I go to sleep.  I’ll blame my period,” she said to herself.

Mia found the bed occupied by Rachel the dog, but a quick jerk of her collar convinces the animal to scoot over.  Rachel rests her head on the bed and whines softly, but Mia’s way off in another world by then.  Her legs are flung wide open, her hands caressing every contour of her body.  It’s a delicious body and she loves it dearly, just as Alan does.  It’s nice to know though she’s had two kids, and pushing forty that she’s still desirable.

One of the guys at work, a nerdy sort, was constantly telling her how beautiful she is.  At first she thought it’s just a line and he was trying to seduce her, until Mia finally became convinced he’s really in love with her, and he really thought she’s beautiful and wonderful.   Although Mia’s flirted with him a few times and even fantasized more than she should about him, she’s still been faithful to Alan.  However, it’s been tempting and it’s nice to think she’s still attractive to other men.  Mia feels good about herself and she treats herself accordingly.

All these things flash through her mind as her body gradually softens in her hands and approaches the wonderful pinnacle she so longs for, she likes to cum.  Although Mia loves fucking, it’s really the orgasm at the end that makes it worthwhile.  She doesn’t mind getting a man’s ‘rocks off’, as long as he does the same for her.  His cum is nice too, but not mandatory.

For some reason as Mia gradually approaches, then backs away, the guy at work keeps entering her head.  He used to write porn stories for her, some weren’t too bad either, and she wished she had one now.  This guy has an animal fetish, as several are about animals fucking women, fucking her in particular, and she wonders what it’d be like.  A loud crash abruptly echoes through the room, and it triggers her climax.

Ooh, ah, oh,” she moans.

It’s a few moments before Mia realizes she’s heard the noise, so absorbed in finger-fucking herself.

Mia calls out, “Who’s there?”

Raising her head, she sees Rachel sprawled on the floor, and thinks: She must’ve fallen off the bed, stupid mutt.

Rachel scrambles to her feet, shaking her wobbly body and big ears and Mia laughs.

“Oh, alright, you ‘mutt’, get up here,” she said as she helped the dog onto the bed.  “There’s enough room for two ladies up here, just don’t crowd me.  OK?”

It’s too warm for covers, so Mia lay back still naked, intending to take a catnap.  Her mind slowly wanders back to some of her better sexual exploits, and she remembers there was this guy, he wasn’t good looking, however, he was big, blond, buff, and young.

She remembered he was so nervous the first time he tried to put it in, he prematurely ejaculated all over her, apologized, and started crying.  She remembered pushing his tear-stained face toward her twat, holding him there until he started eating her.  His tongue is all slobbery and soft and felt so good, especially when he tried to slip it inside her pussy.  He wasn’t a good fuck, came too quickly, but he was great at giving head.

The image of this guy is so vivid in her mind, Mia can almost feel him doing it to her again.  In her daydream, she reaches to guide his head, and is startled to find Rachel there already.

She screams and jumps, throwing the dog off the bed again.  Gross, she thinks twisting her face. Ew, I had a dog licking my cunt.  Now, I need ‘another’ shower.

Mia knew dogs are attracted to blood, and here she is, in heat herself.  She didn’t know female dogs were into cunnilingus, though.  Before Mia got into the shower, she had a chance to think about it, and calm a little.

It sure felt good, and I’m no prude, she thought.  So why not?

She went back to the bedroom where Rachel is back on the bed.

“Is this what you want, girl, to eat a little pussy, huh?” Mia said in a baby voice.  “Good dog. How’d you like to take care of ol’ Auntie Mia?”

She got her back on the bed and crawled behind her.  It didn’t take much to lead her back to her crotch.  Mia didn’t know whether it’s her pussy secretions from masturbating previously, or her period blood attracting Rachel to her cunt, she didn’t care anymore.  The dog’s cold nose sends a shock through her, and causes her to recoil, but her warm, wet tongue soon slithers out and causes another kind of shockwave to ripple through her.  A moment later, Mia squeals and raises her hips slightly as the dog has stuck its long tongue right into her wet cunt.

“Go for it, Rachel.  Just don’t forget my clit.”

But the dog has no interest in Mia’s clit.  She tries to get the dog to lick it, but Rachel’s tongue is too coarse for the sensitive organ, inflamed as it is.  So Mia gave up, and let her go back to her cunt while she played joyfully with her clit using her fingers.  Mia’s in heaven.  No man had ever done her like this.  The dog’s tongue is so long; it feels like it’s going all the way to her cervix.  Mia’s eyes bulge, as she starts to cum.  She shakes, pants, and squeals for several minutes.  She could continue for hours like this, except she notices they have a visitor.


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