Bad Teacher

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Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher
Year: 2016
Lisa Morrison can feel her shirt cling to the perspiration on her breasts and when she glances down, she can see it’s already becoming see-through. She hopes she looks irresistible. Her long black hair is hanging in a single ponytail, and her large, firm tits are practically bursting out of a shirt much too small for her. She’s a teacher, and she’s BAD!
Moe Lester
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Lisa Morrison can feel her shirt cling to the perspiration on her breasts and when she glances down, she can see it’s already becoming see-through.  She hopes she looks irresistible. Her long black hair is hanging in a single ponytail, and her large, firm tits are practically bursting out of a shirt much too small for her.  Lisa’s plaid skirt barely came to the bottom of her high, firm ass, and her white nylon thigh-highs and black leather heels.  She had ordered her outfit online.

Lifting the trunk lid, she takes out a backpack and stool.  The stool isn’t your average stool, it’s an S&M product, all black and made of aluminum so it’s strong, but light.  The seat is square and padded, the legs are short, not much more than a foot long, and there’s a manacle chained to the bottom of each leg.

She put her keys into the backpack and happily tosses it over one shoulder and carries the stool off into the trees with her, walking for a ways keeping an eye out for any hikers.  Lisa didn’t want to be seen until she’s ready.  Once she’d found a large tree she feels will offer her good shade for the rest of the afternoon, she places her stool on the ground and sat.  Putting her backpack in her lap and opening it, inside is a blindfold, gag, water bottle, sign, and her car keys.

Lisa checks once more to be sure the key to the manacles is on her key ring, and put them into her front pocket where she can get to them easily. She then put the water bottle on the ground in front of the stool.  Next, she opens the sign and hung it from one of the tree branches in front of the stool. The sign reads: Please fuck me like the dirty whore I am.

In the bottom right corner is a Polaroid photo of her making the sign with a big smile on her face so anyone who reads it’ll know she means it.   She took out the ball gag and straps it in place, and now all she can manage is a high-pitch hum if she tries really hard.  Then she took out the blindfold and closes the backpack, carrying both a ways and hiding the backpack in a bush.  Even manacled to the stool, she’ll still be able to manage to crab walk the short distance to get to the keys.

The important thing is she can’t get herself out of her predicament in a hurry, leaving her at the mercy of whoever finds her.  Lisa hopes it’ll not be any goody-two-shoes who tries to help her.  She then carries the blindfold back to the stool and kneels in front of it, placing a knee next to each leg, and securing a manacle to each of her legs just above the knee.

Lisa bends over the stool putting her lower abdomen and upper pelvis on the cushion.  She can feel her tits trying to squeeze through the top of her shirt, and makes sure her water bottle is within easy reach of her mouth should she get thirsty.  Lisa just wants to get the fucking of her life, she didn’t want to die of thirst.  Then she places the blindfold securely on and finishes by securing each of her arms to the other two legs of the stool.

She’s now bound in the predicament she’s created.  Taking a couple of deep breaths, she fantasizes about what’ll happen next.

A male voice says behind her after a while, “This has to be the most amazing thing I’ve seen.”

Her breath caught in her throat, the voice can’t have come from more than a fifty yards behind her, and her mind races trying to figure how someone managed to sneak up on her.

“I was sitting here enjoying a nice lunch with Rocky, when I heard you walk-up,” the male said.  “I was going to call out to you, then I saw you aren’t dressed for a hike.  So I decided, to wait and see what you’re up to first, now I’m glad I did.”

The voice sounded familiar, and young.  He sounds as though maybe a senior student at her school with a friend named Rocky.

Crap, I was hoping I’d avoid seeing any of my students out here, she thought.  Maybe I had better call it quits.

Lisa can hear the ground crunching under feet as he approaches her, and she holds her breath as she listens to him speak.  His voice is low and sexy.

“Let’s see here.  The sign says, ‘Please fuck me like the dirty whore I am’.  Well, I don’t mind if I do.”

Her whole body tenses as she hears him kneel next to her.  He then grabs one of her tits and squeezes it roughly through the fabric of her shirt.  He tore the top of her shirt open, freeing her breasts.  They’re soaked in sweat now and she can feel her nipples instantly start to harden in the breeze, while her heart starts hammering in her chest.

He softly caresses a teat, and suddenly pinches one of her nipples hard, she didn’t expect it and her body jerked. Still holding on to her nipple he yanks her tit around painfully and she wants to scream, however, the ball gag in her mouth prevents it.  Relief washes over her when he lets go of her nipple, it still aches, but it isn’t nearly as bad as when he was pinching it.  Her relief didn’t last long, however, as she heard the gravel crunching under his feet as he turns toward her bare ass, and her pussy suddenly feels exposed.

He reaches back and caresses her ass, his hands feel rough against the smooth skin of her ass as he rubs each cheek.  Reaching between her cheeks, he delicately traces the lips of her pussy with a fingertip.  This is more like it, she thinks. So he’s a little rough.  After all, a good fucking is what I came here for.

The male calls, “Rocky.  Rocky.”

Her heart leaps at hearing him yell so suddenly.  At first she hears nothing, then far in the distance she can hear some brush breaking as if someone is running in her direction.  Lisa’s mind races as she listens, the sound of Rocky running toward her through the brush sounds somehow wrong the closer he gets.  It suddenly hit her why when he reaches the clearing.

Rocky is a dog, a big one too, by the sounds of him.

This is when she became afraid, she wanted to believe she didn’t know why he’s calling his dog, yet deep inside she knew.

Rocky wastes no time when he reaches her, his nose goes instantly to her pussy.  Her whole body jerks when she feels the coldness of his nose against her hot anus, as air noisily passes her bare cheeks into his nose.

No. No.” Lisa mumbles, but all that came out is a high-pitched hum.

Rocky must have smelt how wet she is because he instantly licks her exposed pussy.  She squirms and wiggles her ass trying to get him away from her pussy, still his nose remains firmly planted against her anus and he keeps licking.  If anything, it only made him more persistent.

The mystery man chuckles and said, “I think Rocky likes you.”

His tongue is much stronger than any man’s she’s ever felt.  He easily spread her outer lips and she can feel his tongue diving deeper, and deeper, into her pussy.  The feel of its roughness is nasty as it wriggles inside her pussy.  She sobs noiselessly around her ball gag, and her body sags as she gave-in to the hopelessness of her situation.  When she feels his tongue accidentally dance across her clit, her pussy tightens involuntarily.  Rocky must’ve sensed this change in her, and he dove in with vengeance.  His tongue lapped her cunt relentlessly, but now his tongue ran across her clit each time as he forced it inside her.  She tries not to believe what’s happening, though her body is reacting as nature intended.

However she tries to tell herself otherwise, what Rocky is doing to her feels good. Damn good.  Her ragged breathing starts getting into a rhythm and it sickens her to feel herself pushing her ass out even further, trying to open herself more for him.  She starts to rotate her hips and pelvis as she feels herself nearing orgasm.  The whole while, Rocky remains glued to her cunt, his tongue still feverishly lapping her making lurid ‘wet’ noises.

Ha.  I see you’re starting to like it, Ms. Morrison, you dirty whore.”

Lisa decides, she hates him for what he’s letting his dog do to her, yet simultaneously, she can’t stop herself from liking it, too. The male, a student from her school, pats her on the back.

Come on, Rocky.”

Rocky’s tongue leaves her pussy, and while her mind feels relieved, her pussy screams in frustration at the loss of the wonderful sensation.  Suddenly, she feels the full weight of Rocky on her back.

Damn this dog must be huge, she thinks, gasping around her gag.

His powerful front legs wrap around her waist and she can feel what must be his dog-cock poking at her thighs, trying to find her entrance.  Her mind cringes at what’s about to happen, while her pussy aches to be filled.   She’s starting to revel in the debasement, though, and realizes this is what she’d come here for.  Lisa wants to be used and debased, she wants to be fucked as a piece of meat, and this is what Rocky is about to do.  Lisa hates her situation now. Though mostly she hates this student (whomever he is) for what he’s allowing his dog to do to her, and for taking such enjoyment in humiliating her.

Rocky hunches forward a little closer and now she can feel his cock stabbing around the entrance to her pussy.  She wiggles her ass around trying to evade his cock, her pussy, on the other hand, is so wet she can feel her juices running down the inside of her thighs.  Rocky’s cock is sliding in her pussy lube across her cunt lips as it searches for the entrance to her cunt, and she prays he’ll get bored soon if he can’t find it.

Suddenly, it pushes past her pussy lips and enters her cunt, she tries to scream again, yet only a garbled noise is heard.  His cock is huge, nine inches long and as thick as the blunt end of a baseball bat.  When Rocky feels his cock slide into her warm, wet pussy he thrusts in one powerful motion and fills her aching cunt.  Once he knew her depth Rocky thrusts his dick into her at a pace she’s never experienced in her life, and she can feel his cock slamming into her cervix.

Lisa has never had a dick as large as this before, and it feels like his cock is slicing all the way through her abdomen.  Her pussy is stretched wide around its girth exposing her clit and leaving it bare to rub along the length of his hot cock.  Everything is wiped from her mind as she feels herself again building to an incredible orgasm.  Lisa pushes back into his thrusts, trying to get more of him inside her, and she can feel the knot swelling at its base.  Rocky’s owner is laughing beside her, though she’s only dimly aware of it now.  Somewhere in the back of her mind she’s knows what the knot means as she’s seen dogs get stuck together before.  However, the persistent feel of his huge cock (or his knot) is like a metronome as it bounces against her clit, each thrust harder than the last, making her feel such a whore.

The speed and power of his thrusts builds as he relentlessly fucks her tortured pussy until she finally feels his knot force its way into her pussy.  The feeling is incredible, it hurts worse than anything she’s known, yet simultaneously she’s overwhelmed by its size.  Her whole body convulses as if a large earthquake has taken her to the greatest orgasm of her life.

Her pussy clamps tight around Rocky’s cock, and with this, Rocky’s knot swells to a size she hadn’t thought possible.  Suddenly, he spews his cum deep into her pussy, and her orgasm continued for what seemed forever as she feels his hot cum jetting against her cervix.  Lisa has never felt so much cum before, it’s as if a gallon of cum has been pumped into her body.  Rocky’s cock is packed so tightly into her pussy it allows none of it to escape.

Rocky slowly stops thrusting until he just stands there as he fills her.  His new bitch, and this is what she is.  Lisa sobs uncontrollably at what she’s done, and she’s suddenly aware of her audience again.  Rocky tugs at her as he tries to dismount, the pulling his giant knot against the inside of her pussy feels as if it’s going to tear her apart.  He steps to the side of her and turns around, and somehow they end butt-to-butt with his cock still locked deep inside her cunt.

Damn, that’s hot.  I’ve only ever seen this shit online in crappy videos, this is so cool,” the student says.

Lisa heard a metallic click, and feels the mystery student cut her shirt off with what must have been a knife.  When he finishes with her shirt, he cut of her skirt too.  Now she’s naked except her thigh-highs, and he runs his hands along her sweaty body.

“Your body is amazing.  You don’t know how many times I’ve watched you at school and wanted to fuck you.  God, I’ve jerked-off so many times thinking of you,” he said as he squeezed her tits.  “Now here you are, giving it away free, what a day.”

His hand slides along her back and cups an ass cheek.  “I get to fuck you now, it’s like a dream.  But since Rocky’s still using your pussy, I think I’ll fuck your ass.”

What? My ass.  I’ve never had anal sex before, she thinks with bulging eyes.

Lisa likes being fucked, not hurt.  This area is already stretched to capacity by Rocky’s huge cock and knot, and she hopes there’s no way the mystery student can put anything in her ass.

Besides, how is he going to fuck me with Rocky in the way, she wonders?

She hears the ground crunching once more as steps over Rocky.  He spits, and his wet fingers roughly rub saliva around her anus.  Suddenly he jams his thumb into her asshole and crudely works it in and out, and it feels strange as his thumb works itself around in her anus.  The dick in her pussy made the membrane separating her pussy from her colon extra sensitive, as if a million nerves are responding to his crude exploration.

He shifts around and with some painful pulling from Rocky’s knot as he’s shifts Lisa hears his zipper opening and feels what must have been the head of his dick rubbing against her wet anus.  She cringes and her body tenses as she waits for his entry, then he pushes into her making her scream around her gag.  Lisa wants it to stop.  It hurts badly, then his glans went inside her ass with a pop and he pushes his length into her.  The pain is almost unbearable.  The feeling of Rocky entering her was nothing compared to this.

The mystery student slowly thrusts into her, with each push she sucks in a breath of air trying to control the pain, and with each pull she blows it back out with relief.  Crying has started her nose running, and she can feel it running down her face, as she’s aware of everything now.  The feeling of his cock moving in her anus reminds of passing a really large shit stretching her to the point of pain.  His legs are rubbing against the outside of her with each determined thrust.

The thin membrane and all those sensitive nerves sandwiched between Rocky’s and the students’ cocks send quivers of electricity through her body.  Rocky’s knot slowly works, back and forth, against her g-spot as her body moves, and Lisa’s never had an orgasm due to stimulation of her g-spot.

The student fucking her ass has no idea yet what a g-spot even is, and despite the pain in her ass, the feel of Rocky’s knot working her g-spot arouses her considerably.  Slowly, her ass loosens as the mystery student continues to work his dick in her.  He works it deeper with each thrust, and now he too feels strangely good.

A low moan escapes her as a hum around her ball gag as she gets into this fucking again, no longer caring, she’s being fucked by a dog, and its owner who happens to be a student at her school.  All she cares about is how it feels.  Mystery student picks up his pace and she feels her tits swaying back and forth.  The pressure from Rocky’s knot against her g-spot grows and she feels herself building toward another orgasm.  She jerks her body back into mystery student’s thrusts, and hears him moan in ecstasy.  His hands run along her back and her sides.

How good is it to be exposed in the bright sunlight, and to have someone looking at her and appreciating the look of her body as much as he enjoys the feel of it?  He grips her by the hips and pulls her into his thrusts, and she pushes harder.

Yes.  Yes.  Yes,” he moans, as he pounds her ass harder and harder.

As he plunges his dick into her ass harder, Rocky’s knot works her g-spot too.  Mystery student grabs her by her hair and pulls her head back as he slaps her ass with his other hand.

Yes, I’m a dirty whore, she thinks.

Lisa knew it with conviction, and she liked it.

Fuck me.  Fuck me, she thought as he rams his dick into her ass.

Her body spasms with waves, after wave, of convulsions as her orgasm slams through her, and her mind screams: Yes, Yes, Yes, together with the student’s chanting as she feels him cumming in her ass.  He collapses on her back and his chest heaves against her.

The student slowly pulls out and she exhales with the release of the pressure in her ass.  She hears his zipper closing and the ground crunching again as he steps off her.  With the loss of pressure in her ass, she feels the swelling of Rocky’s knot decreasing.  After several more minutes, he pulls out with an audible pop, and she can sense his cum combines with the student’s dribble out of her and run down her legs to form a puddle between her knees.

“I’m done with you today, but don’t think I’m finished with you.  I’ll see you at school on Monday.”

Lisa listens to him walk away as he whistles for Rocky to follow him.

She lay still for a few minutes as her heartbeat slows, and she tries to get control of her breathing.  When she calms, she lowers her head and takes the drink bottle into her mouth, taking a deep drink of cool water.


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