Training Lizzy

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Training Lizzy
Training Lizzy
Year: 2016
Can Kathy turn this boring housewife into a nymphomaniac, ready to have sex with any man, woman, or dog.
Moe Lester
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Elizabeth Clarke’s beautifully sculpted face turns into a scowl as her car coughs again, sputtered, and died.

“Damn it.”

She looks at the gas gauge for the tenth time, it registers the same three-quarters of a tank, so she pumps the pedal and turns the key in the ignition.  The motor whines, yet refuses to start.

“Fuck,” Elizabeth mutters, giving up.  She opens the door and climbs out, glancing around.  “Shit, why did I listen to Fred, and take this stupid shortcut,” she said to the wind as it tousled her thick red-hair.

Grabbing her phone, there’s no bars on the screen, no reception, making her sigh deeply.  As she stands beside her car, her eyes scan the picturesque farmland until she spots a large house about a quarter of a mile down the road.

“It’s the last time I listen to you, Fred,” she said with a sneer, as if he’s present.

With a rumpled brow and high-chin, exposing her neck, she trudges to the house.  After a phone call, I’ll be on my way again, she thinks.  They should have a landline.

She stumbles toward the house, her high heels catching in the pebbles and potholes.  Walking uneasily up the narrow path to the house, she groans, her well-rounded ass swinging in tight-fitting designer jeans.  Reaching the crest of the path, her soft tits rise and fall beneath her sweater as she catches her breath.  Knocking on a large old-fashioned door, she relaxes.  Things could be worse, it could be night, and this Godforsaken house could’ve been ten miles away, she thinks.  The door creaks open.

A tall statuesque blonde appears, her voice deep and sultry asks, “Yes?”

Her wide blue eyes quickly take inventory of Elizabeth’s lush, petite figure.  Elizabeth catches the glancing evaluation and immediately senses the erotic aura surrounded the tall blonde. “Hi, my car broke down,” Elizabeth said with a slanted smile.  “Can I use your phone to call my roadside repair service, my phone doesn’t work out here?”

The blonde’s exquisite features break into a smile, a sizzling grin reeking of sex.

“Come in, the phone’s over on the table,” she said, pointing into the hallway of her home.

The tall blonde stands aside, allowing Elizabeth to enter.  She stares at Elizabeth’s delicious swinging ass encased in the skintight jeans.  Her tongue slides across her full lips, her body tenses as if a large cat ready to pounce on an unsuspecting sparrow.  Elizabeth feels the woman’s eyes on her, it makes her shudder, as she picks up the phone and dials information.  Her green eyes sweep over the luscious blonde as she taps the button.

“Your phone’s dead,” she tells her, swearing to herself it isn’t her day.


The blonde’s eyebrows arch, her long graceful legs bringing her to the phone.  She listens intently, taps the button a few times, and shrugs.

“You’re right,” the blonde said.

She taps the button a few more times, still listening as she holds the phone to her ear.  Elizabeth is a full head shorter than the blonde woman.  Her sparkling green eyes follow the curve of the elegant blonde’s neck, over her huge melon tits, to her slim waist, and stopping as her waist flares out into full, voluptuous hips.  The woman’s sexual aura is overpowering and Elizabeth steps back, quieting the tremor in her stomach.  The blonde turns slightly.

“I’m awfully sorry.  I don’t know what to suggest,” she said with a shrug.

Her exquisitely toned voice, everything about her, suggested only one thing, sex, pure animal lust.  Elizabeth sees it in her deep-blue eyes, across her full mouth, and exude from every pore of her well-proportioned body.  She’s also aware of the blonde’s obvious leer, feeling as if the blonde is mentally undressing her, a powerful sensation.

“If you can drive me into town, maybe?  I know it’s an imposition, but I’d be willing to pay you for your trouble,” Elizabeth said.

The blonde lays her hand on Elizabeth’s slender arm, the contact is charged with electricity.

“My brother is out,” the statuesque woman said casually.  “I’m sure when he returns, he’ll be glad to take you into town.” Her face glows with animal magnetism, her strong features radiant.  “Maybe he can fix your car himself?”

“I can’t—” Elizabeth said, then thought better of it.  Her face brightened. “Sure, that’s kind of you.”

“Good,” the blonde said.  “We can have a drink and get acquainted while we wait.”  She turns and her clinging silk dress licks her knees as she strides elegantly into the living room.  Her well-proportioned body turns to Elizabeth.  “I have just the thing to help you relax.”

Her blonde hair is like spun-gold, caressing her face.  Mesmerized, Elizabeth follows, she’s glad Fred isn’t here as he would be drooling.  This intoxicating woman appears to be exactly what Fred likes.  She’s the sexiest female Elizabeth’s met, not just sexy, blatantly provocative without trying, with a touch of danger thrown in to make the juices flow.  Elizabeth bites her lip, forcing back the thoughts from her mind.  She blushes, her cheeks burning as the blonde turns, catching Elizabeth’s gaze.  The same sultry smile came to the blonde’s lips, revealing a hint of pearl-white teeth.

“Since we’ll be together, I think it’d be nice if we know each other’s name.”

Her sensual body floats as she goes behind the bar, her long, graceful fingers bringing out two tall glasses.  She moves with total ease.

“I’m Kathy,” she said, dropping ice cubes into the glasses and her eyebrows rise expectantly.

“I’m Elizabeth.  My friends call me ‘Lizzy’.”

Lizzy surprisingly feels her breath shorten, and her heart skipping.  Kathy splashes scotch over the ice in liberal amounts, and carrying the drinks to the coffee table, handing one to Lizzy.

“This’ll warm you up.”

“Yes, it’s cool outside,” Lizzy said, then sipped the potent drink slowly.  “Mmm, what a coincidence.  My favorite scotch served the way I like it, over the rocks.”

Kathy sits on the large velvet armchair and motions Lizzy to the couch opposite her.

“Sit, relax.”  Kathy crosses her long sensuous legs, the silk dress glides effortlessly up her thigh.  “Eric, my brother, will be a while.  I hope you don’t mind.”

The husky note in her voice is heavy.  Her long fingers, the nails dabbed in a bright-red, curl around her glass of scotch.  Her other hand toys with one of the buttons of her dress.  Lizzy settles into the soft, luxurious comforts of the couch, draining the scotch almost to the end, before realizing she’d done so.

“God, I needed that.”

Lizzy’s gaze reverts to the button of Kathy’s dress for the third time, watching the long painted fingers playing with it. She thought again of Fred, and is again, glad he isn’t here.  This woman is dynamite, she thinks, feeling her pussy moisten.

“You’re beautiful,” Kathy said abruptly, her voice heavy, laced with sex.  “Eric will be happy to help.”

Lizzy feels a twinge of discomfort, she forces a smile anyway, suspicious about what she might have to do for the help.

I’m married,” she tells the blonde woman plainly, setting her empty glass on the table in front of her.  “Fred, he’s my husband, will be grateful for all the help you’re giving me.”  She keeps her warm smile planted on her face, and asks, “You married, Kathy?”

“No.” The button on her dress finally opens.  “Maybe, someday, I’ll meet someone.”

Lizzy leans back comfortably into the soft cushions of the couch and relaxes.  She hasn’t felt this good in years.  She sighs aloud and is startled she did, she giggles, surprised at herself for acting silly.

She suddenly says without thinking, “I’ll bet it’ll takes more than one man to make you happy.”

Lizzy’s hand instantly flies to her mouth, her eyes wide with shock.  She swallows uneasily, trying to comprehend her actions.  Her thoughts blurting like that, without a moment’s hesitation, she thought it absurd, so she giggles again.  The sound of her voice is strange, almost eerie.  What’s happening to me, she thinks.  Kathy laughs with her, a sizzling throaty laugh oozing of lust.

“And a couple of women, too,” she says demurely.

Lizzy’s head whirls.  “I didn’t mean—” she began.  “Women?  You like women sexually?”

She gulps harder, a tremor sweeping through her groin.  She feels funny, fuzzy around the edges, warm and gooey inside.

“I like anything that gives me pleasure,” Kathy said.  “Whether it’s a man, or a woman.”  She pauses, looking Lizzy right in the eye.  “Or animals.”


Lizzy gasps incredulously, the room whirls, even faster, her body tingling from her head to her toes.  She tries to get up, yet can’t coordinate her muscles properly.  Her limbs didn’t seem to respond to her wishes.

“Oh, yes,” Kathy whispered in a catlike tone, her eyes glittering dangerously.  “Animals and women can be exciting.  Have you ever made love to a woman, or a dog?”

No.”  Lizzy’s answer came out of her mouth as a whisper, her voice raspy, her throat dry, parched.  “It’s so—”

Her sentence hung lifeless in the air as her mouth drops suddenly.  Kathy is suddenly stripping off her dress.

“I see you’re shocked,” Kathy purrs, an expression of delight and excitement in her eyes.

She eases the dress off her shoulders, it whispers to the floor in a puddle at her feet.

Kathy asks, “Wouldn’t you like to kiss me, touch me, feel my body, my tits, my pussy?”

Lizzy’s eyes shine as if glass with the effects of the strong drink.  In Lizzy’s mind, she wants to leave, another part of her seems drawn to this beautiful creature.  Lizzy shakes her head, ineffectually clearing the buzz careening around her brain.

“I can tell you want me,” Kathy said, her soothing tone hypnotic and soft.  “We can enjoy ourselves together until my brother returns.”

No,” Lizzy mouths halfheartedly, finding the thing Kathy suggests revolting yet desirable simultaneously.  I have to get out of here, she thinks.  She attempts to stand, yet her limp body falls back to the couch, her head reeling, and her senses heightened.

Lizzy can’t help notice the intoxicating perfume this golden goddess wore, and it seems stronger now.  Her stomach is fraught with butterflies and she knows her panties are soaked.  She can’t comprehend this.  Never in her life has she felt this way.  Fragmented thoughts plague her dizzy mind, a woman, the mention of animals.  Those repulsive, sickening thoughts whirl through her head as a storm, yet she desires what the woman suggests.  She can’t understand the dramatic change in herself.  Suddenly, it hit her.  The drink.  Her eyes widen with the realization.  I’ve been drugged, she thinks in panic.

Kathy saw it on her face. “Yes, my gorgeous little pet.  I put something in your drink.  Nothing dangerous, it’s a wonder drug.  Wipes away all will, leaves a person highly susceptible, and clears away all inhibitions.”  She winks.  “You’re already thinking about how nice it would be to touch and kiss me,” Kathy said knowingly.

Lizzy finds herself nodding in agreement, unable to stop herself.  She anticipated the taste of the luscious woman’s red glistening mouth.  Her mouth hangs open as it fills with saliva, and runs out the corners of her lips as she stares hotly at the tall, beautiful blonde.  Her eyes wander to the goddess’s tits.  Large, melon-shaped, encased in black lace, with an ample amount spilling.  Her dreamy-eyed gaze sweeps over her golden body to the wispy band of lace hugging Kathy’s hips and concealing the delights of her pussy.  Lizzy’s eyes continue down Kathy’s long never-ending legs, stopping at the smooth curve of her calves.  She keeps her eyes there, fighting the perverted urges growing inside her.

“Look at me, Lizzy,” Kathy said, her voice dripping with desire.  “Look at me and want, want what I have to offer.”

Lizzy lifts her eyes slowly, drooling as she stares wide-eyed at Kathy’s pussy wraps in a package of black lace.  She wants Kathy’s pussy, wants it so badly she can smell the aromatic scent exuding from between Kathy’s sensuously long legs.

Kathy steps closer. She’s within Lizzy’s reach. Her perfume and body musk attacked Lizzy’s senses and added to the power of the drug. “Take off my panties, Lizzy. Look at my pussy.”

Lizzy obeys willingly, as if the most important thing in her life is to feast her gaze on Kathy’s blonde-haired pussy. Her hands touch the exotic woman’s hips, static electricity seeming to sizzle from the tips of her fingers.  Latching onto the elastic of Kathy’s panties, she slips the black lace down, baring her full hips and a neatly trimmed triangle of silky blonde pubic hair.  She swallows hard, her head in the clouds as she let Kathy’s panties drop to the floor.  Kathy steps back and out of her panties.

“Your pussy is beautiful,” Lizzy admits.  She can’t believe she’s babbling things she never would’ve even thought of in the past.  “It makes my mouth water, I’m so hot.”

Lizzy capitulates to her urges, whether they’re born of herself, or induced by the drug, it doesn’t matter as she craves to satisfy them.  Lizzy looks up at Kathy, her eyes full of desperation.

“I’m so hot,” she whispers.

“Then do something about it,” Kathy said.  “For now, I belong to you.”

Her flashing eyes said the opposite, though.  Lizzy staggers to her feet, her legs wobble for a second and she moves unsteadily until it passes.  Her green eyes burn into the twin mounds of golden flesh trapped in Kathy’s bra.  She has to free them.  Satisfying her impulse, her hands go to the goddess’s shoulders, slipping the straps off.  Trembling on her feet, Lizzy sees the hook in the front and snaps it open.  She sighs, as Kathy is gorgeous.

“Um,” Kathy moans, reveling in her freed tits. She’s always hot, always turned-on, she caresses Lizzy’s flushed face that’s almost level with her tits.

“You’re such a beautiful doll, so delicate, so fragile.”

Kathy’s deep sultry voice echoes in Lizzy’s brain as her hands span the golden tits, her fingers sinking into the bloated softness.  She’s captivated by her creamy golden skin.

“Mmm, your tits are so big, so beautiful,” Lizzy whispered, squeezing the tits and listening to the whimpering sighs of pleasure escaping Kathy’s lips.

Kathy took her hands off Lizzy’s petite body, the bra floating to the floor, and she steps out of Lizzy’s grasp.

“It’s not fair for only one of us to be naked.”

Lizzy quickly and clumsily pulls her sweater off, tugging it over her head and tossing it carelessly to the floor.  Her breathing is shallow, rapid, noisy, and her hands peel the tight jeans off her slim hips and down her slender legs.  She exhibited herself before the elegant blonde, modeling unashamedly, treating Kathy to a luscious look at her compact body, a smaller version of Kathy’s perfection.  Lizzy’s lush curves, sweeping hips, jutting tits are sweet and innocent, with a sexual subtlety.  Kathy’s strong physical beauty is blatantly sexual, an advertisement for lust.  Eager to be naked, Lizzy takes off her bra and kicks off her panties.  Lizzy gasps, as naked as the tall jewel whom waits patiently for her.

“You’re even more beautiful naked,” Kathy purrs.  “Kiss me.”

Her arms open for the petite woman, her tits billowing as she breathes, her swollen nipples pointing.  Lizzy goes into Kathy’s waiting arms, melting against the larger woman, her head tilted back, her mouth open and anxious for the red lips to kiss her.  Kathy encompasses the smaller woman in her embrace and plunges her tongue into Lizzy’s waiting mouth.  Kathy’s hands paw hungrily, kneading, exploring the smaller woman’s flesh, feeding on the softness, and the newness of another female.  Her legs slip easily between Lizzy’s thighs, feeling the heat of her red-haired pussy mound.  Kathy’s thigh grazes the juicy pussy and is immediately drenched with pussy cream.  Lizzy’s dainty frame turns into a blazing fire of lust.  She fuses her body into Kathy’s sucking her tongue-meat, scraping her pussy against Kathy’s smooth thigh, and rubbing her tits into Kathy’s sizzling hot flesh.

Slowly, they sink to the floor, their fiery bodies burning, on the inside, their passion melting them on the deep-piled carpet.  Their passion-filled moans floats through the room as their hands and legs become entwined.  Their mouths press together, their lips work clash, and their bodies twist on the soft carpet, wriggling in spasms.  Hands and fingers delve, one with the exuberance and curiosity of inexperience, and the other with the deftness of an expert.  Lizzy gasps when her mouth came away from Kathy’s hungry lips.

“Oh, my God,” Lizzy moans.  “I’ve never…  Ooh, I’m so hot.”

She paws Kathy’s golden body, delighting in her catlike murmuring purrs.

I want you so bad,” Lizzy says, losing herself in the larger woman’s bloated tits.

Lizzy slips her body free of Kathy’s embrace, kissing, licking and tasting the spicy flesh of the golden goddess for the first time.  She’s delicious, and she works her mouth down Kathy’s swanlike neck, over her graceful shoulders to the firm, pulpy meat of her tits.  She hums, her hot busy mouth fervently sucking the silky-smooth flesh of one of the goddess’s tits, her hand massaging and gently squeezing the other.  Kathy hisses as if a snake, content to let the inexperienced Lizzy indulge in the sheer pleasure of making it with another woman.

“Your mouth is hot,” Kathy moans, squirming on the rug.  “You’re making me all juicy between my legs.”  Her long fingers weave through Lizzy’s red-hair and presses her head down firmly.  “Bite.  Bite.”

The small and delicate Lizzy nips the massive tits, sinking her sharp teeth into the bullet-like tips.  Lizzy sucks a swollen nipple with ferocity, grinding her mouth and teeth into it, purring deep in her throat, gurgling on her saliva as she washed Kathy’s tits in drool.  With her slender hands, Kathy pushes the delicate creature down gently, urging the hot sexy Lizzy to explore her body.

“My pussy, Lizzy.  Lick my pussy.”

She spreads her long legs and, while Lizzy feasts eagerly on her massive tits, Kathy strokes her finger through her blonde pussy, coating it with warm pussy juice.  She brought it to Lizzy’s lips, and her juice-coats finger goes into the redhead’s mouth.  The pungent flavor inflames Lizzy’s mind and she delights in the special taste of Kathy’s pussy.  Sucking the juice-laden finger makes Lizzy forget the soft breast flesh and she gobbles the fingers into her mouth, sucking them clean.

Delicious,” she moans.

“There’s plenty more where that came from,” Kathy moans heatedly.  “I have an unlimited supply right between my legs.  Go and see for yourself.”

She pushes Lizzy down with more determination this time.  Lizzy is still dazed and wavers in the strange sensations of her drugged stupor.  She allows Kathy to guide her to the delights of her pussy as she licks a fiery path over her belly, sloshing warm spit into her belly button.  The musky scent grows stronger as she slowly descends to the goddess’s pussy.

Eat me,” Kathy moans between jagged breaths. “Eat me.”

Lizzy busily slobbers over Kathy’s thighs, along the way to her sensitive pussy. The redhead stops, her mind swirling in a vat of bubbling passion.  Her eyes become fixed on the reddened pussy and the precum oozing from deep within Kathy’s body.  She licks her lips in readiness for the tender delicacy of Kathy’s choice pussy.

“Don’t torment me,” Kathy whimpers excitedly.  “Do it.  Do it quick before I lose my mind.”

This is no longer a game, her lust has trapped Lizzy in its web, and she won’t be freed until she’s satisfied.  “Lick it.  Tongue my pussy.”  She opens her red, swollen pussy tips for Lizzy.  “EAT.”  It’s a hoarse gurgling demand. “EAT.”

Lizzy raises her head from between Kathy’s long, sexy legs, and hisses at seeing the animal lust on the goddess’s face.  A sly grin spreads across Lizzy’s mouth.

“When I’m ready,” she said.

“Ew, you little bitch,” Kathy said, liking Lizzy’s response.

The tiny creature is a natural.  Kathy tingles with the fantastic joy of knowing she’ll have her for a week.

Eat me.”

One blissful week.

Lizzy, her inhibitions gone and her passion in control, jabs a finger into the hot gulping pussy and gouges into the spongy wet walls.

“You like that?”

Yes,” Kathy said, her high-shrill voice croaking.

She rides Lizzy’s finger in her pussy, her pussy muscles squeezing as much pleasure from it as she can.

“Now your tongue.  Use your tongue.”

Lizzy pulls her finger out of Kathy’s pussy and wipes it clean with her tongue.  With her head whirling, she swoops to the blonde woman’s pussy, ready to feast on the velvety lips and oozing slit of Kathy’s pussy.  She clamps her mouth tight against the hot pussy, holding steadfast as Kathy contorted with wild spasms.

“Ah, Lizzy.  Suck.  Suck.”

Kathy goes berserk on Lizzy’s clamped mouth, grinding and twisting in frantic gyrations, her huge tits jerking with her erotic contortions.  Her hands grab her fleshy tits and gropes them.

Tongue me.”

Lizzy is overwhelmed.  Her small hands grasp Kathy’s hips for a moment, then slides under her humping ass, her mouth still clamped onto Kathy’s delicious pussy.  She dug her fingers into the woman’s ass cheeks and plunges her tongue deep into her pussy.  Kathy moans in bliss.

Oh, YES.”

Kathy goes crazy, thrashing on the floor, her mouth open, moaning incoherently, her fists pounding the carpet.  Lizzy sucks hard, lashing her tongue across Kathy’s oozing pussy and tasting the buttery sauce.  She laps the flavorful pussy ooze, the seeping cream adhering to her face and mouth.  Lizzy knows what to do.  She sucks the swollen lips of Kathy’s delicious pussy into her mouth, reveling in the scrumptious meal, sucking on the woman’s pussy the way she likes Fred to do for her.  Her mouth releases Kathy’s pussy lips and draws in the hard, bloated clit.  Lizzy is at once rewarded with a piercing howl making her shiver.  Kathy goes into a violent rage.

“Oh, Lizzy.  Bite my ditty.  Chew it.  Hurt me.”

Lizzy obliges with overwhelming fervor, and she chews on the frantic woman’s clit as if she’s chewing a piece of tough rubbery meat.  She nips it with gusto, turning her captor into a mass of whimpering squirming flesh.

“Lizzy.  Lizzy.  I’m so, so close.”

Her hips hammer the carpeted floor, her pussy continually creaming, her tits bouncing, her arms and fists pounding the rug.

“Oh, I’m, I’m, ooh.”

Lizzy reveled in getting another woman off with her mouth.  It spurs her on.  She sucks and chews on the tender meat of succulent pussy with renewed vigor, plunging her tongue deep inside the pulsating pussy, then slashing it across the hard button clit again for the final assault.

I’m cumming,” Kathy moans, her siren wail piercing Lizzy’s ears.

An explosion rumbling deep inside her pussy spread as wildfire to encompass the rest of her twisting body.  Kathy soars, a wave of orgasm sweeps through her lush body like giant waves curling and gaining momentum to slash their fierce power against the shore.  Lizzy needs no announcement of Kathy’s climax, the gyrating, jerking body of the larger woman and the river of hot pussy-cream tells her before the shrill cry.  Lizzy rides the fury of Kathy’s orgasm, her teeth clamps tight to the throbbing blood-gorged clit, where all the pleasure originated.  Once Kathy’s clit is tightly trapped in Lizzy’s teeth, she uses her tongue and beats it back and forth, until Kathy goes mad.  Kathy, trapped in the pangs of orgasm, grinds her pussy into Lizzy’s mouth and mashes her clit between the eager novice’s teeth.  Kathy’s head snaps from one side to the other, her face a burnt-red, her blue crystal eyes dilated, focusing on the spinning ceiling.

I’m cumming.”

Kathy claws the rug with her talon-like nails, her legs flailing, her heels thudding into the floor.  Scalding white cum gushes from Kathy’s oozing pussy, drowning Lizzy in a pool of it.  Lizzy drinks it and finds it the most delicious juice she’s ever tasted, a sumptuous feast.  She renews her attack by gnashing her teeth into the woman’s clit, hurling Kathy again to the summit of a wild ride to ecstasy.  Kathy’s back arches, her head thrown back, blonde strands of hair fan across the carpet.  A violent orgasm wreaks its destruction on her jangled nervous system.  She screams hoarsely and tremulously, hot shivery spasms racking her body, tearing through her pussy and stomach.  The last wave of her orgasm washes over her and she collapses back on the carpet, squirming and twisting from its aftermath.  She tumbles with the crashing waves, lightheaded and swirling in the white water until her orgasm left her beaches on the shore.  Her magnificent body quivered silently, she sighs a soft purr.  Lizzy rose from between the woman’s sticky thighs, her face drenched with the filmy cum-cream.

“I loved it,” Lizzy moans, still not believing it.  “I really loved it.”

Kathy rolls away.

“You’re going to love this even more, then.”

Kathy scrambles down to the petite woman and licks her face and chin clean of her own cum juice.  The blonde goddess reciprocates, turning Lizzy into a bundle of bubbling energy.  She sucks Lizzy until she climaxes.  When Lizzy comes back to reality, she clutches Kathy’s body.

“I don’t believe the things I’m doing,” Lizzy confessed dreamily.  “Is it the drug?”

“Partially,” Kathy’s husky voice purrs.

“I hope it lasts forever,” Lizzy said, floating in a state of euphoria and liking the freedom of having no regrets, no conscience.

“Soon you won’t need the drug.  You’ll be like you should, open with no repressive thoughts about sex, especially with animals.”

“Fred wants me to fuck a dog,” Lizzy confesses while she holds Kathy, luxuriating in her softness.  “Maybe you should give my husband some of this stuff you gave me.  He’d be able to give me the drug and he’d have his wish.”

She giggles as she thought about it.

“Maybe you won’t need it,” Kathy said, crawling out of Lizzy’s arms.  “When you leave here, you might have a new perspective about sex.”  Kathy reaches into a drawer under the coffee table, and hands Lizzy a packet of photos.  “Look at these.”

Lizzy’s eyes bulge at the sight of the pictures, they’re of Kathy and a giant Doberman pinscher.  The close-up shots of the dog’s giant cock look menacing, disgusting, and Lizzy’s mouth dries, then waters in speculation.

“He’s my pet, his name is Oscar,” Kathy said in her husky tone.  “My brother gave him to me a few years ago.  His cock, as you can see, is abnormally large.”

Still under the spell of the drug, yet slowly coming to her senses, Lizzy leers at the pictures.  She’s fraught with mixed emotions, disgust and desire struggle inside her.

“God, I’d like to have him fuck me,” Lizzy said, trying to gulp back the vile words, yet her thoughts have been spoken.

“You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy Oscar,” Kathy promises.  She strokes Lizzy’s soft silky thigh flesh.  “You’ll learn to enjoy all the excitement of a dog, his long tongue, and his long cock, everything.  You’ll fuck him, suck him, and he’ll lick your pussy until you cum.”

Her intoxicating voice is soft, having same melodious quality present earlier.

“I can’t wait,” Lizzy said slowly, suddenly feeling sleepy.  “I, I—”

She’s drifting, and looks to Kathy for help.  The beautiful image of the goddess turns fuzzy as her head spins.  The room spins.  She didn’t know what to do.  Kathy cradles her, bringing her tightly into her arms, and she feels Lizzy shudder, then drop into a light sleep.  She eases the dead weight out of her arms and gazes with hunger a last time at the petite morsel of delight sleeping soundly on the floor.  After a few moments, Eric came into the room.


“Take her up to her room, Eric,” she orders her brother.

Kathy stands, stretching her long catlike body. Every muscle, every inch of her glowing flesh is alive.  Eric smiles at the sight.

“I got it on video,” he said and she nods.

His long body leans over as he scoops the sleeping Lizzy into his powerful arms.

“We’re going to have a ball with our guest before she goes.  A real ball,” Kathy said, her eye on Lizzy.

Eric laughs.  “My cock is aching already.”  His one hand is strategically placed under Lizzy’s ass, a finger in the wet oozing gash of her dripping pussy.  “I can’t wait.”

He turns and carries her away.  Kathy plops into a chair and sighs, her hand going to her pussy.  She settles back, her eyes closing.  The hot torrid session with Lizzy has worn her out.


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