No Man’s Land Resort

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No Man's Land Resort
No Man’s Land Resort
Year: 2017
Two female lovers start a resort for women-only where the carnal joys of dog sex can be enoyed without men around to spoil things.
Moe Lester
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“Ooh, I wanna cum. I wanna cum,” Julia moans loudly.

Her fingers drum harder, shining and slippery with cunt juice. Yet they just aren’t long enough, and they make it barely halfway to where Danny’s cock used to reach.  Yet Julia keeps tantalizing herself, teasing her pussy with her speeding fingers, bringing herself close to orgasm time after again.  Each time, when she’s hanging, every muscle in her body tensed with desire, she slows her fingers and the orgasm recedes into the distance.

“All right Danny, I’ll do it myself,” Julia whimpers.

Her other hand leaves her tits and reaches to her crotch.  She slowly spreads her pussy lips, bearing the wet-heated length of her slit.  Gingerly, she pulls the fingers of her other hand from her cunt. Then she places the tip of a cunt-slippery finger against her clit and presses slowly.

“Ahhh,” Julia sighs delightedly.

Her body shakes with pleasure, and Julia takes her time.  After the first gentle touch, she avoids touching her clit directly.  The tip of her forefinger starts making small circles around her quivering love-button.  She can feel it stiffening, poking its pink tip past its fleshy covering.  When her clit is so hard it almost hurt, Julia starts dragging the fleshy pad of her fingertip over her clit.  Not every time, yet enough to start the passion boiling in her belly again.  Each stroke starts by her cuntal opening, dipping into her hot wet pit just far enough to coat her finger with more slippery juice, then slowly sliding higher until it bumps the hard sensitivity of her throbbing clit.

“Ooh, gonna make it soon,” Julia moans.

Her belly shakes and quivers, and her legs twitch and jerk.  The cords in her neck are tight as steel wires.  Everything within her is tight, ready to snap, ready to break loose into a body-rending climax.  Time for the final assault, she thought hotly.  Julia starts moving her finger rapidly against her hard clit.  Faster and faster, her finger moves until it’s only a blur, a manual vibrator.


Julia tries to imagine there’s a man fucking her, ready to cum, too.  To make the illusion complete, she spreads her legs wider and again rams three fingers into her cunt, just below where her finger has buzzes against her clit.

Aaaaaaaahhh—Fill me with your cum—Make me—Make meeeeeee—

For one long-agonized moment, all motion ceases, and Julia holds rigidly still her hands glued to her cunt.  The forefinger of one hand is still pressing hard against her clit, three fingers of the other in her cunt.  Then she orgasms.

Ooooooo—YEEEEEEEAAHS,” Julia moans loudly.

Her hands jump into action again as her belly muscles spasm. Her head jerks a foot off the mattress, then flops back.

“Oh fuck, Ahhhhhhh.”

Garbled, meaningless cries pour from the climaxing woman’s throat.  Hot streams of pussy juice spray past her fingers and her body squirms uncontrollably.  After the first few seconds, she isn’t able to coordinate her hands anymore, and her fingers slide out of her cunt.  Except her forefinger, this stays glued to her clit, not moving anymore yet pushing in hard, holding the button causing the orgasm surging through her bucking body.  Julia never knows how long her orgasms last, yet it seems an eternity.

Eventually, her hand falls away from her still spasming cunt.  The tremors wracking her body diminish.  The orgasm is over.  Reality impinges on her moment, memories of her recent breakup, and the emptiness of loss.  She tries to remember how he used his position to help her out of trouble, yet the bad is overwhelming her.  The asshole had been fucking every woman on tindr while lying to her about his faithfulness.  Slowly she learned the truth.  Snippets of gossip, strange text messages, long absences he claimed were for his job, the pair of panties in his car, and the easiness in which he lied to her.  She might have even forgiven him the other women if it hadn’t been for the pictures.

Omigod, the pictures, she thought, and shudders as she remembers the humiliation.  One night, Danny took several photos of her in the nude on his phone when they had been drunk. Julia had thought it funny at the time, although she had been uncertain, lying there naked in front of the camera.  Yet it excited her, too, as a prelude to fucking, so her poses had grown lewder.  Julia had forgotten all about the pictures until one day she noticed a group of guy’s from her neighborhood passing a phone around, then glancing over at her and snickering.

“Fuck man, you’ were right,” she overheard one of the young men snort. “She’s a fucking slut.”

Julia’s chest fills with heat, and clenching her fists, she confronts the young men.  “What do you mean?  Why are you creeps staring at me?” Julia shouts at the laughing guys.

Anger flares in the eyes of the one who had been talking.  “You’re the creep, bitch,” he said and sneers, “puttin’ these nasty pictures online for everyone to see.”

He holds his phone up for her to see and starts scrolling through the gallery.

Oh my God,” she whispers in horror.

She’s staring at pictures of herself, spread naked on a bed, her bed, her legs wide apart. The camera pointed straight at her cunt.  There’s her shaven cunt, the pink center slit clearly visible, in glorious living color.  A few bits of pulpy inner pussy lip thrust out past her gaping outer labia.  She’s smiling lewdly and drunkenly at the camera, propping her tits from the sides. Then they get worse as they scroll.  The punk has them all, every one of the pictures Danny took, and end with her sliding a huge dildo into her ass.

“You’re a slut,” the punk said.  “Come here, bitch, I got something you can shove up your ass.  Something long and hard.”

Julia ran from them, yet the coldness of their laughter still haunts her dreams.


Julia’s world falls apart after this.  She can’t bear to see Danny again and throws out the few things of his she has.  How could a man with his job do such a thing to her?  The shamed woman won’t answer his few phone calls either, and soon they stop altogether.  Once she saw him from a distance, a woman on either arm.

Julia is crushed he’s so flippant about what he’s done to her.  Something in her dies, her faith in people, perhaps.  Humiliated publicly by a man she trusted, she finds it hard to be civil to any male.  Many try to get close to her, she’s a good-looking woman.  Yet she shudders at their attempts, afraid to let any man do that to her again.  By publishing those private photo’s online, Danny has made her life hell.

It’s a year before Julia decides her need to be fucked by more than her fingers and dildo means she has to go find a man.  At last, she decides the best thing to do is go to a bar and pickup a stranger where there’ll be no emotional involvement, she’ll just use the man the way she had been used by Danny, as a piece of ass.  However, from the beginning, it’s a horrible failure.  For one thing, Julia is so unusually beautiful the men in the bar are all over her.  She’s so confused by the attention she barely has a chance to choose.  Her final choice is a reasonably good-looking man about thirty.

It isn’t until they’re alone in his car and his hand is sliding beneath her skirt Julia realizes she doesn’t want to fuck the man at all.  There’s a crudeness about his approach turning her stomach yet it seems too late to back out now.

“Whatsa matter?  You some kinda cock tease?” the man snarls when she flinches from his touch.  Julia’s face turns ashen.  There’s a dangerous glint in the man’s eyes.

“I wanna get me a handful of them tits,” he pants.

He tears a button off Julia’s blouse getting it open.  Trembling, she takes off her bra, afraid he’ll rip it too.  Julia feels nothing yet revulsion as the man paws her naked tits, she hates him already, yet is too inexperienced to know how to end the encounter.  She watches in disgust, noticing her nipples are getting hard at the man’s rough touch.

Wait, wait,” she said sharply as the man starts jerking at her panties.

She keeps her legs pressed desperately together, yet he manages to work her panties far enough so Julia’s pussy slit is exposed.  Suddenly, powerful fingers dig painfully into her per arm.

“Look, babe,” the man snarls. “I paid for a lot of drinks in there, so you owe me some sugar.”

Suddenly, his cock is out of his pants—big, hard, and menacing—aimed straight at her trembling belly. It isn’t quite raping, yet part of her wants to run.  Julia forces herself to lie back while the man, whose name she now realizes she doesn’t even know, rips off her panties and rams his thick fingers into her cunt.  She’s glad he does because at least he gets her wet and open enough so it doesn’t hurt much when he finally fills her pussy full of cock.  What always amazes Julia is she orgasms; not hard, yet she does get off.  The man grunts and wheezes above her, kneeling in front of her as he fucks her in the front seat of his car.  He doesn’t last long, for which Julia is grateful.  The stranger is breathing as broken bellows, his sour breath searing into Julia’s face, hot trickles of juice running out of her cunt, making her thighs slippery. T hen he abruptly pulls out, his cock trailing a thread of semen behind it.

“You’re a lousy fuck,” he said with a scowl.

He offers to drive her home, yet she dreads him knowing where she lives.  Julia thought she’d never get the feel of the man scrubbed off her.  She soaps and soaps, staying in the shower until the water turns cold.  The woman vows never again will she let herself get caught in something so debasing, so humiliating.


A few months later, her horniness again becomes more than she can bear.  This time she plays it safer, picking up her quarry at a highbrow party.  He’s slender and ascetic-looking with kind, worried eyes.  Unfortunately, the only way he can get off is having his cock sucked.  After much gagging and retching, Julia manages to work her lips around the bulbous tip of the man’s surprisingly large cock and he goes wild.  All his timidity vanishes, and once he feels a mouth around his cock, he turns into a tiger.

“Ooh, suck it, baby, I’m gonna fuck your mouth,” he moans.

His fingers tangle in Julia’s short blonde hair.  He jerks her head up, simultaneously ramming his hips forward.  His thick cock slams into the back of Julia’s throat making her gag.  For a while, she’s sure she’s going to be strangled.  Yet eventually, she finds a way to breathe through her nose, though the man’s wiry cock-hair is stuffed up her nostrils.  She knows the only way she’s ever going to pry her mouth loose from his bloated shaft is to suck until he shoots in her mouth.  The man is fucking fiercely into Julia’s face, his cock saws between her lips.  His eyes are wild, hungry, and Julia forces herself to suck, her cheeks hollowing and filling.  She digs one hand between his legs, fondling his balls.  She feels them jerk toward his body.

Uuuuuhhhhh—You’re making me shoot too soon,” the man protests.

Yet it’s too late, and with a mixture of relief and horror, Julia realizes he’s about to cum in her mouth.  His cock has swollen to immense proportions, and is jerking and shuddering wildly.  Her tongue feels the big tube on the underside of the meaty shaft pulsing.  She gets ready, nevertheless, the first hot jet of semen gushing into her mouth surprises her.  Julia chokes and splutters, bobbing wildly as she tries to swallow the thick, spouting liquid.  It’s simply swallowing or choke, and try as she may, some obscene white goo bubbles from where her lips are glued to the man’s glistening shaft.  Thick ropes of it hang from her chin, she has never imagined a man can have so much semen.  She gulps until there’s nothing left and the man falls back, exhausted.

The most Julia gets out of the evening is a halfhearted finger fucking.  It seems the man doesn’t much care for the wet slippery feel of cunt. This the last time Julia has dared try to satisfy her desire for sex with a man.


How long has it been now, she wonders lying in bed one night?  She hated to think.  Suddenly, Julia feels something cold and wet touching a naked thigh.

WHAT?” she shouts in fright, then relaxes. “Muttley, for fuck’s sake.”

A big reddish-gold head is peering over the edge of the bed.  Warm eyes stare happily at Julia.  A long, thick, black-tinged tongue lolls from a mouth of sharp teeth, it’s Julia’s dog, a huge part-Saint Bernard, part-Irish Setter. Muttley put his feet on the bed and starts sniffing at Julia’s juice-slippery loins and she blushes.

“I probably smell like a whorehouse,” she said to the dog.

The rich musky odor of aroused cunt fills the room.  Every time Julia moves her legs, she feels herself squish wetly between her thighs.

“All these thoughts of sex make me so wet,” she tells the dog.  Julia clamps her thighs together as Muttley starts licking some pussy juices from her slippery skin.  “Hey, stop it.”  Embarrassed, Julia gets up and puts on a pair of shorts.  “You keep your nose to yourself, mister,” she said sternly yet fondly to the big animal.  “Come on, let’s get some Sun.”

Julia put on a halter top and goes outside with the dog following; it’s a sunny day.  There’s a small grassy yard behind Julia’s house, made private by a high wooden fence. She puts a towel on the ground and lies back on the soft grass.

“Better than sex,” Julia murmurs.

Well, better than the kind of sex she’s been getting.  She’s had enough of masturbation, and it seems a waste of time.  It always makes her hornier after she masturbates than before as if it’s only a reminder of what she’s missing—a big hard cock.  The sun begins heating Julia’s skin and it feels wonderful.  She squirms on the towel, aware her pussy is steaming again.  More hot wet juices are squeezing from between her pussy lips.  She hopes they don’t soak through her skimpy shorts.

“Huh?” Julia moans as she feels a heavy, furry body flop next to her.

It’s Muttley, her dog.  He lays his huge head on her chest and starts licking, as usual.  He’s always licking.

“Hey, come on, now,” Julia groans.  “Let me get some rest.”

Yet the dog keeps whining happily, and licking at her.  When he begins licking her face, Julia sputters and sits up.

“What’s the matter with you this morning?” she asks with a frown, cradling the dog’s big head in her hands.  “Go lie over there you big mutt.”

Yet Muttley crowds in closer, trying to lick Julia’s face and the irritated woman pushes him away.  She’s sitting cross-legged, the crotch-band of her shorts stretches tightly across her pubic mound.  A thin stain of pussy juice is seeping slowly through the thin material.  Suddenly, Muttley rams his head between Julia’s legs and starts sniffing her crotch.

“Hey, NO, bad dog, cut it out,” Julia shouts. “I mean it, stop that.”

Yet nothing she does discourages the big dog.  Each time Julia pushes his head away, he shoves it back toward her crotch, sniffing eagerly.  Julia blushes, there’s something embarrassingly obscene about having the dog’s nose presses against her pussy.  The worst is every time his shiny black nose shoves against the crotch-band of her shorts her pussy tingles pleasurably.

“Ooh, that does it,” Julia said shaking her head and baring her teeth.  She stands abruptly, still, Muttley’ nose follows her cunt, snuffling excitedly at her crotch.  “OK, you shameless brute,” she yells. “I get the hint my pussy stinks, so I’m gonna take a bath.”

Julia doesn’t know whether to laugh or be angry as she steps into the house.  She discards her halter top in the living room.  Her shorts end on the bedroom floor as she heads for the bathroom.  She draws a tub of invitingly hot water, the steam curls, misting the bathroom mirror. It’s gonna feel nice, she thought, just the thing to relax my nerves.  She catches sight of herself in the mirror, the rich curves of her body half-hidden by the thickening steamy mist.

“It’s all going to waste,” she murmurs regretfully.

She eyes her tits, jutting firmly from her ribcage; it’s a waste for her to wear a bra and her blonde pubic hair Danny had been crazy about.  She sighs thinking hers is the only hand that’ll prowl through its silky softness.  With a sigh, Julia settles gingerly in to the hot water, her skin flinching until it grows used to the heat.  Then she feels her muscles and nerves relaxing.  Oh, what a wonderful invention a hot bath is, she thought.  Looking down, Julia sees her nipples poking above the surface of the water like little pink coral islands.  Her tits appear pearly and indistinct below.  A big furry head appears over the rim of the tub.

“Oh, no,” Julia moans.  “Not you again, Muttley, what the hell do you want?”  If dogs smile, Muttley is smiling, his eyes shine and tongue loll happily.  “Well, I guess you’re out of luck,” Julia said laughs. “I’ve hidden the damned thing underwater.  You’re gonna have to find something else to sniff.”

Muttley’s long tongue-lashes out splaying hotly over Julia’s right nipple.  A thrill runs through her tit.  She quickly ducks the little pink nub below the surface of the water.

“What’s gotten into you, Muttley?” she asks the dog.

Then she can’t help laughing as he seems so crestfallen as he hears the angry note in her voice.  Unfortunately, Julia carelessly lets her tits poke above the surface of the water again.  Muttley’ tongue suddenly extends with the same result, lapping across her lifted nipples.

“Ooh fuck,” Julia whispers.

A shuddering chill passes through her body, then she grows hot.  Memories of Danny’s tongue on her tits returns only his tongue was never this long or hot.  Julia notices her nipples have hardened, peaking sharply.  Julia has a tight grip on Muttley’ head, however, he’s strong, and it takes all her strength to keep his mouth away from her tits.  She decides she’s going to have to be stern with him if she wants him to go away and leave her alone.  Yet does she want him to stop?  She remembers how good those two swipes of his big tongue were on her tits.  There’s no doubt she’s aroused, horny. No doubt, she’ll masturbate again soon. So maybe letting her dog lick her tits isn’t so bad?  A moment of sense returns to Julia.  This isn’t the thing a nice woman does, she thought.  Yet why am I so worried about being a nice woman?  What has my conscience done for me lately?  Julia stares at Muttley’ lolling tongue.  She suddenly let go of his head.

“OK, Muttley, let’s see what you can do,” she said softly


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