Desperate Women

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Desperate Women
Desperate Women
Year: 2017
Four hot bestiality stories from the wonderful Sheela B, in one ebook. It doesn’t get better than this!
Sheela B.
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An excerpt from Webcam Wendy: The Rottweiler, Lenny, mounts her making the Butch back off.  His powerful front legs wrap around her tightly as he bit on her neck in a gesture of dominance. Wendy feels her pussy squirt wetness in anticipation.  She’s about to be fucked by a strange dog, the stink of it filling her senses, making her head spin. Lenny pants above her, sounding like an old steam train.  He thrust his hips, searching for her cunt, smashing into everywhere else but where he wanted to be. She moans, her heart raced as doubts suddenly fill her mind.  Lenny suddenly finds what he’s been searching for, and his thick penis sliced her apart without mercy.  Wendy screams, the pain of the unexpected size of this cock forcefully wedging her cunt open is something she never expected.  Lenny seems unfazed by her reaction as he feels her soft, gooey insides wrap around his ultra-hard cock, he fucks her with relentless motion.  Her body starts shaking in rhythm to his jabs, and as a punch drunk boxer she bends with every blow.

Butch, remembering her oral skills tries to mount her from the front, but Lenny is having none of that, and viciously snaps at him. Wendy grabs Butch and pulls his cock out between his back legs and starts to lick the tangy red meat.  The familiar taste made her shiver and she feels herself cum, her cunt clutching at Lenny’s cock making the dog grunt.  She moans on Butch’s cock in her mouth.  Licking along its length in such desperation, she suddenly finds her tongue buried in his ass.  The dog pushes into her, he seemed to enjoy the sensation.  The taste and smell of his ass is foul, yet she swallows the bile in her throat, and continued to rim Butch’s anus while stroking his cock.  Lenny keeps driving his big cock into her, the gelatinous feeling of his new bitch’s cunt made his knot swell to a majestic size and with the force of a truck, he pushes it through her resisting pussy-lips cleaving her even more.

“Ohhh Gorrrrd, you’re killing back there,” she shouts, as her body shrieks internally with pain.

She places Butch’s cock back in her mouth and he backs forcefully into her making her swallow his whole dick, knot and all.  Her dog’s knot hasn’t expanded yet, so he can still get it in her tight mouth.  Wendy struggles to breathe until she finds she can get by nasally.  Wanting to slide the cock out Butch’s knot rapidly expands, pushing her jaw apart until it ached.  The thing is stuck, and what’s worse is her nose is now pushing against her dog’s ass.  Lenny slows, his knot has pillaged her bitch cunt.  Butch is swaying his backside, trying to fuck her mouth.  Lenny stops, and she feels his hot cum stretching her open even more, filling her womb with salty cum. She cums again, her body writhing between the two cocks stuck inside her. Her face turns bright red, as sweat drips from her forehead. Lenny eventually lifts his leg and stands ass-to-ass with her, his big red cock dominating her pussy.

Suddenly, she feels as if she’s choking or vomiting, as Butch’s starts to shoot down her throat, she watches his hairy balls shrink before her eyes as it pumps her gut full of cum.  Lenny is pulling on her too, and she feels as if she’s the rope in a tug-of-war between two big dog cocks.  Butch is finally feeling satiated, pulls from the front more forcefully.  Both dogs trying to free their spent organs from her body as the dogs stretch her, choke her, and pull against her filled orifices. Oh god, I’m gonna die, she thinks in a panic.

As if on cue, the cocks suddenly pull free making her grunt loudly, pussy lips and oral lips being stretched to ripping point in the process.  Wendy collapses onto her stomach moaning loudly as if a wounded soldier.  Her head spinning and her stomach roiling as she stares at the wall of her room.  Immediately, the two dogs begin lavishing her pussy as Lenny’s cum dribbled out.  She looks back to see them digging their tongues into her already gaping cunt to remove the semen from her.

Butch bites her leg, pulling back.  Wendy is unwilling at first so Butch bites harder to encourage her.

Ouch! Alright, alright, I get the message,” she groans, pushing herself to her hands and knees with the effort.

Butch mounts her, his weight, making her grunt and her arms and legs wobble and strain.  He began the doggy mating dance of thrusting to find his bitch’s warm cunt.  Before long she feels it dissect her cunt, although not as painful now Lenny had stretched her, the abrupt fullness of it made her gasp loudly.

“Oh yeah, that cock feels so good,” she moans.

Butch now starts fucking her in earnest, but slow enough for her to close her eyes and revel in feelings growing inside her.  Her clit throbs, so she reaches beneath and rubs it in a circular motion. Her concentration is suddenly broken when she feels something warm and wet hit her face. Something that smells terrible. Opening her eyes, she finds Lenny is pissing on her face.  A heavy yellow stream hosing her from under his cocked leg.

She closes her eyes again, and against all better judgment pokes her tongue out to taste the piss.  She gags, it tastes foul, and she coughs.  The coughing makes her open her mouth out of reflex and before she knows, piss fills it.  Wendy spits it out, her face screwing as if she just ate a lemon.  She feels sick.  Lenny stops and stands there waiting for her to do her thing.  Meanwhile, Butch is building a steady rhythm fucking her cunt, and she feels her legs feeling shaky in that way they sometimes do before a powerful orgasm.

She arches her head back hysterically, goose bumps rising all over the body, making her tingle. Eventually, letting out a guttural moan that reverberates around the concrete room as a roar. The cock sliding inside her sensitive cunt sends her into a churning orgasm that buckles her body as a reed blowing in a strong wind.

Ahhhhh, Ohhh, Goooordddd.”

Her head drops languidly, her hair covering her face, limp and damp with sweat.  Butch keeps pumping her with his cock until his knot slides inside her cunt, making her head jerk again.

“Oh god it’s so big,” she moans.

Lenny bumps her face again, standing with his hard cock hanging close to the ground.

“OK, OK, I know what you want,” she says and takes his cock in her hand and starts to stroke it.

Pulling the Rottweiler’s cock out from behind, she starts to bathe the tip of his cock with her tongue.  Sliding her lips over his fat cock, letting her mouth fill with his precum, to wash the taste of piss away.  Butch has stopped by this time and begins blowing his load again, deep inside her.  Wendy can feel it stretch her with its hotness, her stomach bloating as her womb ever expanded under the force of the semen being pumped into it.  Lenny pants deeply, looking at her occasionally with narrowed eyes indicating his enjoyment of her fellatio technique.  Wendy rubs her lips along it, grazing it lightly with her teeth, which made him lather his lips appreciatively. Poking her tongue into his anus, she took in his disgusting taste and smell, yet rimmed him anyway.

She even manages to poke her tongue into his ass, tasting the nasty shit waiting for its chance to be expelled.  Wendy withdrew immediately as the taste overwhelmed her and she spits before putting the turgid cock back in her mouth.  Lenny is as nasty as they come for a dirty stray, and it sent shivers of pleasure throughout her body.  Butch is finally starting to shrink and with some effort he pulls free from her, making her queef loudly as copious dog cum gurgled inside her cunt then runs down her thighs.  Lenny also blows again, and eventually both dogs curl up on the floor content to lick their cocks.

Adding an extra dog to the mix had proved a successful move, and she has reaped the financial benefit of it for over two months now.  Sometimes, she wondered if she has become too depraved in her sexual acts with the animals, however, FC kept encouraging her to go further.  As she sits back at her desk to chat with the viewers, she noted the large number of tips.  Many of the comments seemed to be around Lenny pissing on her face.  She had to admit it did catch her by surprise too, and often, it was these moments during her performances, the unexpected ones, that generated the best income.


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