Pet Friendly Services: Straight Edition

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Pet Friendly Services: Straight Edition
Pet Friendly Services: Straight Edition
Year: 2017
A woman is picked up by a gay man in the park to fuck his dog.
Jack Morningwood
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Amber loves to wander around the park and people watch.  The park is a gay cruising place, and if lucky, she might get to see some hot action in full public view.  She doesn’t know why she likes spying on gay men in the park.  So mostly, she wanders around checking out the people and hopefully seeing some action she can later blog about at home on her website.  She’s lucky the guys in the park don’t mind being videoed, as some places can turn violent when voyeurs point their phones at whatever’s happening.

On the first sunny day in early April, the late afternoon landscape is dotted with people eager to lose the last of the winter’s cabin fever.  Amber sits at a picnic table and watches the comings and goings.  A car stops, and the driver opens the door.  Before he can swing out, a tan Boxer bounds onto the grass.  He sprints in circles and figure-eights, obviously ecstatic for the occasion to romp and play in the park.  The result is a comedy of starts and stops and direction changes as the Boxer tumble about at top speed.  From the woods comes a skinny guy with short, spiky red hair with a golden Labrador on a leash pulling her along.  The Boxer abruptly stops and stares at the approaching pair for a few moments sniffing the air, then he makes an all-out dash for the guy’s dog.   The boxer’s owner shouts ignored commands and takes off in a sprint to intercept the recalcitrant dog.   The Boxer and Labrador meet in a sudden sniffing match, and to Amber’s surprise, the boxer circles and mounts the Labrador.  The Labrador whimpers yet don’t put up a fight as the boxer plunges her red pussy into her bitch cunt, and humps away.  By this point, the owners are working hard at trying to separate the two, yet the dogs have their needs to fulfill.

Amber is close enough to lend them a hand, yet she’s enjoying the show and finds herself laughing at the comedy of two dogs mating, while their owners try in vain to separate them.  Spring, she thought with a chuckle.  Sex is happening around us.  Amber envies the Labrador getting fucked by such a dominant muscular male, and wonders how alpha the boxer’s owner is.  Eventually, the boxer relieves herself into the Labrador and, satisfied, immediately loses interest.  Off he jumps only to be still tied by the knot, and now the two dogs move around as if a milkweed beetle, connected at the hips by a thick pussy.  The owners are arguing loudly until with an almighty pull, the Boxer slips free, her scarlet pussy still pumping jizz.  The outraged owner of the violated Labrador stomps off in a huff, pulling her bitch behind her.  By this point, the naughty boxer finds her way to Amber’s picnic table where she watched the whole incident and sits contentedly by her feet licking her pussy.  The dog’s owner watches the retreating man’s back for a while, then looks for her delinquent dog.  When he spots her by Amber, he slowly trudges over, and he sits opposite with a sigh and a laugh.

“Shit, Prince, how much more grief are ya gonna cause me today?” the man asks rolling her eyes.

Since Prince isn’t about to respond, Amber does.  “At least he didn’t demand your name and address.  He can’t sue or send vet bills without those.”

At last, the stranger smiles.  “I guess you’re right, and what can you expect from a horny dog in spring?”

The dog’s owner gives the naughty animal another playful scratch on the head.

“Only problem is some ‘horny dogs’ will get arrested if they do it in public,” Amber said.  She’s been studying this guy for a while now and is ready for her.  Why waste time, Amber wonders?

The guy stares at Amber for a moment, with a slight frown.  He asks, “Oh, and what other horny dogs are you referring to?”

“Woof,” Amber said with a slight smile.

The stranger suddenly laughs.  “Miss, I’m—err—gay.”

Normally, Amber would retreat quickly if a guy who she’s interested in turns her down.  Not that all gay men are 100% homosexual, some don’t care who sucks their dick, and the handsome stranger didn’t appear offended.  Yet something about this guy, the way he holds her body, her confident grin, and her piercing blue eyes gives Amber an instant lady boner.

Before he knows it, Amber’s says, “Too bad, I’d fuck your brains out.”

Her startled look gives way to an even bigger laugh.  He’s eyeing Amber up and down, focusing on her heaving breasts with nipples pointing through the fabric of her top as bullets.  There’s hesitation, a tremor in her hands, and the man swallows hard.

With an insolent grin, blue eyes say, “What part of ‘gay’ don’t you understand?”

To Amber’s surprise, the man pulls out a pack of cigarettes, pulls one out, and lights it.  Watching the handsome man smoking with her solid jaw and high cheekbones make her cunt spurt.  The man is watching her squirm, and Amber realizes this situation isn’t new to her.

“I’m Amber,” she says and holds out her hand.

The man stares at the offered hand and laughs.  “I don’t give a shit,” he said, making Amber pull her hand away.

Amber’s face goes red as her eyes bulge at the rudeness of the stranger.  She’d stand and leave, however, her arousal is acute and she’s not thinking properly.  The man sits watching Amber, the insolent grin present, as he smokes her cigarette.  The dog is off playing, chasing everything that moves, sniffing stuff, and roughhousing sometimes.

“Well, this is awkward,” Amber mumbles.

“So you’re a slut, eh?”

Amber’s eyes bulge at the man’s rudeness.  “Um, there’s no need to be an asshole.”

The man laughs loudly, making Amber blush.  “Yeah, it was a moment ago when you were hitting on me.”

“It’s just—”

“Don’t sweat it, Miss.  This park is ‘faggot central’, that’s why I’m here, not to get pussy.”

Amber shakes her head.  “Yeah, I get the point.”

“My dog likes pussy.”


“My dog is a regular poon hound,” he said with a leer, “and I bring her here for some action.  I mean, this place is usually jumping with pussy-hungry bitches, like you.”

Amber suddenly laughs.  “This is a joke, right?  Did Tim put you up to this?”

The man shrugs.  “I have no fucking idea who this ‘Tim’ is,” he said.  “So are you interested?”

Hang on, your dog just fucked that Labrador bitch.”

“Prince doesn’t mind.”

Amber scratches her chin as he looks at the dog.  Is he trying to get me to fuck her dog, she wonders?  This has to be some kind of joke, or worse, a setup.  She looks around to see if she can see anyone lurking nearby in case this man is baiting her.

Eventually, she said, “I don’t buy it, sorry.”

“I can prove it,” the man said.


Her insolent grin deepens.  “Flash your cunt under the table,” he said with a leer.

“You wanna get me arrested for indecent exposure?”

“No one will see ya, not even me.”

“So how does this prove your dog will fuck me?”

The man leans back and lights another cigarette.  “I bet Prince will be here in a shot to taste your pussy.”

“A bet, eh?  What’re the stakes?”

The man chuckles.  “OK, if Prince comes over you let her fuck you, if he doesn’t, I’ll suck off that guy over there for you.”

Now Amber laughs as she glances at the man he points to, an incredibly obese guy who can barely walk.  The idea is absurd in her mind, and the grossness of the fatty disgusts her.  “That’s a pretty wild bet,” she says, rolling her eyes.  “You probably wouldn’t find her dick buried in all that fat.”

“I’ll do it for Prince,” the man said evenly.

Amber glances around and sees no one is nearby, so she decides to participate in this stranger’s game.  I bet this guy isn’t gay and is just trying to troll me, she thinks.  Using a dog as an excuse get pussy is new, I’ll give her that.  She shifts in her seat and pulls her skirt over her hips, reaching into her groin she pulls her panties aside to expose her smooth cunt.  All pink and creamy looking, her puffy pussy lips glistening with moistness.  She can feel the cool breeze embrace her exposed pussy, taking the scent of her sex to noses powerful enough to distinguish the smell.   Blue eyes stare at the dog playing in silence, waiting for some reaction.  He smokes, and Amber feels her nerves tingle at the prospect of getting caught.  Suddenly, the Boxer lifts her head and sniffs.   He turns and starts coming toward them.

Oh god, Amber thinks, wondering what she should do.  If the dog does this does she really want to have sex with it?  Doubt grips Amber in a vice, making her suddenly feel harder to breathe.  The dog doesn’t miss a beat, it goes under the table and before long Amber feels her cold, wet nose press against her warm pussy.

“Oh, fuck,” Amber says in a low voice and a grimace.

See, I told you.  Prince is a poon hound,” the man said triumphantly.

As Amber is about to reply, he feels the dog’s course, wet tongue licks the length of her pussy, then continuing to lathe her with relentless precision.  Her body jerks and she grabs the table with both hands, eyes bulging.  The dog’s tongue slithers all over her engorged pussy, sending such pleasure through her body, she grits her teeth in concentration.  With a dog licking and slobbering all over her juicy pussy, beneath a picnic table in the park, as their owner casually sits opposite looking at her phone uninterested in her situation.

The pressure and friction on Amber’s pussy are making her body quiver and grunts of pleasure escape her lips.  Part of her is screaming for the woman to get up and run, another part is keeping her firmly rooted in place.  Suddenly, she feels her cunt squeeze tight, her body tenses, her breathing is hard, and clenching her eyes tight, Amber cums.  Squirts of watery pussy juice shoot into the dog’s eager mouth and the Boxer laps it away as if it’s candy.  He keeps licking her pulsating pussy until every drop has been extracted, and once her cunt becomes too sensitive for the relentless tongue, she flips her legs over the seat to deny the beast.  Amber leans forward, resting her head on her arms as he tries to catch her breath.

“I’m told dog’s eat pussy better than anyone,” the man said.  “Do you agree?”

Amber moans, “Omigod, what did I just do?”

The man laughs.  “So, Prince needs a good fuck.  Are you interested?”

Amber sits up, her face still reddish.  “But—it’s wrong.”

The man shrugs.  “It’s just sex.  A cock’s a cock, right?”

“But with a dog?”

“What does it matter?”

“Really?”  Amber rolls her eyes.  “Would you fuck a dog’s asshole because an ‘ass is an ass’?”

“I don’t know about fucking a dog’s ass, but I have sucked Prince off many times,” the man says evenly, looking Amber in the eyes.

“This is the weirdest day of my life,” Amber said, and sighs.

“But you’re not leaving, so you must be interested.”


“Come on, my car’s just over there.  You can do it at my place.”

The man stands, and to Amber’s disconnected amazement so does she.  They go to the car and the dog jump in the back as Amber sits in the front passenger seat.  Not long after, the car pulls away with Amber wondering what she’s gotten herself into.


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