The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby

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The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby
The Hobbler 3: The Kentucky Derby
Year: 2017
Sarah is at the most famous horse race in the world and it’s going to take everything she’s got to hobble the favorite Flash Jester. It’s going to take every hole in her body to tame this giant horse cock.
Sheela B.
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Sarah rides along a track designed with medium jumps and where the horse can get into a gallop too.  She approaches the corner furthest from the buildings on The Ponderosa and sees a tall figure leaning against a jump smoking a cigarette.  A black SUV is parked on the roadside a hundred feet away, and it’s obvious the man has jumped the fence.  She slows Lord Tomlin, a black thoroughbred, to a canter and gasps as she recognizes the intruder.  The man leaning casually against the jump is Carl Norris, her dad’s boss.

“Whoa,” she shouts pulling the reins, and Lord Tomlin snorts and pulls to a stop five feet from Norris.  The teen glares down at the lanky, thin man with longish gray hair, a hooked nose, and cold blue eyes.  “What do you want?” she asks and sneers.  “You’re trespassing on private property.”

He laughs and throws his cigarette into the grass and stamps on it, making Sarah shiver as if he just infected The Ponderosa with his evil.

“You’re a hard girl to find,” he said with a leer.  “Even your parents wouldn’t tell me where you worked.  They said they didn’t know.”

Sarah’s parents do know where she works, and to think they wouldn’t tell old Norris filled her heart with love for them.  Still, here he was in all his sleazy glory thinking he has every right to be here.

“Why are you here?” she asks, “I don’t work for you anymore.”

“We have unfinished business,” he said.  “The Kentucky Derby is a few weeks away and Flash Jester has qualified.”

“I read he’s the favorite,” she said and smiles.  “That must get up your nose.”

“Well, not as much as you may think,” Norris said.  “It does present us with an opportunity to make some good money, though.”

“I’m not doing that anymore,” she said shaking her head.  “Besides, how the hell do I get to Kentucky?”

“That won’t be a problem,” Norris said.  “I’ve pulled a few strings.  So we want you to hobble Flash Jester the morning before.”

“You’re crazy,” she said throwing her hands in the air.  “What makes you think I’d risk everything for you?”

“Your mother.”


“If you do this one last score,” he said evenly, “I’ll stop using your mother to service my dog’s”

Sarah’s body goes stiff, her jaw clenches, and she glares at Norris intensely while wishing she had a gun in her pocket so she could shoot him dead where he stands.  It’d be worth going to jail for, she thought, just to watch him die horribly.

“Why should I believe you?” she asks coldly.

“Have I ever gone back on my word?”  She shakes her head.  “Then you should believe me.”

She closes her eyes and shivers.  “How the hell do I get past all the security to even get that close to Flash Jester?” she said, tears welling in her eyes.  “It’s impossible.”

“You’ll find a way,” he said coldly.  “Especially since the payoff’s a hot session with your favorite stud.”  Norris examines Lord Tomlin who’s eating the grass with Sarah still sitting in the saddle.  “Or have you found a new love interest?”  Norris laughs, and it makes Sarah feel sick.  “Maybe you should get down and remind me how much you love a big ol’ horse dick.”

NO,” she shouts.  “FUCK OFF.”

“C’mon horse slut,” he said in a harsh voice.  “I own your ass, now get down and get busy with this horse.”

“Please, no,” she said weakly, however, Norris moves to her side and nearly pulls her off the saddle.

“Over there,” he said pointing to a copse of trees, “that looks nice and private.”

“I hate you.”

“Who cares,” Norris said and they go to the copse of trees.

They go into the copse of trees and Sarah runs a gentle hand over the beast’s muzzle.  Lord Tomlin patiently endures her touch.  The blonde teen continues to rub his nose and ears for another moment, then squats beside him.  His cock hangs from the furry sheath resembling a length of thick, dark plastic hose with a flanged tip.  Sarah carefully touches the stallion’s cock.  Lord Tomlin’s ears prick and he shakes his head from side to side yet he does not move as Sarah runs her fingers around his cock with a light, feathery touch.

Norris watches with leering eyes and a heavy breath.  Sarah feels her pussy growing warmer and livelier inside her jodhpurs, then feels the familiar flow of warm, pussy juices dribbling into her panties.

“My God, you Chambers women are such dirty whores,” Norris said and laughs.

Sarah turns her head to look at him with a sneer, keeping her fingers masturbating the thick cock hanging from Lord Tomlin’s belly.

“Fuck off, you dirty old cunt,” she said harshly.  “I’m doing this for my mom.”

Norris mutters at her, however, the teen ignores him.  She removes her blouse to reveal her perky tits and he moans, then she takes off her boots, jodhpurs, and dog cum stained panties.  My cunt is getting a workout today, she thought, and sighs as Norris’s lewd staring at her nudity gives her chills.

Sarah squats beside Lord Tomlin and continues to slide her fingertips along the length of the stallion’s cock.  She spits on the cock to lube it for her masturbation and the stallion patiently endures her ministrations, though his ears now stand upright and he has a more attentive attitude.

“I need something I can shove under him and lie on so he can fuck me,” she said to Norris who starts glancing around.

Norris knows of just the thing, he saw some square hay bales sitting by the fence as they came to this spot. He goes to get a bale, though, yet points out Lord Tomlin isn’t responding to the teen’s touch.  Sarah nods and applies a more vigorous application of her hand, she has never had sex with this horse or even played with him so his impotence is pure nervousness.

She spits again on the animal’s obstinately limp cock, she grasps the phallus firmly and begins squeezing, treating it as if it were a man’s cock.  She works her fist along the tool with slow, deliberate strokes.  Norris’s cock begins throbbing at the sight of the naked blonde teen jacking off a stallion and soon he has an erection.  Sarah continues to masturbate the beast yet with little effect.

Eventually, she glances at Norris, her eyes blazing with lusty excitement.

“Let him smell your cunt,” Norris said.  “That’ll make him horny.”

She stands and takes a position in front of Lord Tomlin’s muzzle.  The stallion catches a whiff of her highly aroused cunt easily enough.  He leans out to nuzzle her and Sarah feels a surge of sexual desire when she feels his velvety lips brushing against the tops of her thighs and her pussy.

“Wet a finger in your pussy and let him sniff it,” Norris said hotly.  She does. Lord Tomlin immediately displays his interest.  “That did it,” Norris said pointing to the horse’s cock now growing hard.  “He knows a slut cunt when he smells one.”

Sarah promptly wets her fingers in her pussy again.  This time Lord Tomlin’s tongue snakes out to test the fragrant essence of womanly lust.  He likes the taste and goes back for more.  Norris’s brain reels with a pounding fever as the stallion’s nose brushed against Sarah’s pussy; the teen arches her hips forward and rubs the aroused slit over his muzzle.  Lord Tomlin’s tongue again darts out and this time it scrapes over her flesh.  Norris moans with arousal as the rough tongue scrapes over the blonde teen’s lower belly, then nudged against her pussy lips.  The old man pulls his dick from his fly and is stroking as he watches the show.

Lord Tomlin’s cock is growing stiffer every second and while it’s not getting any longer it’s nearly a phallus suitable for fucking.  She moves from his head to his rear, reaches between Lord Tomlin’s rear legs to caress the big, cum-filled sac, and groans with delighted surprise.

“His balls are tense and quivering,” she said.  “I think he’s ready.”

Norris continues to lean against a tree and jerk-off as he stares wide-eyed at the sight.

Sarah lifts the hay bale and positions it beneath Lord Tomlin’s stomach.  His cock, rigid now with hot lust, parallels his belly and reaches almost to his forelegs.  Sarah lies upon the bale of hay and brings her crotch close to the animal’s cock.  She cocks one leg high, resting it on Lord Tomlin’s flank, and the other trails upon the ground.  The sound of cars and trucks driving on the nearby road seems loud and the teen hopes no one can see her doing this.  She then takes the stallion’s cock and directs it into the valley between her thighs, rubbing it over the lips of her pussy and moaning as she touches the tool to her flesh.  She lifts her legs high now, elevating the slit so Norris can see it.

The teen’s blonde-fringed pussy lips are flushed with feverish passion and are coated with a wet sheen of her excitement.  Lord Tomlin moves impatiently as if he cannot wait to get his cock into the woman.  She has to force his cock to the proper angle necessary for penetrating her cunt.  His erection has become so pronounced, the cock has all the resilience of steel.  Norris sees the cockhead has swollen and has a sharp rim.  The old man shudders with anticipation when he imagines the teen’s small cunt plugged with such an immense cock.  He strokes himself even faster.

“You’re such a slut,” he moans. “A dirty horse fucker, not even you mom would do a horse.”

Norris believes a cock the size of Lord Tomlin’s mammoth cunt-splitter will fit into Sarah’s teen cunt, he’s seen it before and he loves it.  Although the stallion’s cock is almost flat across the tip making penetration harder to achieve with a human cunt, Lord Tomlin compensates for this disadvantage with his powerful thrust. The animal’s back bows into a more pronounced semicircle and his hips clench as he drives forward forcing the head of his cock deep into Sarah’s waiting cunt.  The thick coating of precum on his cock head, with the aroused condition of her cunt, makes it impossible for his brute power to be denied.

AHHHHHHHRRRR—FUUUUUUUUUCK,” Sarah shouts at the flanged cockhead drives inside her tight channel.

Lord Tomlin’s cock bludgeons into Sarah’s cunt, bringing a husky gasp of anguished joy as he stretches her wide.  She throws her head from side to side with violent jerks and lunges against horse’s cock as it spread the mouth of her cunt into a gigantic circle.  The stallion snuffles and bows his back further.  He fucks the teen as Norris had desired to see, and the violence of the horses cock ravishing her tender, teen cunt makes him cum instantly.  Several spurts of semen shoot into the air from his dick as he grunts loudly.  Yet the old man doesn’t stop stroking his still hard cock, and he stares intently at Sarah getting reamed by the huge cock.

The stallion drives his cock into the waiting cunt and tries to bury as much of the phallus as possible.  Norris’s eyes grow wider as more, and more, of the aroused animal’s cock drives into Sarah’s gyrating little cunt, though, the teen welcomes every inch of the distended tool.  She twists her hips on the bale of hay, bounces them, and extends a hand to her pussy so she can rub her rigid little clit while using the other to massage her pink, erect nipples with hearty squeezes.  Cries of delirious joy pour from her throat as she feels her cunt stretched.  She never pulls away, nor does she shrink from the tremendous horse cock shoved so deep into her body.

Norris masturbates intently, working his cock as if it’s him fucking this nubile teen horse slut, stroking in time to Lord Tomlin’s powerful thrusts.  The sight of the horse’s cock boring into the blonde hair-rimmed cunt between the teen’s thighs infected him with a powerful desire to cum again.


Sarah’s body wobbles on the bale of hay as the stallion thrust into her without care.  Norris can see the muscles quivering in the teen’s belly and he knows she’s churning with lust.  Sarah shrieks again.


Lord Tomlin’s ears lie back along his mane and his eyes shine.  Norris bends to inspect the horse’s cock more closely yet he can see no sign the animal is spurting semen through the thick tool, though Sarah’s cries leave little doubt she thinks he is.  Lord Tomlin keeps his cock firmly lodged in the teen’s cunt for another moment or two.  Norris feels his dick give several convulsive twinges, then unleashes an orgiastic storm through his body with overpowering force.

He feels his knees quiver weakly and for a moment fears he’s going to collapse. The old man holds himself upright, continuing to stroke his pulsating dick as rivulets of white semen shoots from it again.

Lord Tomlin stops fucking and holds his cock inside Sarah grunting softly and trembling heavily.  Horse semen explodes from around the thick shaft at the entrance to Sarah’s love canal.  Sarah moans loudly as she feels her belly fill with the hot liquid and it pushes her harshly fucked cunt into orgasm.


The horse’s big cock loses its stiffness quickly and with a plop, it falls free of her gaping cunt.  Semen pours out of her inflamed and swollen pussy, and Norris stares at it licking his lips greedily.  The greatest sight in the world to him is a cunt just after its just been well-fucked, and this one has been.  Sarah sighs wearily, lowers her legs from around the horses’ torso, and grasps the immense tool.  Leaning forward, she greedily licks the horse’s cock head to taste her cunt on it, and to swallow some tasty semen.

Norris stands beside her pushing his cock beneath the horse and she takes it into her mouth and tastes his tangy man seed still clinging to his now soft cock.

“Mmm, one day I might just fuck you myself,” he said feeling the teens mouth suck on his old dick.

She pulls back.  “I’ve gotta get back to work,” she said rolling from beneath the might stallion.

“So we have a deal?” Norris said putting his cock away.  “I retire your mom, for you hobbling Flash Jester before the Derby?”

Sarah is squatting, allowing her abused and sore cunt to empty before she dresses.

“I guess so,” she said.

Norris nods and heads back to his car.


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