Rylee’s Love

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Rylee's Love
Rylee’s Love
Year: 2020
Rylee’s sent to the city to work for a rich couple as a housekeeper. The young woman struggles with a yearning emptiness in her soul by filling it with fucking the dog. Little does she know, her new boss Amy has a similar problem.
Moe Lester
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Alone at last.  The eighteen-year-old girl’s godparents have gone into town to fetch the week’s supplies.  Now was Rylee’s chance to bid a proper farewell to her beloved dog, ‘Gus.’  She lures the animal up to her second-story bedroom, where they can enjoy themselves in peace and comfort.  She and Gus had to do their experimenting in the barn mostly or out in the woods somewhere.  The girl hasn’t dared risk her lurid debauchery with the dog in the house before.  Now her godparents are planning to send her away to the city, she’s feeling more reckless than ever.

I’ll show them,’ Rylee thought.  ‘I’ll fuck their dog right here under their roof and make this old house remember me, even if my godparents don’t.’  Rylee Holden has been on the verge of a tearful explosion ever since her godfather told her they can’t afford to keep her anymore.  They’re sending her to a wealthy home in the city where she can work for room and board as a housekeeper.

Big favor they’re doing me,’ she thought bitterly.  ‘Sending me away from the only place I’ve ever known.’  Her parents’ farm was right next to her godparents’ before they died, and the land sold.  They aren’t even going to let her take Gus with her.  The big mongrel, half Labrador, half Collie, is her best friend in the world.  But the dog is technically her godparents’ pet, and they’re too cheap to give anything away.  Besides, they said, her new employers won’t approve of her arriving with a big hairy mutt in tow.

“Fuck them,” the eighteen-year-old brunette murmurs as she pulls her dress over her shapely young thighs.

She watches Gus watching her intently.  Her taut ass grinds expectantly into the mattress, moving closer to the edge.  Gus is sitting only a couple of feet away.  She wants him to come nearer, to sit between her legs, and explore her wet pussy.  At that moment, Rylee forgets all about her godparents and their plot to be rid of her.  The only reality is the long pink tongue lolling from Gus’s mouth.  Saliva glistens on the dog’s tongue as if the animal’s already drooling in anticipation of her savory pussy.

The girl’s wearing nothing under her light summer dress.  The dog’s view is right up between her naked thighs into the spread pink lips of her moist vagina.  Her pussy is bald, she waxes it.  It wriggles like a restless animal as Gus squirms in his place on the floor and then moves forward.

Rylee’s heart quickens, and her breathing grows heavy.  “Ooh, Gus.  Come on, boy, lick my pussy.  Make me feel good.  Make me not so sad I’m leaving.”

The dog sits between her widespread legs and leans forward.  The cold wet nose collides with her vulnerable clit.

Ahhhhhh.  Oh yes.  You’re getting warm, Gus, baby.  It’s so good.”

The big mongrel sniffs increasingly eager, maneuvering its nose down along her slit.  The dog’s head works feverishly over the aromatic slit, prodding her here and there with its icy weapon, forcing little bleats from between her lips.  At last, Gus can stand the temptation no longer.  The dog sticks out its tongue and licks her all the way from her puckered asshole to her clit.  The girl’s head falls back.  Her mouth droops slackly open.

Ooh, Gus.  Lick my pussy, boy.”

The teenager’s greedy pussy wriggles off the bed in sharp urgent motions.  She’s driving her pussy against the dog’s mouth, delivering it to the animal as quickly as the dog can stick its tongue out for another taste.  The animal’s cock is rock-hard and protruding from its sheath.  The girl’s sex smell has it intensely turned-on.  The mutt demands more of her, licking her hot juices as quickly as they ooze from her cunt.  Rylee strains around to stare at Gus’s erection.  The sight of it thrills her.  It makes her pussy lips flare with hot forbidden desire.  In fierce little spasms, Rylee drives her bald pussy into Gus’s face.  She’s relishing the dog’s actions, secure in the knowledge the impressive hard-on is there for her whenever she chose to take it.

Mmmmm … Oooooo … More.  You make me so horny, Gus.  Your tongue does such things to my pussy.”

The tip of the dog’s tongue catches for an instant at her tight vaginal entry, making her squeal with delight.  It slips free and presses against her vagina again.  The brunette drives her hips upward more fitfully than ever as if trying to trap the dog’s tongue to push it deep inside her.  The emotion-wrought teenager is losing all control, and she knows it.  The thought delights her.  She’s sick of thinking about things, of worrying about her future.  Right now, she wants only to enjoy life.  At the mercy of the dog’s passion, she’s going to gobble whatever ecstasy its tongue and cock can bring her.

She lies back against the bed, surrendering her open cunt totally to the dog’s heated tongue-undulations.  Her long dark hair flies about her pretty young face as she writhed in ecstasy.  A demented grin distorts her mouth.  She’s taking a long sweet ride, and there’s nothing in the world she can do to stop it, even if she wanted to.

Do it, Gus.  Do it to me.”

Now not even the fear seemed so bad.  Rylee’s going to live among strangers.  Who knows what will become of her?  But what does it matter?  She can take care of herself.  The girl knows how to enjoy life.  Somewhere in that big city, she’ll find a passion to equal that she can experience with Gus.  Rylee’s a good-looking girl, with a lively spirit to match.  She’ll make out fine.

Ooooooo … It’s so good … So good…

The dog’s efforts are becoming more frantic.  Driven by the stimulus from its erect cock, the dog tongues the girl’s pussy to throbbing wetness.  Gus whimpers as his tongue maneuvers amongst her pussy lips seeking out stray drops of juice.  The dog’s cold nose prods her pussy.  Rylee recognizes the signals.  Gus is feverish to fuck, and he’s used to getting it one way.

The thought of taking the dog’s hard filling cock deep into her cunt wrenches her from her mindless euphoria.  The girl scrambles onto the floor and turns around, bending her torso over the bed and kneeling, ass waving high, waiting for the dog’s assault.  She squirms her ass cheeks nervously back, searching for the dog.  Rylee wants that cock, and she wants it now.

Come on, Gus.  Fuck me, boy.  Get up here.”

She glances over her shoulder for a last look at that fine stiff cock of the dog.  Then, as the dog’s forepaws find a hold in her hip, she buries her face in the covers.  The girl’s whole being is tense, expecting the moment of perverted penetration.  Gus makes one, two, three fierce lunges.  The dog’s cock surges up between her ass cheeks, then flops down to slap against her thighs.  Rylee grunts in disappointment and squeals with impatience.  She thrusts her buttocks back, straining to meet the dog halfway.  Her gesture is well-timed, and dog cock meets vagina and soars deep inside.  The mutt’s rigid cock forces her cuntal walls wide apart.  Its throbbing presence in her belly drives a wild, eerie wail from her lips.

Ahhhhhhhhhh … Oh yeah … Oh, God…

Rylee has only an instant to relish the depraved moment of penetration before the dog’s lusty harsh rhythm takes over.  The animal’s loins work back and forth, forcing its cock deep into her clenching cunt, then pulling it out just as quickly.  The girls equal to the dog’s brutal pace, and she lurches back to meet the thrusts.  Her hands clutch the bedcovers convulsively as the dog’s cock splits her wide.  The ecstasy is almost more than she can bear.  Her teeth gritted, gnashing from time to time at the bedspread.  Rylee’s eyes shut tight, and her face is tense.

In her mind’s eye, she imagines how she must look.  Bent over her bed, her dress pulled high over her hips.  She imagines that red dog cock disappearing into her clinging pink cunt.  The lewd contrast of the red animal cock and a woman’s pink vagina.

Ahhhhh.  Do it harder, Gus.”

That’s one command wasted on Gus.  The dog has its own instinctive approach to fucking the girl.  Its technique is hard and unrelenting, just the way she loves it.  Just the way she’ll get it from the animal whether she likes it or not.

The dog behaves as if it knows it’s racing against time—just a few more strokes before the masters come home.  Rylee can hear Gus panting above her.  She can feel the dog’s paws digging more urgently into her hips.  Her answer is to meet those thrusts with the same energetic bursts.  Her ripe round ass cheeks lunge out at the dog as ferociously as its loins buffet her forward.  A low, eager cry escapes the animal’s throat, and it sends a chill down the girl’s spine.  It’s so depraved.  She’s driving a dog crazy by letting it fuck her teen cunt.

That’s what drives her to fucking the dog in the first place—the sheer perversion of the act.  She can think of nothing more opposed to the homely morality her godparents tried to drum into her.  They were too late with their Bible readings and discipline.  She was sixteen when her parents died, already a favorite with the boys (and their dads also).  Trying it with the dog started out as an act of rebellion.  It turned into the most exciting experience of her life.


She was playing with the mongrel in a field when she tripped in a pothole and fell.  The accident stunned her momentarily, as well as sending her skirt flying over her head.  When she regained consciousness, Rylee discovered her pussy is wet and throbbing with desire.  The dog was nosing her panty gussets, struggling to stick its tongue underneath and assault her pussy.  She ached to pull her panties down right then and let Gus lick her to his heart’s delight.

But she was too shrewd to try such lewd experiments in an exposed place.  Rylee took the dog down by the creek bed and found a grassy spot amongst the trees where she often came with the neighbors’ boy, Roy.  There, the dog licked her pussy until she exploded into an unforgettable orgasm.  Afterward, she felt pleased with herself.  Rylee was thumbing her nose at her godparents by stooping to such depravity.

That’s not the only reason that drives her to Gus’s tongue repeatedly.  It’s all about pleasure too.  It’s so good to orgasm whenever she craves it.  Eventually, the licks aren’t enough for her insatiable sexual appetite.  Rylee had to sample that hard, red cock.  The ecstasy that time was so intense, she felt for long beautiful moments as if she died and gone to heaven.  Each time since had seemed just a little better than the time before.  Now she’s going to have to give it all up.  To go to the city and become someone’s housekeeper.


Fuck me, Gus … Oh God, stuff your knot in my cunt ….  Oh, fuck, that’s good…

Her voice is unnaturally shrill.  Her entire body is straining to the tempo of the dog’s forceful strokes.  Rylee can feel him getting harder in her, the knot swelling and pushing into her cunt with forceful thrusts.  Eventually, Gus can’t pull his knot out, and his rhythm goes from a jackhammer to jerky short thrusts.  The dog whines loudly, and at last, she knows it’s ejaculating in her cunt, and hot dog semen fills her womb and vagina.  The excitement of the moment overcomes her, and her pert little ass wriggles unrelentingly against the dog’s loins.  She, too, is orgasming.

Ahhhhh … Shit, Gus, you’re making me cum …  God, I’m cumming … AHHHHHHH

For around fifteen minutes afterward, she stays kneeling before the bed, clinging to the covers, panting heavily.  The girl brings herself to multiple orgasms by rubbing her clit and wriggling, so the knot slides against her g-spot.  Eventually, Rylee feels Gus dismount, and his cock and shrunken knot pull free of her greedy cunt with a loud ‘plop.’  As the girl collapses, she hears the dog’s paws click-clacking down the hall as it heads for the stairs.  Gus heard it before Rylee, the familiar roar as her godfather’s pick-up pulls into the yard.  The knotting ended not a moment too soon.  This’ll be her last time with Gus.

Tomorrow at noon, they’ll put her on a train to the city.  Her fists clench in anger and fear as she prepares to go downstairs to greet her relatives.  ‘They’ll be sorry they let me go,’ Rylee thought.  ‘I’ll show themI’ll show them what a determined young woman can do in a city full of opportunity.’


The next morning, before they’re ready to leave for the station, Rylee talks her godparents into letting her take one more walk in the fields.  The dog Gus has run off somewhere on his morning romp, and she hopes she might run into the animal.  The teen wants to hug the mutt goodbye just one more time.

“You know you’re foolish, child,” her godmother said with a scowl.  “It’s better the dog isn’t here.  You know it’ll just upset you to see him waiting by the gate for you to come home.  It’ll be more painless this way.”

“Please, Tammy.  At least let me take one more walk down to the oak grove and back.”

“All right.” The graying woman finally relented.  “But see you’re back by ten.  We don’t want you to miss that train.”

Can’t wait to get rid of me,’ the girl thought resentfully as she trudged down the road past the barnyard and the clamoring chickens.  It’s too pleasant a day for her bad mood to last for long.  The sun lights up the fields in the full splendor of their summer raiment.  The corn is high, and the sunflowers are stately and bright gold guardians of the back gate.

The young brunette pauses to greet the two aging horses.  To fight off a strange fullness in her throat that threatens to turn to tears, Rylee begins to run down the dirt road.  The teen calls Gus’s name several times, but he doesn’t appear.  Instead, a Pit Bull ambles from the trees onto the road in front of her.  She recognizes it as Roy’s dog, Sampson.

“Hey there, boy,” she said, squatting to pat the dog.  “Have you seen Gus around?”

The Pit Bull suddenly shoves its nose up her dress and licks her crotch.

“Sampson,” Rylee growls.  “Bad Doggie.  Don’t lick me there.”

She almost gives him a smack on his nose, but the Pit Bull seems sad.  Rylee feels bad she yelled at it.  The dog’s only being curious, after all.  The girl knows from experience a dog’s sense of smell is so much better than a human’s.  Being male, Sampson probably smells her pussy and cannot help himself.  Rylee has the same effect on human males, so she’s used to it.  Straight men see a pretty girl with full lips, a beautiful set of breasts, a round ass, and they do crazy things.

Rylee decides to let the dog smell her pussy, just to get it over with.  She leads the Pit Bull off the road and into the trees, sits on a log, and opens her legs to let Sampson sniff her pussy all he wants.  The tan Pit Bull comes over to her pussy like it’s stalking its prey.  The Pit Bull gets close and sniffs it repeatedly.  Then, the dog shoves its nose right into her panties and suddenly licks.

“Hang on, boy,” Rylee said hotly.  “Let me take those off.”

The teen pulls her black panties off and spreads her legs again to reveal her bald pussy.  The dog goes straight to it and starts licking.  Over and over, its tongue slides up her slit.

Oh, God … That feels so fucking good,” Rylee moans.

Sampson’s tongue is long, fat and pink, and he’s doing his best to push it deep into her tight teen cunt.  Rylee let Sampson lick her cunt, spreading her legs wider, and opening up her pussy lips for the dog.  It feels so good, feeling the animals coarse tongue licking her up and down.  The tan Pit Bull put its huge pink tongue inside her cunt as deep as it can go.  The dog’s tongue feels like a slick, wet snake probing her juicy vagina.  It’s like it’s trying to get every drop of her pussy juice.  Rylee feels herself climaxing and rubs her erect clit while the dog’s tongue tickles her insides.  The Pit Bull slurps its tongue on her fingers, hitting her clit as well, and then plunges it back into her cunt.

Ahhh … Sampson … Lick me … Lick me…

The Pit Bull acts as if it understands and begins to lick harder.  Suddenly, Gus appears from the bushes and runs around sniffing and whining.

“There you are, you dumb mutt,” Rylee said and smiles.  “Did the smell of pussy attract you?  Oh well, you’ll just have to wait your turn.”

Gus sits and starts whining.  The mutt seems upset there’s not enough room between her legs for the both of them.  Rylee spread her pussy lips again and humps Sampson’s face, forcing her clitty against his hot tongue.  The tan Pit Bull begins to lap at her love button, and the teen starts to orgasm.  The climax is powerful, almost an out-of-body experience.

Good boy…” she moans, breathing hotly.  “That’s it … LICK ME … Mmm, that-a-boy … Lick it Lick my sweet pussy… God, I’m cumming.”

Rylee’s toes curl and her thighs quiver.  She feels her furry lover go deeper into her as her cunt starts to tingle, and she clamps her legs around its strong, muscular body.

Ooh,” she moans, “Lick my pussy, Sampson.  Eat my cunt…

The teen begins thrashing her head side-to-side as she orgasms, pushing her creaming cunt hard against the Pit Bull’s hot, slurping tongue.

Ahhhhhhh,” Rylee squeals as multiple orgasms wrack her teenage body

With the dog’s tongue dancing on her clit and then shoving deep into her cunt, multiple orgasms were inevitable.  Her pussy flesh starts to feel sensitive, and she pushes the eager Pit Bull away.

“Whew.  I need a breather,” Rylee said, closing her legs to deny entry to her girl parts.  “Wow, Sampson.  What a good boy you are.  Shame I’m leaving today, or else we could’ve done this again.”

She has to push the dog away a few times before it got the hint.

“Another day…” Rylee said to the dog, patting its head and scratching it behind the ears.

The teen gazes down to see if licking her pussy made the dog horny too.  Yes, its big red cock is sticking out from its sheath.  The dog’s cock is cute.  Rylee decides to get a closer look and gets on the ground on her hands and knees to scooch under the Pit Bull.  Sampson and Gus are excited to have her on all fours.  They begin dancing around Rylee, licking her, and nudging her with their heads.  The teen crawls away from the log and feels two sets of tongues trying to lick her from behind.

Fuck, what was I thinking,” Rylee moans, it feels twice as good as before.

She spreads her cheeks for them, like a horny little slut, and they lap her pussy and asshole.  Rylee stays that way, with her ass presented to them, as they lick her all over her loins and thighs.  It feels so good.  The two dogs love her asshole and even try to get their tongues into her anus.  Rylee had only had her asshole licked one time, she liked it, but that time feels nothing like this.  The brunette feels another orgasm building when suddenly, she feels a weight on her back and a slimy ‘poke’ against her ass cheeks.

Sampson’s trying to fuck her now.  The girl starts to crawl away, but she thought, ‘What the fuck?’ The tan Pit Bull made her feel good, so Rylee feels obligated to do the same for the dog.  ‘It’s not like I’ve never had a dog cock there before,’ she thought.  ‘I’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t tie with me.’

“Come on and fuck my bitch hole, Sampson,” Rylee shouts.  “Come on, you can do it.”

The girl wiggles her hips for the dog, helping it to find her soaking wet cunt with its slimy doggie dick.  Sampson finds her juicy cunt and slides his cock into her with no problem.  Rylee giggles again, feeling so naughty, as the dog feeds its cock into her vagina.  The tan Pit Bull suddenly begins to hump her fast.  Its cock feels like it’s going a hundred miles an hour.  Sampson’s cock begins to grow, she can feel it getting bigger and bigger with every thrust.

Whoa, what a cock…

The dog’s cock pushes her pussy lips wide apart, then wider, and then she feels the knot slide into her cunt.  The Pit Bull fucks her hard, and Rylee feels the knot getting bigger.  The dog’s cock grows until it’s enormous.  The knot grows so large the dog cannot get it in her little teen cunt any longer.  But then, determined to have its way with her, Sampson slams it all the way into her tight vagina.

AHHHHHHH … Damn, I didn’t want you to do that, you naughty dog,” Rylee moans as the hard knot forces its way into her cunt.

The girl feels it expand even more, filling her belly.  It cannot come out anymore, it’s gotten so large.  Girl and dog locked together now, just what she didn’t want with a train to catch soon.  Sampson keeps pounding her cunt repeatedly.  What a fuck the dog’s giving her.  Rylee reaches down and feels her swollen pussy, stuffed full of doggie cock.

Fuck me, Sampson.  Fuck me with your beautiful cock.”

Rylee starts to orgasm again and then feels the cock swell even more.  Sampson whines and thrusts deeper into her belly.  She suddenly feels something scorching inside her deep, the dog’s sperm.  The girl can feel the dog blasting its semen into her womb.  There’s so much of it.   It’s so warm and wet, and the Pit Bull keeps shooting what seems an endless amount.

Oh … Ooooo … Ahhhhhhh … Ooh…” she moans, still shuddering with orgasmic pleasure.

Feeling Samson’s thick cock slamming into her and its hot jizz blasting so deep inside her belly makes Rylee orgasm many times.  Sampson eventually stops fucking her, and Rylee feels its weight on top of her.  ‘What a monster,’ she thought.  The brunette glances back and sees its happy, tired face, its long tongue hanging out.

“Judging by that fuck, I think it’s been a while since you fucked a hot little bitch like me,” she said to Sampson.

The teen hears Gus pacing back and forth behind them, so she calls the mutt over.  She feels terrible for the dog since he didn’t get to orgasm, but Sampson sure did.  Gus comes over to her and licks her face as the girl pets the dog.  Rylee cannot get away from its wet tongue since she’s knotted with Sampson, but she didn’t mind a little doggie spit.  Rylee puts her head down and turns to avoid its tongue, and that’s when she sees it—Gus’s cock is hard.

She knows her longtime mutt lover always has a large cock.  It must be a foot long when erect.  It’s very thick and pointed at the tip.  The color is a mixture of purple and deep red.  It’s gnarly looking; bumpy, with pulsating veins running along its entire length.  It’s wet, shining, and throbbing right in front of her.  Rylee touches Gus’s cock, giving it a gentle stroke.

“Sorry, Gus, but Sampson has staked a claim on your territory.”

Gus whines and seems to like her playing with his fat cock.  She feels so sorry for the dog because by the time the Pit Bull pulls it cock out of her, she won’t have time to take care of Gus.  Rylee will have to run home fast, so she doesn’t miss her train.  The mutt’s cock is so hard.  She has to help the dog find relief.

“Does Gus need to shoot his cum too?” Rylee asks the mutt.  “Come here, let me help you, sweetheart.”

Rylee’s vagina is still tight with Sampson’s big cock and knot, so she decides to see if Gus wants a blowjob.  After all, what male doesn’t like a warm, wet mouth wrapped around their cock?  Gently gripping Gus behind his knot, the teen brings his cock to her mouth.  The mutt moves closer and stands still, it’s not his first blowjob off Rylee.  It’s how she kept the mutt happy when she was unable to have sex with it, like when she’s menstruating.

The brunette gives Gus’s cock a little lick, tasting it.  ‘Mmm, I know that taste,’ she thought.  The teen doggie slut begins to lick the cock and takes it into her mouth.  Gus helps by standing over her, giving her full access to his raging red cock.  Rylee licks the dog’s cock up and down, slurps it back and forth, and takes its fat shaft down her throat as deep as she can.  The mutt’s cock begins to shoot a thin, watery fluid.

It’s canine pre-cum, and the girl swallows the coppery, salty liquid eagerly.  Rylee tries to look at it, but the cock keeps shooting pre-cum, hitting her face.  It’s warm, wet, and slippery.  She licks and sucks on Gus’s cock, giving the mutt the last blowjob for a long time.  Sampson starts getting fidgety, probably wanting her to suck his cock too.  The tan Pit Bull tries to jump off her and pull its fat knot out of her cunt.

“No, Sampson,” Rylee groans as the cock and knot shunts around inside her cunt.

Girl and dog end ass-to-ass, with its knot still stuck in her cunt and shooting jizz.

STAY,” the girl shouts, and squeezes the dog’s cock and knot tight with her cunt.  “You had your turn, Sampson.  Now give Gus a chance to shoot off too.”

Rylee goes back to work on Gus, trying to get the mutt to climax.  What a sight she is.  On the ground among some trees near a road with a big, fat dog cock stuffed in her cunt while the brunette sucks off another one.  Sampson is getting restless, so Rylee wiggles her ass for the dog, while she jacks, licks, and sucks Gus’s cock.  She uses all the tricks she knows, trying to make Gus shoot his load into her mouth.

The mutt starts to hump her face a little.  She let the dog have its way with her and feels its cock slide into her throat.  Gus is very gentle, and she’s able to swallow most of his pre-cum, but a lot of it dripped onto the ground.  Rylee feels the dog squirting pre-cum against the back of her throat over and over.   She tickles the mutt’s balls and sucks it off until finally, the teen feels the cock swell even larger.

Gus whimpers a little and begins shooting his hot semen into her mouth.  There’s a lot of it, and she swallows as best she can, but a lot of it runs out of both sides of her mouth.  Dog semen is a lot thinner than a man.  She keeps sucking and swallowing Gus’s hot doggie jizz the best she can until he’s finished.  Rylee’s belly feels full.

“Feel better now, boy?” she asks Gus, licking the dripping jizz from her lips.

Sampson’s cock feels softer, so Rylee finally lets the dog separate from her, pulling that big cock and knot out of her sore cunt.  She thought a gallon of jizz must’ve gushed out of her well-fucked vagina.  Rylee gets to her feet and squats to allow as much as possible to drain out of her.  The Pit Bull is nice though and helps lick her pussy clean.  Then, both dogs lay down and clean themselves off, licking their softening cocks.

Rylee pulls her phone out and sees it’s nearly ten, and quickly puts her panties on.  She bends and kisses Gus on the forehead.  “Goodbye, Gus.  I love you.  I’ll really miss you.”

Wiping some tears from her eyes, Rylee starts running for home.


She runs all the way back to the house.  The exertion keeps her from feeling sad, as she passes it all for the last time.  There’s only just enough time to get to the station.  Tim and Tammy are in such a hurry to get her there, they don’t even scold her.  Braced for the harsh words, the girl’s almost disappointed when they don’t come.  Emotionless, she watches the scenery speed by as Tim guides his truck over the bumpy road to town.  They have nothing more to say to each other.  It’s as if the partings are already over.


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