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Year: 2017
Carter is on his way home for the semester break when his car breaks down. Luckily for him, a beefy bear offers him a ride to the next town, and the man’s dog gives him a ride into extreme pleasure.
Jack Morningwood
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Carter finds the bed in the back, plops down on it for a second, and waits for the trailer to start moving. He closes his eyes for a second, Bolt suddenly jumps on top of him. The dog is so big he shakes the entire trailer.  It keeps licking Carter’s face, and the teen has to push the dog away.  Bolt’s face is big, and his tongue is slobbery.  Carter’s face covers in dog drool quickly. The teen manages to escape from Bolt and stand from the bed.  He looks around the trailer to see if he can find some dirty clothes.  Check in the closet, he thought. It’s difficult to walk while Dave is driving, yet he manages to stagger over to the small closet in the corner.  When Carter opens it, he’s pleased to see a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, and he can already smell the manly scent of Dave.  His cock is already rock hard, and he knows it won’t be long before his cock starts leaking again.

As he bends to look through the pile of clothes, his cock is growing with anticipation. Finally, he reaches what he’s looking for.  In the middle of the pile is a stained black jockstrap. Carter immediately put it to his nose, and the smell makes him weak at the knees.  The smell is fresh and cummy.  The teen’s cock is aching for release, so he immediately pulls his pants and boxers off. Carter jumps up onto the bed and begins working his cock as Dave’s jock strap rests on his face.  At further inspection, there were white stains on the inside. The teen knows it’s only a matter of time before he shoots his load all over the place, so he decides to remove his shirt too. As Carter is working over his cock, he’s so lost in the moment, and he doesn’t realize Bolt had jumped onto the bed with him.  Suddenly, Carter feels something wet and warm lick his cock.  He almost shoots his load immediately before he realizes it’s Bolt.

“What the fuck?  Get the fuck off the bed, Bolt,” he yells and tries to push the large dog off, yet it’s no use.

If Bolt doesn’t want to do something, it doesn’t.  Carter continues to stroke his cock and is really close when all of a sudden Bolt licks his cock again.  As pissed as Carter is, he starts thinking it feels good.  It’s weird because it’s disgusting yet it feels good, he thought.  I might let him do it once more.  The way Bolt’s huge warm wet tongue feels on his juicing cock almost sends him over the edge.  This is it, Carter thought, I’m gonna to blow a massive load all over the place.  Suddenly, Bolt stops licking Carter’s cock for some reason.  The teen is close to cumming, and the tonguing feels good, so he tries to get the dog to do it again.  Then Carter makes one of biggest mistakes he could in this situation, naively, he turns over onto his hands and knees to give Bolt better access to his cock, balls, and asshole.

Initially, Bolt starts licking Carter from behind until the dog stops again with a loud whine. Then Bolt leaps onto Carters back and wraps his front paws around the skinny teen’s waist.  Carter doesn’t know what to think until he feels something warm and wet poking around his asshole. When the teen looks around, he sees Bolt’s massive red cock poking his asshole. Carter begins to get scared; that great dog wants to fuck him, and the teen tries to stand but the dogs just too big.  The teen tries his hardest yet it’s no use, he’s going to be Bolt’s bitch.  Carter looks at the dog again and sees the huge, wet, red cock poking for the entrance of his asshole. Just then, Bolt strikes home and shoves his huge doggy cock deep into Carter’s virgin asshole.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Carter screams yet it’s no use.

The teen is in agonizing pain from Bolt’s huge cock, yet he can’t do anything except suck it up and take it.  Carter looks behind him to see Bolt humping away and his cock only half way inside his asshole. He can see his massive furry balls swaying, as the dog continues to pound the teen’s ass. The longer Bolt fucks Carter, the more the teen gets into it and actually getting aroused.  Carter’s cock goes hard, and he’s beginning to enjoy the warm feeling of the doggy dick almost entirely buried in his ass. The teen is getting into a rhythm with Bolt as the dog is pushing its cock deeper into the boy.  Before Carter knows it, Bolt’s entire cock is in his asshole.

As Bolt continues to fuck Carter’s ass, the teen feels something warm and wet hitting his anus. When he gazes behind, he notices something the size of a baseball trying to enter his still tight hole.  Carter can feel Bolt breathing into his ears and warm drool dripping on the back of his neck and down his back.  He is nervous about Bolt’s knot shoving into his asshole, yet there’s no stopping the dog now.  Bolt is thrusting more and more.  The pressure is intense, and Bolt is pushing its knot like a fist punching the teen’s asshole. After what seemed like twenty minutes of pounding, Bolt manages to push the entire knot all the way into Carter’s bowels.

Oh GOD,” he shrieks as Bolt fucks him. “Oh god, you’re gonna tear me in two.

The big dog cock feels even bigger inside the teen’s asshole, as it dominates and pushes him, forces his body to have to adjust to its massive girth.  The muscles don’t give way easily, even when being forced, and a curious mix of pleasure and pain makes his body quiver.  Having a dog fuck him is far more exciting than Carter ever imagined.  Once the doggie-cock invades his tight asshole, there’s no stopping the animal.  His hind legs stomp the bed.  Bolt drools all over his back.  It’s massive cock fucks relentlessly into her stretched-open asshole.

Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” he moans, quivering with mounting excitement. “He’s really fucking me. Mmm, my asshole’s so hotFuck me, Bolt, fuck me.”


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