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Year: 2017
A couple of nasty men with two Dobermans decide it’s time to teach a haughty, cock teasing blonde a big lesson.
Moe Lester
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“Let Killer have his fun now,” Scarface said, grinning as he sinks to his knees and watches the woman intently.

“OK, Killer.  She’s all yours,” Spike said, clapping his hands together.

The Doberman doesn’t wait for a second command.  Lurching forward, Killer immediately pushes his long, cold pointed snout against the tender cuntal membranes of Gina’s shuddering pussy.

Unnnnnn,” she groans, throwing back her head and rolling it helplessly from side to side as she starts to feel the long, sandy hot wet tongue sloshing around her pussy.

The dog’s licking her pussy hairs until they flatten with warm spittle.  Killer’s tongue occasionally slides in between her puffy pussy lips, sanding across her clit and making Gina groan.  Her eyelids flutter, and her fingers claw at the loose soil as she wriggles helplessly in her bonds.  Dirt works into her ass as she tries to scoot her butt cheeks away from the slurping animal.

Gina opens her mouth to cry out.  However, nothing comes out as her vocal chords paralyze.  Every muscle in her body tenses and pulls as Killer shoves his snout further forward.

Oh God, stop him,” Gina finally wails as she feels the dog’s nose push past her outer pussy lips and sinks into her cunt.

She can feel Killer’s hard snout slicing into her pussy.  Gina is afraid the dog’s going to chew her apart.  As the teeth dig in further, Gina shrieks, babbling something incoherent as she wriggles her thighs frantically.

“Gettin’ too much for you, babe?” Scarface asks, gazing at her with an amused grin.

Gina jerks her head up, finding herself face to face with the Doberman.  The dog’s eyes roll frenziedly in its head while saliva drips in long, stringy rivers from both corners of its mouth.  She sees Killer’s powerful belly heaving with lust as its long, slick dick jerks wildly in the air.  Her pubes plaster down and point upward from the intense licking.  Gina knows the fucking she dreads is only moments away.

“Come on, Killer, fuck her,” Spike urges as he squats next to Scarface.

Gina drops her head and rolls it from side to side.  Strands of dirty, matted blonde hair cling to Gina’s flushed cheeks as she sobs uncontrollably.  How can they do something like this to me, she wonders?  It is revolting, degrading, contrary to anything decent in nature.  Her big tits heave on her chest as Gina bites her lower lip and waits for the initial penetration.

Spike shouts the command again.  The big Doberman freezes for a second, snarling as it tilted its head down and stared closely at the pussy in front of it.  Killer drools, even more, snapping its jaws with lust.  Gina jerks her head again and wails as she feels the animal’s hot breath blowing against her wet pussy.  Scarface and Spike laugh as Gina’s screams turn into frantic, incoherent shrieks.  Her body thrashes and squirms.  The blonde’s big titties bounce and jiggle on her sweaty chest as Killer jumps and put its big forepaws on Gina’s flat belly.  The blonde shrieks again, thrashing like a crazy woman as she feels the big toenails digging into her flesh.  She bucks her thighs up desperately, trying to shake the growling animal off her.  Killer mistook her actions for passion and growls deep in its throat.  Gina’s eyes open wide as she glances down and sees the blood-heavy cock between the Doberman’s sturdy legs sway lazily back and forth.  The big dog drops its head again, this time slathering her titties with a big tongue.

Gina moans wildly, feeling the hot, rough wet thing sands across her nipples.  Killer’s spittle makes wet streaks across her chest, drying and increasing the strange feeling beginning to spread over her body.  Along with the sense of revulsion she already feels, Gina feels a new sensation of pleasure rippling through her rising clit.  However, it isn’t the same lust she feels when fucking a man.  This has a sharp, nasty edge that thrills her as it revolts her.  As the big dog backs away and licks at her belly and her mound, Gina stops her frantic shrieking and resigns herself to her fate.

“Fuck her, damn it,” Spike growls.

The dog turns its head around and growls back in answer, turning back and resuming its tit licking.  Gina grunts as she feels her hot skin bathed in dog spittle.  Killer seems to love the taste of stale human piss, taking care of the vile coating Scarface and Spike squirted on her minutes before and replacing it with a thick, oily layer of doggie spit.  Killer growls with excitement, dragging its sharp toenails over her belly and thighs, and leaving long red scratch marks where they slide.  The dog’s back to her cunt in a few seconds, licking crazily.  Gina knows why the dog is getting so excited.  In spite of these men watching her, in spite of her deplorable situation, she’s heating up like a bitch in-heat.  Killer’s tongue sloshes in and out of her slit, licking at the glistening, delicate surfaces its snout has peeled open.

OH,” Gina moans as the dog gouges its claws against her thighs and sticks its long snout further along the slick cuntal folds.

She can see her hot juice is wetting the fur around Killer’s mouth.  The dog’s black nostrils glisten with it.  Its pink tongue lolls sloppily over her cunt, parting the hot slit while it bathes her clit repeatedly with thick layers of saliva.

“He knows more about foreplay than we do,” Scarface said wryly as he watches the big animal lick the woman in fascination.

Gina gazes up at the sky and lets out a cry of mixed delight and revulsion.  She feels strangely peaceful in this position suddenly.  While the large Doberman is licking her up to a climax, Gina feels luxuriated in the lewd sensation.  Soon Killer tires of licking.  The dog’s thick cock jerks up regularly now, banging against the soft underbelly, clear drops of precum ooze out of the animals piss-slit as its whimpers turn into growls.  Killer lets out a high-pitched whine and then climbs back up on the blonde.  This sudden move terrifies Gina again.  A delicious, strangely new pleasurable sensation is gone suddenly.  All she thought of now as the big dog crawls on top of her digging its paws into her belly while the knobby dick throbs inches away from her pussy.

Oh, OHHHHHHHH,” Gina groans when she feels the hot pointy cockhead stab against her outer pussy lips.

This is it, she thought.  I’m actually gonna be fucked by a dog.  The realization of the horrifying truth finally crosses her mind as Killer’s hard, hot cock unstuck her pussy lips and starts sinking into her cunt.  Gina’s belly jerks and tightens when a series of dry heaves rack her body.  Her eyes roll into her head as her lower jaw slackens; her breathing becomes rapid and shallow as she feels the pointy, slick, disgusting thing slice into her cunt.

NNNNGH,” Gina groans as she feels the dribbling warm streams of precum ooze from Killer’s embedded dick and washes against the sides of her pussy walls.

Only the first inch buries inside her cunt.  However, Gina is already screaming as if the dog has been fucking her for hours.  She feels the slippery bumps and knobs on his cock slip past her outer pussy lips and buried in her pussy as the Doberman grunts and growls with passion.

Finally, he hunches his hindquarters and draws out its long dick, only to slam it forward again harder.  Gina grunts as she feels the big knot just in front of the dog’s thick cock bang against her pussy.  Killer’s trying to work the ball of flesh into her as the dog starts fucking her with quick, short thrusts.

No, Oh God, please.  Please help me, God.  Oh God,” Gina wails as her body bucks and heaves under the animal’s merciless attack.

Her big titties roll, bounce, and jerk together as saliva run out of the Doberman’s open mouth and splashes onto her belly and chest.  Killer’s thrusting becomes faster and harder.  The dog drives its big knot against her pussy lips until the air is filled with a loud squishing, slapping sound.  Gina’s body stiffens and trembles.  Then she sucks in a deep breath and let out an ear-piercing shriek.


Killer has finally pushed in the big knot past her defeated pussy lips, stretching her cunt to the utmost.  Gina feels the tip of his dick banging against her cervix.  She groans and sobs, digging her head into the soil as Killer’s big, hairy balls slap against her upturned buttocks.  The blonde feels her stomach turning over faster and faster while her head spins around crazily.  She’s going to vomit, and she wants to die.

“Hey, I think he’s cumming.”

These words snap Gina to her senses.

She tenses again and tries to edge away from the dog.  Gina can’t have her pussy violated in this shameful way, to have it filled with dog semen.  How can she I live with myself or look at another person again, she thought?  Gina cries, shrieks and begs as she feels Killer’s cock swell in her pussy.

NOOOOOOOO,” she wails.

However, the woman is helpless to do anything to prevent the final violation.  In a second, the animal’s balls pump their load of hot semen and dump the doggie seed into her cunt.  Gina feels something hot and wet flooding into her deepest places.  She breaks into a series of hoarse, choked cries.  More and more semen shoots out of Killer’s cunt-embedded cock and knot as the dog howls with sexual delight.  Killer’s great ass shakes as he drives his haunches harder and harder.

“That’s it.  Killer, shove it to her,” Spike said as the dominant animal drives his cock for the last time.

Gina whimpers, turning her head away and shaking the tears out of her eyes as Killer pulls back and yanks his dick out of the blonde’s pussy.

OOOOOOOWWWWWWWW,” she shrieks as the big knot forces it way out savagely.

Killer trots over to the other Doberman, Gangsta, and sits, curling up and licking the tip of its still hard cock as Spike and Scarface laugh uncontrollably.

Oh, fuck, he really gave it that bitch,” Scarface shouts and laughs again.

Gina lies quietly on the ground, thinking about what has just happened to her.  She can feel rivulets of cooling dog semen trickling out of her violated cunt and oozing through her pubic hairs.  Her belly aches from the pounding and from the Doberman’s big paws, while her arms hurt from the tight rope.  Eventually, Scarface gets up and moves over to Gina.

“Enjoy yourself, babe?  Did ya have fun?  Was it better than anything you’ve had before?” Scarface teases as he towers above her.

“What are you going to do now?” Gina asks, almost afraid to hear the answer.

They’d gotten their revenge.  Now the men have to dispose of her.  Gina is sure she’ll be a front-page article in a few days—a body mutilated beyond recognition and found in a swamp.

“I’m not sure,” Scarface said, looking at Spike and winking slyly.  “Maybe we’ll let you go; maybe we won’t.  But we’re gonna go out and take care of your friend right now.”

Scarface untied Gina’s ankles from the trees.  Gina murmurs a thank you as they drop her legs to the ground, and then binds her ankles together.  The two men leave, taking the dogs with them.  Gina still lies stretched like a piece of meat between the two trees.  However, for a while, at least, she’ll have peace


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