Teacher’s Pet

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Teacher's Pet
Teacher’s Pet
Year: 2017
After the death of her husband in an accident, Jessie follows her dream of opening a school and finds the perfect place beside a dog kennel.
Moe Lester
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Jessie leads the two shepherds into what appears the main office of the school.  “OK, boys, let’s see what your names are.” She pulls the two shepherds to the window and gazes at the tags that hang around their necks.  “Bilbo and Champ, good names boys,” Jessie cooed as she kneels between the dogs and starts running her fingers through their thick fur.  The dogs whine appreciatively as she rubs their heads lovingly.

Jessie feels Bilbo’s cold nose on her butt, and its long tongue swipes her pussy.  She jumps at the unexpected touch, yet moans at the delicious feeling it produces.

Looking at the dog, she said softly, “You want to clean me up, Bilbo?  You like the taste, boy?”

Turning to face Bilbo, she opens her legs and sighs in satisfaction as its tongue licks the slime from her thighs and around her pussy.  She really thought Bilbo liked the taste, and she’s surprised when its long tongue pushes between her slit.

“Oh, God, what are you doing to me, Bilbo?” The feeling suddenly so intense she has to grab the wall to steady her wobbly legs. “Oh, fuck, that feels awesome.”

A dog before has never licked Cindy, and she loves what Bilbo is doing to her.  She closes her eyes as she inhales a quivery breath, and opens her legs further as she shudders with sexual excitement.  Her nipples itch, demanding some attention too.

Cindy hauls her skirt up to her waist as Bilbo continues to lap the delicious seepage from her pussy.  She squeezes and kneads her breasts, pulling at her hard nipples, as dog slobber covers her crotch.  The licking animal now between her legs is something entirely different.  The dog’s mouth feels fantastic on her slit, and she jerks and moans when its flat tongue swipes her little clit.

Ooh,” she moans, as her hands leave her tits and go between her legs.

She can feel the hot, wet tongue continue to lick her slit, so she spreads it open with her fingers, making it easier for Bilbo to slide its tongue deep into her body.  Bilbo doesn’t hesitate for a second, and when her cunt is open, the dog fills it with its tongue.  Sticky juice is dripping out of her, and what little pubic hair she has is already soaked and plastered to her pink skin.  Jessie moans loudly as the dog’s tongue worms its way inside her, and the sensation of it lapping her cervix is heavenly.  Jessie is overwhelmed with lust, and she isn’t the only one.  Bilbo is whining softly as the dog laps furiously at her overflowing pussy.  The German shepherd’s thick, red cock emerges from its sheath and begins dripping a stream of precum onto the floor; however, Jessie doesn’t know this yet.

Jessie’s body is trembling with lust, her legs feel weak, and she’s about to orgasm.  Whirling so her back is to Bilbo, she grips the wall tightly and moans when Bilbo’s tongue shoots up her pussy and starts licking her again.  The blonde’s legs are wide open, and her butt thrusts back in Bilbo’s mouth as the familiar rush intensifies in her pussy, and radiates through her flesh.

Jessie’s pussy gets hotter, and her juices get thicker and creamier as the dog’s long tongue whips the insides her pussy, driving her wild with desire.  The smell and the flavor of her is a drug to the beast, and Bilbo twists its head from one side to the other, trying to get deeper into her and find the source of the delicious nectar.  Despite the fact her ass is writhing and jerking about, Bilbo expertly keeps its mouth jammed onto her drooling slit, and brings Jessie almost to the point of orgasm.  She’s so close, and she humps her pussy back at the dog’s mouth until she screams as a powerful orgasm blast through her body.

Ooooo—baby—So good—Oh, lick me there—Yeeeess!” she moans loudly.  No one can hear her screams, yet that doesn’t stop her shouting.  “Fuck, I’m cumming!

Jessie’s beautiful face contorts with lust, her eyes closed, and her mouth hangs open.  She shudders and shakes violently as her hands tighten on the wall, and her knuckles turn white.  Her toes curl, and she has to force her knees to lock, or the blonde would’ve crumpled into a heap on the floor.  Bilbo ignores her condition and licks even harder as her sweet woman cum pours into its waiting mouth.

She had no idea how long the magic tongue holds her in the climax, but eventually, she has to take a break and allow her body to recover.  The only way she can control the horny dog is to raise one of her legs and gently, but firmly, push him away.  Once its tongue drags out of Jessie’s pussy, the dog sits behind her and waits patiently next to Champ.

Jessie isn’t looking at the dogs, however, and her body slumps as the final spasms of her orgasm shoot through her flesh.  She’s moaning softly, and her eyes flutter closed again.

If she had looked, she’d have seen the dog’s sitting on the floor with hard, red cocks around eight inches long, pointing straight at her.  She would’ve also noted that however patient the dogs have been, their eyes never left the open slit between her legs.  Jessie is much too exhausted to turn her head, and she doesn’t know or care the way she is bending is presenting her pussy to the dog.  Her breathing is still heavy when Champ’s patience ends, and the dog yelps as it springs, lifting its front paws until they’re on Jessie’s back.  The surprise of Champ’s weight on her back makes the woman’s eyes open, and the first thing she sees is a huge dog cock thrusting between her legs.

“Champ,” she shouts, “What are you doing?”

At this point, two things happen simultaneously.  The first, Jessie tries to straighten. However, the weight of Champ makes her knees buckle.  The second, Champ lowers and tilts its hips forward.  Neither of these actions would’ve been of much consequence singularly, however, together, they aim Champ’s thrusting cock perfectly with Jessie’s dripping orifice.  The German shepherd feels her hot skin touch the tip of its cock, and instinct takes over.  His front paws tighten around Jessie’s body, while its powerful hindquarters give a fierce lunge that rams its shaft into her.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Jessie screams as she feels as if punched in the stomach from the inside.

Paying no attention to her, Champ is in a sexual frenzy treating her as any bitch, and not a woman.  She screams again as the thick shaft stretches her open, and the temperature of the cock feels as molten lead.  Jessie’s taken cocks as thick as this before, yet nothing had prepared her for the brutality of a dog fuck.

Champ,” she yells.  “Champ, get out of me.  Stop doing that.”

As Jessie speaks, she struggles to straighten or to twist away from the rutting beast; her strength is no match for the dog’s weight.  She can move from side to side, yet Champ’ front paws remain locked around her waist, and the dog moves with her.  Even when the dog is changing position, its cock never stops fucking her tight pussy.  Gradually, the pain associated with the violent stretching of her pussy fades, and Jessie begins to relax.

While her brain continually shouts in her head—a dog is fucking you—her pussy is starting to enjoy the experience.  By pushing her butt back slightly, she’s able to change the angle of Champ’s thrusts, so its pounding strokes slide over her throbbing clit.  Champ pulls with its front paws and pushes with its back, getting a better angle while its hips move quickly with a rapid piston like movement.  The thrusts so powerful Jessie’s body moves as if a rag doll and she had to use all her strength to grip the washbasin to keep herself upright.

The rutting dog’s cock thrusts into her pussy at lightning speed, and the position they’re in allows Champ to push its shaft deep inside her, bottoming out against her cervix.  The tapered tip relentlessly jabs into her womb, and each touch sends a spark through the woman’s flesh.  As if that isn’t enough, the slicing cock is rasping over her clit and a familiar rush making her body tingle.

Champ’s cock feels so large, it seems to press everywhere inside her simultaneously.  As she looks between her legs, the dog’s rutting dick is little more than a blur, and she can see its hairy balls swing wildly as it fucks her.  Every inch is pounding into Jessie’s pussy, and the horny woman eagerly takes everything Champ can give her.

Jessie’s pussy lips stretched tightly around the shaft.  She can feel them pulled and stretched as the dog slides out, then pushed inward as the dog thrusts.  Jessie’s full of juice from the dog’s precum, and from her natural lubrication.  The blonde can hear the slime slosh about inside her and produce the most obscene squishing/queefing/slapping noises.  Hot woman cum flows from of her body and coats Champ’s balls before dripping onto the floor and, as she’s constantly cumming, sliding from one orgasm straight into the next.

Ahhhrrrr, God, I’m getting fucked,” she moans, quivering with mounting excitement. “He’s really fucking me. Mmm, my pussy’s so hotFuck me, fuck me.”

Jessie has never heard of a dog knot, yet through her orgasm, she starts to feel a hard bulge ramming at the entrance to her pussy.  The bulge is only a distraction, however, because Champ’s cock still thrust into her at an astonishing rate, and holding her deep in the climax.  The woman’s eyes are closed, and her mouth hangs open with a thin strand of drool dripping from the corner.  Her battered clit continues to fire thousands of pleasure jolts through her body making her moan loudly.  Meanwhile, the hard, muscular swelling of Champ’s knot is getting thicker, and knocking at the entrance to her slit.

The blonde can’t help but feel it now, and she glances between her legs to establish what’s happening.  Champ’s thrusts are so fast and hard, however, that her head is jerking in time with the thrusts so she can’t focus on what’s happening.  She feels the pressure of her pussy, stretching open more, and suddenly, Champ’s knot is inside her.

Omigod,” she shrieks as Champ fucks her. “Oh fuck, you’re gonna tear me in two.

Champ’ knot is completely inside, and her slippery juices wash over it as her muscles stretch apart.  When the dog feels her pussy grip its knot, its instincts take over, and its thrusts, change into short, sharp jabs as its knot starts to swell more rapidly.  Jessie can’t help but feel the knot now, and lancing pains shoot through her pussy as she is opened much further than she would’ve thought possible.  Despite the pain, Jessie’s still cumming, and the mixture of the two sensations feels unbelievable.

The knot in her pussy continues to expand, but it’s now too late to do anything about it.  Her cunts solidly plugged and Champ’s cock is immovable.  Jessie’s head hangs as she tries to pant away the pains as if giving birth when suddenly her eyes bulge and her head snaps back.  The dog gives an excited ‘yelp,’ and Champ’s cock explodes inside her cunt.  She can feel its boiling cum spray into her body and flood her womb.  Jessie can feel every spurt and throb, wondering if Champ will ever stop.

Within minutes, the dog fills her with its thin cum, and still, Champ isn’t finished.  More and more slime jets into her body and she moans as she feels the pressure build.  She tries to wriggle her butt and rising on her tiptoes, yet nothing will move the knot even a fraction of an inch.  Her pussy is sealed, and still, the spurting dog cock pumps more slime into her.

She groans loudly, and her eyes flutter open to look at what used to be her flat stomach.  Now it’s bulging from the sticky cum inside her pussy, and she becomes aware of another sensation difficult to describe.  Although Champ’s cock is still spraying inside her, the pressure isn’t increasing anymore, yet there’s a funny feeling deep inside her sex.  Although she doesn’t know it, the pressure is now enough to force its way past her cervix, and the dog cum is flooding into her womb.

Jessie now feels as if she has a bowling-ball stuck in her pussy, with a squishy wetness too low down to be her stomach, making her feel as if she’d drunk a gallon of milk.  She had no idea how her body could contain all the hot cum being pumped into her from Champ’s balls.  Yet not a single drop has leaked from her pussy.

The blonde feels drained and with an uncomfortable bloated sensation in her stomach.  Her legs feel weak and shaky, and she has to concentrate on keeping her knees locked, or she’ll collapse onto the floor with the dog’s cock still buried deep.  Jessie thought she was experienced with cock, but she can’t understand why Champ’ shaft won’t come out of her pussy, and it’s beginning to worry her because Lenny might catch her.  The only thing she knows for sure is Champ’s cock is big, and still, it isn’t coming out of her body.

She tries to jerk and twist to see if that will help, yet all it produces is pain, and she quickly stops.  Champ, on the other hand, seems happy to remain and its hot breath pants in her ear.  She can feel its drool drip onto her back and run down her skin.  She looks down her stomach but can see little except that her tired slit is bulging, inflamed, red, and stretches wide open.  Jessie’s stomach is also bulging, and she risks moving one of her hands from the rim of the basin and presses gently on it.  It squishes and moves under her touch, and she can feel the slime inside her causing the swelling.

“Shit,” she mutters.  “Just how much cum is in those balls, Champ?”

At the sound of its name, the dog’s ears prick, and the dog tries to pull back, making the woman shriek as pain lanced through her groin.

“Stay, Champ,” she says, wincing.  “Stay still, boy.”

Champ doesn’t understand what Jessie’s saying, and in her present situation, she’s not able to make him obey her.  Her voice just makes the dog jerk back again, however, this time the power of its hindquarters behind the jerk.  Jessie screams, however, the shaft moves slightly and juices start leaking from her pussy and run down her inner-thighs.

Champ decides it’ll wait longer before trying again to dismount its bitch, and Jessie pants through the pain from her battered pussy.  The pain from her pussy is intense, making her cry.

Deep inside her, Champ’s cock starts to shrink, and the dog knows it.  That triggers its brain into action, and the dog moves again as if testing the bond that locks them together.  Jessie groans when she feels the movement, however, instead of a sudden jerk the dog is gradually pulling back.  As its shaft begins to move, Jessie feels as if her pussy turns inside out as the knot starts to emerge.  A searing pain shoots through her abused flesh until the knot slowly pulls free and stretches her cuntal opening.  Their combined cum sprays out soaking her thighs and splattering onto the floor between her feet.  She cries with relief the cock is finally out of her, and the bloated sensation fades.  Now her gaping cunt feels empty, and on some level, it feels wrong.

Jessie stood quietly, letting her body slowly recover.  A dog had just fucked her, and although the thought is kind of gross, and her pussy feels sore, she can’t forget the awesome sensation the pistoning shaft had produced.  Such fast and violent sex is a first for Jessie, and she knows she’ll do it again.


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