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Year: 2017
When their plane mysteriously crashes in the Canadian Rockies the survivors discover the wildlife is acting beyond strange. Especially when they start raping the survivors.
Sheela B
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The weight of the man, so recently pressing against her lithe, sweaty, aroused body is gone in an instant leaving a chilly wind to wash over her and making her goosebumps rise.  Coming over the edge of the ridge is another lithe figure, sleek, almost shining, and licking its lips.  She tries to scream, yet nothing comes from her throat.

The lithe shape is a mountain lion.

The tawny animal stands between her spread legs; its great head lowers to lap with its long fleshy tongue at her steaming cunt.  The fear in her so great she freezes to the spot.

This is my punishment for cheating on Julian, she thought, fearing her death is imminent.  Now, she hears the purr, as a great motor inside the huge cat.  She recognizes it as feline contentment, and a glimmer of hope washes through her.  Purring, she thought, he’s not going to attack meMaybe if I lie quietly and don’t do anything to upset him, he’ll go away?

Melissa tries to close her thighs.  However, the huge tawny cat stares at her with baleful pink eyes and growls a warning.  She freezes.

As the great head drops to her loins and begins greedily to lap at the narrow, pink furrow between her thighs, she sees a leather collar encircles the beast’s neck.  This gives her yet another ray of hope.  Is this huge wild animal a pet?  Does he belong to someone an animal farm circus zoo?  Her mind speeds over the possibilities, while her body lies petrified with fear and a growing sexual excitation she can’t control.  Then, she sees a silver plaque attached to the broad leather band, a name engraved there.  She focuses on it, willing her eyes to read it and makes out under the grime the name ‘Dexter.’

Dexter,” she said, her voice trembles timidly, “Dexter?  Is your name Dexter?”

The cougar lifts its head and peers at her differently now, there’s intelligence in its eyes.  His name spoken and it leaves her loins, its head soon over her face.  The great tongue comes from between those teeth capable of crushing a thighbone and licks her face.

“That’s your name isn’t it, Dexter?”

Her answer is a louder purr followed by a huffing, subdued roar deep in the animal’s throat.  Melissa’s eyes glance downward, and she sees the big cat is a male.  With frightened eyes, she peers along the length of its belly.  The feline is big; its body is longer and probably heavier than men.  Suddenly, a bizarre thought flashes through her mind.  She wants to reject it as it’s an impossible idea, yet, it’s searing her brain. Is it possible Dexter wants to fuck me, she wonders?  I must be losing my mind to think such a thingWhere’s TJ now?  Is he hurt?  Did the cougar kill him?

The mountain lion backs away until its head is over the softly curling golden mound at the juncture of her thighs.  She clamps her legs tightly together, the real fear of a different sort pounding through her.  The big cat lowers its head to her genitals, again; its tongue snakes out, however, it can’t wedge it between her tightly pressed thighs.  He growls, again, louder this time, and its nose goes beneath her legs at the knee and lifts them to expose the glistening, pink flesh of her cunt.  The animal crouches there, its head beneath her legs, and its tongue runs wetly along the length of her pussy slit, from the tightly puckered anus over the fluted pink edges of the inner lips onto the tiny clit in its hidden crevice between the fleshy, hair-lined larger lips of her femaleness.  The thick, rough tongue lashes the softness of her pussy as if a knife through butter.

Against her will, her thighs spread and she raises her legs some more, bringing them back toward her belly in the classic position of sexual intercourse.  Again, the feeling of helplessness comes over her.  There’s nothing to stop the animal’s ravishment of her pussy.  The vision of what those horrible jaws are capable of doing holds her in a morass of fear.  She can’t bring herself to move to run away as she knows the giant sheathed claws in his forepaws can stop her before she runs a few steps.

The cat’s long tongue is working in her with agility, slaving, relentlessly between her now wide spread legs, occasionally pausing to slide deep into the warm, moist walls of her vaginal passage.  The sexual arousal is building in her again, far beyond her ability to control it.  The blonde spasms, jerking convulsively as she squirms beneath the tongue of the giant cat lapping and snuffing at the raw center of nerves between her open thighs.

Shit, if he keeps licking me like this I’m gonna cum, she thought.  What if he wants to fuck me, it’s insane.

Ecstasy builds in her loins, and she can’t help it.  The sheer torture of the erotic sensations racing within her produced by the licking tongue of a wild animal she knows is lewd and wrong.  The sensations are crowding all moral and common sense from her mind, and somehow, in spite of her revulsion, she perversely wants it to continue.

For she’s no longer frightened of the cougar, and she doesn’t care anymore.  She doesn’t care for her safety, and her morals mean nothing now. Melissa is sinking to the lowest depths of degradation. Soft, gurgling mewls of delight come from her as she can’t contain it anymore.  The horny blonde has to have it.  Suddenly, she’s aware her hands are grasping the ears of the cougar, and with a deep groan emanating from deep in her chest almost animal-like in its intensity.  The blonde flattens her thighs against her breasts, spreading them wider and tilting her pelvis to the searing cat tongue lavishing the furrow of her soft, palpitating cunt.

She pulls the great head in tight to her pussy, and the long, hot tongue ravishes her moist, pink channel, licking her up thrust crotch without mercy.  Her hips squirm to the big cat’s mouth, demandingly.  Now, as from a great distance, through the ringing in her ears, she hears her voice, babbling crazily to the mountain lion, pleading with it, encouraging it, and wanting it.

Oh, fuck, Dexter,” she moans loudly.  “Lick me—Taste me—eat me.”

Melissa can’t believe she even said it, however, the huge cat keeps working her pussy like the vicious wild animal it is.  The cougar’s primeval lust motivating him, her voice seduces Dexter, and the beast redoubles its efforts.  She screams with the wild rapture of her wildly orgasming cunt.

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK—YEEEEEEEEEAHS,” she screams as her body flushes red then convulses in ecstatic, orgasmic bliss.

As her orgasm abates, the cougar raises its head and goes to her side.  With its nose beneath the small of her back, it rolls her onto her stomach.  Melissa is powerless to resist, as she feels the powerful muscles of its neck push her quickly.  She’s at the big cat’s mercy.  The panting beast standing above her enslaves Melissa.  The cat’s great head lowers to her smooth, white buttocks and the great tongue slithers into the exposed crevice between them, as she lies beneath him.  Her hands spread the cheeks of her softly quivering buttocks to the lashing, curling tongue, and she pushes back toward the beast.

The mountain lion’s head nuzzles beneath Melissa’s lust paralyzed crotch, between her pelvis and the spread towel, lifting her buttocks into the air, and she kneels obediently bending animal-like to take the huge cat into her, for she knows now the intelligent cougar has placed her in this position for only one purpose.  The blazing realization hits her with meteoric force.

Shit, he wants to fuck me, she thought.  It’s monstrous, I can’t, Omigod, I can’t.  It’s wrong, it’s bestiality.  All I wanted was medicine for Julian.  How did this happen?

Melissa rises onto all fours, then to her knees as she’s going to get to her feet and run.

There’s a short, coughing, warning growl, again.  The blonde poises herself to spring to her feet and then feeling a stinging blow on her shoulders knocking the woman sprawling to the ground.  Dimly, she’s aware the big cat struck her with an unsheathed paw, nothing more than a cuff, yet it knocks the wind from her.  The big cat stands over her and growls twice more, and she realizes there’s no escape.

Again, the great, tawny head goes beneath her pelvis and raises her to all fours, the tongue licking at her, hungrily, as soon as she is in position.  The need for sexual release drives her hips in uncontrollable gyrations back against the animal tongue licking her into submission.  Suddenly, the mountain lion stops licking her pussy, rears on its hind feet, its paws wrapping around her waist just as though she’s a female cougar.  The hard, long and glistening cock released from its hairy sheath, the tip of it searching to find the soft, pink portal of her pulsating cunt.

Oh, no, no, it’s really gonna happen, she thought wildly.

The animal’s smooth, hard cock misses and comes against the tiny defenseless hole of her anus.  Melissa cries out with pain and fright.  She knows then, what she must do.  Reaching between her legs, she grasps the slippery, glistening, wet animal cock and guides it to her cuntal lips.  The big cat waiting patiently until its cocks aligned properly.

Then, it rams it into her soft, pink passage with great force.

The great shaft goes all the way to the hilt, its furry animal balls slapping tight against her pubic mound.  The cougar thrusts into her with a force she had never known from a man, fucking her with the feral energy of a wild animal.  It doesn’t take long before she’s with him and she wants the fucking to never end.  Melissa reaches back with her hand, a finger searching for the rubbery ring of puckered flesh and slowly inserts her finger into her ass, worming it in until it’s buried to the palm of her hand.  Then with insane delight, she moves her ass engorged finger in rhythm to the pounding animal cock smashing into her cunt with unrelenting force.

Oh, God, fuck me, Dexter, fuck me,” she moans.  “Make me cum.”

The aroused woman babbles as if the brutish cat might understand her wild pleas for fulfillment.  She pants, weeps, and moans, as she pummels her finger into her asshole and spreads her legs wider to absorb the large cat’s cock fucking into her.  She clenches her teeth, tears stream from her eyes and she repeatedly moans, her buttocks moving against the fucking animal in counterpoint to its rutting attack on her.

Then, she feels it coming to her.  Frantically, she fucks back, wanting it, needing it, her hips undulating wildly, and she’s on the brink.  Her eyes glaze, her mouth hangs open, her body craving that final release.  Convulsively, her orgasm begins, her body jerking and bucking beneath the plunging mountain lion.  She screamed, suddenly, insanely, and she cums.

Aaaaaagh—Ooooooo—Faaaaaaaark,” she screams.


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