Carly’s Nightmare

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Carly's Nightmare
Carly’s Nightmare
Year: 2017
Carly is a prude, sexually repressed with a frustrated husband. However, the nasty neighbor knows how to get those legs open using his dog.
Moe Lester
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Motherfucker,” the big burly man said eyes bulging, “Will you look at that tight little ass.”  He let the curtain fall back across his front window and turns to the woman sprawled on a couch on the other side of the room.  “I’m gonna have that, I’m gonna fuck that or my name ain’t Jerker Jenkins.”  He licks his lips and parts the curtains slightly again to continue his observation of Carly as she putters around in her garden, across the street.

“How does Sam sound?” the woman asks suddenly.

“Huh,” Jenkins said absentmindedly as he keeps his eyes glued to Carly’s lush figure.  “What ya talking about?”

“Well you’re gonna need a new name because you’re gonna make it into little miss frigid across the street, so how about Sam?”

Jenkins turns from the window, a scowl twisting his heavy features.  “That’s about enough out of you.  When I want comedy, I’ll turn on the TV.”  His eyes go back to the window.  “Fuck, she’s bending over.  It ought to be against the law to wear shorts like that in public.  I think I’m gonna cum in my pants.”

“That’s as good a place as any,” the woman said, “because you’re never gonna cum in her.  I don’t think even her husband has that honor.  I’ve talked to him a couple of times, and he’s about the horniest man I’ve ever seen, apart from you that is.”

“You’re pushing your luck with your big mouth,” Jenkins said over his shoulder, unable to tear his eyes away from the window.  “Did you ever see any chick old Jerker Jenkins couldn’t have when he has his mind made up?”

“No, I guess I haven’t,” she said, then giving a little shudder, she murmurs to herself, “fuck, help them.”

Jenkins turns back from the window, his face thoughtful.  He’s a big man, about sixty years old with grizzled hair and a heavy build.  His face isn’t ugly, but there’s a hardness making others reluctant to look at him for too long.  He gazes down at the woman he’s been speaking to.  She’s twenty-eight with long black hair.  There’s a dark smoldering beauty about her most noticeable when she moves, every motion seeming to signal some secret sensual invitation.  Her eyes are curious; dark, lustrous, but somehow dull, as if she’s masking her spirit behind a cloudy curtain.  The dark beauty isn’t alone; she’s gently stroking the head of a silvery Greyhound lying next to her.

“You say you’ve met her husband?” Jenkins said with a slight frown.  Then, not waiting for an answer, “And you say he’s horny?” The big man pauses and scratches his chin.  “I think I know how I’m gonna get into his sweet little wife’s pants.  He’s gonna help me, and he doesn’t even know it.”

“Sure, sure, give him a thousand bucks, and he’ll slip you the key to his front door,” the woman said sarcastically rolling her eyes.  “You can go to jail for rape, you know.”

“I won’t need to rape her, she’ll give it willingly.”


You,” Jenkins said, pointing his thick forefinger at her.  “You’re gonna lead her old man down the garden path.”

“Hey, now wait a minute,” the woman said heatedly.  “How did I get involved in this?  Can’t you go out and get your own ass?”

“Shut up and listen.  You’re gonna get him to fuck you, and then we’re gonna use that to pressure the little lady and don’t give me any of your lip, Amy,” he said threateningly as the woman starts to open her mouth.

However, she can’t resist needling the bully standing over her.  “Oh, all right, all right.  Just promise me I won’t have to fuck you for a month.  Hell, maybe I’ll even like it.  Her husband’s pretty good-looking.”

She tries to dodge as Jenkins steps forward, but his palm crashes against her face.  The dazed woman stands a moment awkwardly, her hand moving slowly up to her reddened cheek.

“You asshole, Jerker,” she said with a smirk.  “It’s just I don’t care very much for men, you know that.”

Jenkins glares at Amy, satisfied she’s learned her lesson.  Damn, she’s a beautiful piece, he thought.  What a bit of luck when his sister died.  He’d griped at first when he had to take in the homeless orphan.  Amy was a skinny kid then but has soon started to bloom.  He’d broken her in right.  What a fight it had been those first few times the old man fucked the then teen.  He had to be rough, but he’s trained his niece just as he likes them.  She’s turned out a little strange though—hard, cynical, and then there’s her thing with the dog.  This gives him an idea.

“Tell you what, Amy,” he said in a somewhat conciliatory tone.  “You play ball with me in this, and I’ll give you a little reward.  You can have Duke for an hour.”

The woman’s eyes suddenly become alert.  “When?” she asks sharply.

“Why, right now and maybe again after you’ve done what I asked.”

Then he sees the changes start to come over her face.  It always amazes him Amy gets so aroused over such a thing, but he has to admit, just watching her and the dog gets him excited too.  He always insists on watching.  Amy is a weirdo all right, he thought.  Would you believe it?  The thing that turns her on the most is getting nasty with Duke, a fucking dog.

Jenkins has owned the dog for several years.  For his own amusement, he trained the animal to have a sexual preference for human females.  Of course, Jenkins used Amy in the training, along with a couple of prostitutes.  Amy rebelled at first, and he had to use a little force.  However, Amy’s hooked once she got into it, always following the dog around with her eyes, and Jenkins knows she’d have Duke fucking her all day if the man let her.  However, Jenkins rationed the animal out carefully so he can keep his hold over his niece, knowing she’ll do anything for a chance to have the animal cock in her.

He laughs at the hungry look in Amy’s eyes.  She won’t dare move toward the dog until the man gives permission.

“Yeah, baby, right now, right here in front of your old Uncle,” Jenkins said and laughs knowing she hates to have him watching when the dog fucks her.  Still, it’s the only way he’d ever let her do it.  Jenkins decides to have a little more fun with her.  “On the other hand,” he said in mock seriousness, “maybe we should wait until after you’ve had a crack at the stud across the street.  We don’t want you to get all worn out now and disappointed—”

A look of dismay comes over Amy’s face, and she breaks in.  “Oh, no, no, I won’t disappoint him, I promise.  I can fuck all the time, Uncle, I swear.”

There’s a look of desperate pleading in the woman’s passion-hungry eyes.

What?” he shouts.  “That’s not what you tell me when I want a piece of ass.  You’re always too tired or too busy.  You don’t want me to think you’d prefer someone else, do ya?”

For a second the pleading woman’s face flushed with rage.  Fuck, how I hate this pig, she thought.  For years, he’s tortured her, humiliated her, and lowered her to the status of a sex slave.  If only I can get away from him, she thought.  But he’s warned her what’ll happen if she ever tries to leave him, promising to follow her to the ends of the earth if necessary, promising she’ll wish she was dead before he finishes with her.  Then there’s the dog, too.  She knows she can never leave Duke, and he is Jerker Jenkins’s dog, fiercely loyal to the sleazy man.  The lovely dark-haired woman grits her teeth and begs again just as she knows he wants her to.  The only thing able to still this particular burning hunger between her legs is the marvelous tapered penis of her animal lover, and she must have it at any cost.

Oh, please let Duke fuck me—please.”

“Ya really want it bad, dontcha baby,” Jenkins said and sneers at her now kneeling form.  “But how ya gonna do any fucking with your clothes on.  You get naked, and I’ll decide whether you’re gonna get any or not.”

Jenkins laughs in delight as the beautiful woman tears frantically at her clothes.  Motherfucker, this thing she has about the dog is stronger than any dope addict’s habit, he thought.  He watched in undisguised enjoyment as more and more of her beautiful body come into view.  Christ, she’s hot.  Amy has her top off and fumbles behind her with the clasp of her bra.  It comes loose, and she flings the flimsy thing away from her impatiently, allowing her high full breasts to swing free.  Her uncle takes in their lush ripeness greedily, watching as the colder air in the room causes the tiny nipples to leap instantly into erect hardness.

Her skirt falls in a loose pile around her ankles, and she kicks free of it, wearing only her little silk panties now.  Jenkins watches avidly as her thumbs hook in the elastic waistband and in one smooth motion pulls the flimsy briefs to her ankles.  When she straightens again, she stands before him naked, attempting to hide nothing from his gaze.  Her skin is a vibrant, creamy color, set off by the perfect dark triangle of trimmed pussy hair over her pubic area.  With Amy’s every movement, the sleek muscles of her belly and thighs ripple sensuously, causing the light to play in ever-changing patterns over her voluptuous body.

Jenkins never holds back a gasp of awe each time he sees his niece in her nakedness.  Fuck, she’s all any straight man can want, he thought. Then, Jerker isn’t really like other men.  His greatest enjoyment is to find proud, innocent young women and break them to his will, and he had broken Amy long ago.  Now she’s the old lecher’s tool, his instrument, to help him trap others in his cruel web, the men as well as the women.

Yes, the men too, like the snob across the street with the blonde wife.  Jenkins knows the type; a college graduate businessman who wouldn’t give men like Jerker Jenkins the time of day, much less let him get close to his wife.  Well, he’d show the son of a bitch.  Jerker will ruin him, and for the crowning blow, he’ll fuck the prudish little wife right in front of the man’s eyes.  Jenkins has tried to say hello to the little bitch out front of the house one day, but she made some excuse and went inside as if she was afraid of the big man.  Well, I’ll give her something to be scared of, he thought.  His meditation suddenly interrupted by Amy’s voice.

Now—can I have him now?” she asks desperately.

“Always thinking of yourself, aren’t ya, baby?” Jenkins asks with a smirk.


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