Animal Rescue 2: Part 1 – Undercover!

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Animal Rescue 2: Part 1 - Undercover!
Animal Rescue 2: Part 1 – Undercover!
Year: 2017
Debbie Benton is back as the DEA ask her to go undercover in Mexico to help bring down a huge drug cartel. Her special experience with animals will be her cover, as she takes center stage in Tijuana at a club owned by the cartel. The job will test her to new limits of endurance and place her in considerable danger.
Sheela B.
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Debbie sits in the back of a dingy room with a rickety looking stage at one end and various assortments of chairs around it.  The rooms filled with mostly Hispanic men drinking beer from bottles and the women in the audience appear to be tourists sitting in small groups with others.  Whites, Blacks and Asian’s, mostly from the USA Debbie figured.  The live sex shows in Tijuana are legendary, she thought, so it probably does attract an international audience curious to see something depraved.

On stage, a Hispanic woman is busy having sex with a large dog, the breed Debbie can’t determine, but the canine appears a cross between a Wolfhound and a German shepherd.

Mierda yo—mierda yo—oh, mierda yo,” the dark-haired Hispanic woman shouts.

No, she’s not asking to be murdered, the Spanish word for ‘fuck’ is ‘mierda,’ the lust-crazed woman is screaming for the brutish dog to fuck her, and that’s precisely what the beast is doing.  The wet sound of sex is filling the room, no doubt enhanced with strategically placed microphones.  Even the familiar aroma of canine cock juices mixing with human pussy secretions makes Debbie feel aroused.

Behind the rutting pair is a big screen with a close up of the big scarlet canine cock pounding her cunt is adding to the sexual tension in the room.  Men shift nervously, to release their erections, and some have even pulled them out to jerk-off.  However, an old woman comes along soon after with a long cane and hits them shouting, “Mantenlo en tus pantalones, fluencia.”  This translates into English as ‘keep it in your pants, creep.’

Ironically, while bestiality is legal in Mexico it seems jerking off in public is not.  This made Debbie laugh each time it happened.  The men in the crowd didn’t seem to learn either, as cocks would come out everywhere and stroked before the old woman could spot them.  Debbie realized it was like a game to these men.  Hearing the old woman scream, “Pervertido—PERVERTIDO,” each time she spotted an offender while a woman was having the time of life on stage with a big dog became outrageously funny to Debbie.

Even the tourists were laughing at the spectacle.  Some of the tourist gringo’s also took their dicks out just so they could get abused and whacked by the old woman.  Then they’d all laugh.  No respectable dog fucker could work in a place like this, Debbie thought glancing around.  I hope the one I’m going to will be a bit more upmarket.  Then she chuckles at the silliness of her thought.  Upmarket bestiality shows, I don’t think so, Debbie, she thought.  I’m gonna get down and dirty on this job.

AHHHHHHH—si—si—mierda yo,” the Hispanic woman moans and Debbie glances at the screen to see the big knot sliding in and out the performer’s cunt.

Debbie gasps, the knot is as big as a cantaloupe, yet the woman’s cunt is so loose it slides in and out easily.  Too much donkey and horse cock, Debbie thought.  Some of the local men are whistling, the tourists either laughing or groaning with disgust.  Then the large dog grips the Hispanic woman tightly and with a loud whimper starts ejaculating.  Grayish, watery dog semen dribbles onto the floor adding a new smell to the room.  Several tourist gags and drink from water bottles while Debbie just smiles, enjoying the spectacle.

She knows the Hispanic woman hadn’t orgasmed from this act, even if she moaned loudly and acted as if she had.  Debbie knows a fake orgasm when she sees it.  Yet, as usual, the audience is clueless to the fact.  The men are clapping and whistling, and the old woman now moves around with a basket as members of the audience throw tips into it.  Those who tip approach the stage and see the knotting close up, they even touch the performers dripping cunt.

Naturally, the performer writhes and moans with each touch, all an act for the benefit of the tippers.  Debbie having had enough stands and heads for the door.  Her long black hair (yes, she’s dyed her hair) flowing as she joins others shuffling out.  Standing in the street near an open bar is a man she recognizes, Agent Otero.  He’s not dressed in his suit, but jeans, a red T-shirt, baseball cap, and sunglasses.  He gestures to Debbie to follow him, and she does until she sits at a table in the bar away from other customers.  Otero orders two beers and joins her, handing one to Debbie.

“What did you think?” he asks casually then swigs the bottle.

“Is that where you want me to ‘work,’“ she asks and grimaces.  “I wasn’t expecting glamorous, but that place was a filthy hive.”

“No, this particular spot isn’t owned by the Capo Cartel, but I’m sorry to say the rest aren’t much better,” he said and shrugs.

“You been doing a tour?”

He smiles. “Reconnaissance, we call it.”

“Perks of the job, I guess,” Debbie said.  “How do I get into the scene, though.  If I go to one of these places and ask for a job, they’ll be suspicious right away.  A gringa American woman wanting to work in the trade would stick out.”

“I agree,” Otero said with a nod.  “What we need is for them to discover you, and your past can help us.”


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