Nadia’s New Love

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Nadia's New Love
Nadia’s New Love
Year: 2017
A plain woman, alone in life, is given a German shepherd as a birthday gift and it changes everything.
Moe Lester
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Nadia is alone with her new puppy.  She’s lived alone so long it’s a novelty to have company.  Instead of finishing her reports, Nadia decides to play with the dog.  She’s too excited to concentrate on the statistical analysis of particle flow in plasma emitting laser beams with her new present licking at her legs and feet.  Nadia turns off her notebook and puts it away.  Then she takes the dog out for a long walk, wearing its new leash.

When she gets home, she undresses, bathes and puts on a nightgown.  Nadia is still tense and frustrated from her futile attempt at finger fucking before dinner.  The drinks are wearing off, and the aching need in her cunt has returned.  If it weren’t for this beautiful dog, I’d be feeling rotten now, she thought.

Nadia strokes the dog’s sleek body, deciding to play with it for a while and then go to bed.  First, she feeds it dinner, which the German shepherd eats furiously and quickly.  Then Nadia brings one of its toys into the living room.  She’s about to call it to come to her, but the dog comes without being called.  She sits on the floor, just looking at it.

“You do like me, don’t you?”

The big dog comes close to her and licks her face and neck.  The dog’s breath is hot and musky on her face.

“I like you, doggy.  You’re gonna be good for me,” Nadia whispers in its ear as the woman pets it.

The big dog comes closer and licks the woman’s face and neck again.  Nadia nearly swoons from the gamy odor of the animal’s warm breath.  It does something to her.  She likes it.  The big dog licks Nadia’s arm and shoulder.  She let the dog do whatever it wants to, as she doesn’t want to frighten the puppy away.  Nadia enjoys the feel of its rough tongue on her arm.  It feels so good.  It’s been a long time since anyone or anything has hugged her.  She can’t remember the last time.

Nadia craves the affection the dog is giving her so enthusiastically.  The dog’s tail is wagging, and saliva is dripping from its large open mouth.  As Nadia moves to pet it, she turns her body, and the dog licks her tit instead of her arm.  Electric shocks go through her entire body.  The thrill is more than she can stand.

The stunned woman pets the dog and encourages it to lick her tits again.  She wants to feel the strange new feeling.  The dog is playful, and after licking her nipple for a minute, the beast takes a gentle nip from it.  Nadia wants to scream with ecstasy, but she’s afraid to scare the German shepherd away.  Instead, she holds onto the dog’s head so it won’t stop the licking and nipping.  When she comes to her senses again, she pets its head.  Her own mind whirling with passion.

Oh, God.  What’s happening to me?

The dog is still licking and nipping, and Nadia knows now what she wants.  She wants more, on her bare flesh.  With her free hand, the woman slowly moves down the shoulder strap of her nightgown and bares her left breast.  She leans over and kisses the dog’s head.  Then she slowly, but firmly, move its head, its tongue still lapping away, to her bare tit.  With her other hand, Nadia slipped down the other nightgown strap and laid her breasts exposed.  She can barely control the movements of her hands they’re shaking so much.

Nadia dimly knows what’s happening to her.  However, Nadia’s catches in lust and can’t seem to use her general judgment.  All she knows is she’s never before experienced such wild sexual excitement as this.  The dog is still gently playing with one of her nipples, and it’s evidently having a marvelous time with the female teat.  First, the dog licks the nipple, then it plays at snapping at it, but the animal never hurt her.  The gentle chewing action of its big teeth just stimulates and excites her.  Of course, by this point, if the dog had hurt her, she wouldn’t have been aware of it she’s so crazy with desire and excitement.

The out of control scientist knows now, through the haze, what she’s doing.  She knows what she wants from her new pet.  Nadia knows what she has to have from the dog.  Hating to give up the thrill and the stimulation at her tits, she yearns for another place to have this attention.  Nadia remembers the conversation her brother-in-law had started about the dog’s big cock.  She’s wild with desire to see it and touch it.  Nothing else is in her mind then.  Suddenly, she isn’t even aware of her previous desire to have the dog lick her cunt.  As she lives for each moment, savoring the excitement she forgets.

Nadia kisses the dog on its wet nose, and gently, reluctantly, moves its face away from her erect nipple.  She pets the animal, kisses, and smiles at it.

“Oh, my darling dog, I love you so,” she cooed.  “You don’t know what you’ve done for me.  Oh, my sweetheart.”

She kisses the dog again, and it’s loving the attention and is willing to do anything she wants.  Nadia rolls the German shepherd on its back, its legs in the air, and then she rubs its stomach gently, while she croons love words to it.  The dog’s in a state of ecstasy, too, and makes soft growling noises, much like the purring of a contented cat.

Nadia can’t stand her lustful feelings anymore once she sees the dog’s cock.  She suddenly wants the dog to lick her cunt.  The woman craves to feel the hot tongue go into the lonely place that’s longing fulfillment.  She also has a mad desire to touch the dog’s cock and to make it grow bigger.  Maybe the German shepherd will even let her lick its red cock.  Her flesh rose into Goosebumps at the thought of it.  She will be making love to a dog.

The big decision is easy to make.  Nadia stares for a long time at its balls and its beautiful red cock, wanting them—craving them.  She pets them gently once, and then feeling the aching pain in her cunt calling for relief, she slowly moves the dog over, its mouth near her thighs.

Nadia spreads her legs apart and moves so the dog’s head is between her spread thighs.  The dog’s nose is right near her pussy.  She pets the German shepherd and caresses it, telling the dog how much she loves it.  Nadia’s in a dream world of ecstasy by this time, lost in her need of sex.  The dog sniffs at her cunt, and then it stretches and yawns.  Nadia holds her breath for fear the beast will go away.  The dog has been licking so energetically before.  It had licked, sucked, and chewed on her tits.

Will he lick my cunt, she wonders?

She waits the eternity while the German shepherd smells her cunt and stretches again.

The beast seems to like the smell of her cunt, because it takes many deep breaths, sniffing harder and faster.  The dog isn’t going to leave.  Nadia relaxes and brings a deep sigh of relief.  She waits to see what the animal will do next.  The dog is apparently a licker.  Will it lick her cunt?  The dog is sniffing and making funny little-excited noises.

Could he be as hot as I am, Nadia wonders?  The dog’s just a puppy, but does its instinct tell him what to do with a cunt?  Nadia lies there waiting, dying from suspense.

The dog gives the outside of Nadia’s pussy a little lick.  It feels good.  The dog’s big tongue licks again.  This time it hit her clitoris, and Nadia catches her breath from the painful ecstasy of the tongue.  It’s never felt like this when she touches herself.  She waits and prays for more.

The dog must have liked the taste of her pussy, because now it’s licking her slit enthusiastically, the warm tongue passing her clitoris and stimulating it with each swipe.  Then the tongue moves into her cunt.  At that point, Nadia’s whole body tenses with excitement and passion, and she feels a great release like an enormous letting go.

Oh, so good.  Did I have an orgasm?  I think I must have has a small one.  Oh, God!

The long tongue probes deeper.  It moves up into Nadia’s moist, willing cunt, looking for the juice Nadia has produced.  The dog likes it, she thought wildly.  The dog loves the taste of my pussy.  She quivers with lustful anticipation.  More—More—I have to have more.

As the long, hot tongue moves into her drooling cunt, Nadia’s entire body shakes and tenses with a frightful nervousness, as if she’s about to explode.  The clitoris the dog’s licking is a focal point of pain and tension.  Suddenly, Nadia grabs at the dog and let’s go.  She screams as the waves of a huge orgasm envelope and rocks her.  Her cunt erupts with sticky cream in a rhythm matching the waves of ecstasy she’s experiencing.

Oh—Oh—Mmmm—Oh, God—Uh—AAAHHHRGGG,” Nadia moans loudly with her eyes clenched shut.

She clutches at the big dog close to her, afraid the beast might leave because of the noise she’s making.  However, the German shepherd must’ve loved the fresh flood of cream oozing from her cunt.  The dog stays.  The dog licks her cunt cream furiously, sucking and licking and gasping, little happy growls escaping from it.

Nadia is in a frenzy.  Her first real orgasm in a long time.  She wants sex now.  The crazed woman needs the dog’s cock inside of her cunt.  It belongs there right now.  Nadia moves the big dog back on its side.  The dog seems to be in a sexual frenzy, too.  The dog’s cock is massive and erect.  I’ve given a dog a hard-on, she exulted.  The excited woman leans over the panting dog and touches its hard cock.  The red cock feels so warm, hard, and smooth.  Nadia’s cunt drips as she moves her body over.  I must’ve cum enough for all of my twenty-five years; Nadia mentally gloats.  She enjoys the feeling of the wet, sticky juice rolling down her legs.

Nadia moves her head slowly to the dog’s cock; it’s her goal in life now.  Nothing else matters to her now.  She must have this dog cock pushing inside her cunt.  The woman’s face is near the dog’s cock.  A musky doggy odor overwhelms her.  Oh, god, I feel like fainting I want this cock so much, she thought.  Nadia is dying to lick the dog’s cock, but she doesn’t have the nerve.  She pets it and rubs it, and the cock gets even bigger.  It’s hard and enormous.  The aroused woman goes to lick the cock but draws back.  As she gets close to it, the gamey, musky odor makes her cunt ache again.  Nadia lusts and yearns for the animal.  She gently pets the dog’s cock.  The dog is making funny noises, but not like growls.

The dog must be ready, she thought.  The dog needs to fuck.  The dog wants to fuck me.


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