The Workout

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The Workout
The Workout
Year: 2017
When a mutt dog intrudes on Ross’s workout in his home gym, a new life is born as the neighborhood canine whore.
Jack Morningwood
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One day, he’s lying on the weight bench covered in sweat with cum all over his loins, his shorts at his ankles, and his nipples burning.  Ross picks up the bar and does a set of ten with fifty-pounds.  After, he sits the bar in the cradle and lets his arms and legs fall, closing his eyes to rest.  In a single instant, the man feels a hot breath on his cock and a big lick gets Ross’s attention.

He sits up ready to kick the ass of whoever is there, sometimes a lover he’s seeing tries to invade these private times.  Then he sees a big mutt.  The dog must’ve slipped in the back door while Ross was cumming.  He recognizes the dog from around the neighborhood, as one who lives with a family in a house beyond the woods.  The mutt’s kind enough, very big and muscular, black all over and with a friendly face, which reminds Ross of a Labrador.

The dog seems to have a gentle personality and is really kind of scared at Ross’s aggressive action toward it.  The mutt retreated to the back door with whimpers but didn’t go outside.

“Here, boy,” Ross calls in a kind voice.

The Irish wolfhound comes slowly toward him until Ross can pat its head and back.  The dog’s tail wags happily at the attention.

“Alright, fuck off now, dog,” Ross shouts, and the dog sensing the change of tone goes back to the door but doesn’t leave.

The mutt didn’t seem a threat, so Ross lays back to continue his workout.  He’s three reps in his second set with the weight on his chest when he feels it again, the dog tongue is back.  It astounds him and seems to take his strength away.  The man needs a good ten seconds to get the bar back up to the cradle and by this time the dog has licked Ross’s shorts aside and is after his loins in earnest.  In his excited state, Ross isn’t about to stop the beast, he just holds onto the bar and slowly spreads his legs.  The dog’s tongue feels so good on his balls and hard cock.  As Ross’s legs part, the dog can get at his ass too.

The dog really works the horny man over, licking his thighs, cock, balls, and anus, the hair on Ross’s pubic mound, and ass cheeks.  The mutt’s all over his sex.  The big tongue snakes into Ross’s anus, which swells to meet it.  When the dog licks, Ross pushes so hard he thought his asshole might turn inside out.  He’s going to explode, the tongue is unbelievable, and he can feel a long, massive orgasm building in his balls.  Ross can’t control his body and releases a tense little spurt of urine the dog loves.

The mutt must’ve thought this was a sign of affection because it went over the top of Ross’s cock like crazy, licking the head with a ferocity that stunned the man.  His cock can’t take it, and the man shudders into a complete body orgasm.  Ross is shaking and gasping for air, and his bladder loses total control, he pissed as he ejaculated.  It amazes him, pissing and cumming at the same time, Ross didn’t even know it was possible.  The orgasm is intense and makes his body shake and twitch.  The dog never stops licking.  The piss and semen run down Ross’s ass crack, and the dog follows it to get every drop, none lands on the floor, the dog is too quick.

Eventually, this considerable orgasm subsides enough for Ross to get a hold of what just happened.  His cock feels almost numb as it sags to limpness, yet he can still feel the dog licking gently at his ass and thighs.  Ross drops his legs and can feel the mutt’s big body between them as it twists to get better access to his anus.  The fur on his thighs feels right, and it occurs to the man he had just let a dog lick him to the most fantastic orgasm of his life.

Ross isn’t disgusted or bothered, the good feelings washing over the man is awesome, and after all, who is the dog going to tell.  He sits up a bit to see the mutt, its face covered in cum and piss, but otherwise, the dog appears clean and well cared for.  He reaches down for the dog’s head to scratch its ears, it’s the least he can do for the best orgasm in ages.  As Ross reaches for the dog, it comes up to the man, jumps, and knocks him back onto the bench.  It takes Ross by surprise and now the dog’s standing with its big paws pressing into his chest.  The canine head is right above Ross.

“Easy, boy,” Ross said with a giggle.

Suddenly, Ross feels something hit his thigh and is able to look down and see a red, pointy dog cock as big as his forearm hanging from his belly of the mutt.  It’s hard and waving around between the dog’s legs, and it seems the mutt is doing its best to get the cock inside Ross’s asshole.

“Whoa, what the fuck are you doing?” Ross shouts staring bug-eyed at the huge dog cock.

He’s not sure he wants to do this; it’s all a little fast.  Having a dog lick your cock is one thing, but letting him fuck you with a huge cock is quite another.  Ross reaches up to get the mutt’s forelegs off his chest, and just as he’s ready to make his move the canine, cock hit the bench, and the dog humps forward.  The dog’s aim can’t have been more accurate.  In one thrust, the canine cock is inside the man’s asshole six inches deep making Ross shout as the sudden entry is painful.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh—OMIGOD—you dirty dog.”

Too late to stop the dog now, Ross thought, it beats the dumbbells.  The dogs’ cock feels hot and hard, and the cock is quickly sliding in and out of his anus creating the friction-based pleasure to ripple through Ross’s loins.  They’re too far up the bench for the dog to get much more cock into the man, so it starts to push down the bench and spread his legs at the same time.  As the dog does this, it hammers its huge cock up Ross’s asshole filling the man’s bowels with cock.  Ross cums immediately, a prostate orgasm and even though his cock is still soft a dribble of semen tricks form the head as his body shakes with pleasure.  Ross feels pressure on his anus and can see the knot on the dog’s big red cock as it pulls out, and can feel it again as the mutt pushes in.  The stretching the big knot causes sends incredible surges of pleasure through Ross, and he starts to feel his spent cock stir to life again.

The man knows about dogs, tying when they mate, but isn’t worried.  The knots only about as big as his five-pound dumbbell so Ross knows he can take it.  He scoots down a bit more and pulls his front legs to his sides, the dog’s chest come down on Ross, and he’s able to grab his body.  When he feels the knot this time, Ross opens his anus to lets the ball of cock meat enters.

It went about halfway in and then out.  The man’s anus relaxes, and soon the dog’s fucking the knot in and out Ross’s asshole, making him moan with delight.  God, it feels so good, Ross thought. His anus ovals out and close behind the knot.  He cums again, hard, shooting another squirt of precum from his now hard cock.  As his prostate orgasm eases off, Ross can feel the knot isn’t going in and out anymore, it’s all in his belly and has swollen much larger than his ten-pound dumbbell.  The dog’s still fucking Ross like mad, holding onto his ribs with his chest scraped and rubs by the mutt’s forelegs.  Ross can feel the big canine cock moving in his belly, he can feel it throb and pulsate.  The dog’s head is on Ross’s neck.  Ross wraps his hands around the dog’s neck lovingly, spreads his legs wide, and just let the dog fuck him.

The mutt’s working its cock inside Ross’s belly.  When it pulls back the knot can’t release, but it would draw on his anus from the inside, and it felt incredibly good.  When the dog thrust forward, it feels as if the tip of his cock is poking into his lungs.  The mutt just keeps on going, pounding and squirming around in the man.  Ross feels like a fucking beast and fucks the dog back like one.

Fuck me, fuck me—Fuck your big cock into me—cum in me, fill me with your canine cum,” Ross moans loudly.

Eventually, the dog slows and just twitches its butt from side-to-side, causing its cock to throb in Ross’s belly.  Then Ross feels the mutt really grip his body and push hard into him and the cock releases a gush of canine cum.

Oooo, that’s so good,” Ross whispers.

The dog’s semen feels hot and shoots into Ross’s bowels like a fire hose, filling the man up fast.  Ross grabs the dog’s neck, fucking his anus on the cumming cock and cums again.  This time a steady stream of white semen shoots from Ross’s hard cock and the man moans loudly as the intense orgasm overpowers him.  The dog keeps fucking and cumming in the man.  Eventually, it’s over, or at least Ross thought it was.

The dogs slumped over Ross not moving at all and weak from cumming so hard.  They lie there for a moment just letting it sink in.  The mutt eventually moves a bit, and its cock moves in Ross’s belly, then he can feel it.


The knot is enormous, it has swollen to the size of a softball, and the ball of dog cocks firmly lodged in Ross’s asshole.  The mutt gets a little fidgety, and soon it scrambles its front legs back onto Ross’s chest again, standing on his chest.  Remembering how dogs fuck, Ross realizes the mutt wants to get down.  He pulls his legs together tight and eases up into a crunch.  Ross helps the dog turn to his right, and it gets a paw on the man’s leg and starts to turn.

The inside of Ross’s asshole goes crazy.  It feels as if it’s twisting around this huge cock and knot as the dog turns to face away from the man.

AHHHHHHHHHH—FUCK—you’re killing me,” Ross shouts as the cock twists inside him.

The mutt hit the floor and stands there facing the wall, its cock still buried deep and hard in Ross’s bowels twitching little spurts of cum into the man.  He rests for a minute, and then feels his body.  His chest was sore from the paws and the weight on them, Ross rubs them back to a happy state and then reaches for his asshole.

His shorts still on, just pulled to the side.  He feels the dogs back, its muscular haunches, and the search for his anus.  His anus feels stretched over the enormous cock and bulging out from the pressure of the knot.  It feels so good, Ross thought.  Who knew bestiality could be this good?  As Ross runs his hands down his belly, he feels the bulge of the mutt’s knot just above his pubic mound.  He finds his cock and decides to make the best of it, he jerks off again cumming massively with the dog cock still stuck inside his asshole.

Ooooooo—God,” he moans, massaging his aching cock.  “That’s so goooooood.”

As he lay back exhausted, waiting patiently for the dog cock to soften, he finds he can still feel the canine cock shooting semen into his belly.

Fuck,” he mutters.  “How much cum do you have in those balls?

Ross glances at his watch and wonders how long he’ll be stuck like this.  Eventually, he can feel the mutt’s cock starting to soften, and soon it gave a pull, and the canine cock plops out of Ross’s now well-fucked asshole.  The canine cum pours out of the man’s gaping, winking anus, all over the bench and puddles on the floor below.  The mutt turns and gives Ross’s asshole one or two quick licks, which feel very soothing on the red, raw orifice.  Then the mutt licks the cum off Ross’s cock and balls.

ENOUGH,” Ross shouts.


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