The Audit

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The Audit
The Audit
Year: 2018
Jessica is doing another tax audit for the IRS when a German shepherd keeps distracting her.
Moe Lester
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The animal prances around her trembling legs excitedly, lapping at the rivulets of cunt juice trickling out of her spasming pussy and running down her inner thighs.  “We’ve got to be more careful,” Jessica said noticing anybody from the street could see them.  “Here, boy, here,” Jessica calls as she runs behind Derek’s big wooden desk and sits on the floor, throwing up her legs.

She wants that shepherd’s knotty cock jammed up her cunt.  Thor follows her and stops a few feet away from her upturned, trembling ass.  The dog cocks its head to one side, waiting for the next command.  Jessica gazes between her shaking legs and sees the shepherd is licking its chops hungrily, apparently waiting for her to give permission to proceed for some serious pussy licking.

“Here, boy, here,” Jessica whispers excitedly, moving her right hand around her thighs and over to her exposed pussy lips.

She rubs her fingers gently across the sensitive, reddened membranes; feeling responding ripples of pleasure grip her pussy.  The dog understands and leaps forward, pushing its cold snout against her crotch to sniff her flowing juices.

OH—MY—GOD,” Jessica cries as she feels her nipples tighten and twitch on the tips of her breasts.

The shepherd sniffs, and then whines, the dog is hesitating.  Jessica clenches her teeth tightly together in sexual frustration and strokes his head, coaxing Thor forward while she grinds her pussy lips in the dogs face.  The shepherd pushes forward again, licking her pussy hungrily this time.


Jessica had almost forgotten how good it was to feel a long, sandy dog’s tongue sloshing in, out, and around her pussy.  It’s the best feeling in the world.  She whimpers uncontrollably as she feels Thor’s long tongue slide between her puffy pussy lips and sloshes across her jerking clit.  The dog lapped up her oozing juices as fast as they burst out of her steaming cunt.  Jessica feels the animal’s tongue slide inch by inch further into her pussy until she thought it would come out of her navel.  Her body bucks with excitement as she feels Thor’s hot, wet tongue slide over and over the tiny, twitching organ that seems to threaten to tear loose.

DO IT—DO IT, DOGGIE—OMIGOD—THAT FEELS SO GOOD,” Jessica squeals, wrapping her trembling legs tightly around the dog’s head.

She wants to cum this way.  The aroused blonde wants to feel her hot cunt blow apart with explosions of orgasm as Thor’s tongue slips in and out of her belly.

“Ooh, Thor—Oh, God, yes—yes,” Jessica whispers huskily as she feels herself jetting fast toward climax.

The shepherd whines noisily, and she knows it wants something else.

“Oh, not yet, not so fast, boy, I’m gonna have some fun with you for a while,” Jessica groans, forgetting Derek will be coming back at some point.  “Oh, lick my clit again—LICK MY CLIT.”

Jessica squeals as she digs her head into the floor and arched her back, heaving her thighs high into the air and impaling her hot, wet sloppy pussy on the German shepherds probing nose.  Suddenly, Jessica feels the familiar tightening grow stronger deep in her heaving belly.  She knows her cunt is about to blow apart.  The shepherd seems to sense it too, and it begins to lick more furiously, sloshing its tongue sloppily in and out of the woman’s steamy cunt.  The dog slides its tongue across her trembling ass cheeks occasionally, poking its pointed tip into her anus.  Then Thor draws the pink probe back across her bouncing cheeks, jamming its hot sandy surface back into the woman’s sucking cunt.

ARRRGGHHH—UNNGGHHH,” Jessica moans, throwing out her arms and digging her fingernails into the wooden floor as she feels her cunt tightening more with each doggie lick.

The veins stand out on her neck, and she thinks her nipples might rip off her breasts.

FASTER—FASTER—FASTER,” Jessica demanded as she tightens her legs around the shepherd’s body.

The screaming woman hunched her exploding cunt hard against Thor’s snout as she feels the first wave of orgasmic spasms shooting wildly from her belly toward her blood-engorged clit.

OOH—GOD—NOOOOOOOO—NOOOOOOO—WOW,” Jessica shouts as she clenches her fingers tightly together and beat her fists wildly against the floor.  “OH—FUCK—DO IT, KING—OH, FUCKIN’ SHIT—C’MON, KING—FASTER—OH, SHIT—WAAAAAAAA!

The cumming woman drives her fingers now deep into the animals panting sides as she feels her belly explodes into bolts of pleasure racking her pussy and asshole.  She bucks and thrashes on the floor as she throws her spasming pussy on the dog’s face.  The woman’s smooth white ass slides easily across the wooden floor of the kennel office, slipping on a thick layer of juice and sweat while the shepherd growls with satisfaction at its accomplishment.

Ooh…Omigod, yes,” Jessica groans softly as the last rumbling contraction swept over her slackening pussy.  “Oh good boy, good boy,” she groans as she extends her arms toward Thor.  She wants to cuddle his big, furry head against her breasts.  “Oooooo…” Jessica moans as the big shepherd jumps forward and starts licking frenziedly at her still-stiff nipples.  “Mmmm, you still wanna fuck this old girl, don’t you?”

Jessica giggles softly as she feels her cunt fire up again.  Even though she’s come seconds before, Jessica is ready to go again.  A lick job might be fun, but it’s no substitution for a good, old-fashioned fuck, she thought

“Easy, easy,” Jessica said, laughing now as she reaches between her legs and fondles the dog’s head with her fingers.

Thor pants and barks several times.  Jessica realizes the dog doesn’t want to wait any longer.

“OK, Thor.  You’re gonna fuck me right now.  I want your fuckin’ cock up my pussy, right now,” she said huskily as she pushes him gently away.  Jessica rolls over and gets into the bitch-dog crouching position—aka doggy style.

“Now, baby, now,” she said softly, wriggling her ass in the animal’s face like a banner.  “Now, fuck me now.”

She moans, feeling her nipples scrape against the wooden floor as she leans slightly forward and pushes her white, gleaming ass high in the air.  Thor approaches her reddened, steaming cunt slowly.  Jessica clenches her teeth tightly together and tries to keep from screaming with excitement as she feels the shepherd’s hot, wet breath blow against her stiff pubic hairs.  She can feel every nerve ending in and around her aching pussy reaching out for Thor’s tongue, snout, and cock.

Omigod, FUCK ME,” Jessica moans with desperation.  “Fucking dog—FUCK ME!

Thor takes the hint.  The dog takes one more sniff of her pussy, then leans back and jumps.

“Ung,” Jessica grunts under the sudden weight of the big dog.

However, she soon forgets about how heavy Thor is when she feels his hot, slick cock sliding across her ass.

Ahhhh—ram it inside me, Thor—Omigod, fill my cunt with your doggie cock,” Jessica moans.

Thor begins jabbing his hot, stiff cock against Jessica’s thighs, whining continually as she backs into the panting, barking dog.  She bends her head and gazes between her swinging breasts to see his cock, long, red and knobby as it jerks back, then slams forward.  Jessica licks her lower lip excitedly as she watches the animal’s hanging, furry balls swing forward with each thrust.

FUCK—FUCK—FAAAAAAARK” she moans again, wiggling her ass back and forth.

Jessica continues to watch the animal’s cock and balls as he adjusted the position of his hind feet.  His cock inched closer and closer to Jessica’s cunt.  God, how much she wants that big blue-veined cock up her cunt.

NOW—NOW,” the woman demands.

Thor senses her urgency and moves to one side slightly, dragging the pointed tip of his cock across her soft pubic hairs until it drops against the wet crack between puffy labia.  Jessica feels Thor freeze for a second, catch his breath, and then lunge forward.  She braces herself as her pussy lips spring open and let the big animal’s pointy cock crash into her cunt.  Jessica screams like a crazy woman as Thor’s cock slides easily in and out of her cunt with an audible squishing sound.  Jessica loves that sound.  Even when she’s fucking men, one of the best parts of all her scenes is that sharp, squishy sound telling her an orgasm is just around the corner.


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