Animal Rescue 2: Part 3 The Count

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Animal Rescue 2: Part 3 The Count
Animal Rescue 2: Part 3 The Count
Year: 2018
The time has come for Debbie to find the evidence she needs to bring down the Capo Cartel as she goes to stay at the cartel accountants farm in El Refugio.
Sheela B.
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The donkey show featuring Debbie and Angel is in its sixth week at El Munch, each show is a sellout both at the venue and online.  Debbie is earning a twenty percent cut of the door and internet sales plus tips, and it’s proving to be a lot of money.  She has the club pay it directly to a Mexican bank account.  They even deduct tax from her earnings as the club tries to have a legitimate air to its operations.  Bestiality isn’t illegal in Mexico; neither are live sex shows, so Debbie is considered a performer for tax purposes.  Debbie is often taken back by the irony that her home country is so hung up on sex from the religious side it ultimately forces people to come to Mexico to find their true expression.

Maybe that’s why Trump really wants to build a wall, she thought amused.  Not to keep the creeps out, but to keep them in.  It’s strange how she can have these thoughts while the donkey is fucking the shit out of her.  The donkey is blissfully unaware of anything except the physical joy of the sex, it fucks happily away. As Debbie’s cunt fills with slime and juices, the brute’s huge cock slides in and out faster.  The donkey’s balls swell, swinging and slapping against Angel’s chin.  Her head bobs as the raffle winner heaves her ass on his frantic thrusts.

Ugh—ooh—shit,” the masked man suddenly grunts.

Debbie pinches Angel’s thigh, the usual signal.

Snorting, the animal fucks into Debbie and its balls explode.  Donkey semen hoses her insides, and she cries out, but this time her orgasm is fake.

Ahhhhhhh—FAAAAAAARK,” Debbie moans. “I’m cumming.”

The donkey’s cock stuffs her cunt, and thick semen and cunt juice gush out over Angel’s face, and she gulps the stuff ravenously as her juices flow onto the raffle winner’s fucking cock. The mystery man feels spasms wildly.

“”Ooooo—shit—I’m cumming,” Angel moans.

The donkey hauls Debbie back by the hipbones and fucks its cock into the very hilt as its steaming semen spills into her belly in a torrent.  The donkey shoots into Debbie and the mystery man ejaculates in Angel as both drain their balls.  In rhythm together, they empty their loads as both women seem taken by amazing orgasms, their cream flowing.  Their bodies are convulsing, twisting, sweating, and misting in one colossal performance.  The audience is on their feet, cheering, clapping, shouting as the show reaches its exciting finish.

BRAVO—BRAVO,” they cheer.

The rutting foursome finishes together, the last spasms shaking them, the shudders running through their linked bodies.  The animal tosses its head and moves back.  The donkey’s spent cock slips out of Debbie the way it went in, inch-by-inch.  The cockhead pulls out with a loud slurp.  Debbie’s vacated cunt overflows with semen and Angel clamps her open mouth over the gaping hole and sucks it out hungrily, letting the donkey’s cum serve a dual purpose by filling her belly after it has already filled Debbie’s.

The mystery man draws his cock from Angel’s cunt.  His brown cock now hanging limp, the end of the condom filled with his semen.  He fist pumps the air and the crowd cheers.  Kiki comes out and leads him off the stage to cheers and whistles as he waves to the mirrored stalls.  Meanwhile, two handlers pull the bench out from beneath the sated donkey and Debbie climbs off Angel then helps the teen to her feet.  The donkey is led off stage as soon as the women are out.

Another two men come out and place satin capes around the women covering their dripping bodies.  They wave at the audience, bowing and blowing kisses to thunderous applause.

BRAVO—BRAVO,” the audience screams.

Eventually, the lights on the stage go out, and Debbie and Angel leave the area and go back to their dressing rooms, it’s just another show.

“I need a drink,” Debbie said to Angel as they head to their dressing rooms.

“You didn’t seem yourself tonight, senorita,” Angel said.

“Oh?  Do you think they noticed?”

Angel shakes her head.  “No, those gringo’s are too horny to notice, but I know your body, and I could tell you weren’t into it tonight.”

Camilo approaches saying, “Another great show, senorita’s, well done.”

“Thanks, Camilo,” Debbie said.  “How were the revues?”

“Rave revues, as always,” he said with a smile.  Debbie smiles back, but not with her eyes, they remain hard.  “Debbie, my father wants your company in the private booth after you’ve gone through your post-show routine.”

“Really?  OK,” she said and sighs.

Debbie just wants to go home, if truth be told.  However, one never says no in a place like this.


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