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The Answer!
The Answer!
Year: 2018
Katie is a young lesbian who lusts after her sexy friend Paige, but one day an unspeakable act of treachery throws Katie’s sexuality into turmoil. What is the answer?
Moe Lester
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Paige guides the dog’s head.  The animal initially resists, trying to get between Paige’s thighs, where it knows the excellent flavor came from before.  Then the Bulldog’s sensitive nose zeroes in on Katie’s crotch, and the animal shoves its muzzle deep between the thighs Devin’s holding open.

Ahhhhrg,” Katie cries, lifting her head from the rug and yowling.  “Paige … No, Paige … I thought you were my friend … Ahhhhrg, he’s licking my pussy … Shit … A dog’s licking my pussy.”

Loki shifts his body around until he is between Katie’s legs.  The dog’s flat, long tongue lashes at Katie’s pussy and repeatedly slurps with tremendous vigor.  Devin and Paige stare, breathing heavily with faces flushed.  Devin’s fingers make white marks on Katie’s cheeks as he holds them apart.  The couple can see Katie’s asshole quivering, winking, and throbbing, watching Loki’s long tongue slither against the blonde’s pink slit covering the puffy gap entirely.  The dog licks up, and its tongue washes over her throbbing clit.  It slides along her pink, smooth groove.  It pulls and plucks at the mouth of her cunt.  The canine tongue curls around the tender under curving of her crotch and flips against the pinkish/brown mouth of her asshole.

Loki laps at the cunt juice it milks from her cunt that Devin is still holding open.  The dog does it repeatedly until her ass crack is drenched and cuntal mouth is blazing and throbbing with sensation.  The animal makes Katie moan, wail, and shiver with each long, lapping stroke of its voracious canine tongue.

Ahhhhhhrg … Ooh … Paige, tell him to stop … PLEASE…” Katie begs.  “Shit, I can’t stand it … He’s gonna make me cum, and I don’t want him to … Omigod, order Devin to stop licking me.”

DEVIN?” Paige shouts wide-eyed.  “It’s not Devin, Katie, it’s Loki!”

Oh … Ooh … Omigod … Paige … STOP … Why are you doing this to me … Ooh,” Katie cries.

“I’m punishing you, Katie.”

It’s wrong,” Katie squeals.  “Shit … No, help me, I’m getting licked by a dog … Oh, make it stop, Paige … I’m sorry … I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“I’ve shared everything about me with you, I have no secrets with you,” Paige said with a flushed face and clenched fists.  “You’ve lied to me all this time, and I feel betrayed.”

No, I’m sorry … I didn’t mean to … PLEASE…”

NOOOOO,” Paige growls.  “I like watching Loki lick your pussy.  I wanna see you cum.  You watched us cum.  Now we’ll watch you cum.  Go ahead and do it, KatieCUM.”

No … NO … oh, shit…” Katie moans sharply.

Her ass weaves and shakes in Devin’s hands and the blonde’s asshole throbs every time the tip of Loki’s tongue flips over it.  Katie’s pussy is leaking like a geyser.  The more it leaks, the more Loki licks.  The more the dog licks, the more her cuntal walls squeeze, quiver, and oozes more pussy juice.  The tongue against her slit is warm, wet, and slippery.  Katie wishes it didn’t feel so good, but it does.  It’s degrading to have it feel so good.  Every time the canine tongue slithers over the teens slit, wet pubes, the mouth of her spasming cunt, and the throbbing nub of her clit, Katie shudders and nearly orgasms.  She tries as hard as she can to hold the orgasm at bay wishing she could buck Devin off her back.  If this were just she and Paige together, it might’ve been fun to let Loki lick their pussies.  However, with Devin there, this is just rape with the help of a dog’s tongue.

Ahhhh … Oh, I can’t hold it,” Katie moans.

She feels her pussy squirm and shakes, and hot blasts of moist breath rasp in and out of her lungs.  The teen knows she’s drooling onto the rug, but she can’t help it.  Katie’s tits burrow into the course rug, and her nipples scrape erotically over it.  Suddenly, her pelvis begins to rock, and the girl’s ass cheeks weave and roll in Devin’s hands.  Katie knows they’re Devin’s hands.  However, she pretends they’re Paige’s even imagining it’s the redhead’s tongue slurping all over her draining pussy.  The blonde moans again and knows she isn’t going to be able to hold out any longer as her tender, sensitive pussy betrays her.

The puffy lips keep flapping and squeezing together each time the warm, wet tongue passes over them.  It’s as if Katie’s pussy lips are trying to capture the animal’s tongue in their silky vise and suck the slithery thing into her hole.  She must have succeeded, or maybe Loki finally understood it isn’t the outside giving the dog the flavor it likes, it’s the meaty hole of her cunt.  The wet tasty bloated-lipped cunt is what’s pouring forth the slimy, fishy girl nectar.  Loki twists his head to get beneath her crotch and makes his tongue swirl at the entrance to her cunt.  The Bulldog rims it repeatedly and then slithers the broad end into the girl’s hole as deep as it can.

Ahhhh … NO … I can feel his tongue in my belly … Paige, make him stop … Ah … Ah…

“Fuck this is hot,” Devin croaks.

His hands shake suddenly and cock throbs to an immediate, rigid erection.  The jocks balls draw up, and his ass cheeks clench and release around the ridge of Katie’s spine.  Devin gazes at Paige and licks his lips, his eyes bright.  The man stares at Paige’s red-furred pussy and the way she’s patting and stroking it with her fingers, keeping herself on the edge of cumming so she can orgasm when Katie does.

“Fuck…” Devin croaks again.

“Devin…” Paige cries.

Ooh, I’m cumming … Omigod, the dog’s making me cum … Oh … Ahhhhrg,” Katie shouts.

Katie screams harshly.  Her pussy sucks, quivers, and clamps around the end of Loki’s tongue.  The wet, slippery organ presses and batters at her squeezing cunt, trying to get through to the deep well of all that tangy girl juice.  However, the stuff nearly squirts from her cunt when Katie orgasms and the dog doesn’t have to search for it anymore.  All Loki has to do is lap it up as it dribbles out through the silky, quaking opening.  The American Bulldog snorts and sniffs in the teen’s wet pussy, and its tongue bathes her crotch and asshole.  Devin is holding her ass cheeks apart so widely that her anus appears grotesque and her asshole puckers against the tongue flapping and slurping all around it.


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