Jenna’s Wild Night

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Jenna's Wild Night
Jenna’s Wild Night
Year: 2018
A virgin college student dog sits for the neighbor’s and has a night that’ll change her and her neighbor’s lives forever.
Moe Lester
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She swallows, licks her lips.  Her blood seems to be on fire as her pulse roars in her ears.  Jenna’s heart hammers painfully in her suddenly constricted chest.  Most strange of all, Jenna’s nipples are swelling, throbbing as they bloat into dark itching nubs of exquisitely sensitive flesh.

The blonde teen clears her throat and then lifts her heels onto the edge of the couch.  She pulls the loose front of her skirt high around her slender waist.  Gilbert snorts loudly, sneezes violently, and thrust his head forward nostrils quivering as the dog sucks in the strong odor of her innocent virgin pussy.  The dog is more than familiar with a smell.  It had been his job, his primary function, with its previous owner’s wife to lick and lap her pussy and make her orgasm.  The previous owner did not know this, of course, as it only happened when he was at work.

The dog’s cock is hard, pulsing with blood, and eager to feel the tight muscles of cunt clutching hard at its rigid dick.

Jenna doesn’t know how excited the dog is.  She’s passionate about playing with her pussy right in front of the doggie’s lovely eyes.  A fantasy the teen has is fingering her pussy in front of a handsome stud of a man and making him all hot and horny for her.  It’s the most exciting things the inexperienced eighteen-year-old can imagine.  Doing this in front of Gilbert is the next best thing.  The blonde’s body yearns for it.  Her breasts seem to swell, and nipples expand, even more, stretching the flesh covering her small B-cup breasts to the limit.  The dog snorts again, blowing hot air against the teen’s bare mound, Jenna loves keeping her pussy shaved smooth.

Mmmm … I like that, Gilbert…” Jenna purrs.

She spread her thighs apart, exposing her pussy as thoroughly as possible.  The inner folds peep out through the tight slit of her virgin pussy, glistening with the sticky moisture of her girl precum.  Gilbert’s tongue slops out and slaps against the smooth inner flesh of Jenna’s thigh.

“Oh … Wow,” the teen cries.

Her thigh jerks away from the dog’s hot, wet, rough tongue.  Nevertheless, the feeling sends a hard jolt of pleasure into her guts, knotting her belly with lust.

“Fuck,” she whispers, more to herself than to the animal before her.

That had felt kind of good, she thought.  Odd, but very good.  Slowly, she let her thigh move back, closer to Gilbert’s lolling tongue.  She experiments and brushes her leg directly against the large, wet, pink monster of the German shepherd’s tongue.  The teen shivers with the delightful sensations shooting through her belly.  Then, for the first time in her life, Jenna wonders what it’d feel like if Gilbert should stroke its tongue right against her pussy.

Jenna’s heart nearly burst out of her chest.  She gulps hard, repeatedly, trying to catch her breath.  The teen is panting, her lips parted, her tongue resting on her lower lip, thrust slightly out of her mouth.

Omigod…” she moans.

Things have suddenly got very hot and fuzzy in her mind.  Jenna’s body feels strange as if she’s floating.  She takes a series of deep breaths and let them out slowly and loudly.  Then the girl shudders hard.  Her hand shook as she moves it down between her open thighs and cups her hot pussy fully.  This feels so nice to her, and the teen moans then rolls her hand against the back of the couch.  Her middle finger curls, poking lightly between the soft lips of her pussy and stiffens a bit as she wiggles it, working the finger into her wet slit.  Twitching and whimpering as her fingertip strokes up along her slit and rubs over the swollen nubbin of her painfully sensitive clit.

Pressing her fingertip onto her throbbing lump of clit flesh and massaging it in quick tight circles is wondrous.  Jenna mashes her clit into the hard bone of her pelvis.  She’s now sweating profusely, the small balls of salty water popping out in her thighs, throat, and forehead, wetting the underarms of her blouse and trickling down her back.  The fingertip caresses her clit, sending chills of pleasure into her body, making Jenna quiver.  Rolling her head forward, her pretty eyes droop as lusty urges take over her mind.  She’s purring softly, fingers are gently stroking her pussy lips, smearing her fishy-smelling fluids all over.

The glare in the dog’s deep dark eyes startles the girl; it’s a hungry look.  The German shepherd’s forepaws dance on the rug.  Its tongue slaps around against the roof of its mouth, rolls out, slurps in, and thrusts out again.  The animal is panting wildly, chest heaving.  The dog’s nostrils quiver as the heady scent of virgin pussy juice fills its brain with visions of delicious licking and sucking.

Hmmmm…” Jenna moans, her eyebrows furrowing into a question.

What does the doggie want, she wonders?  What does he need?

Gilbert suddenly thrust his head forward and stands, his tail thrashing the air behind.  The dog butts its nose against Jenna’s protective hand and nuzzles at it, trying to push the hand away from her pussy.  The dog’s tongue licks her fingers.  The edges of the canine tongue slop around her fingers and strokes the highly sensitive creases of her thighs.

Fuck…” Jenna squeals sharply.

Then, without thinking, she yanks her hand away from her hot pussy and throws her arms over her head.  The blonde teen shifts forward to the very edge of the couch, feet slamming down to the floor, and spreading wide to offer her wet pussy to the dog’s tongue.

“Ohhhh,” Jenna moans weakly as she feels the first hot wet stroke of the animal’s great tongue against her smooth pussy.

The dog’s tongue feels like sandpaper, in a way, yet it’s soft, moist, and hot, molding to the contours of her pussy lips.  Gritting her teeth and clutching at the cushions on the back of the couch, Jenna arches her ass off the couch edge, thrusting her pussy against the dog’s nose.


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