The Desperate Housewife

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The Desperate Housewife
The Desperate Housewife
Year: 2016
Her husband is always away for work leaving her to raise the kids alone. Her loneliness boils over, and who should come to the rescue but the families pet Boxer. It’s lust, it’s nasty bestiality, but most of all it’s love that will drive Helen to make the toughest choice in her life.
Sheela B.
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“How long will you be away this time?” Helen asked her husband with a pinched expression, her arms folded tightly across her breasts.

Helen is a dutiful housewife, taking care of her husband and two kids isn’t an easy job yet she wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.  Yet marriage to her high school sweetheart hadn’t turned out as she had hoped.  They seemed to have fallen into a rut recently, with sex dropping off to barely once a fortnight.  Even then it was fast, unsatisfying sex as Bruce would cum quickly and rollover to fall asleep.  Not what she imagined all those years ago when she said her vows.

“A few weeks, maybe a month, Hun,” Bruce said.  “Get this account and I’ll be in line for that promotion that’ll keep me home.”

She cocked her head to the side and shook it.

“That’s what you always say?” She said coldly.  “The kids need a father.  I need a husband.”

Bruce looked at the floor trying to hide his sneer.  This isn’t the first time they had this argument.

Our Boxer, Jake came padding into the room and rubbed against her leg searching for some affection.  Bruce smiled at the playful pup, yet Helen remained as a statue.

“Hey, don’t worry, Jake will look after you,” he said in a slightly mocking tone.

Helen laughed, yet it sounded ugly and cold.

“Yes, Jake is more a man and a father than you’ll ever be.”

Bruce frowned deeply, sighed heavily, and feels his stomach is going hard.

“Please, Hun, I’m doing my best,” he said, his flashing red.  “Do you think I wanna go away so much?  I’m doing it for us.”

“You’re doing it for you,” Helen said.  “And you think getting us this dog absolves you of your responsibilities.”

Helen shook her head, and walked off.  She’s tired of the argument, and tired of him.


The kids love Jake, the playful boxer, so did Helen.  He had this knack of doing things that made them laugh.  Late at night, when Helen found herself alone after the kids went to bed, he provided companionship for her.  Someone she talked to, though he didn’t talk back.  The perfect man, she often thought, rubbing his head.  However, as time passed, the responsibility of caring for the dog fell to her.

Sure the kids had vowed to walk, clean his messes, and feed the dog, yet it never happened, and as moms do, Helen found herself being the sole-carer of Jake.  Helen developed a routine of walking him morning and evening, besides it also gave her a chance to get of the house too,

So when Bruce left for another long business trip, Helen set herself to being alone once more.  Despite their boring marriage, not having Bruce at home, especially at night, made her feel lonely.  The kids could fill the void only so much, she deeply yearned to be close to him again, as they were before the kids arrived.


One morning she took Jake to the dog park to socialize with other dogs and enjoy running around like a maniac.  As she watched him form a bench, he went to this dog and started sniffing its ass.  Nothing new there, as all dogs do this.  However, he suddenly mounts her and the owner of the Labrador bitch shouted in anger at Jake.  Helen ran to him, noticing his cock trying to find her vagina as he thrust away, yet had not penetrated her.

Helen grabs his collar and pulls him hard so he dismounts before any harm is done.  The owner of the bitch, an elderly fat man, came huffing and puffing beside her.

“That was close,” he said between pants.  “I had better take her home before it becomes a free for all out here.”

Helen laughed, noting that four dogs had already caught the scent of the bitch.

“Good idea, I can hold Jake at least so he won’t follow you.”

“Thanks,” the man said, clipping his leash to his dog and leading her to the parking lot.

Helen pats Jake as he whines after the bitch in-heat and for the first time she sees his bug red dick hanging between his legs glistening in the light.  Jakes dog cock is big, and she can’t help but stare at it.

He’s bigger than Bruce, she thinks and laughs coldly.

As she rubs her hand over his back, she says, “I guess I’m not the only one in the family who needs a good fuck.  What a strange pair we make, Jake.”

With a sigh, she lets him go and runs away to play with the other dogs, his cock beginning to soften as he does.  Helen walks back to the benches and is surprised to feel her groin is squishy and wet.

Omigod, I must be desperate if Jakes cock can make me wet, she thinks and laughs to herself.


Later that night, Helen can’t seem to shake what had happened in the park earlier that day.  Seeing Jakes big hard cock had reminded her how stale her marriage to Bruce had become.  After putting the kids to bed, she entered their spacious bathroom.  Helen ran the water into the Roman style tub, adding several beads of bath oil to the water.  She stripped out of her clothes, relishing the feeling of each inch of skin exposed as each garment was dropped to the floor.  Finally nude, she stood in front of the full-length mirror as the tub continued to fill.

At thirty, her body isn’t as tight and fresh as it was before she had her two kids, but she still thought it pretty damn good. Helen’s breasts are still full and firm (thanks to bottle feeding), topped with light-brown nipples that when erect could cut glass.  Her stomach is still fairly flat despite the odd stretchmark, and her hips flared out nicely for her five feet five frame.  Her legs are lean and smooth, and turning, she glances at what she thought is a killer ass.  Her face is slightly freckled, accented by the flaming red hair and hazel eyes.

Not bad for a boring old housewife, she thought.

Helen lit a dozen candles throughout the bathroom, then turned out the lights, bathing the whole room in a delicate glow. She turned on some soft music and climbed the three steps leading to the tub, slowly entering the almost scalding water.  Easing herself slowly into the huge tub, she placed a small inflatable pillow on the back of the top edge and leans back.  Her body below the neck now submerged. Flipping a switch nearby, powerful jets came to life, churning the water wildly and massaging my tired body.

Omigod, this is heaven, she thought, relaxing in the hot water as it massaged her.

The hot, oily water splashing against her body, the smell of the scented candles, and the soft music carrying away the worries of the day.  With her eyes closed and her mind relaxed, her hands started moving over my body.  They rub her flat stomach, feeling her hot wet skin.  Without even thinking, they move downward, sliding across her inner thighs.  Helen feels the familiar stirrings as her passions start to rise.  She opens her eyes and sees her large breasts floating on the water like two mountains.  Her nipples are already rock hard.  She raises a hand to them, gently tweaking her first fat nipple, then the other.  Her other hand now moving across the baby smooth skin of her bald pussy.

Fingers find her already erect and extended clit, poking out slightly from its folds.  She traced small circles around it with her fingertip as her other hand starts kneading her breasts.  Helen’s breathing becomes shallow and she can feel her lust rising quickly.

Helen reaches to the ledge and takes a small bullet-vibrator in hand.  Quickly turning it on, she places the buzzing object directly on her hard clit.  With no room for pretense at this point, Helen needs to cum, and cum now!  As she pinches and rolls a nipple as hard as she can tolerate, she moves the bullet across her clit, sending shock waves of pleasure throughout her body.  After only a moment, she feels her orgasm start.  Just as the first wave hit, she pulls the vibrator off her clit and releases her nipple.  The sensations of her sweet release still sweep through her, yet by stopping the stimulus, it lessened the intensity of the orgasm.

After Helen’s orgasm starts to subside, she again places the small vibrator back on her now hypersensitive clit, and she almost jumps out of the tub when it first touches.  She had to grit her teeth and hang on for dear life for the first moment until the sensitivity wore off, replaced once more with growing passion. Helen knew by having a smaller cum first, a much more powerful one later is possible.

She starts to squirm in the water as the buzzing effect on her clit starts stoking the flames of desire.  She reaches with her second hand and dips a finger deep into her pussy, swirling the finger inside her as she continued to attack her clit with the vibrator.  Raising her legs and putting a foot on each side of the tub, she spreads her legs wide open giving her better access.  A second finger joins the first, and she starts to slowly fuck her pussy.  Pulling her wet fingers out, she slams them back inside, repeatedly. After several moments of this, she brings her pussy soaked fingers to her lips and tastes her juices, mixed with the oily water.

Still breathing hard, she raises onto her knees. Helen loves the feel of the oily water running down her nude body.  She grabs another toy, an eight inch realistic looking black dildo, with veins and balls. At the end of the shaft is a large suction cup.  She wets the suction cup in the water, then turning so her ass is facing the back of the tub, she backs up, measuring the best spot to put her toy, placing the suction cup against the tub and pressing hard. The toy holds tight, so she slaps the obscene looking cock a couple of times to make sure it’ll hold.  Satisfied, Helen gets on all fours and slowly backs up.

Reaching between her legs, she finds the hard monster, and when she’s close enough, she rubs the fake cock head along her soaking-wet pussy.  When Helen thought it lubed enough, she places it against the opening of her tight cunt and moves backward.  Reaching back, and spreads her ass cheeks wide, giving the cock more room to enter her.  When it first enters, Helen squeals in slight pain as the huge dildo slices her open.  After getting used to its size, she eases backward, and starts a rocking motion, pulling the cock out then back in.  Each time it sank a little deeper into her, stretching her cunt wider and wider still.  By the time she got most of it inside her, Helen is comfortable with the size, feeling full and massively turned on.

Helen releases her ass cheeks and takes hold of either side of the tub. She then starts rocking back and forth on the black toy, harder, and harder.  Within moments, she’s fucking it in earnest, slamming back onto it with all the force she could.  With each stroke, Helen feels stretched to the limit.  She loves to be stretched like this, not that Bruce can do it, and she needs toys to achieve it.  However, she secretly yearns for a big real cock to fuck her.  Helen grabs the bullet vibrator again, and slams it onto her rock hard clit.  As she rocks on the hard cock, her large breasts splash the water, her hard nipples delighting in the feel of the hot water against them.

She can feel the tingling in her toes as her orgasm begins, Helen knew her orgasm is going to be huge. Just as the tingling reaches her pussy, she slams back hard on the fake-cock, burying it as deep as she can.  She also places the vibrator hard against her clit.  She moans wildly as wave after wave of delicious pleasure crashes over her. Her clit is screaming for her to release it, yet she holds the vibrator against it.  She came, and came, and came, each wave harder than the first. She becomes dizzy and loses track of everything other than the throbbing pleasure in her pussy and clit.

As her awareness slowly returns from the giddy heights of orgasmic bliss, she hears herself for the first time.

“Jake, oh god, Jake, fuck me, make me cum, oh Jake, I want your big cock.”


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