Night of the Dobermans!

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Night of the Dobermans!
Night of the Dobermans!
Year: 2016
Julie is invited to a big celebrity party and as she walks the long driveway she’s suddenly attacked by a Doberman, then another, then another…
Moe Lester
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On a dreary Saturday night, Julie Chabot is on her way to a party that involves a nearly two-hour drive from her home in Orlando, Florida.  When she leaves the familiar confines of suburbia, all she can see in the dim moonlight is trees and paddocks.  Music blares from her speakers, and she smokes a joint, blowing the smoke out a cracked window.

The party is an exclusive affair hosted by a well-known Hollywood celebrity and attended by ‘A Lister’s’ galore.  Of course, Julie is invited, as she’s a client consultant for L’Oreal cosmetics and has become popular among the elite for her savvy makeup tips and because she’s a stunning example of womanhood too.

Add an airy, funny personality, blonde-hair with large breasts and pretty face, and Julie’s a hit.  That’s her public persona anyway, yet deep down she’s a social climber of the worst kind.  Her friends have always been people; Julie considered her betters, and anyone otherwise gets Julie’s contempt.  The woman’s work colleagues think she’s a nasty bitch, her bosses and supervisors believe she’s the best as Julie’s only friendly to people who can do something for her.

The reason she really desired to be at this party is several high-profile Hollywood stars are attending, and any chance to rub shoulders with that kind of celebrity royalty is a dream for her.  Therefore, when a security guard told the uppity woman she’d have to walk to the house from the road, not even that inconvenience would stop Julie.  Other cars parked near the entrance, so she figured if everyone else has to do it then fine.

The driveway is long though, and dark.  Halfway to the house, she can see across a big field, and the sound of barking and growling makes the woman shudder.

Great, just my luck, DOG’S, Julie thought sarcastically as she walks the long driveway to where the party she’s attending is happening.  The barking gets louder and fiercer, and before long, it’s around her. Julie can see large canine silhouettes getting closer, coming for her.

Oh, fuck,” she squeals in an almost primal scream.

Julie starts running, not knowing where anymore, she just has to getaway.  Suddenly, there’s a tug on her skirt, and she stops dead in her tracks.  Her body shakes, she’s breathing fast and raspy, when she hears a growling coming from behind.  Julie turns around, and a large Doberman is growling at her.  Julie can’t take her eyes off the large dog, and her body freezes.  The dog barks at her and then starts sniffing the air.  The dog must’ve liked what it smelled because it sticks its snout right under Julie’s miniskirt and she jumps when she feels a cold nose poking her thong covered clit.

The dog pushes harder until its nose wedges between her hips, breathing in the smell of her womanhood.  A chill starting at the base of her spine makes the blonde’s body shiver all over. The dog withdraws its nose from her and growls again. The animal suddenly lunges at Julie like a predator bringing down its prey and knocks the girl to the ground.  Julie falls and starts whimpering and sobbing, expecting the dog will kill her.  The dog begins tugging on her skirt with its jaws, but as hard the canine tugs, it cannot tear or pull it off her body.  Instead, it pulls Julie, along the gravel driveway, toward the trees.  Her skirt catches on something, and she can hear it rip, and before long, the dog has her miniskirt off, exposing her from the waist down.

The dog tears through her thong with no effort, all Julie can do is lie still, cry, and pray the beast won’t tear her throat out.  Julie sees her opportunity when the dog is preoccupied with sniffing and licking the thong.  The blonde gets to her feet as quietly as she can and starts running toward the house, for safety.  She almost makes it when she feels the dog’s strong paws on her back, pushing her back onto the ground.  Julie falls, screams, and lands heavily on the asphalt.  With her face against the cold bitumen, she starts whimpering and crying again.  The Doberman gets back to four feet and growls at her for running.  Her ass is right in front of its face, and it gives her buttocks a lick.  The dog starts licking her between her ass cheeks, making her whimper.  The Doberman likes the taste of her asshole and continues licking, slowly working its way closer and closer to her pussy.

The constant probing of the Doberman’s hot, rough tongue makes her anus tingle in a way Julie didn’t expect, and while it feels wet and gross, it starts to make her clit buzz.  The lewd sound of licking fills the night, as the girl scans her surroundings to see where she is.   The house, with lights on, and the sound of music playing loudly, seems far away still.  It’s pointless screaming for help as nobody is going to hear her anyway.  Julie is alone, and at her mercy of her attacker.

The Doberman nudges its muzzle forcefully between her legs, making her open her thighs for it.  The dog senses the heat coming from her groin and gives her pussy a dominant lick, from the clit to the asshole.  Julie moans loudly as the sensation is so unexpected, so pleasant.  The Doberman continues licking her pussy and ass, occasionally slipping its tongue into her dripping cunt.  At first, Julie keeps scanning the driveway, watching and hoping people may approach. Gradually, as the Doberman intensifies its oral attentions, Julie pays less attention to her surroundings, closing her eyes from time to time, tilting her head back as if to lean into the dog’s mouth.  Her legs are feeling wobbly, and her clit is buzzing, and Julie finds herself not wanting to pull her pussy away from the Doberman’s greedy mouth anymore.



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