The Dog Sitter

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The Dog Sitter
The Dog Sitter
Year: 2016
Zoey needs to make some money to spend at the Summer Fair in two weeks and gets a short-term job house/dog sitting for an elderly couple going on a cruise. The dog is a giant Great Dane, and Zoey soon finds the friendly dog has more on his mind than playing fetch.
Moe Lester
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As she sat on the couch watching the dirty movie and finger banging herself furiously, she suddenly heard Duke, the Great Dane, give a loud whine.

“Duke, what’s the matter with you?” Zoey asked with a sharp tone.

He suddenly sprang to his feet, and her breath caught sharply in her throat as she saw the reason for the dog’s preoccupation.  The huge dog’s long, scarlet penis is glistening wetly in full view beneath the curve of his stomach.  Thrusting excitedly from his thick sheath, the heavily tapered cock-tip dances in the air, dripping clear fluid.

My God, she thinks, he’s got a hard-on.

Duke’s stumpy tail starts to wag rapidly, showing his undisguised delight in seeing her, however, Zoey’s face went pale and she began to blink rapidly.  Her blue eyes are wide and round as she gazes helplessly at the spectacle of Duke’s monster cock.

She sat transfixed, barely able to believe the size of the dog’s aroused organ.  To see this long, thick, scarlet shaft on a dog, a hot-blooded animal, whom weighs more than her, makes her heart beat so fast it feels it may explode.  She’s startled by Dukes boldness and makes a tiny cry of fear, especially when he lowers his head and begins to sniff daringly at the naked, unprotected mound of her exposed pussy.

This is not right, it’s unnatural, she thought as she cowered and tried to move away from his slavering mouth.

She shouts in feigned anger, “Back, boy! Get back!”

Suddenly, she’s cognizant of what she’s doing, and she quickly raises her eyes in confusion for another long moment.  Wondering whether Duke, somehow, knew how intrigued she is by her view of his heavy, long cock?

She shouts again, though weakly, “Get back!”

Then, with one sudden movement, she made a futile attempt to pull her T-shirt over her naked waist and rise from the couch.  However, a low rumbling growl from Duke causes her to freeze in place.  Her blue eyes bulge and she presses the back of her hand tightly over her gaping mouth to silence her scream.  Thrusting out her palms in a vain effort to ward off any attack on her.

It’s impossible for her to move without bringing another threatening snarl from him.  Her instinctive fear of the dog surfaced with such a paralyzing force she knew it useless to try and intimidate him into obeisance.  Just as he could sense her helpless panic, she could sense his savage confidence growing stronger as he hovered possessively over her voluptuous young body.

She tenses, and whimpers as the brown dog inches his great head forward and searches with his dark, spongy nose between her soft fleshy thighs.  Nudging them further apart until the tender pink folds of her hair-fringed pussy open for him.  She hears him begin to pant excitedly, his thick cords of muscle quivering as the lust-inciting aroma of her female scent fills his nostrils and ignites his interest in her even more.  It’s as if he has cornered a bitch in heat, a beautiful, aroused female whose enticing aroma and smooth hairless skin maddened him to unheard-of daring.

Without warning, his hot pink tongue snakes out and begins to lick wetly along the slightly moist slit between her creamy-white thighs, probing and swirling eagerly at the inviting female odor of her defenseless pussy.  A bone-chilling shudder runs through her as the long dripping animal tongue slakes hotly along on her slit.  From the top of her young cunt to the tiny puckered ring of her anus cringing below it, he licks.  It’s almost more than Zoey’s tortured mind can bear as she sat frozen and helpless under the huge dog’s explorations of her sensitive loins.

“Oh, no, God, Duke, stop, stop,” she said tremulously, her panicky cracking voice.

However, the enormous dog doesn’t understand her despairing pleas and continues his efforts to burrow his relentlessly flicking tongue into her pussy.  To find the vital source of the teasing sexual scent crazing him.  With a harsh forward thrust of his head, he drove the helplessly writhing young woman into the plush couch, and wedges his salivating muzzle deeper into her trembling loins.  For a moment, the terrified girl tries weakly to twist away from the attack, another sinister snarl from the brute standing over her vulnerable young body makes her surrender without a fight.

His mercilessly spearing tongue ran along the full length of her narrow moist crevice repeatedly, flicking relentlessly between Zoey’s widespread legs.  When, suddenly, it darts deep into her vaginal opening, spreading apart the blonde’s wispy down-lined cuntal lips as a knife slicing butter.  Fear-stricken moans tumble from her as the dog’s hot tongue flicks fluidly into her openly spread loins.  She repeats to herself, as if in a trance, that she must remain motionless and not provoke him, in case he becomes violent and hurts her.

Yet despite her horror and revulsion at what’s happening to her, the helplessly trapped girl begins to feel something unexpected taking place inside her.  Something like tiny chills of forbidden excitement beginning to flutter all along her spine from the perverted stimulation of the dog’s feverishly sluicing tongue.

Good God, she thought, how does this perverted act arouse me?

A thing like this could happen only in nightmares or the lewd fantasy stories written by perverts with unbalanced minds.  If she calls upon her dwindling reserves of strength, she thinks, she could push the beast off her.  However, the little prickles of pleasure that Duke’s rampant tongue causes in her hungry body leaves her too weak to take any action but submission.

“Ooh, don’t, please, Duke,” she moans futilely, feeling her resistance disappear with every second.

He licks harder between her open thighs with ever-increasing urgency.  She’s at the mercy of the dog and finds herself pushing her trembling hips toward the fiery lance drilling her wet cunt.

“I mean it, get back, Duke,” she shouts at the Great Dane whose head is thrashing unceasingly between her lewdly spread legs.

His hungrily licking tongue slobbering voraciously in and out, up and down and back and forth on the ravishing young woman’s now steadily pulsating vaginal slit.

Back, boy. Please, please get back.”

Yet her voice betrays her weakness and sounds frail, useless, and mewling.  Her voice sounds as though it came from far away, a sound not what she’d intended.  Her brain is fogged, and nothing is real to her except the teasing burning sensations flowering throughout her obscenely ravaged loins.  Zoey finally lets her head fallback on the couch as she admits how hopeless it is to master her desires.

She knew now she could do nothing but be still and allow the lewd incident to run its course, until the Great Dane is finished with her, and she has reached the unnatural climax driving her nerves to breaking point.  She labors, gasping for air, and begins to moan wickedly as she presses her responding loins up to make firmer contact with the wet, passion inciting hotness of the dog’s hungrily lapping tongue.

“Oh god, Duke, yes, oh yes,” she moans.



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