The Devil Did It

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The Devil Did It
The Devil Did It
Year: 2018
A young woman discovers she has an exhibitionist streak and it leads to an encounter with a big white wolf.
Sheela B.
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The wolf ignores the voices of men.  The beast noses between legs, sniffing loudly.  The wolf appears as if it could eat the girl whole, so big it looms over Beth.

“Nice wolf, let me by, now, please?” Beth begs.

The wolf growls and bites the egg in her hand, crushing it to a mush of shell and pulp onto the stage.  The thought she’s standing naked before a mad wolf almost makes Beth faint.  The teen starts crying, instead.  Her pussy is wet from stroking all those cocks, warm and musky.  The wolf seems to like the smell and its pink tongue curves beneath the plumpness of her cuntal mound, and Beth chokes on a sob.  A hot tear lines her cheek.

“Don’t … don’t do that … wolf…” Beth groans.  What’s the thing’s name, she tries to remember.  Mephisto?  “No … Mephisto … NO…

Mephisto growls, the vibrations making her pussy tingle.  The wolf licks her again, harder.  Then it’s licking her steadily, lapping with the hot surface of its tongue, lapping against her blossoming pussy lips, pressing between the excited folds.

Ahhh … uhh …God,” Beth moans, instinctively opening her legs wider.

Why doesn’t Karl do something, Beth wonders?

The wolf licks faster, its slobber making hotlines down her thighs, the pink body paint washing away around her loins.

“Oh … he’s licking my special button…” Beth moans.

Beth is frantic.  However, there’s no way she can get around the white hulk of the wolf.  The wolf’s mouth is pressing harder against her mound, opening it, drinking from her virgin cunt.  The girl watches wide-eyed and mouth agape.  Nevertheless, she can feel the tendrils of excitement making their way through her flesh.  Beth is breathing raggedly, a luster of sweat forms on her face.  Her tits ache, and her puffy nipples grow hard.  Beth’s belly heaves wildly as the wolf’s hot mouth did things that even Eva’s kissing and licking hadn’t done a few days ago.

Ooooo … GOD … what is it doing to me?” Beth shrieks.

Eva appears by Fritz’s side holding the big flintlock musket out to the man.  “It’s loaded,” she whispers.

Fritz takes the gun and goes to lift it to a firing position when Karl stops him by grabbing the barrel.  “You’ll probably get Beth at this angle,” he said in a low voice.

Fritz glances around seeing the rest of the pack has them surrounded.  “I don’t think I can move either.”

“Let’s just wait, I have a feeling old Mephisto isn’t interested in killing Beth anyway.”

“What’s it interested in?” Eva asks with bulging eyes.

“Watch,” is all Karl said.

As the Mephisto keeps licking the girls’ pussy, Beth slips her hands down her tummy.  The wolf doesn’t seem to notice.  She pushes them to her pussy and tries to cover it.  Mephisto doesn’t react; the wolf just licks the girl’s fingers apart to get to the velvety meat beneath.  Beth knows she’s too weak to stop the persistent beast.  The wet rubbing of her pussy is making pleasure spread through every nerve, every muscle.  The teen’s legs tremble from the tension, which makes her calves knot and thighs tighten.

More wolf saliva trickles down, and she feels it reaching her ankles.  The girls’ pussy is a mess; it’s swollen and red with excitement.  Mephisto is feasting on her pussy as it would a hare caught in the forest.  Beth can even feel the wolf’s teeth, its fangs needling the plumpness of her outer pussy lips.

“Oh my,” Beth groans, sliding her trembling fingers up her tummy again.

Beth cups her tits.  The wolf whines and licks steadily.  It’s braced its front feet, one big paw pressing down on her left foot.

Beth feels so strange.

In the silence of the night, Beth can only hear only the wet licking of her pussy.  The wolf tilts its head this way, and that getting into all the little hollows, lapping her musky juice, it apparently likes her taste.  This realization sends a sharp shiver of pleasure through Beth’s body.  However, the teen’s still very frightened.

“Oh, stop it, Mephisto, stop it.  It’s driving me crazy.”

To everyone’s surprise, the wolf does stop and prances around the half-terrified and half-aroused girl.  “Now’s your chance…” Karl whispers.

However, before Fritz can get the musket raised Mephisto is standing behind Beth making it impossible to get a clear shot.  Beth stares at the remaining three adults watching helplessly when suddenly her face screws up.  Behind her, the wolf has cocked its leg and is pissing on the girl, marking its territory.

Ewwww,” Beth squeals as she feels the wolf’s hot piss scalds her bare skin, the stream even manages to squirt on her hair and run down her back.

The three adults gasp, never in their life have they even heard of a wolf pissing on a person before, and watching the strong amber stream splash over Beth’s back and run over her pert ass cheeks is somehow arousing.  Steam is rising off the girl’s skin, and the smell of piss fills the air.  Beth is trembling, her chin is in continuous motion, and as her fear overwhelms her, the wolf’s cascading piss meets another golden stream coming from between Beth’s legs.  The new scent arouses Mephisto, and he tops his urination and starts licking the piss flowing from Beth’s pussy.

Ahhhhhhhhh,” Beth groans as the course tongue slides along her puffy pussy lips to drink her golden nectar.

The sweet tasting pee enraptures the white wolf, and it laps from her pussy as if drinking from a waterfall in the forest.  Beth is wriggling her butt as the rough pink tongue slaps her pussy to get to the piss.  Yet the stream soon turns to a trickle and then stops, making the wolf dive its tongue into the teen’s pussy slit in search for more.  Beth bites her lip and lets her head fall back.  She’s panting out of control now, and her hips rock beneath the lusty friction of the animal’s hot tongue.

Why is Mephisto doing this, she wonders?  Does it excite the wolf to smell and slurp at my quim?  The girl’s mind spins with these unanswerable questions.  Her tummy is sucking in sharply beneath her ribs as she feels the beasts’ persistent tonguing.  The girl can’t let it go on, it’s shameful, perverse and, worse than that, it’s exciting her.  Exciting her as Eva’s mouth had done.  Beth doesn’t want to get excited, especially from a wolf that might soon go from licking to biting.

No, Mephisto … STOP…

Beth emboldened through fear pushes the wolf’s head suddenly, twisting her body as she staggers forward.  She jumps off the platform, determined to get to the three adults standing near the inn, Eva even holds out her hand.  The wolf comes after Beth, growling deep in its throat.  Beth panics and starts looking for somewhere to hide.  Everywhere Beth glances, the cold eyes of other wolf’s mix with snarling growls telling her there’s no escape.  However, if Beth stops, Mephisto will have her again.

The alpha wolf suddenly hits her in the back with its front paws, and Beth goes down on all fours, sliding across the ground.  The wolf is pressing its hot mouth against her ass and pussy in an instant.  The teen groans, her arms trembling as she tries to crawl forward.  The wolf mounts her then, its big paws sliding down on each side of her body scratching her tender skin.  Mephisto squeezes Beth, hunching its back powerfully as it tries to drive its cock into the plush, warm place in her loins.  Beth screams and bucks her ass wildly.  The wolf’s slickened cock slithers across an ass cheek.  She feels the smear of the animal brute’s juices.  The girl feels the heat its cock, too, and another shiver of fear goes through her body.

No, no, no, she thought panicked, he’ll break my maidenhead … He can’t break my maidenhead.

Beth hates the emotions Mephisto forces her to experience.   She likes it, yet she doesn’t too.  The arousal makes her feel as silly and weak-willed as the kind of girls of which her mother always warns.  Beth knows what happens when a girl lets her guard down; a man takes advantage of her softness and spears her with his pecker.  Then the man wiggles around and shoots inside her and the girl’s left alone to face a life in the workhouses, as no upright family will want her to marry a son of theirs.  If she gets pregnant out of wedlock that’s even worse.  An intact maidenhead is the only currency a young woman has to ensure she has a chance for a happy life.

Mephisto has no care for such human worries; all it wants is Beth’s cunt.  The wolf’s ramming at her from behind as if it wants to tear Beth a new asshole.  Nevertheless, the brush of its spongy, slick cock tip across her mound brings shuddering moans from deep in Beth’s throat.

No,” she moans, crawling forward again.

The big wolf keeps its front legs tightly clasped around Beth’s torso as its haunches work frantically to embed the rigid cock inside her young body.  There’s no escape.

No … Ah … NO…

“It’s going to ruin her,” Eva shouts as she grasps Fritz’s arm.

“I can’t stop it,” Fritz said with a shrug.  “If I shoot I might hit Beth.  A musket isn’t very accurate.”

“Maybe it would be for the best of you did,” Karl mumbles.  “The poor child’s life is ruined now.”

Beth has to turn over because if she lets the wolf keep lunging at her the way it is, she knows eventually its cock will bury itself deep inside.  The girl’s on her side now, whining and squirming on the ground.  Mephisto sinks his teeth into the meat of her calf.  The beast doesn’t bite hard enough to break the skin, yet sends tremors of fear through Beth’s sweaty body.  Mephisto drives his big paws against the fronts of her thighs forcing them apart.

Beth is helpless.


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