The Southside Stalker

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The Southside Stalker
The Southside Stalker
Year: 2018
An infamous stalker and rapist is caught by a woman and is subjected to some very nasty revenge.
Moe Lester
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April gazes at her reflection in the full-length mirror.  The thirty-eight-year-old woman sees her firm, full breasts, her plain black nylon panties, the only remaining garment, and makes one final try to overcome temptation and fails.  Pushing her panties down quickly, April turns and goes to open the door to admit the source of her fascination Billy, her big German shepherd.

Seeing the woman naked, Billy knows what to expect, and his big tail wags with excitement at the thought of mounting the woman’s big ass and ramming his cock into her cunt for a great fuck.  At once, the dog’s snout goes to her crotch to sniff, and April rubs its head as she talks to the animal.

“Yes, Billy, you’re gonna fuck mommy again, you lucky old dog,” she cooed.  “You really like my cunt, don’t ya, boy?  You don’t consider our love perverted like the rest of the world would if they knew about us.”

April knows it makes no sense talking to her dog about these problems, but there’s nobody else since her husband left almost a year ago.  However, this isn’t the time for thinking of the past.  Billy is sniffing at her crotch, trying to get his long tongue at her pussy, and April wants it as much as the German shepherd does, so she goes to bed, sits on the edge and then falls back, opening and raising her legs to give her pussy to the dog to be licked.

Sighing and panting, April feels her passion flaring as the big animal lovingly licks her pussy.  She knows it’s going to be one of those days when the dog will lick her pussy all the way to a beautiful big orgasm.  An orgasm she’ll feel all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes, and then April will be kneeling, and the German shepherd will mount her ass to give the woman magnificent fucking with its huge red canine cock.

Without warning, Billy suddenly stops licking her pussy and then she sees him trying to mount her, as she lies on her back with her crotch still wide open.

Down, Billy,” she scolds, and the dog obeys.  “Just because you fuck a woman doesn’t mean you’re a man.  C’mon,” she urges, a hand rubbing her pussy, “Get back to licking my pussy.  Lick me and make me cum.”

The dog resumes its licking, and this time he stays on the job until April feels the big orgasm getting ready to explode inside her.  April catches her breath, holds it, then she’s cumming, jerking her crotch away from the big animal and lying face down on the bed, her chubby, white ass bouncing as rubs her pussy mound on the sheet in ecstasy.  Sitting beside the bed, Billy watches her squirm and shiver all over the bed.

“Oh, Billy … that was lovely…” April said with a sigh as she gets up.

Then she goes to crouch beside the dog on the carpet, a hand under him, grabbing its big cock and giving it a slow jerking, though she doubts Billy needs to be set up to fuck her.

“Yes, Billy, you like it when mommy plays with your big cock, don’t you, boy?” she asks playfully.  “What a lovely cock you have too.  It feels so good when you’re ramming this beautiful cock up my cunt.  Are you all set now, lover?”\

April stares, seeing the wet, red cock sticking out of the sheath, and decides it’s time to play bitch with the dog, to get down on all fours and give it her ass to ride and her hot cunt to fuck.  Releasing his cock, April smiles, patting the big animal on the head; then she’s kneeling so she can watch their reflection in the full-length mirror while the dog fucks her.  The creature sits obediently, its eyes feasting on her naked body until April gives the command for it to fuck her.

Billy gets to his feet at once and bounds across the room to her.  As the dog reaches her, it takes just one sniff of her pussy, then mounts its human bitch, wrapping big paws around her and begins jabbing a cock which grows alarmingly as the sheath peels all the way back off its sizeable red cock.  Looking in the mirror, a profile view, April sees the big cock jabbing the air and loves the sight of it, thrills to the sight of the canine phallus and the excitement of her dog.  Then the tip of Billy’s jabbing cock touches the edge of her pussy and April braces herself for what’s to come.

The animal pauses, she hears him panting, then he jabs again, and this time the red cock goes straight and true, right up her cunt.  There’s never anything tentative about Billy.  The first jab of the German shepherd’s cock invariably sends at least half its length up her cunt and then the dog’s pants as it feeds the rest of it into her and makes her know her belly is full of ten inches of stiff cock.

Oh yes … oh yes … oh yes…” April moans as the big dog begins fucking her.

Billy is fucking as no man can.  The thick red cock is pistoning up her cunt so fast that strokes can’t be counted as they blur into what becomes a magnificently thrilling fuck, one that goes on and on.  As Billy continues to hump April’s cunt, the woman plays the trick she always does, turning off her mind so she has no concept of time, only of the stiff, hard-driving cock in her cunt and a vague, mighty beast mounted on her back while its rampant cock rapes her as she kneels helplessly.

In her fantasy, April is tied over a padded bar, very helpless, while the animal fucks her.  Sometimes the beast has no specific identity; at other times, it’s a giant gorilla, a dominant stallion, or even a lion.  Always, though, there’s an audience watching.  A big audience of men and women, who laugh at her, taunt her and urge the animal on with the fucking.  April sees the audience in her mind clearly this time.  They’re a fashionably dressed group, men in formal evening dress and women in low-cut gowns.  Then she sees the gowns the women are wearing are more than low-cut; they’re topless, so their breasts show clearly.  April sees little breasts, medium-sized, big and beautiful, big and floppy, and every type she can imagine.

Then she sees something about the men that she hasn’t seen before.  They all have their cocks out, and every cock is erect.  Terrified all those men are going to follow the animal and fuck her to death, April asks, “Are you all planning on fucking me too?”

One handsome dark-haired man stands, and shouts from the audience, “We wouldn’t think of sticking our cocks in your violated, nasty cunt.  You’re only good enough for filthy animals to fuck.  We’re gonna fuck our women here,” he said indicating the audience, “These decent, upstanding women who only fuck men, not beasts like a common tramp.”

The fantasy is going out of control, and April can find no way of stopping it.

April makes no protest as the great dog’s cock plunges deeper.  The woman presses the top of her head against the floor and continues to stare at the rapidly vanishing hard-on in the mirror as if hypnotized.  Her body trembles, but April’s movements only force her cunt further onto the advancing shaft.  The fat knot reaches her pussy lips, and April flings her hips back to wedge her flesh around the bulging swelling.  Billy lunges against her and buries the big knot, then pumps vigorously over April’s ass.  The German shepherd fucks April with a heavy, purposeful stroke and the woman raises her head and lets her hair bounce in a wild tangle like fire.

Her position, ass in the air, body huddled submissively beneath the German shepherd imparts a flavor of savage ferocity to the act.  Billy clearly dominates; his actions and the angle of the enormous head seem to shout April is the substitute.  Billy isn’t a brutish man in this case.  April is a smooth-skin substitute bitch.

The woman’s response becomes so enthusiastic her moans reverberate around the room.  Clenching her fists and pounding them on the floor, her shoulders twist with the pounding effort until her breasts bounce beneath her like udders.

Omigod…” April shouts.  “Fuck harder … faster … Let them all see you use my cunt…

The dog had previously stripped April’s pussy of moisture with its tongue.  The canine cock slides into a dry, clinging cuntal mouth.  Nevertheless, the continuous stroking has aroused April’s tissues and stimulated the flow of additional fluid.  Thickening wetness rims her vaginal mouth and lubricates the pistoning base of the dog’s cock.  It clings in milky-colored streaks to the fiery redness of the slick shaft and spread slowly outward over April’s pussy lips.  April’s desperate struggle suggests she might be nearing another orgasm.  The pitch of her voice rises, and the woman chatters in broken sentences to the dog, punctuating her remarks with gasps and involuntary groans.

Fuck me … fuck me … fuck your big cock into me … Cum in me … fill me with your doggy cum … Defile my cunt…

The large canine balls repeatedly swing against April’s clit, despite the tension drawing them so tightly against its sheath. April turns her head from side to side.


Billy appears to have reached the point of orgasm as well.  The German shepherd’s haunches press forward to grind the mouth of its sheath against her cuntal opening, and the animal stops pumping, its body vibrating intensely.  April trembles violently and her muscles tense in great, biting contractions.  The woman utters gulping cries of joy and winks her ass cheeks fiercely.

OH … GOD … Ooooooo…” she moans. “I’m cumming, Billy…

Billy lifts his muzzle in an undulating, sobbing wail.  For a long time, neither figure moves, except for the violent tremors shaking both at intervals.  April’s shouts die away, replaced by grunted whimpers.  Her sides appear raw where Billy has raked them.  Now, in the frenzy of his climax, the dog merely tugs April to it, and the woman’s skin stretches under strain.  The dog’s coat hides April’s ass cheeks, its shaggy tufts rough on her pale skin.

At last, the awesome orgasm subsides.

“Oh, I needed that,” April whispers feeling Billy still ejaculating in her belly, “but now for the tough part.”

She braces and pants, as if conserving her strength for the coming ordeal—the knotting.

Soon the sounds of sex fill the bedroom, making Willow sigh as Billy drags her over the carpet on his cock.  The indignity of the knotting, April thought, stuck to the dog’s cock like a used tissue.

In her fantasy, April can hear her audience laughing and see them pointing at her as if she were a freak.  The women screw their faces at April, a judgment of worthlessness in those cold eyes.  A nasty slut knotted as if a bitch-in-heat, and a dirty, mangy one at that.

The dog heaves back again with no more success than previous attempts to dislodge its knot.  Unable to move, to scramble away from the dog, April now begins to wonder if she can encourage it to lie down until they can get unlocked.  The dog’s heave drags her along the floor, and the woman squeals feeling the knot pull inside her cunt.  Quickly, April grabbed at the bed nearby and pulled against the dog.  She clings to bed while the dog still backs away.

With face and chest resting on the floor, April lets go of the bed and let the big dog drag her over the carpet.  Billy pulls at a stumbling run, an irritated rumble in his throat.  However, the weight of April makes it hard to go anywhere.  The German shepherd comes to a halt again.  The beast stands over April and lifts a foot, then another.  Then somehow manages to turn ass-to-ass with April, twisting its cock and knot inside her cunt as it does.

“Ahhhh, fuck,” April moans.  “God, I love it when you do that.”

Billy doesn’t really care, giving up trying to pull free from April’s tight cunt; the dog sits with a whining yawn and then lies with its back to her, the red shaft slightly visible between dog and woman.  April sighs, grateful the dog has decided to wait.

The fantasy clicks off now her sexual heat is lowering.  April is alone in her room again, alone with her dog and it’s panting in frenetic delight as it shoots her a full load of sperm, as the animal lies ass-to-ass with her.  At that moment, April falls into a dreamless sleep as she waits for the knot to deflate so Billy can pull free.  April calls this ‘the knot nap’ as it happens every time.

Fifteen minutes later, her eyes bulge open as Billy stands and the half-deflated knot pulls free of her red cunt with a plop.

“Ohhhhhhh, Billy,” she groans.

The dog leaves the room to go find a quiet place it can lick the juices of its cock.

April usually feels beautifully content after the dog has fucked her, but this time the same glow isn’t with her.  Wanting another orgasm, she kneels and sends a hand into her crotch, a finger finding her hard clit near the top of her slit. Refusing to think back to the fantasy which has been so painful, she stares at the reflection of her big breasts in the mirror, seeing them jerk and sway, feeling the promise of an orgasm growing stronger and stronger.

Then it’s there, a beautiful big orgasm, and April pants and moans and grunts.  Her big ass jerking vigorously as wave after beautiful wave of orgasm sweeps over her and washes away the ugliness left behind by the cruel fantasy rinses it away and leave April feeling gloriously content as she kneels back on her haunches to see her spasming cunt squirt dog semen onto the floor.

Then April notices the time.  It’s a bit later than she thought, and her daughter will be home from work soon.  April picks up her panties, steps into them and snags them around her body, covering but not destroying the glow the woman feels, especially in her crotch.  Then grabbing a towel, she cleans the dirty floor.

“You should lick it up, slut,” the man in her fantasy shouts in April’s brain.

April sighs, pushing the feelings down again.


As she dresses, April tells herself its better when she fucks the dog at night since the woman doesn’t have to get dressed again, but can lie in bed, naked, savoring the golden post-orgasmic glow until it blends with sleep and she drifts gently away.  The woman is only dressed a few minutes when Molly, her twenty-year-old daughter, returns home.  Molly is an attractive woman who’s well aware of it too, and dresses to show her C-cup breasts and wears tight jeans to show off her nicely rounded behind.

April has spoken to her about that a few times, but Molly uses the stock answer all the girls her age dress this way, and there’s no harm in it.  There’s an argument to use against that, April knows, yet she lets it go, and her daughter continues to display her wares in the sexy packaging.

After all, at thirty-five April can recall when she was twenty quite clearly.  She remembers how it felt to feel young and sexy, and loved how the men all fussed over her.  However, April doesn’t have any reason to envy Molly her beautiful figure, since she has retained hers.  April is a little heavier these days, but the added weight distributed nicely.  Her breasts, ass, and thighs are still firm and shapely, and April’s pleased to observe most men ogled her.  Sometimes, men turn around to do so too.  April has remained conscious of diet and exercise, determined to keep her figure as long as possible, even though, in times of depression, she tells herself it’s wasted when her only lover is a dog.  A dog that doesn’t care what April looks like as long as she has a cunt to offer when down on all fours.

“How was work?” April asks her daughter.

Molly works with a vet supply wholesaler that sells the medical items veterinarians use to treat animals in clinics and out in the field.  “Same shit, different day,” Molly said with a shrug.

Then they talk about little things, the girl pleased her mother likes to chat, to share her interests, unlike the mothers of most girls she knows.  April is aware of that and cultivates it.  She knows how much the divorce upset their daughter, even though Molly’s father paid her little attention.  After a little while, Molly tells her mother she’s going to her room and chill.  April knows that means talking on her smartphone, texting, or online chat for hours with her friends. Molly will smoke some weed, of course, and whatever the twenty-year-old did in her room at night.

Masturbate, April thought.  That’s what I used to do when I was stuck home for the night at her age.  I bet she has a vibrator or something in there ready to ream her cunt for as long as she can standLucky for me, I have Billy to do that.


It’s been a dull evening for the local peeping Tom, he had spotted a couple of women in bra and panties, but that’s about all.  Things are gonna improve, Jeff Jones thought, it’s a bit after eleven, a good time for people to be going to bed.  He’s walking in the service lane behind April’s house, checking windows all around, when her light comes on.  He stops, sees she has a big dog with her and then he let out a little sigh as the man sees her approach the window and knows she’s going to close the drapes.  Jeff starts to leave and then stops on a hunch.  He watches as April closes the drapes and then his heart gives a little leap as he notes the small triangle left to permit a view into the bedroom.

Jeff cases the layout quickly.  Since the dog’s in the house, he doesn’t have to worry about going into the garden, and the gate from the lane is open.  Moving softly, Jeff hurries into the yard.  Luck is with him since below the window a low stand of the type used for hanging clothes on a line is present.

Getting onto the stand, he finds the level is perfect, and the chink in the drapes provides him with a clear view of most of the room.  All he has to do then is hope nobody will spot him there and call the cops, but it’s a risk he’s prepared to take.

April is still dressed, he observes, and she’s sitting on the bed, patting her dog and talking to the animal.  She’s an attractive woman, early thirties, Jeff guesses.  The hem of her dress is up a little, and he likes what he sees of her thighs.  Jeff loves, too, the way she fills the front of her dress, and he guesses her breasts will be big and quite firm, lovely to stare at while he played with his cock.

When April gets up and reaches to unfasten the top of her dress, Jeff slowly unzips his fly.  When he takes his cock out, it’s hard already.  Jeff’s practiced eye gazes around the room for a nightie, and he’s pleased with not seeing one.

April wears no slip, and as she pulls the dress over her head, he gazes excitedly at thighs that were even more beautiful than he had anticipated, a little on the big side, but beautifully firm, smooth, and hairless.  Her tummy is just slightly rounded just enough so it doesn’t look boyish, and her black nylon panties hug her crotch excitingly.  The peeping man hopes she won’t take them off too quickly.  Jeff pulls his smartphone out and starts videoing everything.

The curvy woman goes to fold her dress over the back of a chair, and he’s delighted at the way she fills the seat of her panties.  The panties are small and sheer so he can see her shadowy crack.  Generous portions of round, white cheek peek around the tiny garment, and Jeff feels his cock throbbing with desire.  As April turns to face him again, she says something to her dog while Jeff feasts his eyes on the bulging cups of the black bra and then her hands go behind her back, and the peeping man holds his breath as he waits for the unveiling of her big, promising breasts.

When she takes her bra off, Jeff almost gasps aloud.  He has seen breasts this big before, but never so firm.  She appears like an overdeveloped teenager, and Jeff gazes at her face again to confirm she’s as old as the man had first guessed.  He tells himself she has to be mid-thirties.  Jeff notices, too, her face is beautiful, not in any glamorous way, but that of a woman with warmth and humor, yet it’s a face, he sees, that has known unhappiness and perhaps still does.

Dropping the bra onto a chair, she stands before the mirror on her vanity and plays with her breasts.  It isn’t, Jeff observes, the casual rubbing of nipples after taking a bra off.  She’s playing with herself, and there’s a look of passion on her face. A love that’s just beginning to build and has a long way to go before it peaks.  Jeff senses he’s going to see her strip naked and finger her cunt or fuck herself with a dildo, and he trembles with arousal.  The peeping man doesn’t often catch a woman playing with herself, and he finds it wildly thrilling when he does.

This is gonna be a good one, he thought, a five-star special, perhaps.

After she has been playing with her breasts for a while, Jeff sees her nipples are aroused and stick out temptingly, long and hard and very suckable.  Pausing to talk to the dog again, April rubs a hand on the crotch of her panties, and Jeff becomes positive he’s in for a beautiful performance of finger fucking.  For just a moment, he wonders if she’s going to include the dog in her act, then tells himself he’s asking for too much.

Things like that only happen in Moe Lester books, he thought, and chuckles.

April goes to pat the dog again and then she stands with her back to the window. Still, Jeff feels his cock throbbing and his heart pounding as he stares at what the woman’s beautifully rounded, white butt cheeks do to her little black panties.  Jeff likes every part of the female body, but the man has a particular fondness for a lovely, firm, well-rounded ass, and she measures up magnificently. Top of the scale, Jeff thought.  Then he thought his heart or his cock would explode as April slowly pushes her panties down to bare that lovely ass.  She does it unhurriedly and, beautiful as her big breasts are, Jeff’s thankful the woman has her back to him so his eyes can feast on her magnificent big ass.  Then she steps out of the panties and tosses them onto the chair with her bra.

Usually, Jeff is content to watch a woman as she undresses, but there’s something different in April’s case, something more than her luscious breasts and butt.  The peeping man’s seized by an almost overpowering urge to smash through the window and grab her, but then he thought: Dude, you’re not a rapist—a peeping Tom, indeed—a panty thief, sure—but not a rapistBesides, that German shepherd will tear me a new asshole that I’d then take to jail.

Jeff watches her sit on the edge of the bed and talk to the dog while she opens her legs, showing him a glimpse of her pussy.  Then she’s playing with it, confirming the peeping man’s hunch she’s going to masturbate.  Jeff stares, trembling and then shaking more violently as April falls back across the bed, her ass partly over the edge.  She raises and parts her shapely legs, drawing them back over her and showing Jeff her pussy.

So beautiful, the man thought, with a gasp.

Then her hand strokes that pussy while she talks to the dog that, Jeff observes, remained seated, even though the animal stretches toward her as though it wants to get at her.  Taking the hand out of her crotch after she parted the lips of her pussy, the woman speaks to the dog, and it gets up and hurries to her.

Motherfucker,” Jeff groans under his breath, “she really does have him trained.”

The dog goes directly to April and begins licking her pussy.  Billy used his long tongue well, and Jeff can see by the expression on the woman’s face as the animal keeps lapping her pussy.  While he watches, Jeff holds his hard cock in his hand, giving it a slow pull from time to time, being careful not to lose his load since he senses the show is far from finished.  Then Jeff watches April climaxing, pushing the dog out of her crotch and rolling over on the bed, her plump ass jerking as the orgasm really grips her and holds on firmly.  Again, he hungers to get his hands on those beautiful big butt cheeks, to be lying on her with his cock pushing into her tight asshole.

April rests for only a short time and then she sits up and talks to the dog again.  Jeff is afraid she’ll hear the hammering of his heart as she drops to the carpet on her hands and knees; the peeping man knows the dog’s going to fuck her and he’s ready to watch.  Jeff sees Billy’s red cock slipping out of the sheath wet looking as the animal approaches her arched ass.  The dog pauses, sniffed at her pussy and then mounts to fuck.  As the German shepherd does, Jeff gasps again at the sight of the animal’s huge red cock.  The sheath has rolled all the way back baring the dog’s balls, and its cock appears a good ten inches long.  As April turns to talk to the dog, urging it on, Jeff sees her face; the smile she wears is beatific.  At that moment, April’s the most beautiful woman Jeff has ever seen.

The animal’s cock jabs the air a couple of times, then he rams about four inches of it up her cunt and slowly works the rest of it into her hole.  Then the German shepherd’s busy fucking her, both dog and woman panting while, outside, Jeff thought he’d go out of his mind.  The peeping man thought of how he hungers for the feel of her lovely cunt, yet while he must remain outside, a dog is fucking her in there.  Jeff decides it isn’t fair to the human race and especially to him.

Jeff can’t keep from jacking his cock as he watches.  Then he sees the animal jerking as he shoots its load into the cunt of the naked woman and Jeff loses control. The peeping man’s jizz spurts against the wall of the house and trickles down over the weatherboards.  It’s a big load, and when Jeff finishes, he feels deliciously weak.

Woman and dog remain motionless, and Jeff realizes the dog’s knotting its bitch.  This is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen, he thought.  Jeff stops videoing and puts his phone in his pocket.  He knows he’ll jerk-off to that video a few times tonight.  Hearing a car and some voices in the service lane, he silently gets down off the stand and slinks away into the night.  Jeff stops briefly at the woman’s mailbox, takes an addressed envelope, and puts it in his pocket.  It has the woman’s name and address on it—Molly Sharpe.  Yes, Molly, I’m pretty sure we’ll soon be meeting, and I’ll get to enjoy that ass and cunt as much as your dog, Jeff thought as he walks away.


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