Our Secret Life!

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Our Secret Life!
Our Secret Life!
Year: 2018
Jess is a woman with a taboo passion, and as she works at her family boarding kennels, she discovers she’s not alone. It seems everyone has a secret life.
Moe Lester
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Later, as the blonde-haired woman left her bedroom, through the house, and outdoors, Jess is profoundly aware of sensations in her body no one knows anything about.  Just the act of walking, especially with her cute wiggle, made her taut nipples scrape against her T-shirt and her ass and pussy scrape against her denim.

Being a sensual woman, Jess has her walk down to an art.  By twisting her ass just so, Jess can make her pussy move in her denim.  With her thighs close together, as she steps along, she finds she can manipulate her hot pussy without even touching it.  Her pussy squeezes nicely between her tight, moving thighs, and her stiff little clit, therefore, rubs between the tight, clenched vaginal lips.

Enjoying the secret feelings thoroughly, she went from the house, through the fencing, to the kennels.  The kennels are indoors in what was once a barn.  Matthew had the old barn renovated, heated and carpeted between the many stalls for horses and cages for dogs.  A modest investment had turned the barn into quite a kennel.

When Jess enters the big building, her sweet face is aglow, and her eyes are sparkling after a morning of making herself orgasm with nimble fingers and her toys.  Unlike other girls who seem to get significant relief from a juicy orgasm, Jess only gets hornier.  A nice, wet orgasm always leaves her pussy tingling and her breasts aching for more contact.  The girl discovered early if she keeps stimulating her nipples and pussy after orgasm, she could have lots more.  The discovery made her pussy a hungry mouth.

No one has to tell Jess what to do in the kennels.  Her father taught her how to curry horses, groom dogs, and feed and bathe animals, everything any employee would have to know about working with animals.   She also is a few years into a vet degree, so her knowledge of animal welfare is surpassing even her fathers.

Matthew Murdoch customarily comes out to the kennels around noon, just before lunch break.  He’s always involved with the paperwork in his office.  Jess doesn’t mind, even in the beginning.  Now, with her breasts and pussy still on fire, the young woman loves the fact she has the kennels all to herself.

The kennels and the animals.

Humming a happy tune, Jess reaches up on tiptoe and gets a curry brush from its hook.  Then she walked the length of the cages and said good morning to all the dogs.  At the eleventh cage, Jess pauses and smiles at a rather large-sized poodle.  It belonged to some rich folks who like it well groomed and treats it like the child they never had.

“Hello, Harvey,” Jess said, unlatching the cage door.

The poodle yaps in response and jumps up and down as the friendly girl enters his home away from home.

“How are you this morning?” Jess laughs, dropping to her knees and caressing the animal as he licks her face happily.  “Easy now, down Harvey, stop that.  Shit, you’re enough to turn a bitch on.”

Jess’s only teasing.  Actually, she likes the way Harvey licks his thick pink tongue over her face, especially against her sensuous lips.  That’s why she had picked this cage in the first place, to get her kisses.  She pulls her head back, and giggles as the dog reached for her mouth.  The blonde likes to tease a little.

The doggie-tongue extends and lashes her lips.  Jess made a whimpering sound to feel the scraping tongue hit her lips.  The woman parts her lips the next time the tongue comes at her.  Harvey’s tongue lashes her open mouth.

Jess moans and catches the dog’s big head between her hands.  She holds it still and let the dog lick furiously at her sensitive mouth.  Her eyes closed and Jess catches the doggie-tongue between her lips and gives it a little suck.  Holding the tongue in her mouth, the girl sucks on it slowly, whimpering with pleasure.

Not being human, the dog doesn’t like its tongue trapped in the girl’s sucking mouth.  Harvey yelps and pulls it away from her.  Jess laughs sexily at that.

“You little tease,” Jess said ruffling his fur.  “Don’t you know you shouldn’t kiss a girl like that?  You naughty dog, when you kiss me like that, you make me tingle, and you know what that means…”

With a twinkle in her blue eyes, Jess pulls her T-shirt out of her denim and hikes it up above one firm, round breast.  This she feeds to the lapping, licking animal.

Here…” she rasps hotly, “lick this…

Jess pushes her spiking pink nipple at the poodle and the dog’s happy to lick it for her.  Harvey is an affectionate dog, to begin with, and, not knowing a breast from a hand, it licks Jess’s exposed boob roughly.  The sensation of the sandpapery doggie-tongue against the tender flesh of her breast and the tingling flesh of her nipple makes Jess whimper with pleasure.  Her eyes closed and her head falls back loosely on her shoulders as the good feelings in her breast turned her on.

A moment later her other hand rose to her T-shirt and hikes it up to bare her other breast.  She glances glassy-eyed at the front and rear doors.  While Jess feels reasonably sure no one will come in, she has to be careful.  The stalls have walls, but the dog kennels are wire cages with no privacy.  Satisfied she can do what she wants to do; the girl hikes her T-shirt above her thrusting breasts and encourages the poodle to lick both.  A few moments later, her fists tighten on a bunched up T-shirt under her chin, and she moans hotly.

“Suck them, lick them,” she rasps, “Ooh … Mmmm…

Jess feels comfortable kneeling in a cage with an animal licking her high, taut breasts.  She’s used to it now.  It’s her secret life, her taboo delight, and her naughty pleasure.  No one in the world knows that sweet Jess Murdoch’s love of animals is actually sexual.  For years now, the college student has guarded her secret well.

Holding her T-shirt high, she peers down and watches what the excited doggie-tongue is doing to her luscious breasts.  She’d noticed a dog’s tongue not only feels nice; it makes her nipples hard, and their hardness has something to do with her pussy’s horniness.  The poodle’s thick tongue, now wet with saliva, lashes her breasts and nipples and left them glistening.  The active tongue makes Jess excited, and her breath starts to come in little gasps as her sensual breasts tingle and ache.  She feels a familiar tickle deep in her belly, then a familiar tingling in her pussy.  Panting softly, she looks around the kennel as Harvey laps her breasts.  Her blue eyes dance from dog to dog.  Jess always has her favorites.

A good dog to Jess is not a well-behaved dog; it’s a dog that can and will do what she wants.  She discovered this by trial and error in her own sexy way.  The woman tested each animal that comes to the Murdoch Kennels.  Her test is simple.  If an animal licks her breasts, it’s a good animal, even if it will lick her nowhere else.  If an animal will lick her pussy but not her breasts, it’s still a good animal.  If the animal won’t lick at all, but let Jess play with its cock, then it’s a good animal and so on.

Now, as Harvey licks the woman’s sexy breasts wetly and nicely, Jess’s blue eyes, sparkling with lust scanning the other animals in search of a particular type.  Her breasts are hot now, and she needs her pussy licked.   Harvey will lick it for her, Jess knows.  Nevertheless, not as well as Timmy, the fat, floppy-eared beagle in kennel four.

“OK, Harvey,” Jess rasped hotly, “good boy.  That’s enough of that.  Good dog, you got me nice and horny.”

Jess gets to her feet and the poodle whines at its loss.  Its eyes stared up at Jess’s lovely breasts with a certain longing, even after she covered them with her T-shirt.  Jess sees the remarkable gaze, and she laughs sensuously.  It always touches her deeply when an animal looks at her so soulfully.

“Don’t worry, Harvey,” she cooed, stepping out of the cage and closing him in.  “I’ll be back.” Her soft eyes roam to his belly.  “Now, be a good boy, and I’ll jerk you off later.”

The blonde college student moved down the carpeted runway running the length of the barn between the rows of cages.  Her cute ass twitched smoothly with her steps, twin curves that writhe when she walks.  Jess’s denim is so tight the seam hugs the crack of her ass and separates her cheeks.  She stops at kennel four and unlatches the door and the beagle inside growls at her.  Jess pays no attention.  Timmy isn’t a very likable mutt, but he has a fantastic tongue and a thirst for pussy juice that delights Jess.  The woman locked herself in with the growling beast and drops to her knees.

“Oh, stop that,” Jess said and opens her pants.  She jammed the denim down around her curvy thighs and thrust her smooth pussy forward.  “Here,” she said.  “Eat me.”

The beagle growls again and then sniffs the air between him and Jess.  The dog catches the scent of Jess’s smooth pussy and stops growling.  With head bobbing and nostrils flaring, the dog ambles up to her pussy and gives it a lick with its floppy wet tongue.

Ooh,” Jess moans when the big tongue slops her pussy and hits her clit.

Suddenly anxious, Jess set her knees as far apart as her denim will allow and covers her jutting breasts with her hands.  As she squeezes and teases her breasts, the beagle feasts on her cute pussy.  Jess’s fingers clench her aching breasts, and her nipples stiffen like her clit as the sandpapery dog tongue attacks her exposed pussy slit.  The dog soon forgot its meanness.  The smell and taste of Jess’s willing pussy tamed the beast fast.  It pushes forward and buries its snout between her creamy white thighs.  The dog twists its head this way and that as the eager tongue struggles to get into Jess’s moist cunt.

“Ummm,” Jess moans, loving this treatment.

She smiles sexily and goes all soft and cuddly as she feeds her pussy to the animal.  Jess’s pink and white pussy responds wetly to the licking, lashing dog tongue.  Her cuntal-mouth twitches and quivers as the canine tongue twists to get into her cunt.  To help the dog along, Jess releases her firm breasts, arches her back, and leans back on her hands.  Timmy’s thick tongue swabs her pussy violently as he laps up her juices.  Her clit stiffens and throbs.  Jess aches for orgasm.  A gasp escapes her throat.

Her head falls back, and her long blonde hair sways over her feet.  The girl’s breasts strain hornily in the air, and her nipples threaten to burst right through her tight T-shirt.  The dog’s tongue takes a fortunate turn, and the end of it lodges in her humping cuntal passage.

Ahhhhhhh,” she moans loudly.

The sensation is immediate and electric.  Jess has discovered there’s nothing as lovely as a living animal’s busy tongue inside her horny cuntal-channel.  Her lips part and her tongue rolled around in her mouth as she gasps for breath and screws her hot pussy on the magic dog tongue.

Her orgasm is violent.

Oh, Timmy…” Jess shrieks cumming vibrantly.

Her eyes roll in her head.  Her hand’s strikeout to the right and left, and grip the cage wire for support.  Great waves of luscious delight courses through her tossing, jerking body.  Her pussy floods and the dog go after this tangy drink with gusto.  The big, sloppy dog tongue fucks into her juicy cunt now.  The dogs’ wet snout mashes against her clit as the canine tongue worms up into her writhing cunt to lick her cervix.  Timmy snuffles wetly as he licks Jess out and vibrates the woman’s clit.

Oh … Ooh … Ohhhhhh…” Jess moans, and her hips and ass jerk wildly.

The violent movements of her sex-racked body make her cunt clamp and clench on the dog tongue.  Her passion soars and the blonde college student lets out a long, low moan as she shakes with orgasm.  Timmy’s big tongue fucks in and out of her jerking cunt now, drawing her hot fuck-juices into his mouth.

Jess whimpers as the dog eats her pussy.  Her gasps grow weaker, and hands let go of the cage.  She collapses into a heap of writhing female flesh, panting and twisting hotly as the dog goes on drinking from her soaked cunt.  The woman’s eyes close in rapture, and a faint smile of peace crosses her face as she lets the dog have its way with her cunt.  After several moments of sheer pleasure, Jess rose to her feet.  She leans against the cage for a second to catch her breath.  Timmy licks at her pink pussy-flesh as Jess does so.

Then she giggles and twists her tingling pussy away from his relentless tongue.  She tucks her T-shirt into her denim and zips them up.  Jess is ready to go to work now.

Looking sexy and feeling drenched with lust, she goes about her chores with verve.  Jess prances up and down the barn, feeding and watering the animals.  Thanks to her juicy orgasm, she’s animated.  The college student’s breasts jiggle, and her ass cheeks bounce as Jess darts here and there performing her duties.  The time flies by, and it’s almost time for lunch when she remembers Harvey.

“Oh, Harvey,” Jess said at the poodle’s cage.  “I almost forgot my promise.” She glances at the big clock on the wall.  Her mother will expect her in the house in five minutes.  Jess smiles at the excited poodle.  “I think that’s long enough, don’t you?”

Jess let herself into the dog’s cage and giggles when Harvey jumps on her.  The dog’s paws pound her belly, knocking her back a few steps.  The girl laughs and kneels in front of the poodle, bringing it down onto all fours.

“C’mon, now, no playing around,” Jess chirps.  “Lie down.  Down, Harvey.”

She helps the poodle down onto its side and pets its head with her left hand to soothe and calm the dog.

“Calm down now,” she murmurs, stroking the dog’s side.

Then her right-hand slips onto the dog’s belly and strokes it there.  Harvey’s black eyes sparkle when he feels her gentle fingers against his stomach.  The canine tongue lolled out of its mouth, and the dog makes a low, animal sound in its throat.  Jess shifts her eyes to the area between the open hind legs.  She gazes at the furry cock sheath, and her tongue slips across her lips.  Sitting on the floor close to the dog, Jess moves her hand to the thick cock sheath and starts playing with the dog’s cock.  She keeps her eyes fixed on the tapered moist end.  The blonde likes to watch a dog’s cock come out.

Her fingers dance lightly around his cock sheath and balls at first.  Then Jess scrunches closer to the panting animal and curls her fingers around his cock sheath squeezing the soft flesh of the covering.  It yields to her pressure and her fingertips feel something long and hard there.

Mmmm,” she hums softly, and her eyes twinkle.

Her fingers press the long cock and slowly jerk the canine cock back and forth.  The dog makes a funny noise and its hind legs jerk.  Jess giggles.  The small hole at the end of the dog’s cock sheath widens, and Jess stares hotly as the thick red cock peeks out.  She strokes the dog’s covered cock with longer strokes, and the wet cock emerges grandly before her eager eyes.

“Ummm,” she purrs and takes the wet cock in her fist and starts whacking the dog off.

Her hand moves faster, and the canine cock grew larger.  When Harvey’s cock is at full length and thickness, Jess sighs.  Her eyelashes flutter, and her pink tongue licks her lips as she jerks the dog cock nicely.  The girl likes the feeling of a stiff dog cock in her hand.

Harvey’s hind legs started kicking in the air, and his whole body began to squirm as the pretty girl jacks his cock.  Jess likes that, too.  It delights her she has the power to make an animal writhe with pleasure.  The girl especially loves the way an animal’s vicious cock responds to her manipulations.

With eyes shining and breathing getting faster, Jess plays with the dog’s hot balls and jerks its cock with increasing horniness.  The sight and feel of the dog’s erect cock made her hot.  She twists around and unzips her denim and then thrust her left hand into them and stuffs it into her warm crotch.  Then, as she whacks the dog cock, Jess’s finger fucks her horny cunt.  Her eyes closed and she imagines the big cock in her fist is the cock of Ryan Gosling.  Enjoying her erotic fantasy thoroughly, Jess jerks Harvey’s cock furiously and fucks her slender finger up into her twisty cunt.

Ooh…” she shrieks suddenly as an unexpected orgasm rips through her belly.

Gasping hotly, Jess jerks violently orgasming wetly while her fist pounds the dog’s stiff, throbbing red cock.

Waves of luscious orgasm ripple through her slender body and left Jess breathless.  Smiling lustfully, Jess keeps rubbing her quivery slit even after she’d cum, and whacked the dog’s cock brutally.  Her breath comes in gasps of pleasure, as the cock grows even larger in her pumping fist.

When Jess suddenly feels Harvey’s cock jerk in her hand, she forces her eyes open.  The woman never wants to miss this.  Panting hornily, rubbing her pussy fast, Jess watches as the dog’s cock jolts in her fist and shoots big wads of thin, slimy semen.  The juicy grayish stuff splashes onto the dog’s belly and its cock squirts, pumping sperm into the air.  Jess stares hotly, ever awed by this miracle.  It always thrills her to see a cock spit its juice.

Ooh, Ryan…” Jess purrs, jacking the cumming cock, “you cum so much.”


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