The House Cleaner

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The House Cleaner
The House Cleaner
Year: 2018
A sexy woman who cleans houses for a rich neighborhood is taken aback when she finds some shocking old porn mags one day that feature graphic bestiality.
Sheela B.
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Allie wanders aimlessly through the large house, looking for something to do.  She checks the bedroom and sees the master bed where Luke Masters sleeps at nights.  The woman leans against the wall, staring at the bed, thinking about how wealthy her boss is; the house and grounds are stunning.   Allie is a house cleaner, having worked for Mr. Masters for about a year now.

A frown crosses her beautiful face, and she leaves the bedroom, going down the hall to the stairs.  Bullet, Mr. Masters German shepherd, is at the bottom of the steps wagging its tail frantically and yelping soft, helpless cries.

“Shit,” Allie mutters.  “I forgot to fill his bowl.”

She goes down the steps, her summer skirt swirling about her knees.  Bullet lopes behind as the woman hurries into the kitchen and grabs his bowl off the floor.  The dog sits obediently next to her.  Its head perks up as the German shepherd watches Allie fill its bowl with food.  The sounds of the dry, crisp dog food pouring into the bowl made the animal squirm in anticipation.  Its tail swipes happily across the floor as Allie set the large bowl down for it.  While Bullet begins gobbling up the food, Allie fills the other bowl with water, setting it alongside the dog.  Watching the dog gobble hungrily, Allie sighs then heads for the front room to watch television.

The woman likes her job working for Mr. Masters.  The house is large, so there’s always something that needs cleaning and Allie doesn’t mind walking the dog in the afternoon and puts out its food every day except the weekends.  Allie doesn’t work on the weekends, and Mr. Masters expects her to be gone by five each night before he gets home.   The arrangement suits her, and Allie mostly communicates with her boss via notes, emails, and text messages.

Every time she happens to lay eyes on the handsomely rugged man, goose bumps run rampant up and down her spine.  Allie wishes he took an interest in her, but the fact he doesn’t even want to see her is a message clear enough.  Even though Allie is an attractive brunette, early thirties, large breasts, and a slim yet curvy build, Luke Masters just isn’t interested.   I’m just the maid, she thought, dusting the living room, and the dog sitter.   Not good enough for Luke Masters, the asshole.

Clearing the coffee table, her eye caught a glimpse of a magazine lying under an easy chair across the room.  She goes and picks up the magazine from under the chair.  Allie’s mouth drops open, and her eyes bulge at the picture on the cover.  It’s a photo of a nude woman sitting on a chair with her legs spread, a look of lust on her face as a Great Dane licks her pussy.

Allie cringes.   Omigod, is this what he’s into, she wonders with a grimace.   Any wonder he doesn’t want me around when he’s home.  With trembling hands and an insatiable curiosity, Allie looks through the dirty magazine.  The erotic poses of the naked women mesmerized Allie as she turns the first few pages.  Allie gasps at the pictures of men, their giant cocks in glossy color, almost real enough to touch, some buried in wet cunts.  Turning the pages, the house cleaner sees dogs with women, their bodies ravaged by the furry beasts with long reddish-purple cocks.

Despite her better intentions, the porn makes her feel horny, and Allie feels a familiar tightening in her belly as she gazes at the disgusting images.   What the fuck, Allie suddenly thought, might as well rub one out while I’m here.   I have the house to myself, who’ll know.

The brunette hotty falls back against the sofa, her legs parting and her hand going under her skirt to the moist crotch of her panties.  Allie sighs, her hand unconsciously stroking her pussy through the cotton material as she stares hungrily at a man who reminds her of Mr. Masters.  The man’s cock is jutting out thick and hard as he stands over a woman who lies vulnerable on the floor, her naked body begging for sex with this stud.

Allie swoons, pretending she’s the woman and the man’s her boss.  She closes her eyes, a hot, dreamy expression on her face and licking her dry lips, her hand pets the damp patch between her thighs.  Her soft, firm ass rocks on the couch, hips swaying making Allie’s body moves rhythmically.  The house cleaner opens her eyes again and stares at the picture, her hand frantically going under the elastic of her panties to the soft silky down of her pussy.   Whimpering, her pussy wet with sweet juice, Allie lays the book on the couch, opens to the page she likes the most.

The woman scrambles out of her panties, eager to put her hand back on her bare, wet, aching pussy.  Allie falls to the couch, pulling her skirt around her waist.  She gazes at her bare belly and her long tapered legs, the soft black hair of her pussy peeking deliciously out from between her lush thighs.

Ahhh…” she moans, picking up the magazine in one hand and staring at the picture of the man’s cock as she strokes her tingling pussy with the other hand.

Unable to hold her head up, Allie drops the magazine on her lap and leans her head back, using her hands on her aching clit, stroking and caressing the velvety gash of her pussy.  She’s absorbed in the world of her pleasure-giving hands as they frantically seek out her cunt, and fingers moving in circular motions around her tiny clit.  Allie tries focusing on the picture, but it’s impossible to see through misty eyes.  The woman gives up, satisfied with the burning image of Mr. Masters cock now branded in her mind.

Allie didn’t hear Bullet, the dappled-gray German shepherd, or see the dog stare quizzically at her hot body twisting strangely on the couch.  The dog catches the heavenly scent of her oozing pussy juice.  Bullet pricks his ears and pads over between her outstretched thighs, sniffing curiously at her pussy.  The heady aroma agitates the dog, and it flashes out its broad dark pink tongue, swiping across her squiggling hands as they maneuver feverishly on her pussy.

Ooooooo…” Allie moans startled by the contact of the dog’s wet, intruding tongue.

The woman pulls her legs together, trying to stop the inquisitive dog from touching her pussy.

“Stop it, Bullet,” she groans, hot and horny with no desire to be playing with the German shepherd now.  She pushes the dog away.  “Go … Go away

The dog stubbornly refuses to leave the room.  Instead, it comes back to her pussy.  Bullet’s nose has the scent, and the dog wants the taste.  Allie grit her teeth, trying to push the dog away, her body a shambles of edgy nerve endings screaming for satisfaction but denied by the persistent animal.  Bullet growls not wanting deprivation from the delicious piece of pussy, the dog pushes its broad head between her knees trying to part them.   The dog’s growling and whimpering still agitated for Allie’s hot dripping pussy.  Allie, becoming frightened, tries to get away but the dog’s too forceful, too persistent.  The animal nuzzles its cold nose between her legs.

STOP” Allie wails, tears streaming down her face.

She shakes as the dog’s long snakelike tongue flashes out and swipes across her pussy.  It sends tingling tremors throughout Allie’s body.  It’s the strangest sensation the woman has felt, and she moans softly.  The passion Allie had brought to her body only moments ago and the strange effects of the dog’s tongue is too much for her trembling body.  The house cleaner gives up, resigned to let the dog lick, easing her conscience with the thought Bullet will stop after a few innocent licks.

Allie leans back and is about to close her eyes and relax when she spots the magazine, opens to the page where a huge dog, much like Bullet, is licking a woman’s pussy.  The woman in the picture seems to be enjoying the perverted act immensely.  Allie gazes at Bullet, his tongue making mush of her insides as the dog slaps its tongue across the soft folds of her pussy lips.  “Ohhhh…” Allie moans, her ass rocking on the couch, unable to stop what had started so innocently.

The brunette stares at the picture again and then at Bullet between her legs.  The idea of what’s happening intoxicates her mind, making Allie woozy.  With legs spread wide, the house cleaner is eager now for the dog’s tongue to drive her to orgasm.

Lick me … Lick me…” Allie urges, humping on the broad, powerful snout.  “Oh, God, that feels good…

Bullet, his nose pushing into the outer folds of her cunt, slurps at her pussy, trying to bury its nose inside the warmth of her quivering cunt.  The German shepherd’s tongue darts into her cunt, sliding along the spasming walls.  Slopping at her cunt as Allie whines and squirms; the dog revels in the musky scent of her overheated pussy.  Allie thrashes on the couch, gasping and panting as the dog’s hot swishing tongue drives her deliciously insane.  The woman wants to cum on the dog’s face.  She wants to climax so bad it hurt.  Somewhere in the back of her foggy mind an idea forms.

Possessed, Allie pushes the dog away, it growls of complaint no longer scaring her.  She knows it’ll get her pussy again.  With anxious hands, Allie takes off her skirt and blouse.  Not wanting them full of wrinkles, she lays them both across the couch and slips her bra off her shoulders.  The house cleaner quivers, it’s so erotic being naked in Mr. Masters’s house.  Thinking about him makes her remember the front door.

“Ah, shit,” she groans, an image of Luke Masters coming in and catching her like this.

Allie hurries to the front door on rubbery legs, her tits jiggling.  She makes sure the doors locked securely then slips the bolt in place, making it impossible for Mr. Masters to enter with his key.  There’s no way Allie wants the man to walk in on her while she’s letting his dog lick out her cunt.

The whole time Allie is at the door, Bullet has kept after her, burrowing his nose up between her thighs every chance it has.  The dogs hooked on the pussy juice of the horny woman and can’t get enough.  It laps at her ass cheeks and thighs, tail wagging so furiously the dog makes a draft.

“Easy, Bullet,” Allie soothes, her voice and body taut, ready to explode as soon as the trigger is pulled.

She hurries back to the couch and sits on the floor, propping her back against the front of the sofa.

C’mon, Bullet.”  Allie pulls him by the collar, wanting him to lick her aching tits.  “Lick me,” she moans, bringing his mouth to her tits.  “Lick them.”

Bullet licks her tits, making Allie shudder with joy, but the dog’s primary interest lies between her outstretched thighs.  The animal wants her pussy, and the sweet juices flow like a river from her hot cunt, and the dog growls twisting its head for release.  Still slightly frightened, Allie lets go of the dog’s collar, and it immediately returns to her pussy.  The woman slides onto her back, her nerves jangling, aching for orgasmic relief.

Writhing on her back, Allie gives herself up to the pleasure of Bullet’s persistent tongue.  The brunette thrashes freely now with no worry about her clothes wrinkling.  She’s free and naked, and Allie surrenders to the feelings with abandonment.  The house cleaner rolls over on her belly, propping her pert ass in the air, wanting Bullet’s tongue to lick her everywhere.  Gasping as the dog’s hot tongue swipes across creamy ass cheeks and darts into the dark crack of her asshole, where it pushes the tip between the pinkish-brown anus.  Bucking, Allie’s tits rubbing erotically against the floor, her nipples are burning and sore from the rough friction of the carpet.

Her lips part and saliva drips out of the corners of her mouth.  Allie squirms, bringing her hands around to her quivering ass cheeks spreading them, fingers digging into the soft, pliable flesh.  The woman’s eyes filled with desire as Allie holds her ass cheeks apart moaning.  Bullet’s full sweeping tongue laps and toys with her wrinkled asshole.

Nnnnnn…” Allie groans, wriggling her ass in the dog’s snout.

Feeling the dog’s nose part her asshole for a moment and the sensation makes Allie tremble.  She humped back, knees scraping the floor and tits chafing from the rough nap of the carpet.  The brunette slumps wearily to her belly, twisting and squirming like a snake as Bullet licks her ass open.

Bullet’s tongue whips at her ass, darting down the crack to her pussy, licking the drops of juice as it seeps from her hot, boiling cunt.  The German shepherd’s head burrows between her outstretched legs, working her asshole with its pointed snout; its tongue lashes across both holes as its body jerks in an agitated fashion.

Allie forces herself back on her knees, wanting the dog’s tongue to have as much room as possible.  The position on her hands and knees keeps her ass cheeks apart, and the house cleaner pushes back, the dog’s tongue darting into her asshole.  Allie whimpers, her asshole muscles contracting to hold the dog’s tongue captive.  The dog yelps, slashing her asshole with its tongue, haphazardly swiping its tongue across her cute ass cheeks.  The dog’s tongue whips her holes into a lather, the mixture of its doggie spit and pussy juice soaking the woman’s ass.  The gray dog inches closer, wanting her cunt more than her ass as there holds the cauldron of tasty juices, the tangy scent attacking its nostrils.

Crazed out of her mind, Allie rolls over on her back, keeping her legs spread, not wanting Bullet to miss her drenched cunt.  Her tits, belly, and knees are red with friction.  The nipples of her tits are hard, aching painfully as she twists her wet, spit-soaked ass on the carpet.  Reaching down and spreading her pussy lips, Allie encourages the dog to lick her slit.  Allie goes wild, humping frantically on the dog’s snout, her body jerking and twisting on the floor as she rapidly reaches the point of no return.

Bullet, its mind dazed with the joy of this new, exotic meal, slurps madly at her body, its tongue doing wild crazy things to the hot woman’s trembling insides.  The dog slops at her, digging its nose into her, its tongue licking her pussy slit, flicking across her clit.  Allie is on a roller coaster ride to orgasmic oblivion with each hard hit of the dog’s tongue on her sensitive clit.

Unable to keep her hands still, Allie curls her delicate hands into fists and repeatedly pounds them on the floor, out of her mind with passion.  The dog’s head tosses from side to side, and Allie’s mouth opens, spittle drooling from the corner of her lips.

Oooo … yeah … Oh, God … faaaaark…” Allie moans as the German shepherd’s big, broad tongue fills her tight cunt.

The woman grunts, grinding her clit into its snout, making her pain blend with the great pleasure of the dog’s furious licking tongue.  Feeling herself reach a crescendo, Allie’s body grasps for the final release thrashing on the rug, her nails clawing the nap as the first violent climax erupts deep in her pussy.

I’m cumming…” Allie squeals in the empty room, not believing the intensity of her orgasm.  “OH … OOOOOOOOOO … GOD … FAAAAAAARK…” she moans. “CUUUUUUUMMING…”

Allie closes her eyes, pretending Luke Masters is between her legs, it’s his tongue, and not the dog’s taking her on this joyous ride, giving her pussy pleasure.  The house cleaner squirms against the German shepherd’s snout, banging her clit into its nose.

Ooooo … Ooh … Yeah … Ahhhhhhrrrr…” Allie moans, quivering all over and making her titties jiggle too.

The woman moans, in rhythm to her ragged breath and the pulsing within her pussy.  Her cunt muscles throb against an imaginary cock, Luke Masters.  Her pussy jealously aches for a real cock as cunt juices gush to grease the empty canal.  Still, Allie’s orgasm feeds on itself, whirling like a tornado.

Bullet drives her crazy with its slashing tongue.  Allie’s body rocks with the onslaught, her clit whacking into the dog’s muzzle, and her juice saturating its snout.  The furry dog growled into Allie’s exploding pussy.  The dog laps at her frothy gash.  It’s tongue worms into her body and touches her cervix

The dog’s cock juts from its sheath and rubs on the floor.  The dog bares its teeth, nipping at the woman’s exposed clit.  The contact drives the woman into a wild frenzy as she shakes violently on the dog’s wet, sloppy muzzle, another orgasm ripping through her humping body.

Ooooooo … God…” Allie moans, massaging her aching tits and twisting her horny cunt. “That’s so goooooood.”

Allie rides the dog, her soft, creamy ass red from the friction of the harsh carpet against the tender pink skin.  She whines, unable to topple over the peak, strung out in limbo, her body at the command of the German shepherd’s sloshing tongue.  Higher and higher, Allie climbs until there’s nowhere to go but down.  She screams again, her voice echoing in the empty room as the house cleaner crashes over, gushing warm cunt juice onto the dog.  Soon tumbling back to reality, every nerve, and every muscle aching from the tremendously exquisite torture Allie had just been through.

Allie lies spent on the floor whimpering, her clit raw, and body glowing with the aftermath of climax.  The woman tries pushing the dog away but is too weary.  She’s at the mercy of the pussy-crazed German shepherd.

Bullet licks her pussy dry of cunt juice.  Only its dog spit glistens on her pussy lips now.  Whining from frustration, the dog scampers to a corner.  The dog’s head is between its legs, licking at its raw cock sticking out of its covering.

Weak and exhausted, Allie gets up off the floor and stares at the dog, seeing the red tip of its cock as the animal feverishly licks it.  Even with her body sated, Allie still tingles at the sight of the dog’s angry-looking red cock and has to force herself to look away.

As the feelings of lust dissipate, Allie’s mind and body wound down.  The house cleaner dresses and gets ready to go home.  On her way out the door, she spots the dirty magazine on the couch.  Picking it up, first gazing longingly at the full-color picture of the man who reminded her of Mr. Masters and then at the cover with the dog lapping the horny woman’s pussy.  Allie shudders desirously and puts it back under the chair where she found it.

“Goodbye, Bullet,” Allie calls as she opens the front door.

Bullet glances up, and barks then went back to licking his cock, still highly agitated by its involvement with Allie’s hot pussy.  Allie leaves, feeling giddy and light-headed.  What the fuck have I done, she wonders?  Now I have to clean the house with a horny dog following me around, and I don’t know if I can deny him.


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