The Companion’s Club


Jenny nods, and the women go over to the bed. They sit side by side, their legs open. A natural position to the Great Dane since his mistress frequently assumes it. He advances toward them, whimpering, eyes glowing and cock throbbing. James stands where he is, swaying, his cock pivoting from side to side like a gun, aimed first at one woman, then the other. Nevertheless, he’s willing to wait his turn. It will, he figures, be a sight worth seeing, and he has no doubts he’ll get his balls emptied in the end for any women depraved enough to fuck a dog can hardly refuse a virgin teen.

The decision is hard for Roscoe the Great Dane.

The dog can sense the women are equally hot and juicy, and he doesn’t want to insult one by neglect. He pushes his long muzzle into Kylie’s crotch. His long, rasping tongue slurps her pussy gash.

“Ooooh,” she moans. “He does that so well, Jenny.”

Jenny grins. Roscoe shifts and licks the redhead’s cunt.

“He must be trained for it,” Jenny said.

The idea that they’re not the first humans to know the dog’s tongue thrills them.

“Is this your dog?” Kylie asks James.

“Um, no, he belongs to Mrs. Poe,” he said.

Jenny gasps. “Alexis Poe, from down the street?” she asks.

James nods, blushing for some reason.

“You know her?” Kylie asks feeling her friend’s tits.

“Yeah, older than us, but a looker,” Jenny said. “Ooooh-that feels so good.”

They begin feeling each other’s tits and kissing while the dog alternated between them, lapping first one cunt then the other, and the teen man looks on in awe.

“Shall we cum like this?” Kylie asks.

“No. Let’s be really naughty.”

“I’m hot enough to do anything,” Kylie moans.

They kiss again, tongues sliding together.

“Know what I’d really love to see?” Jenny whispers her voice husky with lust.

“What?” Kylie asks eagerly.

“I’d like to watch you take the dog’s cock in your mouth.”

“Oooo,” Kylie squeals.

Roscoe continues to alternate between them, tonguing the blonde’s cunt, then the redhead’s pussy, paying equal service to each. Cunt juice is pouring down their crotches now, and the dog is lapping the spicy stuff with gusto.

“Will you do that?” Jenny asks.

“Yes, oh, yes.”

“Will you let him shoot cum in your mouth?”

“Yes. And I’ll swallow it all.”

Jenny whimpers, trembling. “Then I’ll let him fuck my cunt,” she said nodding.

Kylie smiles. She had agreed to suck the dog’s cock to excite Jenny, but now she has decided to do it, she finds her mouth is watering for dog-cock. “Watch,” she whispers.

She notices James standing over them, his cock standing stiffly.

“Watch me do it,” she said to the teen.

James can’t believe she’s really going to suck the dog’s cock.

Blowing a dog seems ever naughtier than fucking one, and because of this, even more thrilling. Kylie and Jenny are wildly horny now and, in the mood, the more depraved the thing is, the more attractive it seems to them. Neither has ever been so hot before.

Now they have the big beast of a dog and a healthy teen man to watch, and they’re game for anything. So is the dog. However, the Great Dane has never had a blowjob. None of the bitches he’s known, not even the sexy French poodle, gives head. In addition, his human mistress, Mrs. Poe, had drawn the line at that, so the beast isn’t sure what’s required of him although he’s more than willing. Nor is Kylie quite sure how to go about blowing her first canine cock, although she’s eager for the experience.

She leans down and reaches beneath the dog’s belly, taking his iron-hard cock in her hand. She smiles and gives the dog-cock a slow push-pull, folding the shaggy foreskin behind the ledge of his cockhead, then dragging it back, the shiny, slippery red crown is standing out, swollen and flaring.

“Mmm,” she said, and sighs. “His cock is so big and hard.”

She strokes again. The Great Dane whimpers. He lifts his massive head from Kylie’s juicy cunt, cocking an ear, puzzled. He knows she hasn’t cum yet. When he licks his mistress’s pussy, she always cums first, before jacking him off, and the dog can’t understand why this new human female is changing the routine. Nevertheless, it feels lovely to have her hand pulling on his cock, and he humps his hairy haunches, fucking through her fist.

Kylie leans to the side so she can look past his flank and see his cock as she pulls it. Jenny looks down from the other side, grinning like a fiend in her horny expectation. Young James just gasps, still finding it hard to believe this is happening, and his cock stands as if it too wants to observe.

“I’m not sure how to do it,” Kylie whispers. “Should I get on the floor or get him up on the bed or what?”

Jenny, equally inexperienced in the sucking of canine cock, isn’t sure, either.

Then Roscoe barks and springs up on the bed with his front paws so that he’s braced there astride Kylie’s pelvis, his cock jutting up in front of her tits and his hind legs still on the floor. The dog still didn’t realize he’s going to get to put his cock into the woman’s mouth, but the position is one in which Mrs. Poe often jerks him off, letting his hot cum squirt on her tits. Kylie realizes this is a convenient position in which a woman can suck or fuck quite comfortably, unhindered by the fact the cock involved is of another species. She strokes the throbbing cock. The tip of the dog’s cock begins to bubble with precum.

“Oooo,” she moans when she sees the foamy juice starting to seep from the cleft.

Jenny reaches in and cups the dog’s swollen balls. Kylie levers his cock and touches the wet tip against her nipples, smearing precum on her tits. She squirms and arches. Then Kylie cups her breasts together, deepening the cleavage, and let the dog hump her for a moment, his fat cock sliding between her tits and the hot cockhead pushing along her throat. She bends her head. Jenny holds her breath. The two horny women look at each other for a moment, sharing the anticipation of this depravity, savoring the last seconds before Kylie actually does the deed. Kylie’s nimble tongue pushes out. She touches the tip of her tongue against the head of the Great Dane’s cock, gathering a drop of precum onto her taste buds. Jenny squeals with vicarious lust.

“Oooo—this is such fun,” Kylie moans.

Then she begins tonguing the head of the dog’s cock, licking all over the hot hunk of cock. She lets her lips slowly part and feeds the cockhead into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing on both sides as she sucks, hungrily. Roscoe fucks into her mouth. His hindquarters bunch with trembling muscle as he fucks his cock into her face. His big, hairy balls drag over her thrusting tits. The dog has no idea why a woman should want to take his cock into her mouth, but he sure as hell isn’t complaining. Humans are higher creatures than dogs and, no doubt has reasons for their behavior. The logic eludes dumb beast. Kylie’s lips pull, collaring his cockhead and slurping voraciously, while her hot tongue continues to bathe his meaty cock.

“Mmm—I want to make him cum,” she whimpers, her voice muffled on his cock. “I want him to shoot in my mouth.”

Her fist is holding him by the hilt of his cock, and now she begins to pump his cock again, adding the manual stimulation to the oral in her eagerness to milk him. His cockhead is flowing steadily now, little jets and spurts of precum dosing her tongue and heralding the full load to come soon. Kylie licks the precum, swallowing it and sucking for more. Her fist strokes the dog’s turgid cock now, bumping against her lips on the top of the jerks and pushing against his cum-filled balls as she drags back down to the root of his dick. Precum is overflowing her compressed lips and bubbling down her chin.

Jenny’s eyes are wide and wild as she watches her friend drink dog cum. The Great Dane begins to howl. His mighty haunches drove his cock in, the slippery, slimy cockhead lodging in her throat. Kylie sucks the dog’s cock with gusto and greed. Suddenly her mouth is full of dog cum.

Kylie gurgles and gasps, choking on the cum-load, yet loving it and gulping it down as fast as she can. She has sucked off many men, but no human cock has ever poured such a load of cum into her mouth. The canine cock keeps shooting, spraying her gullet, jetting the hot cum into her cheeks, pouring a slimy cascade of cum over her tongue.

“Mmm,” she moans.

At last, the beast’s balls drain. Kylie greedily sucks away, to make sure not a single delicious drop of cum still lurks in his cock and balls. Then she draws her lips away from his cockhead, smiling, and turns to Jenny. Kylie parts her lips, letting the horny redhead see the dog cum on her tongue. Jenny gasps with lust and clamps her mouth to Kylie’s, her tongue snaking in as she gets a secondhand taste of the dog semen.

Roscoe hops to the floor, his tongue lolling out happily. He’s thinking a woman’s mouth might even be better than her cunt and wondering, in his vague canine fashion, if the redheaded bitch takes it in the mouth too. Despite his massive ejaculation, the Great Dane’s mighty cock is still hard as a crowbar. Young James cannot bear it. The sight of a sexy woman, swallowing dog cum, is simply too much for a lust-filled teenage virgin man. He folds his fist around the root of his big cock and jerks himself off, standing beside the bed, so his cum will splash onto the women.

Kylie and Jenny are still kissing, letting the last dregs of doggy cum slip back and forth on their tongues. Jenny, from the corner of her eye, sees James is jacking his cock with frantic strokes, and the head of his cock is starting to bubble with precum and tremble with an impending orgasm.

It seems a shame to waste a cum-load. Jenny pulls away from Kylie and turns to the teen man. She smiles at him. He stares back, not knowing what to do, but unable to stop stroking his hot cock feeling he’ll erupt like a volcano at any second. Jenny opens her mouth. The teen gasps and thrust his hips out.

The horny redhead slips her lips over the head of his cock and gets there just in time. Just as his cockhead goes into her mouth, his fist slams down the cock, and he begins to spurt cum. Jenny doesn’t have a chance even to give his cock a suck, but she gets the creamy reward as surely as if she had earned it. The lusty teen man pours semen into her mouth in spurt after spurt. He’s cumming almost as abundantly as the dog, and his cum is every bit as delicious. Whimpering, gasping, and staggering, he keeps pumping away, emptying his balls.

Jenny swallows every drop of the teen’s white semen. Then she uses her tongue to gather a few stray drops from her lips and runs down onto his balls. His cock, drained, has sagged for a moment, but when her tongue begins lapping up the excess cum, the formidable young cock snaps right back into a new bar of iron hard cock.

A blowjob later, to a teen and a dog, they still have hard cocks needing more.

The day has just begun.


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